tagIncest/TabooOf Dreams and Reality Ch. 04

Of Dreams and Reality Ch. 04


I boarded the bus, quite and reflective, resigned to my fate and boot camp. I watched my parents and Darlene, fade out of sight, as the bus carried me away to military life.

Miles down the road, my body still shook and spasm with each thought of Darlene's fierce, if not desperate, last fucking. My cock tingled and throbbed and made me uncomfortable, trying to enlarge with the passing thoughts and I forced my eyes closed.

"Sleep - just sleep." I thought to myself, as the drone of the bus engine lulled me, finally, into a mind saving slumber, or so I thought, as the dreams came.

We stood side by side, on a cold and grey day, watching my father being lowered into his final resting place. Darlene and mother crying and holding one another, while I stood stoically, in my Army uniform, determined not to shed a tear.

The funeral finally over, we turned and silently walked to the waiting car, arm in arm, with Darlene on one side and mother on the other. It was a bad day and I could feel the heaviness pour out of the women in my life and I knew it was for me to bear and me alone.

Sucking in a large breath and sleep spittle, I began to choke and woke up from the nightmare, a cold sweat running down my forehead and chest. Clearing my throat, I realized it had been dream and the bus was still rolling on down the road. I sank back down into the seat, my eyes slowly closing again, as the drone, once again, took over and I found the dream had moved on...


I waited outside Darlene's bedroom window, carefully peering in, watching for her. It was summer and I, some how braver, stood tight against the house wall, naked, barely breathing, with my fingers wrapped around my penis...Waiting.

In she walked, slow and with great deliberation, taking a long look at the window, where I stood and smiled warmly. My hand was already in motion, as she began to undress. After dropping her blouse, she walked to the window and opened it slightly, allowing the night breeze to enter and turned away, reaching to drop her bra straps.

I watched, stroking my cock to hardness, as Darlene dropped her bra cups and slid her bra around to unfasten the clasp.

"God, that feels so good." She sighed, and reached to massage her tits.

Feeling my cock head slick with pre-cum, I moved to get a better view, when a branch, from the hedge, scrapped past my leg and released up the inside of my thigh, causing me to scream out in surprise!

Horrified, I jerked back, as I saw Darlene turning...But it wasn't Darlene! It was Irene, my mother!

The dream faded and contorted, as I tossed and turned, in a fitful, restless, sleep.


I woke from sleep, hearing my bedroom door creak open and watched the, dark, silhouette entering, quietly, almost gliding across the room towards my bed.

"I've been waiting for you Michael. It's been so long and I need you inside me." The silhouette said, in a husky, urgent voice.

I smiled deeply, as I raised the covers, welcoming Darlene back into my bed. I too needed and wanted her and could only hope she had been very quiet in coming to my room.

Not content with simply pulling back the covers, Darlene ripped them from my bed and climbed on, spreading my legs, hungrily seeking my manhood. She pushed my legs higher, as her mouth found my cock and sucked me in.

Working my cock feverously, she brought me to the hardness she knew all too well and wanted. Satisfied, she held my cock down and sucked in my balls, one after the other and rolled them in her mouth, moaning out,

"I'm going to fuck you so good Mike. You'll never leave me again."

Darlene released my balls and slid her tongue up my shaft to capture my cock head, leaving rivulets of spit as she went and engulfed me, forcing my cock, to its near full extent, down her throat.

"Ease up sis! Come up her and let me eat you!" I cried out, as her attention started a familiar throb in my cock.

"Ummmmmmmmmm. I guess, but I just love that big fucking cock of yours." She moaned out, releasing and began a slow slid up my body, rubbing her tits on my cock and belly, as she came up to face me.

I opened my eyes and started to scream, as I recognized the wonton, lustful eyes staring back at me were my mother's, Irene!

"Mike! Mike, Jesus what's wrong!" I heard a voice call out, as I jerked awake, drenched in sweat and breathing hard, a wild eyed expression on my face.

"Nothing!... A bad dream Ed, that's all." I said, as I rolled my eyes back, a long rush of breath escaping my lungs.

Awake, "fully awake now", after that final nightmare, I sat watching the road go by, hoping the trip would end soon.


Two days later, I sat stunned on the bench outside the Federal Building, rejected.

"Rejected? What the fuck was that?" I thought, as my mind racing over what I was going to do now.

My final physical had come up with an injury, received during my last football year. The government would not deal with it, no deferment, no waiver, they simply didn't want me. I was relieved at not having to enter the military, but the shame seemed large in me, a feeling of failure somehow.

I walked slowly to a hotel café and sat down to order, feeling I should call the folks, or certainly Darlene. A combination of fear, apprehension and guilt invaded my thoughts so I just sat there, waiting.

The food came, but not a thought concerning my plight. The gifts, the people wishing me well, the party...Everything that occurred, a few scant days before, flashed through my head and made me feel sick. I managed to eat a little and finish my coffee, but it wasn't satisfying. I paid the waitress, gave her a half hearted, futile, grin and slowly left the café.

An hour later I was at the bus station, waiting again. It would be several hours before another bus left for Austin and I had only time on my hands...To think. Thoughts of Darlene raced through my head, as I settled down and closed my eyes to catch a few winks.


"Dar? Dar...Oh God it's good to hear your voice!" I stammered into the phone.

"Am I where? Boot camp? No, Dar...A bus station."

"What? Rejected. They rejected me!"

After a long pause...."I don't know Sis...I don't know what I'm going to do."

"Come home? Jeeesssss, facing all those people...And Dad! I feel like a failure Dar! God forbid he should ever find out about you and me!"

"What? What the hell did you say?"

"Mom knows! Oh Christ Dar, tell me you didn..." and she cut me off.

"She what...She was in the bathroom...Oh my God Darlene she must have just shit a brick!"

"Stop laughing! It isn't funny Darlene!"

"Surprised? Oh ya, I bet she was...And just what did she say Dar?"

"Known?...For how long? She was surprised we kept it a secret that long...Oh Christ Dar I'm just gonna blow a gasket! Anything else you want to tell me?"

"I love you too..."

"Look...I'll call you back...In a few days, okay?"


The dream ended with the click of the phone and my eyes opened, sweat pouring from my body, once again. I sat up quickly, looking around in stark terror, like everyone in the depot had just watched my dream. I checked my watch...An hour had passed and I felt exhausted. Rising, I walked across the street to a book store and began looking for something to keep me occupied.

Walking the isles, I scanned the paperbacks and found nothing inviting. Moving on I brushed against the arm of a tall blonde, excused myself, and moved around the corner, but not before looking back at her face. Her eyes immediately met mine and a smile blossomed on her lips, as I nodded and moved on.

She had a queer affect on me and I felt un-nerved, as my eyes caught the magazine section and started to scan for anything to read! I steadied myself on the rack with my hand and slowly went down the isle looking. I paused mid-way, catching site of the Playboy issue, my hand still resting on the rack, when she walked around the corner.

Still un-nerved, I stood stock still, as she approached and stood within scant feet of me. From the corner of my eye I saw her pick up one magazine after another and scan them quickly, but always taking a quick look in my direction, after each selection.

I moved down a little, but kept my hand on the rack. My eyes focused on a magazine promising me "The Best Sex Life Ever", as I slid my hand down and started to drum my fingers on the rack, in a nervous expression.

The anxiety, in me, heightened when I saw her step behind me, narrowing the gap between us. Almost afraid to breath, I started to move when I heard her voice, "You're very good looking. I bet your sister just loves you."

"What? Excuse me, what the hel..." I started to say, when she turned and stopped me.

"I see your fingers drumming on that "Incest" magazine and figured you're too shy to pick it up with me here."

Looking quickly to the rack I found she was right. For some reason, when I stopped, my hand landed on "Incest Monthly" and remained there touching the front page. Turning slowly, with a sheepish look, I tried to explain it was just a coincidence when she stopped me with the most sensual look I had ever seen.

"Baby, it's okay...I've made love to my brother so many times I've lost track...He's the best and I keep going back...Spoiled, you know."

My sheepish look turned into a grin and I nodded. Just as slowly, I turned back to the rack and a picked up the incest magazine. I was just starting the index of stories, "My Daddy Was the Best", being the first article, when I felt her ass touch mine. I tried holding my composure, as I turned to look.

Her long legs were slightly bent, riding her already, too, short skirt up exposing that "smilely" face where the ass cheeks drop and curve inward. Stunned, I stood with mouth open as she turned and looked up at me and smiled wider.

Like a ratchet, my head turned back around and, some how, my eyes refocused on the magazine. Her ass remained in contact and rose slightly as she shifted position, causing my cock to stir..."Stir! It was rising rapidly!" I thought, as I tried to figure a way to exit.

My hands remained firmly fixed to "Incest monthly", when I turned and broke contact and immediately regretted it. I walked quickly to the check out stand and paid little attention to the raised eyebrow, of the female cashier. I looked around and, not finding the luscious blonde, paid for the magazine and left the book store.

Amazingly, or not, I was lost in the magazines articles. I never knew! I had forgotten about the blonde, lost in a world of absolute perversion. My cock grew hard and I had visions of Darlene, as I read on. Lost in words and thought, I never saw her, as she walked up and sat directly behind me. My first conscience thought of her came when she bent her head back, touching mine.

"So, enjoying the mag I see. Love the bulge and I bet your sister really loves it too" She said, low and huskily.

My cock stiffened even more at her voice. I tried to respond, thinking hard and rapid trying to pick out a few words that wouldn't make me sound, too, stupid.

In a low voice I replied, "So, what do you want? Why is it again that you think I'm fucking my sister?"

"I want you...I mean I wasn't sure earlier, but I am now!" She came back, wiggling her head against mine.

"Shit!" I thought, holding my tongue.

"What's her name?" She asked.


"You love her?"


"You're definitely my kind of man!" She came back and added, "Ummmmmmmmm."

I turned quickly, as I no longer felt her head, and saw her walking off. Her short skirt swaying, exposing her tight firm ass cheeks with each swirl of her skirt. Nearing the restroom hallway, she turned and looked back, sliding her hands down her top and pulling it away enough to expose a hard nipple and smiled at me.

"What the fuck?" I thought, as I rose to track her down. She was disappearing fast, when I started to sprint after her. I was half way down the restroom corridor when I heard her voice...She was behind me!

"I knew it...You are fucking your sister and you want me too!"

"No!...I mean, Yes....Christ lady what's your name?" I stammered.

"Julianne, honey...What's yours?"

"Michael" I said, turning to walk back towards her.

"Umm, Michael..."He, who is like God", nice, very nice and it fits you darling." She responded, coming from the shadows.

"So, I gotta ask...Are you a hooker?"

"No! I'm not. Just a girl that loves her brother...A little too well some times and I guess I have the ability to see incest in others."

"Jeeze, but...." I started to say.

"Stop Michael and just accept it. Why you....Why not? I love my brother and he does me every way he can but I still need more and he doesn't mind, its how our relationship survives. It may not be natural, but it damn sure is holy and wonderful and our mutual freedom makes it survive. Have you given your sister that option, or are you still clinging tight to her?"

"Shit Julianne, I never thought of it that way...Tight I guess." I responded, finally closing the distance.

"Give her wings baby, she'll be back over and over...She loves you more than any other, but she needs to experience others if she wants." Julianne came back, slipping her hands under her top and raising it, slowly, for me.

"You like my breasts, Michael?" She asked, as her hands slid across her breasts and caressed her nipples, making them hard.

"Would you like to suck them?"

I slowly nodded and without a word, my hands came up and cupped both breasts. I bent my head, as Julianne placed her hands on the back of my head and pressed me in. Tenderly, I sucked in a nipple and began to suckle it.

"Oh baby, you love that so much, don't you?" She asked, as I suckled away.

Julianne pulled my lips from one breast and placed them on the other, as she reached down and found my hardened cock. Gently she slid her hand inside my jeans and began to rub, with a slow deliberate motion.

"Oh baby, your mother is gonna love you...You've never forgotten!" She gasped, as her head reared back, as she tried to press her breast into my mouth, with renewed vigor.

I pulled away, with a shocked looked and said, "Julianne, I've never fucked my mom!"

"You will baby....You will! Darlene will understand and you'll enjoy it beyond anything thing you've understood!" was her reply.

I was rock hard when Julianne went down on me. I was suckling happily one minute and the next it was air, but Julianne's hand's were sliding my pants down.

"Oh Michael, Julianne wants your cock so bad...You've grown sooooooo big honey!" She said, with her husky voice and wrapped her lips around my cock head.

Suddenly, with the talk of my mother and Julianne using the "momma" word, she had become my mother, in my sorted fantasy world.

"No mom...No! You can't....You shouldn't! Oh momma please......"

"Momma will take of care of you honey....My, my...Damn, sweety, you're dripping for momma!" Julianne said, having her way with me.

Julianne had me to the brink when she slid her lips down my cock for the last time and smiled at me.

"Baby, momma needs all that jism...I'm stopping so you can put that big cock in momma and cum...I'm ready baby, are you?"

"Yes momma...I'm ready." I said, cock throbbing and willing to do anything Julianne said.

"Michael! - Michael....Pay attention! Momma needs your help. You lift my skirt, when Momma bends over. You'll see a tight brown hole and I want you to put that big hard cock in that hole...Okay?"

I snapped out of the fantasy and nodded, as Julianne turned and I raised her skirt. With dulled eyes, I spotted that hole. It was brown and tight. I reached out with a hand that I didn't know and wiggled a finger into the hole.

Julianne screamed, "Oh yes baby....That's the hole, baby...That's the hole! Put your big cock in there and cum with momma!"

I watched Julianne's hand come from between her legs and moisten her rectum, just as I aimed my hard cock for penetration. With a scream of delight, Julianne raised up as I slid my cock home, "Oh God Michael! That's the biggest cock momma has ever had!"

"Michael...You and my brother are the best! I'm not your momma but I bet she'd wish it was her ass you were putting that big cock in...Don't be afraid...Ask her!" Julianne said, between grunts and gasps.

"Oh My God Michael, I'm cumming...Grab my clit and rub like hell!" Julianne screamed out, her legs beginning to shake.

I reached down and found her clit and rubbed as she asked and received the best climax I'd ever had. I humped and humped and humped and humped until I thought I'd faint.

When I finally pulled from Julianne's ass, cum ran out in a slow stream and Julianne laughed with delight. My cock shrunk with relief, as Julianne turned and looked at me,

"Michael, you can have me any time you want...I'm telling my brother he has serious competition! You tell Darlene we've had sex and give her the opportunity to go out and have sex too...She'll love you for it!"

"Oh my God Julianne, you're going to tell your brother!" I gasped, trying to recover.

"Yes! He loves me and he's always up for a challenge!"


"Yes Juli."

"Your mother knows...Doesn't she?"

"Yes, at least I had a dream she did."

"She's going to want to fuck you...You know that don't you?"

"Ya...Dreams Juli...They told me."

"Did you fuc..." I started to ask.

"Ya baby, I did. I had a hard time at first, his cock was so big..."

"Wow! Big?"

"Ya...Bigger than I'd ever had...But gentle and thorough, a very nice fucking that we both enjoyed!"

"What about my mom?" I asked.

"Start with her breasts and then go on...She'll let you know, Hun."

"And Darlene?"

"Have Darlene get you ready....You know...Hard cock...Stiff and dripping."

"God Julianne, you want Darlene to get me ready!" I responded, wide eyed, not believing the conversation I was having.

"Yes...Dammit!...And make sure she's there, have her guide your cock in and keep you going in case you falter!"

"Was your brother there?" I asked.

"No Hun and I regretted it. Dad was gentle, but it would have been so much more special if John had had been there. Don't make the mistake!"

"When's the last time you made love to your brother?" I asked, raising my eyebrow.

"About 8 hours ago." came the reply.

"And you?"

"Ages ago...Show me a picture of your brother."

"You wanna see him hard and ready?" She replied and giggled.

"Yes...Please." I replied back.

Julianne produced a marvelous picture of John, his cock standing up-right and hard, ready to penetrate anything. I looked at the picture a long time before she broke my concentration.

"Jeees Michael, you love cock too?"

"No babe, just wondering if Darlene would like it?"

"If I can be testimonial....Yes, she would!"

"Do you think you can get hard again?' She asked, with barely a pause.


"Good, because I want you in my pussy...Deep!"


Julianne left me that afternoon, drained and happy. She kissed me deeply and pressed two photos in my hand, along with personal information on how to contact her. Sliding from my grasp she said nothing more and disappeared from the room.

I returned to the waiting bench, my eyes glazed over and my mind a swirling mass of thoughts and visions. After the all the "nightmares" I couldn't believe that what had happened wasn't just another one, but the dull throbbing I felt in my crotch told me it had been real - very real. I missed the first bus that afternoon. Some thirty minutes later, Darlene picked up the phone, "Hello."

"Dar – Its Mike...Can you talk?"

"Oh My God...Yes! How are you? – Where are you?"

"Dar, I mean are you alone?"

"Yes...What's going on Michael?"

"I've been rejected Dar and I'm heading home. I want to meet you at the Holiday Inn first."

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