tagErotic HorrorNosferatu Ch. 02

Nosferatu Ch. 02


Nosferatu 2: Encounter

You awaken from your sleep to a cold room. How did it get so cold????

You look at the alarm clock by your bed....1:42...and you have a test tomorrow. Happy fucking Halloween.

The light in the hall bleeds under your door, allowing you to see the steam from your breath in the morgue-cold room.

You reach down to your feet, attempting to reach the covers you accidentally kicked off of you in the night. They wont budge, they feel as if cement blocks were tied to them.

You feel a strong, not forceful hand pushing you the bed. You stare in horror as your shirt is slowly ripped open by this invisible being, exposing your bare breasts, nipples erect, trying to conserve the heat in your body. The hand rips open your panties, exposing your bare pussy. Your close lay beside u as if you've been filleted like a fish.

You being to panic and feel a another force inside you, trying to push out. Your tits engorge in front of you. You detect a strong coppery scent in the room. You feel your body bursting...and it does. Your tits begin lactating again...but the fluid leaking is not the cream colored mother's milk you would have expected. Your raise the warm fluid to your mouth and wretch at the taste of blood. The more afraid you become, the more the blood flows from your perked nipples. It is flooding now....and you feel it between your legs, as it pours from your vagina. You find yourself moving in it, wallowing as pleasure and horror mix. You feel the warmth flowing out of you, past your clit, then splashing back in, against it.

The blood fills the room...covering up to your bed..up your body....you take a deep breath and it covers your face...drowning you....


Your alarm beeps waking you from the fitful sleep you've experienced. You breath a sigh of relief when you realize the covers are securely tucked around your neck. You pull them off and roll out of bed. Your heart stops as your t shirt and panties remain behind, due the the long, perfectly straight tears in the front. You're standing stark naked in the cold room when your roommate walks in.

Roxanne notice the torn clothing.."must have been some dream," she jokes.

You dive back into bed, embarrassed and perplexed. "Umm yea"

"well get dressed sweety....classes are canceled today and we have some costume shopping to do"

"Why are classes canceled," you ask.

"Well, the rumor is that some students have come up missing, but I think the administration just wants a long weekend. But who am I to complain."

"Gimme a minute."

You gather your toiletries and head for the shower. You step in and turn the water on hot. The steam billows out of the shower, but you still feel gold, down to your soul.

You turn, your back to the spray. The mist has fogged up the plexi glass door..your wipe in clean with your wet hand. You notice, as the steam rebuilds...it develops into a deliberate pattern. You knees go week when you discover the silhouette of the man in the black trenchcoat. From behind you, from within you, you hear his voice..deep...strong "don't worry love. We will be together very soon."

You scream, falling to the floor.....Roxane bursts through, ripping the shower door open.

:Are you all right?" She cradles your wet body in her arms/ "Yea..." you say " I am fine..." obviously lying.

Roxanne helps you up and you eyes lock...a period of awkwardness ensues and her lips go to meet yours. Your turn away.

"We better get read to leave," you say, not sure what to make of the situation.


You and Roxanne arrive at the party. Its being held in huge old house a the far edge of campus. You have decided to go as a french maid. The outfit is very tight, pushing your bust and glorifying your ample tits. The skirt is high showing off your shapely ass and perfect legs. The costume comes complete with a feather duster.

The party is rocking already, and its not long before you find yourself tipsy and flirting with everyone. Techno is playing and the beat and pulse go through you. Every move you make seems to be to the music. You dance through the room...hands seem to be everywhere, guys and girls brush pass you, some give your ass a little squeeze. The guys are all your age and not holding your fancy. You have an animalistic sensation running through you. You are a predator and your looking for your prey..your just not sure what your hunting.

Then you see him. He is taller, brown hair. Looking at you from across the room. Suddenly, your the prey.

He stares at you as he leans against the wall. he is wearing a blood red open collared shirt and black leather jacket...one with a European style to it. You dance over to him, as if drawn.

He stands still as you hook your hand behind his neck...dancing for him, wanting to show him all that you have. You feel so confident in the power of your sexuality...more confident than you have ever been.

Your body dances up and down...he watched intently, showing little or no reaction in his face. Your arch your back like a cat and slither up his body. your turn round, flipping your skirt up and giving this stranger an excellent view of your ass, spilling out of your thong...your rub it up and down hi s crotch...u feel his cock stiffen in his black linen pants.

"This is my house," we whispers in your ear..the voice somewhat familiar..."why don't I show you around.

he grabs you by the wrist and leads you upstairs by the wrist. His walk his calm, deliberate. Your heart is racing.

He leads you into a grand, Gothic looking Master bedroom. It has a four post bed with intricate carvings in the wood and on the posts.

He turn around and kisses you roughly as the door slams shut. The slam sends a shiver up your spine. His kiss is sweet, intoxicating...entrancing.

He rips your blouse as your tongues wrestle. he is so rough, so demanding....exactly what you need and exactly what you didn't know you wanted. He pops your bra off with ease, exposing your milk white tits. he pays them the desired attention, licking one nipple in and sucking, the the other. With his other hand he snaps your thong off, causing a bit of pain in the process.

He finger roughly probes her soaked pussy.

"You awfully tight" he says in the voice you know from somewhere, "your a virgin aren't you?"

You blush..."no"

"Don't lie to me lover...I can tell when you lie. Aren't you."

You nod.

"Invite me in...do you want me?"

You do...in spite every instinct in your body, you want this perfect stranger to fuck you. You feel so alive with him..brave and afraid at the same time.

You nod. "Not good enough princess..tell me."

"I ....want you."

He backs away from you. Slowly he pulls his pants away. You cant help but explore your own pussy under your skirt as you watch. he slowly reveals the biggest, hardest cock you have ever seen. You want to lick it taste, but as you fall to your knees, he tells you.

"Time for that later my dear," In a flash you recognize the voice. Its the man in the coat.

"So I see you recognize me," he says. You want to run, but your don't. Instead you move to him, kissing him, pulling him with you until your up against the wall.

He fills you mouth with his tongue. With surprising strength, he raises your lithe frame up by your ass, settling your virgin pussy onto his dick.

At first it hurts....the pain of him entering..then you feel pleasure as he fills you to the brim.

he lifts you up and down, slowly but surely, working your wet pussy over his cock. Its like nothing you have ever felt before. You feel waves of orgasms cumming over you.

You feel him slowly kissing your neck, and your lost in the two intense feelings...one of him kissing you, the other of your riding his beautiful cock. You feel a pop on your...not unlike the one felt when he first entered you. Then you feel warm fluid running down your neck, his tongue lapping at hit.

he looks at you, all the while still plunging his dick deep into your womb. His lips are covered in your blood. He kisses you. From somewhere inside you, you know not where, you get the courage to lower his lips back to your bleeding neck.

He drinks from you as you pounce up and down on his dick..."yes, fuck me fuck me," you cry "drink me, fuck me."

You cum as he does...you feel the electricity in your skin and you feel his dick exploding in you, washing your pussy in his cum

Some of it seeps down your leg as he pulls out.

You feel wonderful. You feel alive for the first time.

He retrieves his pants. Pulls his boxers back over his wet cock.
"You will come to me tomorrow Shannan," he grins, wiping your blood away "we will finish this."


You wake up the next morning in your bed. For the third day in a row, you're not sure what is and what isn't a dream.

you go to the sink, to brush your teeth. You pull your hair back and notice two little puncture wounds on your neck.

You smile as you see your lovers face in the mirror. "Tonight, you will begin your reign with me."

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