The pure whiteness of Simon's bathroom, with its gleaming tiles and snowy, fluffy towels, made Louise's head ache. She had shut herself in, seeking solace from his tormenting presence, wanting to lose the aching desire to have him again. She had believed so ardently that once would be enough and yet here she was waiting for him to claim her. The purity of the white hurt her eyes. She had not washed since their lovemaking in the wood and now closed her eyes as she remembered how she groaned in frustration at his last second withdrawal, how she tried to pull him back into her even as his seed spurted onto her thrilling skin. She could still smell his musty odour, the way she smelt him when she wiped her fingers across her belly and furtively brought them to her nostrils. She had wanted to taste him, but was afraid he would notice even as he lay beside her, his eyes closed and body spent.

As she stood in the white, alone with her thoughts, the fear that had gripped her in the woods subsided and a shiver went down her spine; want trembled within her like a bird, hitting her with its feathers until she burnt for his touch. She let her clothes fall to the floor and stood naked of all but her wedding ring. She tugged it off and looked again at her reflection, she expected satisfaction but it was now too bare, too exposed and she crammed the ring back on, her knuckle aflame with red as she hid deep in a towel.

Three gentle taps at the door pulled her from herself and she braced her body against the sink's edge as it swung open. Simon entered with a swaggering confidence. He was naked, and fully erect, Louise cowered in anticipation as he strode towards her. He reached out and grasped the towel, pulling her to him as she clutched it, and tearing it from her. His mouth was on hers and he kissed her hungrily as she felt him against her. She pressed the hardness of her nipples into his chest, needing him to feel her pleasure and to know that she was unquestioningly his. He was stiff with passion against her and pulled his mouth away to look into her eyes. It seemed to Louise that at the moment he saw everything and she craved his reciprocation and gazed up at him, hungry for his feeling.

"You didn't come this afternoon, did you?" he murmured in her ear.

She nodded into his flesh like a child. "Are you disappointed?"

"Was it my fault?" he asked in return, his eyes penetrating hers, strong and inquisitive.

Louise looked back into them, scared of his strength and his confidence.

"I was nervous," she whispered, hoping to satisfy him as she yearned for him to satisfy her. His hand went between her thighs and he shuddered at her heat and her wetness.

"Do you usually come?"

"Please Simon," she protested, terrified of the growing numbness of recent years, at her blind and docile acceptance of mundanity. She pressed her hands onto his, pushing his fingers inside her.

He lifted up her chin and spoke into her neck, etching each word into her skin with his lips. "Just promise that you won't ever fake it for me."

"I promise."

He kissed her with satisfaction, his hands drifting up to her shoulders as she fell into him, giving herself entirely.

She felt the pressure of his strong hands on her shoulders, encouraging her downwards, urging her downwards, forcing her downwards, and she dropped to her knees in obedience before him, trailing her tongue down his torso as she descended, knowing what he wanted, and knowing that she was powerless to deny him.

She rubbed his member against her cheeks, seeking him out with her tongue, before taking him into her mouth. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her, tasting them both, and his hands went to the back of her trembling thighs. He pressed her hard against the wall, pushing her up the shining whiteness of the tiles and lowering her onto him. She locked her ankles behind his back as she tensed around him, the coldness of the wall and the electricity of his skin convulsing her body with pleasure.

He carried her to the bed and laid her down upon it and stood at her feet. She quivered as he feasted his eyes on her nakedness, seeming to sense the aching between her legs from the imploring, pleading look in her eyes. She felt a craven, wanton desire to have him take her; and pulled her knees upwards towards her body, letting them fall wide apart, exposing her full sex to his gaze.

He approached her from the foot of the bed, inching forward on his knees. She felt the brush of his evening stubble first on one thigh, then the other. She closed her eyes and lay back, waiting for him to find her. He ran his tongue up her thighs, but his mouth passed the burning centre of her desire, until she felt it on her midriff, licking slow circles around her belly button, before continuing to mark its trail upwards towards her nipples. She could bear it no longer and now her hands went to his shoulders. She forced the heels of her hands into him, feeling his resistance, then feeling it ebb as he moved lower. She quivered as he rubbed into her with the hard part of his nose, seeking out her most sensitive spot, before his tongue found her wetness. She pulled his head into her, wrapping her legs over his shoulders, wanting his mouth to devour her. As she felt the shudder of orgasm she was oblivious to the low cries of ecstasy crossing her lips, but he heard them and he knew her, he knew all her weaknesses.

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