tagErotic HorrorNosferatu Ch. 01

Nosferatu Ch. 01


Nosferatu Ch. 01: The Beginning

The steam rises from the damp, dark street. Your running, panicked…not sure what is pursuing you.

You hear the heavy sound of boots on the cobblestone streets. The thumping is right behind you. The faster you run in your bare feet, night gown flowing behind you, the closer the footsteps become.

The cold air and the panic awakens your senses...you are aware of everything around you. Your skin has goose pimples, the hair on your the back of your neck stands on edge. Your nipples are taught against the sheer material of your gown.

You have been chased by this thing before...never catching a glimpse of him. But tonight is different. You cant seem to escape. tonight, you know what will happen. Tonight you are going to die.

You turn down an alley. You have been running so long you are exhausted and are lost. The fear sticks in your throat and the sound of the boots seems to be right behind you. Your turn to look. Still nothing. Your turn back around, and slam into a stone wall. The wall is cold and damp, like the air around you.

Your turn, back to the wall and see the one who has been stalking you. He seems to be about 6 foot, lean but muscular. He is dressed all in black, with a long black trench coat. You cant seem to get a good look at his face. You strain your eyes, and just as you start to make out his dirty blonde, spike hair he is gone.

Relief washes over you. Relief that is soon replaced by the familiar, exciting panic as you feel your body pressed against the cold stone wall. Your arms are held out, and slightly over your head. Your feel a warm breeze of mist wash over you, as your gown is ripped from your body, leaving you naked, your ass pressed against the stone.

You hear a deep chuckle. "lovely body"

You feel a presence with you but you cannot seem him.

The deep voice returns as you feel a tongue slowly kissing your mouth...you find yourself kissing back.

"I love your tits Shannan" you moan, losing yourself in the passion of a lover you cannot see. "They are so ample, so full. They are a sign of life Shannan. How i would love to suckle from them"

You feel a mouth on your left nipple. It licks the outside, causing it to harden further, straining against your skin. It begins to suck gently at first, then harder. You being to lactate, feeding this essence your mother's milk. The whole time, still engaged in the kiss.

"Your womb Shannan...your pussy. I bet it is lovely. I bet it is warm....i bet wet...i bet it is a haven for men."

You moan louder...feeling you shaven pussy growing wetter as u kiss and nurse this being. You've never made love a before, and could not imagine it feeling like this. You feel a gust of warmth over your pussy. You feel it invaded, with a slow thrusting. its bigger, more electric than any cock you've ever felt before. You feel yourself moving with it. Its as if a thousand hands are moving with you, a thousand tongues are licking you and a thousand cocks are fucking you.

The feeling is beginning to overload your sensations and u feel your orgasm approaching. You feel the tongue gently licking your mouth. Your feel the tongue lapping at your nipple as u nurse it. You feel the cock pumping in and out of you. All this builds to a crescendo as your body quakes from with in you, sending u into a shockwave of orgasm after orgasm, three right on top of the other.

The force licking you, kissing you lets go, causing you to collapse on to the street.

The steam builds up again and suddenly, you see the cloaked figure, walking away into the night.

"I will come for you soon my love" the deep voice speaks to you, as if from within your head.

The alarm clock rings. Its your first day7 of college and you wake up in your dorm room. What a dream you think, as you jump our of bed and go to your sink to brush your teeth.

You hear the sound of heavy boots....panic rushes in your head as you peak out the door, and notice an ROTC guy wearing combat boots walking up to his girlfriend's room.

Your breath a sigh of relief and move toward your mirror. "that dream was so vivid" you think to yourself. "I hope I didn't wake my roommate" you think to your self. Its at that moment that your notice a scrape on your elbow..the kind of scrape gotten from a fall on a cobblestone street......

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