tagRomanceNothing to Lose Ch. 02

Nothing to Lose Ch. 02


Jasmine, or Jazzy, is just about to begin her junior year of college, but first she has to spend two weeks getting packed at her ranch home—which is now playing host to two new occupants, Arnold and Sean Baker. In the first chapter, Jasmine stumbles onto Arnold masturbating and helps him finish-up by proving that she knew how to suck a man's cock. This is the next chapter of that story.


I woke-up the next morning with a new outlook on life. The events of the previous night were still fresh in my mind. Arnold's cock tasted so good in my mouth. I licked my lips remembering how he tasted and the look on his face when I licked his cum off of my fingers.

It was still kind of early and I didn't hear my mom stirring in the next room. The memory replayed itself in my head as my right hand traveled down my body to my hungry cunt. Juices had already begun to soak through my panties and onto my sheets; it was starting to become a little too hot in my room. I quickly and quietly kicked off my covers, removed my panties and discarded my nightgown on the ground next to my bed. I was naked and lying on my bed with my legs spread wide to give my fingers better access to my cunt. My right hand was busy playing with the lips of my pussy while my left hand started massaging my breasts. I felt my fingers move in circles at the front of my entrance as I imagined the things I wanted Arnold's cock to do to me. A moan escaped my lips when I plunged my fingers as far in as my hand would allow. I always thought that fingers could never get the job done, but they work great for foreplay. I lay there for a moment, wishing for more as I slowly started moving my fingers in and out of wet fuck hole. I closed my eyes and imagined my pussy being filled with Arnold's dick again and again. My pace had increased and I could feel myself getting close to coming when I heard a squeak in front of my door. Someone was watching me. It has to be Sean, I thought. Arnold would have just come in and my mom is asleep. The thought of having an audience increased the pace of my assault on my pussy even more, bringing me close to instant orgasm. The last thought that crossed my mind was Arnold's cock spewing his cum in my mouth as my back arched and I came hard on my bed. I heard faint grunting noises coming from outside of my door. Sean must have been watching me and enjoying the show. My cunt gave one last gush of juices when that thought entered my head. The air was filled with the sound of running footsteps down the stairs followed closely by the closing of the bathroom door. Yep, it was Sean and he definitely enjoyed the show.

I got up and stretched looking around for some clothes to put on when I saw that I had no clean underwear. Well, I am just going to have to do some laundry, I thought. Having no clean underwear, I decided to put on a sundress over my naked body until I could clean my clothes. No one would care, and I would be somewhat decent. I gathered up my dirty clothes into my laundry basket and started heading down stairs. A playful thought crossed my mind as I was passing the closed door to the bathroom. Should I go in and help him relieve himself? No, he is a bit young anyway. But it was sure fun having him watch me. I smiled then and started heading down the stairs to the basement when I heard the washer go on. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I looked and saw Arnold still in his boxers sorting through his laundry.

"So, you do your own laundry all the time, or is this a first for you?"

He looked up then and smiled at me.

"Not that it matters, but yes. I do my own laundry."

He looked up and down my body. I was holding a basket of dirty laundry on my hip but he must have liked the view since I saw the bulge in his boxers grow slightly. I dropped the basket on the ground and walked over to stand in front of him.

"Nice dress," he told me, looking down at my face.

"I look even better with it off."

"I bet you do."

He picked me up, spun me around and set me on top of the washer. The dress was quickly removed and I was suddenly naked in front of Arnold's hungry eyes. My nipples were beginning to harden and there was nothing I could do to hide that fact as Arnold started to cup both my breasts in his hands.

"You have great tits."

I leaned closer to his face as I told him to taste them. Without any more encouragement needed, he leaned forward and sucked my left breast into his mouth as my head flew back and I let out a soft moan. The attention that my breasts were getting was more then they had gotten in months, the sensation was almost overwhelming. Satisfied with the hardness of my left breast, Arnold moved to cover my right one with his hot mouth. My hands were massaging his back and moving upward to get lost in his hair when he came up to kiss me on the lips. Without breaking the kiss, he removed his boxers with one hand while the other found my cunt. I moaned into his mouth and tried to wrap my legs around his body, to no avail. He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"I need you, Arnold. Now, inside me, please."

He removed his hand from my dripping lips and positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy. In one swift movement, he lifted me off the washer and back down on hard tool. I had to muffle a cry at the sudden violation of my sex. He held me there, impaled on his member, both of us reveling in the feel of our joined bodies.

"Oh, man this feels so good. You're so wet...so tight."

I wrapped my legs around his lower back as he started to move in and out of me. My back was up against the washer now as Arnold's cock slammed into me again and again, causing me to writhe after every thrust.

"Oh, ah, oh yeah, fuck me Arnold. Harder, it feels so good, don't stop."

He increased his speed and started driving into my cunt with all he was worth. My hands gripped his back and I knew I was leaving scratch marks. My pussy walls were contracting enough for me to know that I was close.

"Ahhh...I'm going to come soon."

"Come with me, I'm close...almost....there!"

My back arched into his torso and my head flew back as I felt his cum gush into my belly. I came right after he did, our juices mixing and dripping down my leg. We stood there for a moment while the feelings of orgasm washed over us. I was still gripping his back when he pulled out and kissed me long and deep.

The sound of clattering pans up stairs broke the kiss and made both of us look up.

"My mom must be up making breakfast."

I looked back to his face then and saw a look of pure satisfaction in his eyes.

"That felt so good Jasmine."

"You can call me Jazzy. Only my mom uses my full name."

"Jazzy? I like it."

He kissed me again, wrapping his strong arms around my body. My fingers trailed up his neck to tangle in his sweat-covered hair. I gently pulled his head back to break the kiss.

"We should probably get dressed," I said.

"Oh but I love the feel of your body so close to mine."

I couldn't argue with that. The sweat was starting to cool on my skin making me shiver and move closer into Arnold's strong arms.

"I love the way this feels too, but you probably have chores to do and I have to start packing."

He looked down at me then, all smiles gone.

"You're leaving? But, you just got home."

"Didn't my mom tell you that I was in college?"

"Yeah, but it's only August."

"My school starts early. I'm leaving in a week."

He pulled back from me and started to look for his clothes. He was avoiding me that much was obvious.

"Arnold, I never thought that..."

"Don't, just forget it. Once your dad gets better Sean and I will be out of here, too. I shouldn't have started something I can't finish."

Now I was confused. He started something that he can't finish? I asked myself as I started looking for clothes of my own to put on. I found a pair of moderately clean panties and a bra as I asked him the question that was on my mind.

"You started something with me that you can't finish?"

In the silence that followed, I put on my underwear and slid the sundress over my head. Looking at Arnold still not dressed in anything, I immediately felt overdressed. He stopped rummaging and looked at me.

"I like you, Jazzy. I just wanted a little more this time, that's all."

Oh my God. Is he saying what I think he is saying? I thought.

"By a little more, you mean..."

"I was just hoping to have a relationship with you that went beyond sex."

His words made my knees melt and I had to steady myself on the washer before I looked back at him.

"I just met you. How..."

"I know that I sound crazy, but I think it could have really worked between us."

"I don't know what to say."

He walked over to me then and hugged me into his still naked body. He spoke with his head above mine.

"You don't have to say anything. Just know that I have feelings for you and that will be enough."

It felt like my heart was in my throat. I could not breath, I couldn't think, all I knew was that a guy I had just met was professing his undying love for me and I had no idea how to react.

"Jasmine? Arnold? Are you two down there?"

I quickly snapped out of my confused state just as Arnold let me go from our hug to throw on some clothes. I walked to the bottom of the stairs to answer my mom.

"We'll be right up mama."

"Well hurry up before your breakfast gets cold."

I looked back to Arnold who was now fully clothed in a t-shirt and jeans. He was walking towards me holding out his hand. I took it tentatively, still unsure of how I felt about him.

"Arnold, I..."

"Shh...I told you, you don't have to say anything."

I looked up at the stairs.

"How are we going to do this?" I asked.

"One step at a time," Arnold answered.

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