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The Goddess


By Mistress Machiavelli as told to DJK

The following is a parody of Machiavelli's "The Prince", the 16th century instruction guide for city-state rulers. It is also written as a submissive's fantasy.

Upon this a question arises: whether it is better for the Goddess to be loved or to be feared? Of course the answer is that the Goddess must be both loved and feared by Her slaves and submissives. She must first gain their love at first sight...the first time they gaze upon Her dominant beauty their cocks must grow hard or their pussies must become wet. They must become obsessed with the Goddess; Her beauty becomes imprinted inside their brain so they cannot stop thinking about Her. They must become addicted to the Goddess; She must fulfill a need that is deep within their psyche; fulfilling a need they can get from no one else. They must become committed to pleasing the Goddess, no matter what She wants, out of love, devotion, and surrender.

But love is not enough to keep slaves loyal and obedient. There must also be fear...fear of pain, physical and sometimes emotional. Once they has fallen in love with Her, they must soon experience the pain the Goddess is capable of providing. After all, the Goddess is a sadist and derives her own pleasure by inflicting pain on others. Pain is defined as "the sensory sensation associated with actual or potential tissue damage." This can be accomplished by spanking, whipping, flogging, slapping, striking, biting, piercing, pinching, stretching, kicking, burning, and shocking with electrical instruments. The cock, the balls, the pussy, the breasts, the nipples, the ass cheeks, the asshole are all the Goddess's play toys to amuse Her and be abused. .

For every action there is a reaction. This is what turns the Goddess on. It can take the form of screaming, yelling, squirming, wincing, grimacing, panting, gagging and crying, This is what the Goddess likes to see and hear. The Goddess is the conductor of a sado-masochistic symphony of moaning, screaming, and wailing. The Goddess is also an artist, adding color to the slave's canvas; redness, stripes, and bruises. The Goddess likes the slave's body decorated with intricate, colorful tattoos; metallic rings and studs; and elaborate rope macramé creating human works of art. Getting a visual or audible reaction out of Her slave is a source a pleasure for the Goddess and elicits Her devious smile and Her fiendish laugh.

Pain is usually followed by comfort and reward. Fear of pain can intensify the sexual anticipation. Eventually, pain and pleasure come together and complement each other. Pain is sometimes associated with punishment, but it is also necessary for its own sake and to satisfy the sexual needs of the sadistic Goddess. The slave will go through catharsis and the Goddess is there to console, comfort, and compliment the slave after enduring the pain. The Goddess should provide positive feedback and reinforcement to the slave when they have pleased Her. At Her command, She should let them cum for Her. This will make the Goddess smile.

The Goddess must be able to order Her slaves to do anything, no matter how painful, how nasty, how humiliating, and how degrading to prove their unquestioning devotion to Her. She must continue demanding that they do things that pass their own limits, as well as Her limits. As the Roman playwright Terence said in 163 BC,

"Nihil humani a me alienum puto - Nothing that is human is alien to me. "

How to fuck a slave

The Goddess loves to fuck Her slaves in the ass. The Goddess assumes the role of penetrator, never the receptacle. She is the one in control. The slave's asshole belongs to Her. The Goddess loves to turn an anal virgin into an anal whore. It may start with Her finger or a small butt plug and gradually, over time, She inserts larger items and dildos to stretch the anus open and exercise the sphincter. Then, the Goddess must fuck the slave in the ass with Her strap-on. The Goddess thrives on the power of penetrating Her slave, thrusting inside of the rectum, stretching the envelope, getting inside the body, the mind, the soul to become One.

Of course, strap-ons, dildos, and butt plugs aren't the only things to put in their asses. The Goddess, however, must exercise restraint and caution not to insert anything that might cause damage or get lost up there. Certain fruits and vegetables are perfect for entering the anus. But the ultimate is the Goddess's hand, so that She feels the inside of the tight, tepid, tunnel and how it clenches Her hand as it contracts during orgasm, both male and female.

For female subs and slaves, the Goddess must both fuck and fist their pussies. With Her strap-on, the Goddess can fuck a pussy several times over several hours with a dildo much bigger than the average male penis. The Goddess knows the power of the pussy: what it likes, what it can take, what it can do. The slave's entire body is the Goddess' instrument and She knows how to play it.

The Goddess must have access to all holes on a slave's body, including the peehole. The urethra, like the anus, is an exit and not made for entry, but the Goddess must penetrate all holes. The sight of the long thin metal rod sliding all the way in and out of the slave's penis is enhanced by the look of astonishment on his face as he watches the insertion and withdrawal.

Concerning Oral servitude

The Goddess's beautiful body must be worshipped. The Goddess can allow some slaves to touch and even lick parts of Her body. The proper position for the slave while performing oral servitude is either flat on the back or kneeling before the Goddess. The Goddess's feet deserve special attention. The sole and the arch must be rubbed and massaged and the toes must be kissed, licked and sucked.

Very special slaves are allowed to worship the holy asshole and the sacred pussy. This is a privilege granted to only a select few of the Goddess' favorite male and female slaves, but they must have the tongue talent to please Her. Swirling their tongues around the puckering anus, licking it and tickling it with the tip. Sucking the engorged labia lips, licking the blooming clitoris, swallowing whatever juices emerge, bringing the Goddess to Her own entitled orgasm.

Concerning precious bodily fluids

Everything from the Goddess must be accepted by the slave, including Her precious bodily fluids. These are often dispensed as a form of humiliation, but can also be presented as a gift. The Goddess spits and drools into the mouth of Her slave. The Goddess also dispenses Her precious pee, Her golden nectar, Her vintage champagne into the mouth and on the body of Her slave as a form of ritual baptism and communion. When the Goddess says the word "open", the slave must open its mouth and swallow whatever goes in. There are other precious bodily fluids to be consumed, including a male slave eating his own mancum. This can be a hard limit for some males, yet he expects women to swallow his spunk. The Goddess teaches him what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

How to turn a man into a slut

Once a Goddess has made a male slave suck Her strap on, take it up his ass, and eat his own cum, it is time for him to be Her sissy slut and take the real thing – the bigger the better. Sometimes this is part of the feminization of a male slave, dressing him up in slutty clothes, putting on lipstick and make up, and telling him to suck or get fucked in his ass pussy by a real man with a big cock. The Goddess will have cross-dressing and transvestite male slaves who especially enjoy this and want to show what a nasty cocksucker they can be. Or, the Goddess may invite a male slave to a pansexual play party, where no sexual acts are taboo.

Beyond Good and Evil, Beyond pain and pleasure

There is a special relationship between the Goddess and Her submissive or slave. The term "slave" is, of course, an epithet – all commitment is voluntary and all servitude is consensual. The Goddess can ask and make Her slave do things they don't want to do, but must not do anything that would endanger the slave's physical, mental, or emotional health. One of the supernatural abilities of the Goddess is the power to read the slave's mind and know exactly what and how much each sub and slave can take. The Goddess knows when the slave is telling the truth and when a slave is just saying what the Goddess wants to hear.

The Goddess is capable of many relationships and sharing Herself with many slaves and submissives. She will not abide any jealousy or possessiveness. Conventional morality does not apply to the Goddess. She decides what is right and what is wrong. She teaches Her slaves the values of gratitude, generosity, loyalty, tolerance, sacrifice, empathy, politeness, and humility, The Goddess does not let Her power to control go to Her head. She must remain benevolent and not be cruel unless it is part of the fantasy. She must remain grounded in reality and understand what is just fantasy. The Goddess controls the fantasy and uses Her imagination to keep it fresh and stimulating.

The Goddess is superior to Her slaves and must live up to Her own high standards. The Goddess is the goddess of beauty. Her body is a temple to be worshiped and She must kept it in shape and attractive. She wears sexy shoes and outfits to display her dominant beauty. The Goddess is also the goddess of wisdom. She must stimulate and exercise Her mind as well as Her body. She must maintain knowledge and appreciation for culture, style, and the finer things in life.

This discourse is intended as a guide to female domination and supremacy. It includes the commandments, the values, the attitudes, and the practices that make a mistress into a true Goddess. If you are reading this and you are a submissive or a slave, you are learning what it takes to serve a true Goddess. The Goddess trains you to perform, pushes you past your natural limits, challenges you to do better, and inspires you to do great things. As Nietzsche said "that which does not kill you makes you stronger."

The End

Copyright© 2013 written by DJ King

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