Nude Melissa


"You know what, Eammon," Julia began, frustration and resentment bubbling inside her when she recovered from her husband's abrupt arrival. "Stop being such a supercilious wanker. I'm forty-three for God's sake. If I want a cigarette, I'll bloody well have one. It isn't as though you care about me, is it? It's just that you can't control me. That's the fucking truth of it."

And, with her cheeks burning with bitterness and the beginnings of embarrassment at her outburst in front of Ben, ire burning inside her, Julia pushed past her gape-mouthed spouse and stomped into the caravan.

"I'll be off for a shower," Ben said, nudging his head towards the brick building at the edge of the camp that housed the ablutions. He supressed a smirk when, through the sheeted aluminium wall of the mobile home, came the sounds of Julia thumping around inside the mobile home. "See you later, Mister Morgan," he added, turning his back to walk away towards his tent, the little domed bivouac being a condition Eammon had set down for Ben's inclusion on the trip.

I'm not having a single man in his twenties in the van with you a step away.

Eammon had been adamant on the point, which Melissa, during the battle of words and wills between father and daughter, had to concede was reasonable enough. Losing one battle didn't necessarily mean the war was over.

He can eat with us but there'll be no sleeping or showering. I don't want him poncing around with a towel around his waist. Not in my caravan.

Ben stuck his head into the tent and grabbed a towel and his wash kit, his mind full of Julia Morgan as he walked away, leaving the woman's husband staring at his back.


Appreciation for his girlfriend's figure swelled Ben's cock when, with him behind Melissa as they approached the crest of the dune between the camp site and beach, he ogled the slim lines of her bare back and rounded buttocks. The girl had appeared at the flap of his tent and suggested a walk along the beach, her grin and the sparkle in her eyes conveying her intent: Melissa wanted mischief.

"Shit," Ben had muttered when he encountered her after crawling headfirst out of his tent. Melissa stood there wearing faded denim shorts and bikini top, the ragged hem of the Daisy Dukes high on her thighs. "You look fucking gorgeous."

Melissa had smirked and nodded. "I thought my dad was going to keel over when he saw me."

"He's just trying to protect you from randy blokes," had been Ben's reply, his gaze roaming over Melissa's torso. He stared at the soft midriff, the rack of her ribcage and her breasts, high and tight and presented like gifts in the hot pink bikini bra.

Melissa, giving her habitual eye roll, something she did often in response to any mention of her father's irritating concerns for her, responded with a contemptuous, "Whatever," and, with a jerk of her head towards the rear of the camp, added, "Let's go to the beach." She nodded at the cotton bag by her feet, one of the kind that supermarkets sell as a 'bag for life'. "Grab the bag, Ben. It's got a couple of beach towels and a bottle of water in it."

When Ben suggested he would just pull on a tee-shirt Melissa scoffed and told her boyfriend to come as he was, and so Ben shrugged and picked up the bag, he didn't mind either way.

Melissa slipped on her sunglasses and led the way across the caravan park. In the few seconds it took the couple to climb to the top of the dune, took in the gentle curves of his girlfriend's body.

Melissa looked great from behind, and Ben was forced to supress the urge to grab her around her narrow waist and pull her down into the sand. He gulped down the impulse with a heavy swallow, resisting the lure of the girl's rolling hips and denim-clad arse. He even found the knobbed ridge of the girl's spine arousing.

When they arrived at the apex of the ridge they came to an abrupt halt, Ben muttering a curse at the sight of the packed beach, bodies everywhere with barely any sand visible.

Melissa surveyed right and left, one hand to her forehead in a salute, shielding her eyes, despite the sunglasses she wore, from the sun. The crowds on the beach didn't bother her at all; she just wanted to get away from her parents. Ben had told her about the morning's altercation and Melissa was sick of her dad's bad mood, his ever watchful eye and her mother's sulking.

With a squeeze of Ben's hand, Melissa said, "Let's explore along the track. We might find somewhere we can be alone." She pressed her body close to his and whispered, "I'm really fucking horny, Ben."

Ben looked at her, taking in the swellings of her breasts, the long legs and training shoes. He licked his lips and gave the entire length of girl an appreciative scan.

"Somewhere I can get you out of those shorts?" he suggested with a leer. "I wouldn't mind giving your pussy a good licking, Mel." He leaned in and murmured into Melissa's ear, "And then I'll fuck you rigid. All that time in the Afghan, looking at those pictures of you ... I lost count of the number of times I pulled my cock thinking about your sweet cunt."

Goosebumps rose on Melissa's arms at the revelation. She wasn't averse to a bit of the dirty talk, and Ben's profanity had aroused her passion even more.

"I want to watch you wank," she breathed. "Out here somewhere. There has to be somewhere we can go to get away from my mum and dad." The sweep of Melissa's arm encompassed the beach. "And all of these people," she added before focussing her attention on Ben. "I want us to be together, both of us naked." She smiled into his face. "Wouldn't it be fantastic to be nude? I'd love to do it outside on a day like this. It'd be great to feel the sun warming me while I sit on your big cock."

The prospect of stripping out of her shorts and exposing herself to the sun's kiss thrilled Melissa. She found the idea of al-fresco sex so daring, such a turn-on that she shivered despite the warmth of the afternoon.

"That idea really gets me going. I'm so hot down there, Ben," Melissa murmured, tilting her face up for her boyfriend's kiss. She gave the front of Ben's shorts a rub with the palm of one hand while their tongues danced.

Ben's groan broke the kiss and they parted, both of them breathing hard, lust ignited.

Melissa gasped, "I want your hard cock, Ben." She blushed and tilted her face away, embarrassed to utter the word in front of Ben for the first time. "I want your big, hard cock in my little cunt." To mask her embarrassment Melissa grabbed Ben's hand. "Come on," she mumbled, turning her face from Ben's leer as she tugged him down the slope towards the beach. "Let's find somewhere ... Quick."

With excitement coursing through him in hope of making the girl moan with his tongue, anticipating the taste of her and how she would feel clenching around his cock, Ben allowed himself to be dragged away.

For a few hundred yards they hurried along a rough track between the beach and the dune, their course parallel to the shore. There were people in the water and sunbathers of varying shades of colour -- blue-white to mahogany -- sprawled on towels and beach mats like survivors of some maritime disaster. Families with fractious children squatted with territorial determination and eyed their close neighbours with suspicion, ready to protest at the slightest threat to their borders. The young lovers ignored them all, too intent in their search for a clandestine spot to take in any detail of the crowd.

Melissa halted and nudged Ben with an elbow.

"How about we take a look up there?"

Ben followed a line indicated by the girl's pointing finger. He cast a disdainful look at the melee on the shore before nodding, replying with, "It's got to be better than this."

They set off towards the break in the dune, and when the cacophony receded immediately, the bank of sand and scrub acting as a baffle between them and the beach, Melissa grinned.

"This is more like it," she said, and then hurried after Ben who had moved quickly ahead.

The couple hurried along the rough path, the straggly vegetation on either side giving rise to denser, lush greenery, bushes with a firmer grip on the soil. Soon enough they came across a smaller track, an almost invisible tributary to the main path which led deeper into the undergrowth.

When it seemed they were completely alone, having not encountered another soul after breaking away from the beach, Ben paused and kissed Melissa, the bag dropping from his fingers.

"What do you think?" Melissa whispered, her breath quickening, her ardour flaring between her thighs. She moaned when Ben grinned and nodded, his hand gliding over the skin of her waist. Melissa pressed her body into Ben, rotating her hips as she ground her pubis against his muscled thigh.

It was Ben's turn to groan.

"Mel..." He grimaced and sighed, eyes rolling when Melissa tugged at his shorts and her fingers curled around his erection. "I want to fuck you, Mel. God, I want to stick it into you and fuck."

Melissa's grin widened as she jacked her fist along the length of hard cock.

"I want you to fuck me with this," she breathed, her thumb smearing gooey pre-cum over the blunt head. "Out here, both of us naked. I want to get on my knees and suck your cock."

The enforced abstinence of an operational tour in Afghanistan meant that having a gorgeous, sexy and willing young woman was something of a novelty to Ben, an enhancement to the pleasure he already experienced since that girl was also tugging his cock. Ben was moaning and sighing and gasping. He felt the tingle of an oncoming orgasm and knew he was about to let loose with a deluge of semen.

"Not here," Ben managed to croak. "It's too public." He grabbed Melissa's hand and forced her to release his member. "Anyone could walk past and catch us."

Laughing at her boyfriend's guttural grunt, Melissa's fingers snatched at him.

"That's even more fun. Getting caught. I'd love to have someone watch me fucking. I wouldn't care." She looked around at their secluded enclave. "Don't be such a wuss. I thought you were a big, brave soldier? Come on, nobody's going to just walk in here and catch us. They all head for the beach."

Ben gulped when Melissa's hand began working at him again. He let it go, capitulating to the overwhelming sensations, allowing himself to be convinced by Melissa's assurances that it was unlikely they'd be disturbed. Besides, the idea of some voyeur spying on them while they fucked was a horny thought, one which caused arousal to surge through him. Ben looked down to see his girth caught in Melissa's fist, the size of her hand, her small and finely boned fingers making his dick appear huge.

The rush began and Ben's toes curled inside his training shoes while spurt after spurt of semen squirted out of him to plop in a heavy rain into the sand at his feet.

"Oh! Melissa yelped. "Look at what I've done." Her hand continued to work. "Come for me, Ben. That's making me so hot. Seeing it coming out like that. Is It good? Does it feel good?"

Ben could only respond with a grunt and a nod.

"I've never done it outside before, Ben," Melissa blurted, excitement evident in her squeak. "It feels so lovely out here. I feel so ... free."

In the heat of his climax Ben gasped and moaned and pulled Melissa close by hooking an arm around her waist. He kissed the girl, groaning into her open mouth as her hand slowed and she milked the last dribble from his cock. Then, after pulling herself free of the tight grip around her body, Melissa shrugged out of her shorts and reached to the nape of her neck to tug at the knot of the bikini top.

"Nude, outdoors," Melissa said after unclasping the strap that ran around her back. She flashed a grin at the man staring at her. "It's gorgeous to be naked outside." The girl's eyes shone with desire when she slipped her sunglasses up into her hair and smiled at her boyfriend. "You, too, Ben. Get naked with me."

The sight of his girlfriend standing there with her hands on her hips, head tilted, the challenge evident in her stare and the jut of her jaw, had Ben nude in seconds. A simple matter of, as it had been for Melissa, of yanking down his shorts and stepping out of them.

The man's cock waggled, a heavy jib that remained semi-erect when he reached into the bag and hauled forth a bright beach towel.

The towel snapped open with a flick of Ben's wrists.

"Lie down," he growled, indicating the makeshift bed with a flourish. "Open your legs. Let me see your pussy."

Melissa felt her insides melt, her tummy flipping with a greasy mix of shame and delicious anticipation as she lay back and allowed her legs to fall apart. She felt so vulnerable and exposed, her cheeks burning with the knowledge that Ben could see all of her.

"This is so humiliating," Melissa murmured. But her actions belied her words as she hauled herself up onto her elbows. She craned her neck to examine the front of her body, excitement bubbling at her opening when she lifted her feet from the ground and spread her thighs wider. "You can see all of me, can't you, Ben?"

The man stared at Melissa's core for a few seconds before he lifted his heavy-lidded stare to her eyes. His fist worked along his length. "Open yourself," Ben croaked, his voice hoarse. "With your fingers. Open your cunt and show me."

A pang of desire twisted and rolled in the girl's stomach. This was the most daring she'd ever been in her life. She couldn't quite believe it of herself but, nevertheless, there she was, reclining on a beach towel while a gorgeous man fisted his own length and stared at her. Ben's glazed eyes, his face slack, almost idiotic, spurred her to move her hand between her thighs and use her fingers to splay the folds of her labia.

Melissa moaned when, at an almost incomprehensible grunted instruction from Ben, she slid the tip of a forefinger into her opening. She collapsed back onto the towel and rubbed the moistened fingertip over the nub of her clit, moaning and gasping at the burst of pleasure.

"Rub it," Ben groaned, his fist working faster in response to the sight of his girlfriend's twisted expression. "You're fucking beautiful, Mel."

He took it all in: Melissa gnawing her bottom lip as she moaned in delight. He watched her stomach tense with effort, her breasts heaving while she gasped and sighed, fingers describing quick, urgent circles in the mush of her vulva.

When Ben felt the beginnings of his second surge he released his dick. It wouldn't do to come again, not so soon, and not before he'd given Melissa what she wanted. He stepped onto the towel and, after gazing at the girl for a few seconds, just soaking up the image of her, knelt between her legs.

"Ben..." Melissa breathed when the man eased her hand away from her body and his face moved to her sex.

The girl's climax rolled in fast, a tidal wash brought on by a combination of being naked outdoors and her lover's tongue lapping at her clit. The relentless pressure of Ben's licking took Melissa to a gasping orgasm. She clawed at the towel, bunching the heavy cotton in her fingers while babbling an incomprehensible flood of words. She came up onto her elbows again, eyes slits, the cords in her neck as defined as knife blades as she hissed with appreciation and craned to watch the man working at her sex.

"Put it in," Melissa grunted, finally regaining the ability to speak, her face twisted into a grimace. "Fuck me, Ben. Hard ... Fuck me hard. Pound my pussy."

He was inside her in an instant, fucking into Melissa with robust strokes, the backs of the girl's knees hooked around his forearms.

Ben, holding himself above Melissa on straight arms, her pubis at his mercy, stared down at the girl, drilling deep into her body, the head of his cock probing at her.

"I'm going to split you in two," Ben snarled, lust flaring inside him. If she wanted it hard and fast he would give it to her that way, he had months of it stored up and now there was the opportunity to let her have it. "You want fucking hard, do you? You want your pussy drilling?"

"As hard as you want." Melissa's hips moved and she thrust up to meet Ben's downward stroke.

Their bodies slapped together, both of them working hard at each other, both intent on proving a point.

Ben's eyes rolled in their orbits before he glared down at the girl.

"Move your arse. Fuck that pussy onto my cock."

"Fuck my pussy, Ben. Drill my cunt. Come on. Get me there. Ride the fucking arse off me," Melissa spat back immediately, her breasts trembling with the vehemence thrust of her hips back-and-forth.

They rutted with barely constrained violence for a minute or two, only stopping when Melissa squealed out her desire to change position. When Ben withdrew, as he rocked back on his haunches and swallowed great gulps of air, Melissa rolled onto her side and hauled herself up onto all fours. She presented her rear to Ben, her hips rocking from side-to-side.

"From behind. Do it to me that way."

He was back at her a second or two later, the cock-head nudging into Melissa's body.

The girl gasped, turning her head to face Ben, squinting back at him over one shoulder.

"That's good," she breathed, her voice curdled with lust. "I'm going to get there, Ben. Like this; I'll come his way."

Melissa felt so tiny, her slim body writhing as Ben encircled her waist with one arm and leaned over her back. He cupped one breast in his palm, savouring the texture of firm, plaint flesh while her insides clenched around his girth.

He listened to the girl babble, a disjointed litany, the words spilling out of her.

"Naked ... Outside ... Fucking outdoors ... Oh, fuck, that's a lovely cock. I love it. I love it all. The sun ... Nude..."

"Mel," Ben grunted. "I'm going to..." He gasped and hissed, leaning away from Melissa, his back bending, fingers digging into the girl's hips.

"Me too," Melissa moaned, her buttocks slapping against Ben's abdomen. She pressed her palms into the towel, the ground beneath allowing her to thrust back onto the length of living gristle that touched some place deep inside her body.

Melissa reached back with one hand to finger her clit, rubbing herself to a climax.

They came simultaneously, Ben groaning, his eyes squeezed tight while the semen squirted out of him in bursts, his jizm flooding Melissa.

The girl fell forward, unable to support herself on a single arm. She grunted and moaned as her fingers worked at her clitoris and viscous ooze slid from her opening, her climax rolling on and on.

Ben grabbed himself and tugged, his eyes fixed on Melissa as she writhed and squirmed on the towel, his jaw slack with amazement.

With their attention focussed purely on their own pleasure, naturally intent on their individual thoughts, emotions and responses, neither Ben nor Melissa noticed the man hidden in the undergrowth. Even in the aftermath, as their ardour cooled, they failed to see or hear him crawl away, both unaware that their intense coupling had been witnessed.

Eammon Morgan, his chest heaving with emotion, thoughts tumbling inside his head, scrambled away from the scene. It wasn't until he was sure he was far enough away to remain unheard that he finally allowed himself to suck in great draughts of air, deep sobs wracking his chest while he struggled to come to terms with what he'd witnessed. What was worse for Eammon, even more disturbing than seeing his daughter with ... with ... him, was the reaction from his own body. He was stiff, his cock iron hard with desire for his daughter.


With Melissa and Ben away on their walk, and with Eammon disappearing soon after the couple had left, Julia Morgan decided to make the most of her unexpected time alone. The caravan, spacious as it was being at the upper end of the scale, wasn't exactly conducive to what she called her "quiet time". She was a moaner, very vocal when it came to fucking and the label of quiet time wasn't exactly correct. With an ironic grin Julia considered whether "alone time" might be more appropriate. After all, she'd been left to her own devices for so long Julia had given up on Eammon. She'd considered starting an affair but, as yet, hadn't had the nerve. But Ben's arrival on the scene had caused her to reconsider.

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