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Rick felt his cock stir in his pants as his secretary bent before him to open the bottom drawer of the file cabinet. She was impeccably dressed as always in a tight skirt, just a little too much above knee-length to be entirely professional, sheer stockings, and gleaming high-heel pumps. Unable to resist, he knelt behind her and ran his hand up her silky-smooth thigh and beneath her skirt, where he felt only the sheerest of lace panties covering her ass cheeks.

"You've been working out, Glenda," he murmured in her ear. "I think your glutes are even tighter than usual."

"No thanks to you," Glenda returned with a sardonic smile, looking over her shoulder at him with her astonishing blue eyes. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a tight, professional bun, which somehow made her perfectly made-up face even more gorgeous. "The last time I tried to work out, you found me in the gym and fucked me silly before I even got a set in."

Rick stood to his full six feet, two inches, as Glenda turned, still kneeling, before him. She licked her glossy lips as she unzipped his pants, revealing the thick eight-inch dick she loved so much. Gazing down at her with unabashed lust, Rick placed a strong hand on the back of her head and pulled her wet, willing mouth over his throbbing hard-on. He closed his eyes and grunted softly as she expertly sucked him, swirling her practiced tongue beneath its swollen purple head before taking him completely down her swan-like throat.

"Hi, sweetheart," came a soft voice from the door of the office. Rick had been so absorbed in the ministrations of his beautiful secretary that he had not heard his wife come in. "Hi, Glenda."

Glenda pulled her head from Rick's dick long enough to smile and wave. Rick smiled, too, and motioned for his wife to come over to him. Though near

Rick's age of 40, she boasted a sexy, fit, tan athletic figure accentuated by her revealing tennis dress. Her youthful face was set off by a stylish brunette bob, and boasted her most striking feature – her full, luscious mouth, set in a perpetual sexy pout.

"I'm glad you're here, Monica," Rick beamed, pulling his wife to him for a long, sensual, tongue-filled kiss. Glenda redoubled her efforts on Rick's prick as she watched the sexy couple make out.

Monica gave Glenda a wink and replied, "I was going to invite you two for lunch, but it looks as if Glenda's about to have hers."

Glenda giggled as she pulled away from Rick's cock, stroking it with both slender hands. "As hot as you look in that tennis skirt, I can certainly save room for desert," she cooed, gazing lustfully as Monica's shapely thighs as she envisioned the wet pussy between them.

"Hate to be a killjoy," interjected Rick, "but we've got a lot of work to do today -- at least after this little break." Glenda took the hint and returned to her energetic blow job. Monica pouted, disappointed. "And I invited Trent, too!"

Rick loosened his tie. Trent was Monica's tennis instructor, a lithe, tan 25-year-old with an insatiable sexual appetite. Rick remembered with pleasure past session of sucking Trent's slender, shapely seven-incher and fucking his exquisite bubble butt, and finally ejaculated a huge load into Glenda's mouth. Glenda's eyes widened in surprise as hot cum dripped from the corners of her mouth; she was used to taking her virile boss's big loads, but the size and intensity of this one was extraordinary.

As Glenda stood, Monica leaned over for a long cum-swapping French kiss, sliding her hand between Glenda's thighs to caress her wet cunt. "Well, you can't disappoint us, darling," said Monica as Glenda began to kiss down her neck toward a perfectly formed breast. "Trent will be here to meet us any minute -- oh, yes, sweetie, that feels so good on my nipple."

Watching his wife and secretary in their passionate clench combined with the arousing thought of another session with Trent made Rick's recently drained cock start to stir all over again. He began to stroke it as Monica leaned Glenda onto a desk and put her head between the secretary's thighs. Suddenly, he felt another hand join his own and turned to see Trent's handsome young face gazing lustfully into his.

Without a word, Trent was quickly out of his own shorts and pulling Rick's pants to his knees. "I didn't get any of this sweet ass last time, Rick," he whispered in Rick's ear. "I promised myself last time that if I got another chance, I was going to breed you like a bitch. Bend over that chair."

Rick was too turned on to protest. Trent first bent to tongue Rick's willing ass, eating it passionately. Monica had climbed atop Glenda and was riding her, cunt on cunt. "Oh, you fucking hot little slut," Monica snarled. "You're wet pussy feels so fucking good."

"Harder!" gasped Glenda. "I'm gonna cum hard, baby. Do you see that smoking hot young stud rimming your husband over there?"

"You ain't seen nothing yet," said Trent, standing up to reveal his fully erect cock. "Now the real fun starts."

"Yeah, Trent, fuck him good," Monica moaned. "Fuck him like you fucked me earlier."

"Fuck me, Trent," gasped Rick. "Make me your bitch. I'm so hot to have your big dick inside me."

Trent plunged balls-deep into Rick with one brutal thrust. Rick yelped as the pleasure and pain hit him at the same time. The girls were now lying on the floor fingering each other's pussies as they watched spellbound. Trent's beautiful ass bobbed hypnotically as he stroked rhythmically in and out of Rick's ass. Rick's eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned incoherently as he felt Trent's cock massage his prostate.

"Should I come in this bitch's ass, or should I pull out and blow my load in one of your pretty faces, girls?" asked Trent cockily.

"No!" groaned Rick. "Please, you've got to unload up my ass. I'm dying to feel that hot cum fill me up. Please, Trent, cum inside me."

"Pull out and make him suck you off," said Monica wickedly. "I want to see him swallow every drop of your steaming load."

"Oh, God, yes," agreed Glenda. "Fuck his mouth, Trent. That would be so hot. Oh, I'm so close, baby!" Glenda pulled Monica tightly to her and ground her pussy against Monica's firm thigh, kissing her deeply, her eager tongue probing Monica's hot, wet mouth.

Trent pulled out of Rick's ass. "Suck it," he commanded breathlessly, watching the two gorgeous female bodies writhe together. "Hurry, I can't last much longer." Rick slid his mouth over Trent's pulsing cock and immediately felt his throat being fucked. Glenda looked up to see Trent fucking Rick's face and collapsed into a powerful orgasm. This sent Trent over the edge, and he groaned as spurt after powerful spurt of hot cream filled Rick's hungry mouth. Rick came for a second time without even touching himself, and Monica quickly pulled Glenda's mouth to her dripping pussy and came within seconds of Glenda's expert licking.

After a few moments of recovery, the whole group laughed in a moment of ecstatic relief. Monica gave Glenda a soft, lingering kiss, then turned to share her perfect mouth with Trent. "See you Tuesday at the country club," Trent said as he sauntered out. Glenda excused herself, too, leaving the married couple alone for the moment.

Rick pulled Monica to him for a sweet kiss, gently stroking her tanned cheek. Monica grinned and slipped her arms around her husband's waist.

"Well, lunch was certainly fun," said Rick. "So who's coming over for dinner tonight?"

Monica stood on tiptoe to whisper in Rick's ear. "My sister!"

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