tagBDSMOccurrence at 35,000 Feet

Occurrence at 35,000 Feet


Inspired by an Ambrose Bierce story.


"Would you like another beer, Mr. Roberts?" the stewardess asked him in her British accent, as he had just nodded off for one last nap after the abrupt turbulence subsided.

The stewardess, with the name tag Crystal, put her hand on his shoulder and startled him awake. During the entire flight they had been flirting with each other. He pretended that he was not very good at following directions, and she teased him with threats about what she would do to him if he did not behave and follow her instructions. At the beginning of the flight, when she gave safety instructions to the three passengers in first class, she kept her eyes on him as she buckled the detached seat belt, and demonstrated it like she was putting him in bondage. She seductively sucked on the straw of the inflatable life jacket.

I love first class, he thought to himself. The flight attendants, female and male, were always more attractive than those in Business or Coach. You always get special service and you get what you pay for. From the moment he walked on to the plane and she directed him to his first class seat, they established a telepathic bond -- she knew he was a sub and he knew she was a dominant. She was wearing a sexy tight stewardess outfit, electric blue miniskirt above her knees and a tight blue blouse that accentuated her bosoms.

She came back with his beverage and leaned over in front of him and poured from the bottle of imported beer into a tall pilsner glass. He instinctively reached for the bottle, and poured it too fast, making the head of the beer foam over the top and spill over down the sides.

"Oops, you had an accident...guess you couldn't control yourself. What does that remind you of?"

He smiled back at her, "I'm sorry Mistress...I mean I am sorry,"

She licked the beer foam off the side of the glass. "I know what you like, " she whispered in his ear and he could feel her hot breath on his skin. He immediately felt his cock harden.

"Go to the loo...and I will be there in a minute," she told him.

He got up and walked down the aisle to the first class lavatory and closed the door slowly and a few seconds later, she walked in and quickly closed the door behind her.

"Stand against the wall" she instructed him as she undid the two buttons of her electric blue blouse, and exposed her cleavage spilling out from her black satin bra.

He backed up against the wall in the cramped lavatory, knocking over the vase that held fresh gardenias. She ripped open his shirt, popping the buttons off onto the floor. She then moved up against him, and looking straight into his eyes and holding his throat with her left hand, she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers, and let them fall down around his ankles. She squatted down and pulled down his pants, releasing his already hard cock sticking straight out. She admired it.

"Move aside," she told him and she hopped up on the sink basin and unzipped her stewardess miniskirt and saw her quim without any knickers and perfectly shaved pussy. She reached over and retrieved the detached seat belt and restraint strap and buckled it around his chest and upper arms, so that they were strapped to his sides.

"Get down on your knees and worship my cunt."

The pants around his ankles forced him to shuffle in front of her and then he dropped to his knees. She spread her minge and shoved his head between her thighs, his lips against her lips as he began licking the flaps, sucking the nub, and tongue-fucking her quim. He could not believe that this was actually happening...it all seemed like an intense dream.

"That's it, worship me, suck it, lick it, savor it...my little slut."

She grabbed the back of his head and rubbed her fingers through his hair and guided his mouth and tongue to the right spot. Her cunny rested on the edge of the sink, and her lips bloomed and her clit blossomed. She began moaning and directing him...."yes, yes, there, there, keep at it, I'm almost there, I can feel it, please your Mistress...move your tongue...right there...I am cumming, yes, yes......mmmmmmmmm." She gasped and let the juices ooze out.

"Now, you can wank for me," she told him. His upper arms were still belted around his chest, but his hands could clutch his balls and stroke his long, erect cock up and down, while she watched him do it. "Stroke it for me, toss it, wank it for me," she commanded and she squirted the liquid soap on to his knob as he stroked it. He stood there, in the small bathroom cubicle, with his pants down around his ankles, as she sat up on the sink basin and watched and encouraged him. "Now, cum for me, shoot your spunk for me, do it, do it now" and she watched him and there was an explosion.

He lived the entire fantasy in a second, still sitting in his first class seat, as he lost consciousness when the explosion occurred, ripping a gaping hole in the plane and sending it down from 35,000 feet.

The End

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