tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOf Hunters and Their Prey

Of Hunters and Their Prey


She was young, too young for me probably were I to be honest. I was 26 and she must have been only recently able to purchase cigarettes legally. If I had more self control I could, perhaps, have said "No" when she invited me back to her hotel room. Alas, the less honorable aspects of my personality revealed themselves before her and she could smell my lust like a bloodhound to his quarry, and I was hers.

I'd noticed the young, slight statured blonde from the head table at the wedding reception. I was one of three groomsmen at my friend's marriage and had the king's view, able to see the entire audience from our elevated table. Every time my eyes landed on her face among the multitude I couldn't help but find she looked so very familiar. Perhaps I'd seen her before, if only in a cursory passing, but I could not place her. Eventually I think she began to notice my acute gazing as our eyes met once, twice, and repeatedly. It got to the point where I had to avoid glancing in her direction as each time I looked her way she seemed to be looking mine and I would quickly divert my sight; a common proclivity of the introverted anti-socialite.

Soon it was time for the reception dance where the influences of an open bar and the insistence of my friends brought me to the floor, an unfamiliar theatre of gathering. I with my friends and enjoyed the moment. I'd mostly forgotten about the girl, she'd probably left after that one creepy groomsman kept staring at her. However, after a while I turned to find her dancing next to me. She moved her way towards me and, with a wink, started dancing with me. When the current song ended I asked her "You look so familiar, sorry I can't place where we've met before."

She responded in a young sounding, but husky voice like she was already a chronic smoker. "Oh, I'd remember you." and again she smiled at me, turned, and began grinding on me to the beat of the new song.

Enjoying the contact of the nubile female and yet a bit inebriated I just went with the moment. The girl was a bit above 5 feet tall with shoulder length blond hair the back of which she had pulled into a pony tail. She had a pierced nose and eyebrow on her pretty, tanned skinned face. She was slight in stature and seemed quite athletic. She was wearing a floral printed dress that was just thin enough to see her black bra underneath. When the light was right it was also clear to tell she was most likely wearing some sort of thong. Eventually she told me her name was Danielle. I kept trying to place her but in the end gave up and just enjoyed her attention. At some point I'd also introduced myself to her as Matt.

As the dance began to wind down I started trying to think of how I could as Danielle back to my room. She'd been dancing with me almost the whole night and displaying the signs that even my inexperienced observations could tell were of a sexually interested nature. However, she beat me to it.

"Wanna come back to my hotel room Matt? We can have a couple more drinks or something."

I did indeed want to accompany the young girl but I decided to cover my bases first. The effects of the alcohol were beginning to wear thin and so I was able to think clearly enough to ask what was necessary. "Sure," I began. "I just have to ask, you are over 18 right?" I tried to not sound condescending.

Danielle gave a look of mock surprised anger at the question. She then slapped me on the chest and said "Of course I am, silly. I'm all of 18 and 3 months." She giggled, stuck out her tongue, took my hand, and together we left the dance.

As she brought me to her car and began driving to the hotel I'm sure my excitement was barely contained. A gorgeous and young girl was really taking me back to her room. Again, I shouldn't have been so excited, and should have taken the high ground escorting the young girl to her room and receding like a gentleman. I was, however, at the mercy of my desires and nothing my mind could do would have changed my actions as I followed her through her door.

At the closing of the door she had turned and pressed me up against it. She pressed her slim but strong body against mine and her soft, pink lips into my neck as she began kissing and sucking on my skin. I returned the affection and squeezed her tightly, enjoying the feeling of the little woman in my arms. My hands found their way to her ass, groping her tight flesh. Meanwhile her hands had found their way to unbuttoning my tux shirt and still our kissing continued. It was not long before she had me down to my boxers. She stepped back and pulled her dress up over her head revealing her tight body clad in black bra and thong panties.

My erection was making itself clearly visible as it raged behind my underwear, longing to break free and be touched.

"I can see you're excited" Danielle said with a smirk as she looked at my hard on, barely concealed behind a thin layer of fabric. "Me too" she added and again pressed me back into the door. She dove her right hand straight down my waistband and wrapped her feminine hand around my hot, pulsing shaft. She pumped a few times and again kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. Her had went fast along my piece and my knees began to falter as I let out a moan of pleasure. She grinned deviously at this, kept her hand moving for a few more seconds, and then abruptly stopped.

"I want you to do something for me ok?" She asked in her raspy and sexy voice.

"What's that?" I asked, out of breath and needing more contact.

"It's more doing something to me actually, ok?" She asked again.

"Sure, what do you want?" I asked, trying to sound sexy myself.

She went to a bag on her bed, affording me a wonderful view of her backside. From the bag she pulled a number of things that left me a little speechless. She had four pairs of handcuffs, some rope, a blindfold, some kind of o-ring gag, and topped it off with a large boot knife.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed.

"Look" she said. "I know it's kinda weird and kinky but this is totally what I'm in to. I really want you to tie me up on the bed, gag me, blindfold me, and cut off my underwear with the knife ok?"

I contemplated this. I was stunned. This isn't what I had expected at all. To be honest, though, I hadn't expected to spend the night with anyone but myself either. I looked at the girl skeptically considering my options. On one hand it was quite odd. On the other, when on earth would I ever get another chance like this? One more time I asked:

"And you're sure you're 18?"


Before I could answer yes or no she went to her purse which she'd discarded the instant she'd walked in the room. From it she produced her driver's license and handed it to me. 'Danielle Stamp' it said. Again I was struck with the thought that the name I was reading sounded so familiar. I forgot about that for the moment, quickly glanced at the date to find that indeed I wouldn't be arrested for what I was about to do.

"Ok" I said. "But I'm not very experienced with the kinky stuff." I warned.

"That's ok, I'll guide you through it." She said with a smile. "I really get off on fear" she continued. "I'm going to act like I'm scared because I like it like that. I just want you to be kinda forceful with me. Fuck me hard, keep me blindfolded and gagged. When you come I want you to put it on my face or in my mouth and I really really want you to take pictures while you do all of it ok?"

This was a lot to comprehend quickly but I'd always been a quick study. Danielle produced a camera and no sooner had she handed it to me than I pushed her down on to the bed. Physically much bigger than her, it was easy for me to manipulate her limbs and handcuff them in to position on the bed posts. Danielle made a little struggle but was smiling most of the time and occasionally encouraged me saying "You're doing great, don't worry, I'm loving this."

Soon, though, her words were ended as I applied the gag which kept her mouth open enough to stick her tongue out but not much more than that. I also strapped the blindfold on to her. Again she continued to act panicked and scared but couldn't help herself from laughing pretty frequently letting me know that she was still ok.

I then grabbed the camera and started snapping shots of her sexy young body spread eagled on the large hotel bed. I grabbed the knife and excruciatingly carefully cut off her underwear. She enjoyed this so much I swear she was having an orgasm before I'd even touched her with anything but the cold steel of the back and side of the sharp blade. I took more pictures and then started to enjoy her naked body.

I'd never had a beautiful specimen of womanhood completely on display to me, open to my every exploration. For a long while I just looked at her beauty and took more photos. I started my tactile contact with my fingertips along her arms and sides. She writhed at my delicate caressing. I felt every part of her body I wanted to as much as I wanted to. I then started licking, kissing, and sucking on everything that I desired.

I kissed her neck. I sucked on her pink little nipples. I licked her toned belly. I removed my boxers and started rubbing my dick on her smooth skin. I slowly humped her inner thighs. I moved down to the end of the bed and rubbed my rock hard cock against the soft bottoms of her feet which drove her over sensitive nerves crazy. She bucked and made noised of consternation into her gag.

I moved my face up next to hers, getting in to the roll I'd been assigned. I rested the mushroom head of my piece against her sopping wet cunt and whispered into her ear "Do you want this?"

"Yesh" she managed to say through the gag.

"What was that sweetie?" I asked patronizingly.

"Yesh, yesh yesh yesh I wah ih!" she exclaimed almost articulately considering the circumstances.

"Well make it wet for me first" I said and I kneeled over her face lining the head of my cock up to her open mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked as much of my dick as she could reach with her wet tongue. I took the opportunity to snap even more pictures and had come to the decision that I really needed to get a copy of these from her.

After my dick was sufficiently licked and as hard as it had ever been I again lined up with her socking pussy. I then did what I'd always wanted to do to a girl. I should preface this by saying that I bear a rather wide load and had never been with a woman who didn't need to ease it in slowly for the first few minutes of sex. I proceeded to get my tip in place and then, in one hard thrust, completely ram myself into this skinny little girl.

Danielle screamed out in pain and I quickly came back to my senses.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Are you ok?" I asked gingerly.

"Ssssuht uuh ann uuuck meh!" she screamed through her gag. I took this to mean "shut up and fuck me" and so I did.

I pounded the young woman hard. Her pussy was so tight and wet it was unbelievable. My balls slapped on her beautiful skin and I quickly worked up a sweat going to town on this little slut. Not forgetting her requests I took pictures of her under me, her face contorted in pleasure behind the blindfold and gag.

I continued a fast pace, not slowing down for the sake of her pussy, ravishing her like I'd never done to anyone before. I could begin to feel my orgasm building in the base of my cock. When it was time I jerked myself out of her cunt and aimed my cannon at her face.

Then I came the hardest I had ever cum in my life.

I came on her face, on the pillow behind her face, into her blonde hair, and down her throat. When I had finally touched down back to earth from my ecstasy I looked and the panting thing bellow me, a mess with my spunk. I grabbed the camera and took a few more pictures. I then released Danielle from all her bonds and got her a towel. She smiled at me and I back at her.

"How was that?" I asked.

Danielle didn't say anything. She just smiled and looked through the camera. "It's perfect Matt, thank you. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yea, I totally did" I responded. "I've never done anything like that before."

Danielle smiled again. "Have you ever been tied up before?" she asked.

Not thinking much of it I responded honestly with "Nope, never have."

"Wanna see what it's like? I'd love to show you." she said and held up the bondage equipment.

My dick was a little tired for the moment but it was quickly getting ready for more so I excitedly acquiesced her invitation and lay down on my back, nude, with my arms and legs spread. She then proceeded to cuff me up, blindfolded me, and finally adjusted the gag to fit into my mouth. Then she lay down on top of me, her slick body against mine.

"So you really don't remember me do you" she asked.

I pondered this and managed to mumble "Huh?" through the gag.

"I remember you Mr. D. I thought for sure when you saw my name on my license you'd remember little Danni Stamp. Ring any bells yet?" and Danielle laughed.

THAT'S IT! My brain clicked. Danni Stamp. Fresh out of college I spent a year as an assistant teacher at a grade school before finding more permanent work. Danni Stamp had flirted with me even then as some 7th and 8th grade girls had loved doing. I was the youngest male teacher at the school by a decent margin and also decently handsome. It had been a perfectly bad combination for some developing middle school girls who would prefer to spend their recess hanging around me rather than playing with their contemporaries. Danni had been one of the most aggressive of them saying things that were on the border of 'does she know what she's saying? or is she still just a kid?' Danni had, most likely, known exactly what she was saying. She was always obviously quite clever but she didn't apply herself at all. She seemed to most likely have not the greatest of examples at home.

"Danni!" I exclaimed. All of a sudden I felt a little dirty about what I'd just done. I knew this girl when she was just a kid, or at least she was mostly still a kid to my eyes. Now, 5 years later she seemed anything but. 5 years didn't seem enough time to pass for her to go from that kid to a sexual deviant.

"You remember how we used to flirt when I was a kid Mr. D? 'Cause I remember how you would always flirt with me." She laughed, a new laugh this time.

I attempted to protest these accusations though my gag to no avail. I had never, ever, not once flirted with a student or encouraged those actions in any way and she knew it. At least I hoped she did.

"Shhhh Mr. D. Don't worry. I understand how you could be tempted by a pretty girl like me. And now here I am, an adult, and you decided to get me drunk, seduce me, then tie me up and take advantage of me; surely finishing what you'd always wanted to do all those years ago. You sick pervert, you even took pictures of the whole event."

My mind was in a fervor. Danni was either a deeply disturbed girl or was setting me up for blackmail.......perhaps both. Suddenly I found myself testing both the strength of the handcuffs which seemed very real and the substantial qualities of the bed posts. At 6'2" and fairly strong I wasn't a weak force to be unleashed but leashed I was and no match for the bonds could I make.

"Calm down now Mr. D, calm down. You'll hurt yourself." Danni gently kissed my forehead and despite my growing concern and uncertainty my body reacted to the touch sexually and I began to feel stirrings in my groin.

"Now I don't want to get you arrested or anything Mr. D. I will if I have to, but I don't want to. No, I'd much rather have fun with you. Did you realize what a crush I had on you back then? It changed a bit as the years went by but ever since I found out you would be at that wedding I've been planning this night. Now, you are going to serve me Mr. D. You're going to be my little blackmailed sex slave. If you're good I may let you watch me delete these pictures.....in a few years. Now I've already emailed them to 5 different email accounts I hold while we've been talking so don't bother going straight for the camera when I let you out. Do we have an accord Mr. D?"

I contemplated her words and my situation. I was scared, more scared than I'd ever been in my life. I didn't do anything illegal and I really didn't want to go to jail. I didn't want to lose my job and all my friends. Despite the fear I felt I also felt an incredible sexual desire to do everything Danni wanted. I loved the feeling of being under her control and that realization was almost as scary as the thought of prison.

"Oh ay" I tried to say from behind the gag.

"Oh, let me get that for you dear." she said as she unbuckled the strap holding the gag to my head.

"Ok" I said. "I'll do what you want." Resignedly the words left my mouth but they were laced with great excitement.

"I'm so glad to hear that honey" she said. "First thing I want you to do is make me cum. Since you seemed to have so much fun cuming all over me I want to cum all over you." Danni kneeled over my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. "Eat me out honey, and do it well. Also, from now on you will refer to me as Miss. Danni. Is that understood?"

I attempted to answer in the affirmative with her bare and dripping pussy encompassing my mouth.

"Good" she said. "Now eat me out well and I'll reward you. For tonight every time I make you cum you have to make me cum twice."

At that point I ate my new little blackmailing mistress out to two orgasms. She never untied me that night and throughout its course I'd fall asleep for a while and be woken up by her hand or mouth around my dick. Four more times she managed to get me to shoot a load of my cum onto my stomach until there was nothing but dribbles left. That meant the only thing more sore than my cock come the next morning was my mouth and tongue as I was obligated to service Miss. Danni to 10 orgasms that night.

Thus was the beginning of my service to Miss Danni. I will elaborate on the subject more in the future.

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