tagErotic CouplingsOff At College Ch. 03

Off At College Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – An Informal Frat Party

I got up late on Saturday morning following my date with Ken. Julie was already out of the room so I decided to take a shower and then begin studying. Even though classes had not started yet, I had a couple of rather lengthy reading assignments for my first classes. The shower was refreshing, I scrubbed my entire body especially my bush, my ass and my breasts.

I got out of the shower and toweled my body off. I put on a fresh bra and pair of my old cotton panties before pulling an oversized t-shirt on and my pair of sweats. I grabbed a donut out of the refrigerator, picked up my political science book and sat down in my bean bag chair to read. After reading a couple of chapters, I decided that I should write up some notes so I switched over to my desk. I continued with this routine for most of the afternoon. All in all, I was able to nearly finish my political science assignment of 200 pages.

Around five o’clock Julie came in and went right to the telephone. As she dialed her voicemail, I said, “Hi, Julie. No, you did not get any calls this afternoon.”

“Shit! You’re right, nothing. I was hoping something would come in. Have you been studying all afternoon?”

“Yep. Trying to make up for the partying that I did last night. By the way, what time did Bob leave? I was trying to stay out past when I thought he would be gone.”

“Well, I guess I should be honest with you. I’m glad that you stayed out past one o’clock. Bob and I certainly had a good time.” Julie set her back pack down and then sat down on her bed.

“I enjoyed my evening too. I think that Ken is the kind of guy that I could really get to know.”

Getting up and walking over to her closet, Julie produced a clear bottle of rum. “Would you like a rum and coke, Jen?”

“I guess I have studied enough for today. However, I’ve only had a few beers, never any rum.”

“This stuff is a little more potent than beer, but it should relax you. Would you like me to pour you one?”

“Sure, I’m game.” I replied. With that Julie pulled two glasses out of her closet and a Coke from the refrigerator.

“Sorry, we don’t have any ice, but the Coke is cold.” She poured some rum into the two glasses and then filled them with the Coke. She handed me one of the glasses and sat down on her bed. After taking a sip, she kicked off her sandals and leaned back against the wall behind her bed. “Bob and I went for a bike ride today. We rode all the way up to the Falls and back. It was a lot of fun – not as much fun, though as last night.”

“I spent all afternoon studying poli sci so anything you did was probably more fun. By the way, what did you think of the concert last night?”

“I could lie to you and say that it was fabulous but the truth is Bob and I never made it to the concert. After you and your date – Ken wasn’t it? – left, we came back up to the room. Hell, to be honest with you, I think that we went through seven or eight condoms.”

“And I thought Kenny and I had fooled around a lot last night,” was all I could respond. I took a sip of my drink and added, “This isn’t too bad. It should relax me.”

Julie took another swig and then continued, “Bob’s cock is just my size. Some guys have little weenies that hardly do anything for me. And I have had some guys with dicks that a so big that it actually feels uncomfortable when they are fucking me. Unlike the stories, the big cocks don’t actually hurt unless the guy is a complete mother fucker, but you can’t really concentrate on yourself. It also helps that Bob knows how to use his cock to make a girl feel good.”

“I can’t imagine doing it so many times in one night.” I took another couple of sips as Julie continued her story.

“Hell, I think we did the mish twice, doggy a couple of times, I rode him a couple, plus we did it on the desk once. About the only thing he didn’t do was eat me out.” We both finished our drinks with a long gulp. “Want another, roomie?”

“Sure, why not,” I replied. The alcohol was just starting to have its initial effects on me. As Julie was pouring another round, I added, “Do you and Bob need the room tonight? I can find someplace to go.”

“No. I thought that I might be otherwise engaged which is one reason Bob and I went for the bike ride. However, it appears that I will be here all night. Might as well get wasted.”

“Did I hear someone say get wasted?” Our suitemate, Meg, said as she walked into the room. Without waiting for an answer she continued, “Jane, Sandy and I are going to order a pizza and then watch a movie. By the way, what are you drinking? I’ve got some vodka and o.j. in our room and I think that Sandy has some Kahlua.

Julie responded quickly, “That sounds like fun. What kind of pizza are you ordering? We’ll be over in a couple of minutes.” Then turning to me she added, “If I can’t get fucked at least I can party with my friends. Bring your drink and grab some munchies out of my closet, I’ve gotta take a piss and I wanna get out of these clothes.”

I took my new drink from Julie, picked up a bag of Cheese-Its and followed Meg to her room. As I entered the room, I looked around. They had arranged the room completely different from our room; they even had a couch in it since they stacked their beds. Jane was sitting on her bed nursing a can of pop while Sandy was standing by the television holding a mug of something. There was the usual music coming from a set of large speakers in the two corners of the room.

I sat down facing the back of one of the two desk chairs and took a sip of my rum and Coke. Julie came into the room adjusting her shorts and carrying her partially consumed second rum and Coke.

After a little discussion we agreed on two large pizzas and a video. Since Jane was the only one that had not had anything alcoholic to drink so far, she was elected to pick-up the pizza and the video. Julie gave Jane the keys to her car and Jane went off to pick up the food and the entertainment.

While Jane was gone, Julie poured two more drinks, one for herself and one for me. The four of us sat around chit chatting and waiting for the food. Jane made it back with the pizzas and the movie very quickly for not really knowing the territory. Walking into the room, she announced, “I’ve got the food.”

After we served the pizzas, we sat around some more eating and drinking. Megan turned to Julie and myself and said, “One of the two of you sure as hell had a good time last night. Whoever it was kept me up for the longest time.”

I blushed and I noticed that Jane was turning red also. Julie chirped in, “You’re right it was a great fuckin’ time last night. We used seven or eight condoms. He did me in just about every position and I think he made me cum almost every time.”

“All that noise got me so horny; all I could do to get to sleep was frig myself off.” Megan added. “I will admit though that it was the best O that I’ve had by myself, ever.”

Julie continued, “Glad to have been able to help you out neighbor. He had the best cock I’ve ever had. It fit inside me just right. You know some guys have such small cocks that they do nothing for a girl’s pussy and others are so fuckin’ big they stretch a pussy to the limit. I could have gone on all night but Jen and I have an agreement that after one o’clock the one that is out for the evening can come back.”

“Enough of this, lets watch the movie.” Jane chimed in, getting up and slipping the movie into the VCR.

Since I had already seen the movie twice, I found the movie rather boring. During the course of the movie I had three or four screwdrivers and I was feeling no pain. As the movie ended Sandy got up, turned on the lights and pushed the rewind button on the VCR. “While I’m up, can I refresh any of you girls’ drinks?”

Jane replied, “I could use another straight Coke.”

“Make it a round for everyone.” Julie added. “I’ll help you.”

While Sandy and Julie were fixing the drinks, Megan announced, “I haven’t gotten laid since I’ve been at here.”

I interjected, “Don’t sweat it, if you want you will get it from the guys on this campus. They are just a bunch of horny guys.”

Sandy chirped in, “So you’ve gotten some? Oh, that’s right, you got picked up by some frat guy on Wednesday night.”

Megan then added, “Last I saw of you at the mixer, you were sucking face with that frat guy on the front steps. Did you end up in the sack with him?”

Blushing deeply, but fortified with the rum, I replied, “Yeh, I ended up in bed with Hank on Wednesday night and Kenny last night. I’m not sure that you could really say I ended up in the sack with either of them since they both had couches in their rooms.”

“Two guys already! Stop dancing around and spill the beans,” Sandy cut me off.

“Can’t you leave the girl alone? Don’t you see that she doesn’t want to talk about it?” Jane added. “Let’s talk about the movie, classes, hometowns, anything except sex.”

“Jane, I don’t mind talking about it. Besides, Hank was the first guy to give me the blessed “O”. A girl should never forget the first guy to bring her off just like she shouldn’t forget who made her a woman.” Turning to Meg and Julie, I continued, “I would highly recommend either guy for a good time. They both seem to know how to please a girl.”

“Would you arrange a date for me with either one?” Megan inquired.

“Sure, I’ll let them know that you are interested in spending some time with them. I know that Kenny is quite tall so that you two should fit together pretty good.”

“Enough already!” Jane added. “My love life is none of your concerns. Bud and I have decided to remain faithful to one even though we are going to different colleges. Bud is going to Tulane and I am here. We both promised that although we could date, we would save sex for each other.”

“Jane that is fine. You are as entitled to your decisions as any of us are to ours….”

Megan interjected, “Janey, all I am going to say is that from what I know about Tulane and New Orleans, Bud is probably going to disappoint you. I just think that there are too many temptations for a red blooded American teenage male down there.”

I continued, “my ex from back home, and he is my ex only because I wanted to be free to fully play the field when I came here, and I did it three times from the prom on. Our biggest problem was a lack of privacy – my Mom’s a minister and my Dad is the chief of police. I respect your decision and I am sure that Julie, Sandy and Meg do too. However, please respect our decisions also. We are the ones that have to live with them, just as you do.”

“Jane,” Sandy added, “If you think that you can avoid getting laid here, that is fine by me. In fact I will have a lot of respect for you. I also have a lot of respect for girls like Jen and Julie who know that they want to party and do it. The only ones I have problems with are girls that talk like they want to save themselves and then do just the opposite. While on the subject, I haven’t had a guy for nearly a month. Julie or Jenny, do you think you could set me up with any of the guys you have been with – you can even tell them I love giving head.”

Just as Sandy finished her statement, I heard the telephone ring in our room. Julie got up and walked in and then called out to me, “Jen, the phone is for you. I think he said his name was Hank.”

“The Hank?” Megan asked.

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out in a minute.” Then shouting to Julie, I added, “I’m coming.” I walked to our room and took the phone from Julie.

“This is Jenny.”

“Remember me, Jen. This is Hank. We met at the mixer on Wednesday night. What are you doing tonight?”

“Sitting around with my suitemates getting plastered and comparing girl notes.”

“Are you and your friends interested in coming to a party with the Delta Gamma brothers this evening? We are having our opening party and I am in charge of rounding up some good looking young ladies. I know that you qualify and if any of your friends are interested I’m sure that we would be interested in having them.” Hank inquired.

“I have to admit that we are all a little plastered at this point. Are you sure that you guys want some girls that will probably be drunk with one or two more?”

“Sure, Jen. We’ll even send a car over to pick up you girls up.”

I looked at Julie and then replied, “I know that two of us are. Do you want me to go next door and find out if any of the others are interested?”

“I’ll hold the phone,” was his reply.

I went back to Meg and Jane’s room to ask them. As I expected, Sandy and Megan were all for it while Jane demurred. I came back to the phone and told Hank, “Looks like four of us are in. We can be ready in about half an hour.”

“Good, I’ll send a car around for you about ten o’clock.” We hung up.

As I hung up the phone, Julie said to me, “I think that we are scheduled to get fucked tonight. I got to go to a couple of open invite frat parties last year and they turned into meat markets. I doubt that Hank would have called you if they had enough girls for the guys and he probably figured you would not automatically turn down a proposition to fuck.”

As Julie entered the room, she started talking. “I’m sure we all know that is supposed to happen at this party tonight. If things go according to plan the four of us will end up on our backs with hard cocks stuffed in our pussies or somewhere else. The trick is to make sure that it happens to us and not some other chicks.”

“Any ideas?” Sandy interjected.

“Whatever they are, we’ve got to get moving. It is 9:15 and Hank said that he will have a car here to pick us up at 10:00.” I said following Julie into our suitemates’ room taking a gulp of my screwdriver.

Julie continued, “Yep, I’ve got some quick ideas. Do we all have a black mini-skirt? Do we all have a white top? How about black pumps, 3 or 4 inches at least?”

Sandy replied, “I’ve got all three.”

“I’m going to have to bow out, girls. My period just started this morning and I’m not in a position to get laid,” Megan confessed.

Julie continued, “That’s too bad, Meg. You are so damn well endowed, you would be a magnet for the guys.” Then looking at Sandy and myself she added, “Do either one of you have a problem going braless?”

“I don’t have a problem with it, but why do you give a shit what we wear?” Sandy answered.

“Well here is my plan. We all go in dressed in white tops and black minis. At some point in the evening, we can flash our tits at the guys to get their attention. And then, here is the real selling point, we pull our skirts up and flash our asses.”

“Are you suggesting that we go without panties?” I asked.

“I think it would be a great idea, but I am not sure that with what we’ve had to drink tonight already that we wouldn’t be flashing our pussies before we got there. No, I was figuring that we would all wear thongs, we’ve all got them don’t we?” Julie explained. “The final touch would be we write ‘FUCK ME!’ on our ass checks.”

“You’ve been around, haven’t you, Julie?” Meg replied. “Sounds kinda slutty, but you know, it should get the guys attention which is what you want isn’t it? I wish I could join you.”

“Guys, it’s getting late, it’s nearly 9:30.” I replied. “I’m in, but I don’t have a mini or the shoes and I’ve never worn a thong.”

“Don’t worry roomie, I’ve got stuff you can wear. With your bod, you’ll do anything justice. Now let’s get moving, Jen’s right, it’s later than we think. Let’s meet in our room in 20 minutes for final inspection, and, oh yeh, ass marking.”

As we went into our room, Julie said, “I need a quick shower. How about you?”

“I don’t think so. I took a shower earlier today. I’ll just use the sink to freshen up a bit. You go ahead and get in the shower. Besides I want to finish my drink.”

We both stripped. Julie stepped into the bathroom and I grabbed a wash cloth and towel. I turned the water on and surveyed my body in the mirror. Although, I did not think that my body matched Julie’s, I realized that most guys would find it attractive. I stood 5’3” in my bare feet, and my breasts were firm and perky. Although I did not think of myself as skinny, there was a definite shape to my waist and hips and my ass checks were firm and had what I considered to be an attractive shape. As the water warmed up, I soaped up the wash cloth and lathered my underarms, my bushy mound and the crack between my ass cheeks. I rinsed the wash cloth and wiped the lather from my underarms, my mound and my crack, and I also quickly rinsed my tits off. As I started to dry my pussy, Julie came out of the shower toweling herself off.

She eyed me and said “Roomie, you are one hot chick. I see why you’ve had two guys fuck you already this week.” With that she toweled herself off, paying special attention to her hairless pussy and her crack.

While I finished drying I eyed her and decided that the main difference between us was her blond hair and my brunette mop as well as about 2” in height but all the proportions were about the same. “You put most girls I know to shame. No wonder you have the guys drooling over your body. Any guy would love to sleep with you.”

Julie reached into her dresser and pulled out two pairs of black thong panties. Throwing one to me, she said, “Here try these on. I’m sure that they will fit you – you seem to be about my size.” I stepped into them and pulled them up my legs to my crotch. “Here let me adjust them for you.” Julie adjusted the thong strap so that it slid deep into my ass cleavage.

I started to apply my make-up standing nearly naked in front of the mirror. Julie rummaged through her closet looking for a couple of pairs of heels. “I know that I have a couple of pairs of black heels, a regular pair of pumps and my ‘fuck me’ shoes.” Finding one pair, Julie turned to me and said, “Here try this pair on.” They were a pair of 4” heels with straps.

“I’ve never worn a pair of shoes like that. I’m not sure that I can walk in those in my condition.”

“Sure you can.” Sandy said walking into the room in full uniform. “I see that we have two chicks that would rather be naked, but we do have to go and get the guys. They ain’t coming to us tonight.”

I bent over and slipped the shoes on and tightened the straps. As I stood up, Julie and Sandy both let out a whistle. Wearing just the thong and the heels, I blushed, but it gave me a certain confidence as if I really needed it after Wednesday and Friday nights.

Julie gave me her shortest mini and soon we were dressed to match Sandy. Julie and Sandy were wearing white pullovers that stopped just below their tits although Julie’s showed quite a lot of cleavage from the top. My top was a white tank top that came almost to my belly button but was rather low cut on the top exposing my cleavage to anyone that cared to look. The soft material clung to my bare breasts and felt sensual against them.

In her typical take charge fashion Julie turned to Sandy and said, “I want to see that sweet ass of yours. Pull your skirt up and lie down while I mark your ass.” Just as she was lying down the telephone rang.

I answered the telephone and simply said, “Our ride is waiting for us downstairs.”

“Oh, shit,” Julie giggled. “I guess my plan to mark our asses won’t happen, but we can still be the life of the party.” With that Sandy got up and we trooped out the door and out to the waiting car. I know that we attracted some stares from both the guys and the girls sitting in the lounge, but I did not care and I really don’t think that Julie or Sandy cared either.

It was only a short ride to the Delta Gamma house. However, none of us could have told you the route that we took. Sandy and I piled in to back of the Firebird while Julie rode up front letting the driver see everything that nature had given her. As we exited the car, we were greeted by a number of guys with beers in their hands. Only Sandy took one of the proffered beers and as we walked into the building, we heard several whistles and a couple of “look at the sluts that someone invited.” That only caused me to give my ass a little extra wiggle as I followed Julie and Sandy into the house. Entering the house gave me a little sense of déjà vu since this was my third trip here in four days but it also reminded me that someone must have liked the merchandise that I was offering to keep getting asked back.

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