tagSci-Fi & FantasyNikki's Struggle

Nikki's Struggle


This is a story set in the Sex Mage World setting, about ten years after the first appearance of Sex Powers. Society is adjusting to the reality of Sex Magic among all adult females, but some things are still in transition.

Note that although a brother and sister are the main characters, this story does NOT involve incest.


Some women claimed they sensed men's arousal as a sort of humming noise. Others said they could see a glow, while others could feel a sort of heat. They said it was rather distracting at first, but eventually, one got used to it, and most women just learned to tune it out. Most could, in fact, learn to simply shut off their perceptions for all but the strongest sexual signals if they really wanted to.

Nikki had not yet gotten to that point. Like most young women, her perception of men's sex drives was constantly on. Her perception type was that of the glow effect; in her mind's eye, she could see an "aura" of sorts around a man, brightest around their crotch. The aura shifted colors like a flame, glowing brighter, the colors growing hotter, the more excited a man was, from a dull red when he first noticed a woman's cleavage or bare legs to a blazing white when he was just about cum during sex.

She'd had the Power for nearly two years now, and every day she had to see the primal wants and desires of men everywhere she went. She couldn't blame the men, of course; they couldn't help it. Not only were they already wired to think about sex all the time as it was, now that women had the Power, men were even more sexually charged than ever before. All it took was one woman playing a prank with her Powers to give a room full of men day-long boners, and then every other woman had to put up with said boners waving at them clear as day, no matter how well a man might try to hide his excited state. So, unless a woman just learned to tune them out or she decided to silence his cock for him with her own Power, she just had to deal with them.

For Nikki, a sophomore in college, this meant spending months where every day in class and on campus, she was surrounded by a forest of erections, many of the young men around her glowing like roman candles until she could barely concentrate. This was of course, not helped by the fact that at that age, a whole new generation of women were just developing the Powers and experimenting with them often. Nikki actually felt pity for the men her age. She knew the sorts of games that were becoming popular for young women to play with their powers, especially when they first started experimenting. Nikki couldn't imagine the hell some men were going through because of it.

By the end of her freshmen year in university, she hadn't been able to stand it, and she'd opted to return back home and transfer to a local college that had recently become a women-only campus. It would be less prestigious on her resume, but until more colleges started following the trend to being one-gender only, or at least dividing their campuses into two separate sections, it was the best Nikki could do.

Now she only had to put up with the glow from the occasional man walking by on the street, and, unfortunately, her teenaged brother Mark. Their parents were currently on a three-year assignment for work, traveling across the globe for archeological research, leaving two siblings with the house to themselves for that whole time. Nikki figured it would be the perfect peace and quiet she needed to refocus on her school work, and a place to collect herself after her part time job. She had expected the occasional sexual flare up from her brother; he was 18, after all. What she hadn't anticipated was being home for less than a month before Mark started coming home with a raging hard-on every single night that took him hours to "take care of."

Sitting in dining room, doing her homework, Nikki could already "see" Mark's hard-on blazing before he even walked in the front door. She let out an irritated sigh. This was exactly the sort of thing she had come back home to get away from. The fact that it was her brother of all people just made it even worse. She was glad her parents were away; as much as she missed them, she knew they had a pretty active sex life, and couldn't imagine seeing her father's sexual glow all the time. Heck, she was glad they weren't here if only because then their mother wouldn't have to put up with Mark's newly turbo charged sex drive. Nikki had no idea how other women her age dealt with that sort of thing, putting up with their own family's libido. The growing trend for young women to try and move out immediately after high school if they never went away for college that is was probably clue enough as to how well most handled it.

Mark came in the door, his book bag situated so that it hung on his arm at an angle to hide his erection. Nikki appreciated the effort, even though it did nothing to hide him from her. "Hey, Mark," she said as he walked past the dining room.

"Hey, Nikki," he mumbled, looking a bit flushed. Nikki didn't need her Power to tell he was horribly embarrassed being this aroused in front of his sister. "I, uh, I need to use the uh..."

Nikki waved him off. "Go," she said.

Mark nearly dashed up the stairs to his room. Try though she might to ignore it, Nikki could sense his arousal spike up tenfold as he ripped his clothes off and started masturbating. Nikki put her head in her hand and shook it, then rubbed her temples and tried to tune Mark out. If nothing else, this was good practice. Unfortunately, practice was making perfect at a very slow rate for her, and she couldn't tune him out entirely. She could even hear him moaning through the ceiling. Nikki opened her eyes and looked up. He was really riled up today. His aura of lust was already blazing white hot. Maybe he'd be over with quick this time. Nikki braced herself for the brilliant white flash that indicated his orgasm, and almost winced when it hit. Then she blinked in surprise as the brilliance of the flash didn't fade away, but kept blazing strong. Mark let out a moan of pure anguish.

Alarmed, Nikki got to her feet and went over to the foot of the stairs. "Mark?" she called. "Are you alright?" The moaning stopped, and she sensed he was no longer touching himself, however, he didn't answer. "Mark?" She went up the stairs and to his bedroom door. "Mark, are you okay?" Still no answer. She weighed her options and, despite her distaste in doing so, she used her Power to extend her senses out to her brother. She could now read fully his embarrassment and frustration as well as his arousal. He refused to answer her because he was hoping she would go away and leave him alone. However, the ache in his loins was so strong, Nikki could not ignore it.

"Mark, please, I know you're embarrassed, but I think something's wrong with you," she said. "You seem, um... Mark, please just answer me. Are you okay?"

"Uh, y-yeah," said Mark, barely audible through the door. "I'm sorry, I just, um..."

Nikki sighed. "Mark, what is going on with you? I know you're a teenager and your, um, well, your developing your... look, my point is, this can't be normal."

"I know!" said Mark. "It's not!" Nikki sensed a flash of anger from him. Not at her, but at his circumstances. Nikki frowned and thought for a moment. She noticed with some alarm that Mark's libido wasn't cooling off, despite his obvious attempt to ignore his desperate cravings. With a start, Nikki realized that Mark had not orgasmed during his flash of sexual heat. She wasn't sure how she knew that; some aspect of the Power, perhaps, or just the fact that despite the flash, he was still shining like a spotlight. Nikki realized half the women in the neighborhood could probably sense him at this point, if they bothered to "look" this way.

"Mark, may I come in?" said Nikki. "Don't worry about putting your clothes on, just cover yourself with your sheets." A few moments later, Mark mumbled for her to come in.

Nikki opened the door and blanched. She could smell stale semen in the room. Mark had been shooting his spunk in here nearly every day for the past month and a half and despite his best efforts to dispose of the evidence, the smell lingered. Mark, sitting on the bed with his blankets wrapped around him and a pillow on his lap, flushed red and couldn't look Nikki in the eye. Nikki could see the glow of his erection burning like a flare between his legs. Feeling awkward, Nikki sat down at the edge of the bed and faced him, trying to ignore his erection as much as she could.

"Okay, Mark. What's going on?"

"There's this girl at school named Kate," said Mark. "She's an 'early bloomer.' You know, with her Powers." He swallowed hard. "She only just turned 18, but she's already had her powers for a few months, and she's been, you know, using them on us guys. Playing around. Getting the other girls to tease us, while she messes with our heads and our, um..."

Nikki nodded. "I see. So, she's been driving you guys crazy every day?"

"You have no idea!" said Mark. "And she's such a cock tease! She'll just walk down the hallway and give every single guy she walks past a boner on the way. She has this group of friends and she'll get a few guys completely hot and bothered for her friends just so they can laugh at them and send them home with blue balls. Once in a while, she'll just grab a guy, take them into a bathroom or the girls' locker room or wherever and she'll play around with them for like the whole day."

Nikki blinked. "Wow. That's... wow." Nikki noticed his arousal flare up a little higher as he talked. Mark had to close his eyes and try to catch his breath. "Why don't the teachers do anything about this?"

"I don't know," said Mark. "Obviously, the male teachers don't want to end up in her clutches. I'm sure a few are already. The female teachers, well, I just don't know. I think Kate's parents might be, you know, important people, or something. They're pretty loaded. Maybe the teachers are afraid to step in because they don't want to get fired for messing with the daughter of a big shot?"

Nikki frowned. "Someone's got to something about this," she said. She eyed Mark. "Is she targeting you specifically?"

Mark swallowed. "I, uh, I had a crush on her before she got her Powers. So, yeah, she kind of noticed that and she's played with me. She riles me up a lot, which is why I, uh, well, you probably know." Nikki nodded, and he swallowed nervously. "She pulled me aside today. Actually, she didn't even physically touch me. She's got a ton of her Powers figured out already. I was walking to class, and suddenly, I'm being floated up to the roof and I'm stripping my clothes off. And suddenly, there she is, only it's not her, it's an illusion. But then she grabs me, and I can feel her, and..."

Nikki held up a hand. "Okay, Mark, I get it. She played around with you."

"For three hours!" said Mark. He was starting to shake a little and his arousal blazed brighter still. Nikki was beginning to have a hard time keeping her eyes on Mark directly, her attempts to tune out the "sight" of his lust completely fruitless. "And I couldn't... I couldn't cum. I still can't! She did something to me and I can't cum!"

Nikki's eyes went wide. Her brother was so riled up, he should be drenching the bed sheets he was wrapped in. He should have popped after the first couple strokes he gave himself. No wonder he was so overwhelmingly horny.

"She said I couldn't cum no matter how much I jacked off or whatever," said Mark. "She said I could only cum if a girl played with me, but she was going to make sure no other girl in school would give me the time of day." Mark looked to Nikki suddenly with a pained and humiliated expression. "Nikki... I... I hate asking you this, but can you... can you, um..."

Nikki's eyes went even wider and she jumped off the bed. "Good, god, Mark, no! That's disgusting!"

"What?" Mark said a little confused. Then his own eyes widened. "No! I didn't mean it like that! I mean, you've got the Sex Powers. Can you, like, do something to fix me?"

"Oh," said Nikki. "Oh, right." She sat back down on the bed. "Mark, I'm not really good with them. I can sense guys', you know, excitement and I can read what they're feeling, but I never really practiced how to manipulate them."

"Really?" said Mark. "Not at all?"

"Not every girl is a Skinemax starlet just waiting for the Powers to kick in," said Nikki. "I know it probably doesn't seem like it to you right now, but tons of women really don't even want or care for these powers, even at our age."

"I see," said Mark. He was trembling slightly and Nikki could tell it was taking every amount of willpower he had not to start jacking off right in front of her. Apparently, not only had this Kate girl made her brother unable to cum, she'd done something so his libido could only increase, not decrease, or least, could only decrease at an extremely slow rate. Nikki imagined her brother's need was probably painful at this point; arousal and the sheer need to feel pleasure were rapidly burning away any sense of embarrassment. Nikki was certain that soon enough, he really would be begging her for a hand job.

Neither of them wanted it to come to that. Unfortunately, Nikki didn't really know anyone else in the area that she was comfortable approaching with the prospect of tinkering with her brother's libido. The town likewise hadn't yet gotten one of those clinics where one could go to have any Sex Power "curses" and the like removed.

Mark pressed her again. "Are you sure? You can't just, you know, give it a try? I promise, I'll make it up to you somehow, just, please?"

Nikki shook her head. "Mark, I can't. These abilities take practice. I'm not going to root around in your head trying to find something I don't even know how to interpret. I could seriously fuck you up."

"Cripes, you're telling me you've never used your powers on a guy?" said Mark.

"I'm a virgin, Mark. I didn't go to college to major in being a slut."

"Fine, but you seriously didn't do anything?"

Nikki threw up her hands. "Fine, I gave this one guy a couple hand jobs, okay? And because my powers let me read his reactions so well, I made him cum so hard he blacked out the second time around. There, you happy now that you know about your sister's sex life?"

Mark flinched. He lowered his eyes. "Sorry," he mumbled.

Nikki took a breath, composed herself, and said, "Me too. I know you're not quite in your right mind at the moment. I wish I could help you."

"Maybe, um, maybe we could, I dunno, get someone else to? Do you happen to know anybody?"

"I was considering that, but none of my friends who I think would be willing are in town anymore, and well, I don't know anyone at school well enough to ask them. And I doubt you want to go ask the neighbors." She sighed. "Mom would probably do it, but she's on the other side of the world right now."

"Oh, god," said Mark. "That'd be even worse."

Nikki shrugged. "I'm sure she wouldn't make a big deal out of it. I mean, she had to put up with your, uh, development, while we were growing up."

Mark flushed and put a hand up to stop her. "Enough! Jesus..."

"I don't know what else to do, Mark. I mean, we could go to a doctor, I guess. That's about all I could think of."

Mark sighed dejectedly. "I guess, if we have to."

"Alright, I'll make the call," said Nikki. "Just sit tight."

Nikki went down to the phone. As soon as she left, she could sense Mark's hand shift to his cock and he began masturbating again, despite knowing that it would do no good. Nikki sighed and tried to block it out.

After a few minutes on the internet, she found the number for several doctors. Upon calling and explaining the situation, though, she was rather dismayed to discover that "dealing with Sex Magic cases was not their forte." She was about to give up, when the last place she called offered some alternative advice.

The female receptionist forwarded her to the doctor, who picked up the phone. The doctor was a male, and he spoke in a quiet tone. "I hate to say it, but the truth is, no one in this town is yet officially licensed to handle Sex Magic cases. Arkwood has a clinic, but that's a hundred miles away, and in danger of getting shut down. I'm sure you're aware of the controversy surrounding Sex Magic related businesses."

"Um, sure," said Nikki. "But what else are we supposed to do? I mean, theoretically, there's lots of women out there who could fix this easily, right?"

"Oh, certainly," said the doctor. "If you can find one who is unattached, has no qualms using their powers on total strangers, doesn't mind the risk of having their reputation besmirched, and isn't also a cock tease who would make the situation worse. Look, we don't handle these cases because usually, most people can find someone willing to help them out. But you seem to have your hands tied; you don't know anyone who could do it and you can't fix it yourself."

The doctor's voice lowered. "I could get in trouble for suggesting this, especially on the clock, but have you considered, say, something more along the lines of adult entertainment services?"

Nikki blinked. "You mean like one of those hot-lines? How would that help?"

"I'm thinking something a bit more intimate."

Nikki's eyes widened. "You want me to send him to a prosti—"

"Do you have any better options at the moment?"

Nikki gave an exasperated sigh. "No. I guess I don't. Thank you."

"You can probably find one on your local classifieds site," said the doctor. "Good luck."

Nikki hung up the phone, rubbed her temples, and started searching. Upstairs, Mark forced himself to sit on his hands to try and spare his cock further torment.


It had surprisingly been a bit a struggle to find someone. Firstly, prostitution was still considered illegal, and therefore, a woman couldn't just outright post an add for "will give you a psychic blowjob for cash." Second, there were, almost to Nikki's surprise, not very many women actually selling such services. Another side effect of Sex Magic in society, Nikki supposed; men were probably needing less and less to feel like they needed to pay a woman for sex, when their wives and girlfriends could easily give them every experience they wanted and more with relative ease. Heck, even the guys who ten years ago would stand no chance getting sex without money, could get a magic "pity fuck" from a woman, without her ever having to actually physically do anything with the man. If nothing else, the charge of energy a woman could get from a man would be compensation enough in that case, as more and more women figured out new applications for sexual magic.

Irregardless, Nikki had indeed found someone who lived in town, a woman named Sandy, who told them to meet her at a coffee shop nearby. The next morning, Nikki led Mark there, walking partially in front of him so he could better hide his rampant erection. The gesture was mostly symbolic, of course. Every single woman they passed who was of age to have the power, and wasn't tuning the signals out, gave Mark a glance. A few shook their head in annoyance or disgust, but more still gave a knowing look or an amused smile. A few even winked at Nikki, no doubt assuming she was his girlfriend keeping him on a tight leash. Nikki tried not to look embarrassed. Mark, for his part, was too concerned with trying to walk straight despite the throbbing in his groin.

They spotted Sandy, sitting alone at one of the outside tables, texting on her cell phone. She was younger than Nikki expected, 23 years old by the look of her. She was also not dressed the way she expected a "hooker" to be: a pink blouse, denim capris, plain sneakers. Her hair was a wild mess of curls, like something from out of a 1980's hair style magazine. Not exactly a woman dressed for the night life, although to be fair, it was about 11 a.m.

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