tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Play Ch. 02

Office Play Ch. 02


"I believe, this is about what you want." His eyes never left hers as he pulled back the right side of her jacket, and ran his fingers completely over the top of her breast revealed by the demi cup of her bra. Shuddering, she rolled her shoulders forward, trying to hide.

"No, no, no" he said, and put his hands on her shoulders, under her jacket. "You obviously bought this specially, I believe it should be seen." The jacket was pushed off her shoulders, his hands inside it, touching her arms. "This is what you wanted."

Something seemed to shake loose in her, "NO!" she tried to grab his hands with her own, "No! It's not, it's not! I just wanted…. I just wanted…" she couldn't think of what she just wanted. Pleading eyes found his face again. He wasn't smiling any more.

"You dress like this" he forced the jacket down so that it was halfway down her arms, her hands were tangled in it. A harsh and judgmental assessment of her upper body, back to her face with contempt, "And you don't want anything? I hardly think so Diane." Her name was like a slap in her face. "This certainly isn't professional business wear." There was no sign of a smile on his face, but she could almost hear one in his voice, as tears of shame stung her eyes.

Suddenly, swiftly, he spun her around and forced her to bed over the desk, her arms pulled behind her back still tangled in the jacket. She gasped out her breath as her breasts were flattened against the hard wood of the desk, then his hand came crashing down on her ass and she screamed and tried to kick. Deep chuckle and then pressure, she gasped again as he pressed his body behind hers, bending his body over hers. In between her ass cheeks she could feel his hard dick nestling. As he pulled a ball gag out of his pocket and tucked it into her open frantic mouth, high pitched mewlings were all that escaped her as he fastened it around her head. Then he pulled a few lengths of rope from another pocket and laid them next to her head, which she turned to see what he was doing. She began struggling even more, frantic and unsure… despite the fact that she had no idea what was going on there wasn't even a small part of her that was frightened of Michael… although she was seriously frightened of what might happen. And the more frightened she got, the wetter she could feel her pussy getting.

Diane had always had fantasies when she was little of being kidnapped and tied up by pirates, taken prisoner. A princess captured by an evil duke… or a gorgeous peasant taken into a sultan's harem. This was a modern day equivalent to the helpless prisoner that she had always played in her dreams. She had never been so turned on in her life.

The first rope was wrapped securely around her wrists, in a figure eight, and then her arms were forced up and her wrists tied to her upper arms. Before she could even think of a quick defense he had her right leg stretched out and was tying it to the right leg of his desk. The thought of trying to kick him again was extremely unattractive, and besides, she was now completely off-balance for it to have any force anyway. In fact, she couldn't think of anyway out of this situation… and did she really want to?

The left leg… and now Diane's legs were spread to their limit. There was a slight strain in her thigh muscles, and her skirt had ridden up to her waist. A chuckle behind her brought another flush of heat up to her face,

"Well, well, well. And even under the clothes we have to dress the part of a slut." Michael observed, sliding a finger under the back of her lacy white thong and then snapping it. Shuddering, she tried to say something, anything around the ball gag, and his hand came crashing down on her ass again. Tears leaked from her eyes and she squealed. More chuckling. "I think this is the best position I've ever seen you in, although that posing you were doing in front of the window this morning was very nice also". Tremors were running through her as his fingers lightly traced over her exposed ass cheeks - why couldn't she have had more common sense and worn pantyhose today instead of stockings? - and then he walked around in front of her and sat in his chair to study her face. Shame and embarrassment washed over her, as he closely studied her face. Pleading filled her eyes, and he tipped his fingers under her chin and pulled her face up.

"Are you going to be a good girl?" he asked. Nodding, her heart was filled with every intention of being a perfect girl and never, ever wearing anything like this again. A flash of white in his dark face, a smile of benign magnificence. Relief flooded her, until he stood up and unzipped his pants. Wide-eyed, there was no choice but to watch as he pulled his dick out of his boxers. Even flaccid it was obvious that it was going to be bigger than any she'd ever seen before, both longer and thicker, and it wasn‘t helped by the fact that all of his pubic hair was shaved. Not that she'd seen that many dicks before and all of them had had their pubic hair, three of her ex-boyfriends, but they had all been much smaller when they weren't hard. She wondered what his would look like hard, although she had the distinct feeling that she wouldn't be left wondering for very long.

The ball-gag was undone from behind her head, immediately she started begging, "Please, please, I'll be good, I'm sorry, I won't ever dress like this again…" a finger to her lips stopped her mid-ramble as he chuckled again.

"On the contrary dear," he raised his eyebrow at her, "You will be dressing like this quite often from now on I think. Now, be a very good girl and open wide." Hesitation gave way when he tugged hard on the back of her hair, using her French knot for a handle, and her mouth opened submissively. As soon as his dick entered her soft, inviting mouth it started to get bigger, within minutes it was much bigger. More chuckles at the sight of her face, "It's 10 inches dear, and you're going to have to do a lot better than that to get all of it in." ALL of it?? panic. There was no way all of that was going to fit into her mouth, she'd barely gotten her last boyfriend's all the way in when he'd requested and he was only 7" at the most. Struggling got her no where, and he started pressing deeper and deeper against her tonsils, started cutting off her breath.

"Don't even think of biting down." A cautionary slap was administered to her ass, not as hard as the earlier hits had been, but still enough to cause the thought that had started percolating in the back of her mind to immediately cease and desist. It was easier when she realized that he was giving her enough time to breathe through her nose whenever he pulled back, and she started to relax and get into it more. A slight groan from him as he slipped more and more of his dick down her throat. Diane was flushed with pleasure, and heat, she was doing it. She was pleasing him, and she was helpless and vulnerable and totally out of control. It was better than any of the fantasies she'd ever dreamed up. If only she could rub her legs together, or something, her pussy juices were leaking all over the white thong and she could even touch herself.

Almost as if he had sensed her thought, Michael started leaning forward, pushing himself even farther into her mouth, and also giving him the opportunity to start lightly drawing his fingers over her ass and the tops of her thighs. Every part of her was quivering, and her mouth opened even wider as she moaned around his dick - causing him to shudder a little too as the vibrations sent pleasant sensations up and down his member. He pushed a little harder in and out of her mouth, a little more roughly, and began treating her bottom more roughly too. Fingers pinched at her ass, and dug in between her cheeks, leaving red imprints in their wake. Her ass was moving to the rhythm of his thrusts, wishing that he would pay attention to her aching pussy. Now that the thong was being pulled away from her body she could feel her juices starting to leak down her thighs, and the shame that she felt at being turned on in such a situation just served to turn her on even more.

She wondered at the sight she made. A sweet, charming 22 year old, dressed up in slutty business clothes, and now tied over a desk with her skirt around her waist, her boss' huge black dick in her perfectly lip-sticked mouth, hair escaped from any semblance of order and his large black hands digging into her ass. Then all thinking ceased, because a finger was starting to trace up and down inside her thong along her pussy lips. The gyrations of her ass became more rapid, as she tried desperately to get him to press harder, to go inside her. Then, his fingers now wet with her juices, he moved a couple of them up to her asshole as his other hand pulled harder on her ass cheeks. She froze. The one time she had let a boyfriend go anywhere near her ass she had freaked out before he'd even managed to get all of his finger inside it. It was uncomfortable, painful, and dirty. Trying it had been a concession for his birthday, and one that had not worked out. Now there was no way to stop it.

The fingers played around the outside of her ass hole, and she prayed that Michael wouldn't take it any farther. Suddenly, all her concentration was taken up by the very rough thrusts of his dick into her mouth, very rapid and very deep. Then two of his fingers quickly plunged into her pussy, and another into her ass causing her to scream around his dick, at the same time he thrust his body forward and held it. Cum spurted out of the tip, straight down her throat - there was no choice, she had to swallow as spurt after spurt gushed out.

Finally, it was over, he withdrew his fingers from her ass and pussy, straightened up and looked down at her. Like a good slut, her mouth still held his dick. He stroked her sweaty curls and pulled his dick from her mouth. A small mew escaped her when it left, then she immediately fell silent again, just looking at him. Waiting for the next move.

Michael pulled his chair back up to the desk, and sat with his hands steepled in front of him.

"Well. I believe that is what you wanted?" He smiled at her. Silence as heat rose in her face, rather than replying she just stared at him until he started chuckling again. Another moment and she broke,

"Please." a whisper. Raised eyebrows were all the answer she got, so she cleared her sore and battered throat, "Please… I need to come". All pride was gone with that plea. But she needed to cum. Through everything, even now, her pussy was wet, and it was aching now with the need to cum. Since she couldn't reach it, she had to ask. To beg. And she would beg more if need be. Her thong was soaked, her mouth and throat sore, squashed breasts with hard nipples pushing into his desk, and the taste of him on her tongue. She had never needed to cum so badly in her life, so she almost cried when he started chuckling again and shook his head.

"No, no dear. Not yet. Not today. Not from me at least." That awful grin. If it hadn't been a part of him she would despise that grin right now. "You'll go home, take the afternoon off. Make sure you're on time tomorrow though." Another look over her immobilized body, "Wear something like this again. That will do for now."

He untied her, and as she attempted to straighten herself out he was already back at his desk and working. A few moments standing in front of the desk, staring at him, and she finally turned to go. Just before she closed the door she looked back. He wasn't looking at her so she turned and left, closing the door behind her.

When she got home she masturbated to orgasm. Four times in a row. That night she had to masturbate once more before she could get to sleep… but it didn't stop the need between her legs. Just abated it a bit, but without any of the raw excitement, and without any of the total fulfillment that she desperately desired.


Thanks for reading! and again, please let me know what you think! =)

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