"Oh" Submission Town: A Mother Falls


"Fuuuuuuck, Mommmmmmy," Cinthia screamed, her mother bringing her to climax.

Kimberly opened her mouth and learned that her daughter was a flooder like herself as a river of cum exploded out of her daughter's pussy and into her mouth.

"Ohhhh shiiiit," Cinthia quaked, shocked at just how intense her orgasm was. She had had plenty of girls lick her to orgasm and Tommy's big cock got her off too, but nothing had brought her this utter euphoria. Her body kept trembling, wave after wave of pulsating pleasure cascaded through every nerve of her body.

Tommy, his cock rock hard, lifted up the dress of his girlfriend's mother, pulled her panties down enough to get access to the hot mom and before the sexy MILF could protest or respond he slid his cock inside her hot inferno.

Kimberly felt her dress being pulled up, and felt Tommy's hands yank her panties down and moaned loudly into her daughter's cunt as the cock slid inside her, pushing the vibrating egg deep inside her.

"Shit," Tommy chuckled, "I forget the egg was still in your cunt, Mommy-slut."

Tommy pulled his cock out, slid two fingers easily inside the wet woman and pulled out the vibrating egg. He tossed it to an amused Cinthia whose orgasm was just starting to subside and ordered, "Clean off your Mom's cunt juice, bitch."

A dominant to women, but a submissive to her man, Cinthia caught the still vibrating egg, and began licking her mom's cum, "You taste like me, Mommy."

"Well then I must taste heavenly," the horny and submissive mother replied smiling up at her daughter, waiting to have Tommy's big cock back in her.

"Beg, slut," Tommy demanded, rubbing his cock on the desperately horny MILF's wet pussy lips.

"Shit, Tommy, shove that big snake in me," Kimberly begged.

"But according to daddy and the Bible, snakes are sinful," Cinthia pointed out.

"Then I must be a sinner," the mother admitted, looking directly in the camera. "I want to eat the apple whole."

"Shit, Mother. How long have you been holding in this hunger?" the daughter asked, her legs still wide open and her pussy still in front of her mother.

"Since you were born, Mistress," Kimberly admitted, adding Mistress to imply she wanted to be controlled, forced to sin.

"Well, sin away," Cinthia smiled.

Kimberly looked behind her and demanded, in the authoritarian tone she often used when getting something done at church, "Fuck me, Tommy. Shove that big snake in my hot cunt. I am yours to use."

Tommy couldn't resist any longer, the words from the minister's wife too much and plunged into the eager mother. Her pussy was so tight and wet; he was in a state of delirium at making one of his two greatest fantasies come true.

"One mother down, one to go, baby," Cinthia purred, as if reading her boyfriend's mind.

"Fuck your mother is super tight," Tommy grunted.

"Well, she hasn't been fucked in years and daddy's cock is puny," Cinthia added.

Kimberly was already near orgasm the second her cunt was filled with Tommy's big cock and had to agree her husband's cock was tiny. The thought that crossed her mind was 'but how would her daughter know?' Focusing on her own pleasure, she continued her submissive persona. "Oh thank you, Mistress for letting your boyfriend fuck me with is big hard cock."

"You are welcome, Mommy. I did all this for you," the daughter smiled.

"For meeeee me?" Kimberly asked, as Tommy began to slam into her from behind. The fucking was so raw and rugged, so animalistic and barbarian that Kimberly knew she would not last long before her orgasm hit.

"Of course, Mommy. It has been obvious you have been in sexual denial for years and when I saw the look in your eyes when I caught you watching me get pounded last night; I knew what I had to do. I had to save you from yourself," Cinthia explained, as if seducing her mother was just a natural thing like saving a puppy from drowning.

The daughter stood up and moved underneath her mother while Kimberly processed her daughter's odd, but true, assessment. 'Did she look sex deprived in public? Is that how others saw her?' The mother decided it didn't matter; all that mattered was the impending orgasm.

"Shit, Mommy. Your tree needs trimming," Cinthia said, stunned at how hairy her mother's cunt was. "You're going to have to keep this shaved from now on."

"Whatever you say, Mistress," the hungry mother whimpered as her orgasm built, seconds later as her daughter sucked her clit, while the cock inside continued to ravish her hard and deep, the orgasm exploded through her. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, I'm coming," the delirious mother screamed loud enough to wake the dead as her orgasm continued to explode inside her like fireworks.

Tommy didn't slow down, the thought of giving his girlfriend's mother a facial already in his teenage mind.

Cinthia put pressure on her mother's clit, enjoying the power she now had over her mother.

The double sensation to Kimberly's long neglected cunt was overwhelming and the pleasure seemed to keep coming and coming as she came and came, flooding Tommy's cock and her daughter's face.

Suddenly Tommy pulled out and a river of cum exploded out of the mother's cunt and coated her daughter's face. Cinthia smiled at the similarities in her and her mother's orgasms.

Tommy grabbed the MILF roughly and pulled her onto her knees, Cinthia moving out of the way.

The submissive Mother needed no instructions as she gobbled his cock whole hoping for a full load of teenage cum this time, and not the leftovers of a good fuck in her daughter. She tasted her own juices as she eagerly deep throated the big, hard, teenage cock.

"Shit, Cinthia, your Mom is going to give you a run for your money as best cocksucker in town," Tommy grunted.

Cinthia, not one to be outdone, moved beside her mother and took the cock out of her mother's mouth and replicated her mother's deep throating technique.

Kimberly watched hungrily, jealous of the thought of her daughter getting all of Tommy's sweet seed.

A Moment later, Cinthia came up with a naughty idea. Taking her boyfriend's cock out of her mouth she asked, "Wanna try something new?"

"Sure, but I am not going to last much longer," Tommy grunted.

"Mommy move beside Tommy's cock and face me," Cinthia said, also moving herself to the other side of Tommy's ready to erupt missile.

"Yes, Mistress," the cum hungry mother obeyed instantly.

"Kiss me, Mommy," Cinthia said, leaning forward and putting her top lip on top of Tommy's cock.

Kimberly smiled at the kinky idea, realizing the unique way they were going to share the cock. She too leaned forward and their top lips touched, as did their tongues underneath.

Tommy needed no instructions as he grunted, "Shit baby, you are one sick bitch."

The mother and daughter licked each other's tongues as the cock began moving slowly in and out of their new made up position.

As Tommy got used to the unique sensation, his balls began boiling again and he began fucking both their faces.

Both girls struggled to keep their lips touching and their tongues teasing, while Tommy pleasured himself. Tommy feeling his cum rising suddenly grabbed both girls' heads, forcing them to adjust their mouths to the hard piston moving back and forth. "Fuck you incest sluts. I am going to use both of you anytime I want. Mrs. Martin, I plan to tap your ass next time."

Kimberly had never even remotely considered ass play, but suddenly the idea sounded intriguing. Her response was a moan as she continued focusing on his cum she was sure was soon on its way.

The hungry MILF was not mistaken as Tommy grunted, pulled back and demanded, "Open your mouth, Mommy slave."

Kimberly eagerly obeyed, a spark in her cunt again at being called a slave. She watched for a few seconds as her daughter stood up, grabbed his big cock, and began pumping it.

"Does Mommy want a face full of cum?" Cinthia asked.

"Yes, Mistress, sooooo fucking badly," Kimberly moaned, her hand automatically going to her burning cunt.

"Are you my slut, Mommy?" the smiling, triumphant daughter questioned.

"Yes, Mistress, I am yours," the submissive mother admitted, her caged sexually finally released from years of harsh oppression.

"Hmmmmm," Cinthia purred, just as the first rope of cum shot out of Tommy's cannon and landed directly on the famished mother's face, mostly hitting her forehead and nose, a little landing in her hair.

The mother opened her mouth wide hoping to catch the white goo she had been craving like an addict in withdrawal, all the while frantically rubbing her burning cunt. A second solid rope of cum mostly landed in her mouth while the third hit her chin and the fourth sputtering shot missed the mark hitting her dress.

"Fuck, Mom. Thank god I saved you," Cinthia said.

The mother swallowed the cum that landed inside her mouth and took Tommy's cock back in her mouth sucking it desperately searching for any last drop of cum.

"We have created a monster," Tommy moaned, surprised by the ferocious hunger of the seemingly prude mother before yesterday.

"We have our own Frankenslut," Cinthia joked.

"A really hot one," Tommy added.

Kimberly should have been mortified by her actions, her sin, at being called Frankenslut. Yet, with a dormant volcano awakened after all these years, there was no holding her back. She wanted more, she needed more. Taking the cock out of her mouth, she looked up at her daughter, her Mistress now, and whimpered, "Thank you for saving me, Mistress, I am yours."

"You will always obey?" the daughter asked.

"Yes, Mistress," the Mother replied without hesitation.

"You will fuck who I say, when I say, where I say?" the daughter added, pushing the full extent of her power.

Kimberly's eyes went big at the full spectrum of her daughter's intentions and asked, "What about your father?"

"For now, we will keep him in the dark," Cinthia said, "We can keep living his delusional value system and keep up the perception of the perfect family, but the true reality will be anything but that."

"I see," Kimberly said, not really convinced.

"Trust me Mother. When he is home, things will remain the same. The changes will be all beneath the exterior."

"Ok," the mother said, still full of trepidation about her reputation in the community.

Again the daughter could read her mother's mind. "Mom don't worry about your reputation. For most of the community it will still be the same old, same old. But for the select few who are in my elite web of lesbians, as well as the housewives' lesbian cunt-munching club that Lucy is a part of, no one will know any difference. So I will ask you one more time, Mommy. Will you obey unconditionally?"

Deciding the line was long ago crossed, the submissive mother, her fingers still on her pussy, agreed, "Of course, Mistress."

"And you will go to the play party on Tuesday?"

"With bells on," the mother playfully replied.

"You will be the best Christmas present ever," Cinthia smiled. "Now take your dress off."

"Of course, Mistress," the mother again obeyed, standing up and allowing her dress to quickly fall to the floor.

"Shit, your Mom's tits are bigger than yours," Tommy gasped starring at the C cup breasts of the MILF.

"The bra and panties too, slut," Cinthia ordered, not liking Tommy's comment.

The mother obeyed, even as the cool chill of the basement made her nipples even harder.

"On the desk, slave," Cinthia demanded.

Again the mother obeyed as she watched her daughter go to her purse. The daughter returned with a candy cane she unwrapped smiling.

Kimberly instantly knew what her daughter expected and opened her hand for the Christmas fuck stick.

"Fuck yourself Mommy," Cinthia ordered as she handed her mother the long candy cane.

"Yes, Mistress," Kimberly eagerly obeyed, so badly wanting to come. She slid the long red and white pleasure cane in her wet pussy and began fucking herself.

Both Tommy and Cinthia watched the obscene act of the Minister's wife, the leader of the community, the controlling mother, fucking herself with a candy cane while squeezing her big tits.

After a couple of minutes, Tommy ordered, now completely dressed, "Go get your Mother off, slut."

"Yes, Master," Cinthia said for the very first time.

"Master, about fucking time bitch," Tommy agreed, slapping his girlfriend's ass. "I got to get going sluts. Have fun with each other."

"Bye baby," Cinthia purred, turning around and giving him a quick hard kiss.

"Bye big cock," Kimberly said, still pumping her cunt with the striped stick.

"Don't you ever forget it, my MILF pet," Tommy said as he was leaving.

Cinthia turned back to her Mother and dove between her mother's open legs, taking the candy cane from her mother. "Do you want me to fuck you Mommy?" the daughter asked, her voice syrupy sweet.

"Oh God, yes," Kimberly moaned.

"You shouldn't use the Lord's name in vain," Cinthia teased, pumping the candy cane all the way in her mother and licking her mother's clit at the same time. The next few minutes were sweet, sweaty lesbian sex.

"Fuuuuck, oh God, oh God, oh God, fuck me baby, fuck mommy, make mommy cum," Kimberly babbled, her second orgasm in minutes on the rise.

Cinthia, a naughty idea in her mind, decided to add another level to the crazy kinky submission, used her free hand and slid a finger up her mother's ass.

"Oh Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood," the mother screamed, as her orgasm riddled her again. She wrapped her stocking legs around her daughter as she quaked again and again.

Again Cinthia's face was covered with a river of her mother's cum and she eagerly lapped it up until she was paralyzed by surprise.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Ben asked, stunned by what he was witnessing. He had arrived a week earlier than originally planned. Ben and his mom were always close and he could tell during their long conversations on Skype with his mother that the past few months had been rough on her and he thought his early arrival would be a great surprise, but obviously it was he who was surprised. His mother was having an affair with a woman.

Kimberly opened her eyes and looked at her son in the doorway. She stammered, "B-B-Ben?"

Cinthia lifted her head from between her mother's thighs, her face dripping with pussy cum, and was surprised at see her big cute brother staring at them.

Ben gasped. His mother was having sex with her daughter, his sister. He had just walked in on his sister and mother in the throes of lesbian lust. He should have been appalled, yet the full tent in his trousers begging to get out implied differently.

Cinthia controlling the situation like she usually did, pulled the candy cane out of her Mother's sloppy cunt and put it to her mouth before she asked, "So, big brother. Are you going to stand there with that dumb ass look on your face, or are you going to get out of those clothes and come and join us?"


Author's Note:

Did you like the story? If so, please vote and comment. Potential future installments could be any of the following:

"Oh" Submission Town: Brother and Son Fun...what happens next? Does Ben join the fun?

"Oh" Submission Town: Cum Cum Lesbian Fun...what happens when Kimberly goes to an afternoon Housewives' Club?

"Oh" Submissive Town: Best Friends...what happens when Lucy gets Kimberly home alone?

Other suggestions or ideas...comment below or send me an e-mail.

Thanks for reading, voting and your comments....


Merry Christmas 2012!

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Such a hot story

Wow that was one of the hottest stories I have read. You have out done yourself again. I loved the Dom/sub theme as well as the incest/ lesbian theme. I can't wait to read the next chapter. I hopemore...

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Jasmine - loving this one

Keep them cumming
Love Carmella xxx

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