tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Sweetheart

Office Sweetheart


It was the first time he'd seen her naked. She was lying back on the bed, propped up on her elbows, shyly staring up at him. He was standing above her, grinning like the Cheshire cat, taking in the image of all her bare white skin. He'd disposed of his shirt a few moments earlier, and he could see her taking in his toned chest. He undid the button on his jeans and pulled them off, exposing himself to her. He could see her blush, as he crawled up the bed towards her, slowly kissing her on her stomach and chest, working his way up to her lips.

She giggled sweetly, squirming to get away but he held her down, gently kissing her lips. As soon as his mouth connected with hers, she relaxed, and he used that moment to bite. A small moan escaped her and he smirked evilly as he ran his hand down the length of her torso and back up again to play with her nipples. She tried to pull away more but he held her down with more force.

He wanted her. He'd craved her for weeks, ever since he'd seen her start at the office a few months previously. She'd come over here, flashed him with some sexy lingerie, and then slowly, piece by piece, it had come off and been discarded on his floor. He liked the colour and the way it hid things...but he liked seeing her uncovered and vulnerable more. It gave him this primal urge to control her completely. An urge he was determined to satisfy.

He pinned down her neck, lightly choking her and her eyes went wide, enjoying this new found sensation as his other hand began to slowly work it's way down to her clit. He smiled as she moaned with pleasure. She reached up, and tried to tug his hands off her, bring them back up to her chest and her face. With one hand he had both her wrists pinned above her head. Her eyes went wide, and it seemed her whole body was blushing. He looked down at her tiny frame, which it seemed he towered over, and shook is head slowly.

"No," He said. "You want this. You wanted to come over here, and act like a slut for a few hours. You want me to be in control, you want me to make you scream. And I want to hear you tell me, how much you want this, how you're my slave, and how you want me to fuck you"

She blushed again, and lowered her eyes away from the lust filled glare he was giving her. She bit her lip, and his eyes roamed down the body he was straddling. With his free hand he lightly ran his nails down her side, and across her hips. She muttered something about turning off the light. He leaned down and bit her, hard, at the spot where her neck and her shoulder came together, before he replied.

"No, the light stays on," He whispered, the heat of his breath on her neck making her shiver. "I want to tease you, and fuck you, and bend you over and make you take every inch of my hard cock, and I want you to watch it happen sweetie."

With that he bit her again, at the same time he began teasing her clit again. She was wet now, getting wetter with each touch. He was raised above her, watching her eyes roll back as she struggled to remain in control of her body. He wished she wouldn't fight it, it would be so enjoyable to watch her cum. He let go of her wrists and used his mouth and his free hand to play with her nipples.

She moaned with pleasure, she couldn't help it. Although he bit hard to the point it did hurt, and she knew her nipples would be bruised later, she loved it. She took her now free hands and ran her nails, down his back and up his torso.

He was raised above her now, and he had her legs spread apart, he glanced at her, quickly, almost curiously to see if she would really let him, before shoving his cock, hard, into her soft, sweet pussy.

She cried out, not with pain, but with a little surprise. He didn't stop though. She knew he was in control. He kept thrusting, as her hips almost involuntarily, moved in rhythm with him. She was crying out, begging him to stop, but loving every moment of it. Her mind was working against her body, something he'd need to stop. Her hands, we're pushing against his hips, trying in vain to hold him back.

He slowly, pulled himself away and met her gaze. He smirked at her. He was in charge, what he wanted, he got, and he wanted to watch her body shake as she climaxed. With one swift move he grabbed her hips and flipped her over, bending her, so that he had full access to her now soaked pussy. He shoved into her as hard and fast as he could, one hand holding on to her hips, the other reaching forward to play with her nipples some more.

She was groaning with pleasure, and he pulled her head back by her hair so her could hear her better. It made him harder, hearing this tiny little girl, pretending to be so sweet and innocent, moaning his name, begging him to fuck her harder, which he willingly obliged to. Her hips we're bucking with his, and he could feel her tight pussy throbbing, almost at the point of climax.

Smirking, knowing she'd like it, and although she'd deny it later, he spanked her. A moan came out of her mouth as he did that, and her eyes rolled back in her head. He grabbed on to her hips, harder, and thrust in and out, as hard and as fast as he could. He watched as she arched her back and her neck, all the muscles in her body tighten, heard her scream, low, and saw her body tremble as she came.

He kept fucking her, hard, making her ride out every wave of pleasure, while he fought hard not to cum. Quickly, before he came inside her, her pulled out, and shot his cum, all over her tight ass and her smooth back. She cried out, not expecting the new sensation, of his hot cum all over her body, and collapsed onto his bed, panting, eyes closed, as he shot his last load over her.

"Stay there" He said, panting. He reached back, into his laundry basket and pulled out a towel. He wiped all his cum off her back, and her ass, and all the juices off the sides of her thighs, as she lay there, trying to get her breathing back to a normal rate. He cleaned himself up and then wrapped his arms around her, pulling her naked chest to press up against his. They lay like that, quietly, until the sound of a camera shutter disturbed them. She opened her eyes, and noticed his video camera on the side table.

"Was...was that on the whole time?" She whispered, blushing furiously. She looked back at him and he nodded. She reached for the camera, as though to delete the video, and he quickly pulled her back and trapped her slender frame under him.

"Hey now...none of that!" He said, She pouted, and he kissed her on the mouth, biting her bottom lip, starting to arouse her, all over again.

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