tagGay MaleOliver's Balls Ch. 02

Oliver's Balls Ch. 02


It had been about three months since the first encounter had taken place, and Oliver was now the top sales person in our state. In fact, he'd taken so many of my clients, and my sales, that I almost got fired for underperforming. Fortunately (I guess), Oliver had been promoted to a level where he was able to have an assistant, and so he asked that I be reassigned to his control, rather than let go.

My job didn't change much, as he had me working most of his accounts, but now he was getting 100% of the commission that I brought in. He'd make me come into work early and stay late every day to make sure that all of 'his' accounts were being looked after. And of course, at the end of every day he'd call me into his office to discuss the day's events, and for me to then service his monstrous cock.

He was taking up so much of my time, that I barely had any for a personal life. He'd give me weekend assignments, and monopolize so much of my work week that I didn't have time for a girlfriend. If I started slacking at work, he threatened to have me fired, and to release the tape to my family. Something I could most definitely not let happen.

After a few months of this, with his bank account growing rapidly, he started to ease off me. The days still ended with the same summary and a servicing, but they were ending earlier, and I was starting to get free time on weekends. As a result, I started seeing a girl named Stacy. We'd met at the grocery store one Saturday, and starting dating shortly after. I did everything I could to make sure that Oliver never found out about her... partly because I didn't want him to get jealous and punish me for it, and partly cause I felt like I was cheating on his cock. At the end of the day, his domination of me turned me on far more than I ever had been in my life.

Stacy was pretty damn hot, I must say, and three years younger than me! She was 5'6, 120 pounds, nice 'C' cup tits, blonde hair, and these incredible blue eyes. In my own estimation, she was far out of my league! But for some reason, our personalities just clicked instantly, and after only four months together we were using the 'L' word. It was around this time that my company was having its Christmas party. Initially I didn't want to attend cause I didn't want Oliver meeting Stacy, but after Oliver insisted I come, I didn't have much of a choice.

When I came by her place to pick her up I was breath taken as her door swung open. She was wearing this silky red dress that tied together behind her neck, hung loosely and provocatively over her ample and braless breasts, tightened around her slim waist, and then hung till about midway between her knees and her sweet little ass. It was almost and instant hard on for me. The thin material caught all of the right curves, and didn't work too hard at hiding her excited nipples. Part of me wanted to ask her to dress more conservatively, but the other part of me was busy drooling in my pants, so I just followed her to the car.

Two hours into the party Oliver still hadn't arrived, much to my pleasure! We were a few rounds into our night, and the alcohol was beginning to take its early effects. We chatted with my coworkers, danced, and drank some more. It was about 10pm when Oliver finally showed up, and only two minutes after that he was introducing himself to my date.

He had brought a date of his own, and she appeared to be one of the 'rented' sort. Her old eyes told me that she'd lived far too much for her young age.

Surprisingly, Oliver didn't show any signs of anger when he found out that Stacy and I had been together for four months already. In fact, he seemed genuinely supportive of me when he spoke to Stacy.

"He's a great guy! Probably one of the closest friends I've ever had!"

Near the end of the night, as I was coming out of the washroom, Stacy ran up to me, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips. After pulling away, she told me we'd been invited for a little after party at Oliver's place! I thought, ok, this won't be so bad right? If it's an after party, he won't try anything in an apartment full of people, right?

When we arrived at his place, it wasn't long before we figured out that the party guest list only included four people. Oliver the host, his 'lovely' date, and us of course. He had the lights turned down, music blaring, and the champagne started flowing. Apparently we were also celebrating his incredible year at work, no thanks to me of course. After finishing the first bottle, Oliver told me to grab another from the fridge, which I did. I was gone for maybe 5 minutes, as I had to get the bastard open without breaking any windows, and when I returned the party seemed to be in full swing.

Oliver was dancing closely with his girl, who's name turned out to be Rosie I should mention, and Stacy was getting her own groove on close bye. Not more than a half hour later, Oliver and his date were going at it pretty hard, and Stacy was a lot more touchy feely than she'd ever been before. We had slept together, but it was never overly passionate or adventurous. I was pretty hammered myself, so I just went along with everything.

Before I knew it, I was seated on the couch, with my shirt off, and Stacy was straddling me, savagely trying to rip my lips off with her teeth. She was pulling at my hair, grabbing at my nipples, and grinding herself onto my crotch hungrily. As she worked her way down my neck, I looked behind her to see Oliver's date on her knees, totally nude, yanking his boxers down, and freeing his massive tool. I looked up into his face just in time to make eye contact with him, and he shot me a cocky, mischievous smile that I didn't quite understand. I just smiled back, and then refocused on the animal that was currently mauling my neck.

My eyes had been closed for about 45 seconds, when suddenly Stacy's attack stopped. She was still grinding my crotch, but suddenly her hands and mouth had disappeared. I opened my eyes to see Oliver standing next to her, with his date on her knees still, right behind Stacy. One of Rosie's hands had reached around Stacy's waist, and was now fondling, caressing, and pulling at her nipples. She still had a mouth full of Oliver's massive cock, with her other hand gripping its base.

Stacy's eyes were focused on his massive tool, just a foot or so away from her. Oliver had a hand full of Rosie's hair, ensuring a good pace, and his other was now on Stacy's head, slowly massaging it, and ever so slowly pulling it towards him.

Suddenly, without warning, she flipped around on me, into a reverse cowboy styled position, and continued her grinding motion. I had my hands firmly gripped on her waist as I dry fucked the hell out of her! What I couldn't see, however, was that Oliver had pulled her head close enough that his cock was now within reach of her wanting mouth. In my aroused state, I never stopped to question the situation, or to prevent him from taking his liberties with my girl. In fact, it seemed that all I could think about was getting myself off.

Rosie's hand then appeared on the back of Stacy's head, and her own face was now in view. She was still holding onto the base of Oliver's giant cock as she started to work it in and out of Stacy's mouth. My girlfriend was now servicing my boss while she squatted in my lap. Stacy used her hands to steady herself on Oliver's hips, as her head bounced around on his mushroom head. As soon as it appeared as though she'd lost herself in the blowjob, Rosie let go, and started undressing Stacy and it didn't take long before her little red dress was bunched up around her waist. Her breasts fully exposed, and only her lacy thong hiding her wet, shaven pussy.

Rosie then started working on me, and I didn't object. Stacy had slid off my lap and onto the floor at Oliver's feet, and Rosie had freed me from my pants and boxers, and was hungrily sucking away at my hard penis. What a pro she was! Her fingers danced around my cock and balls, and even down to my ass where she, without warning, slide a finger inside to massage my prostate. Not long after that, she was swallowing everything I had to offer.

My head fell back, and my eyes closed happily, as this was by far, the most satisfied I'd ever felt in my life.

After a brief rest, I looked around the room to try to get a grip on what was happening, and I was shocked to see Stacy on all fours, on the same table where I felt Oliver's balls on my face, getting pounded by his monster. She was screaming and grunting harder than I had ever heard a woman scream and grunt in my life! On top of that, Rosie was reaching between her legs and rubbing at her clit, tugging at her nipples, the two of them were working her body into exhaustion.

I wanted to get up and scream. I wanted to stop everything that was happening, but for some reason my head just fell back, and I passed out.

When I woke up the next morning, there was a note on the table from Oliver telling me that he'd bring Stacy home, and that I should leave immediately. And so, without questioning his orders, I left.

When Monday morning rolled around, I still hadn't heard from either of them, and it was about 10am before he showed up to the office. Being the holiday season, there weren't many people there, but he had refused to give me any days off during the holidays in case any of his customers needed to speak with someone. He however, had a nice three week vacation.

As he approached my desk, I expected some gloating, perhaps a thank you, or something along those lines. He said nothing, and simply strolled past me into his office, closing the door behind him. Two hours later, he called me into his office. As I entered, I could tell he was pissed. He sat on the edge of his desk facing me, and instructed me to come and kneel at his feet. I did. I always seemed to follow his orders without hesitation or questioning. When I got there, I looked up at him and asked what was up?

"You failed to inform me about your little girlfriend, didn't you? You kept her hidden from me didn't you? It's cause of my cock isn't it? Cause you knew that if she had the choice between your little penis, and my man cock, she'd choose me. Isn't that right?"

I knew better than to argue with him, so I just agreed, and hung my head in shame.

"Well then, I guess you should know that she only left my place this morning, and that, since Friday night, she has had my cock in every hole in her body more times that I can count. That little bitch loves my cock almost as much as you do! In fact, I threatened to stop fucking her unless she promised to stop seeing you, and do you know what she said?"

"No, what did she say sir?

"She didn't even hesitate buddy. She didn't even skip a beat before declaring her love for my cock, and her undying devotion to making sure it was completely satisfied at all times. But I told her I already had someone for that, don't I bitch?"

"Yes sir! You've got me for that."

"That's right I do, cause you love it so much, isn't that right? How much do you love my cock?"

"I love your cock more than anything sir!"

"Would you commit yourself to my cock?"


"If I told you the only way I'd let you continue in your roll was to promise me that you'd never date, or see anyone else sexually, would you do that? Or, if I said I'd let you out of our little deal, and promise to destroy the tapes, would you prefer that? Tell me bitch, which would it be?"

As he asked this, he slowly pulled the fly on his pants down, undid his belt, and let his pants fall to the ground. He was wearing a tight little pair of tighty whities, and his massive cock filled them to capacity. As he awaited my answer, he started to massage his meat, making it slowly grow, and beg for release from its confines.

I was mesmerized by his actions and without thinking, told him that I wanted nothing more in the world than to be the one responsible for satisfying his monstrous cock, and that he could destroy the tapes if he wanted to, but I'd still be there, on my knees, whenever he needed me.

He laughed cockily as one of his hands reached out, grabbed my hair, and pulled my face into his crotch. With both of his hands now gripping my head he started grinding my face into his crotch, and I wasn't about to stop him. Every breath I took was filled with his scent. I wanted it. I needed to have his cock in my mouth!

He then pushed me back, pulled up his pants and went back to his seat on the other side of the desk. I stayed on my knees in shock, not understanding what happened.

As he sat, he explained "You know, Stacy has three holes she can satisfy me with... you've only got the one, right?"

I didn't know what to say.

"Well? Aren't you going to counter offer? Or do you wanna lose this privilege you've earned?"

"I'll do anything Sir. Anything! You say it, I'll do it!"

"Really? In that case..."

As he said this, he reached into his drawer, and pulled out a thick 8" dildo. He threw it at me.

"You better start loosening up then, shouldn't you? In fact, why don't you start right now. I want you to show me that you can handle this little toy before I let you play with my big snake!"

"Yes Sir."

As I agreed, I rolled back to sit on my ass, undid and removed my pants and boxers, and started pushing the dildo into my ass. It didn't get far though. "Maybe you should lube that up, idiot."

"Sorry Sir, you're right Sir."

Without any actual lube handy, I stuck the dildo in my mouth, and did my best to cover it in saliva. After giving it a thorough coating, I once again worked it towards my hole. Much more successfully this time, I slowly worked the dildo in and out of my tight virgin ass, while Oliver just sat there watching.

"Harder bitch! I wanna see you really fuck that toy! Make it cum bitch!"

I started pounding away at my own ass. It hurt like hell at first, but as I loosened up, it started to really turn me on. Before I knew it, I was flat on my back, my knees pulled up, and I was stabbing myself as hard as I possibly could! Moments later, I came. And I came hard! My penis exploded all over my chest and face, some even landed in my mouth.

"Don't you dare fucken stop now bitch! You know I last longer than that! I wanna see you cum at least two more times before you even start slowing down!"

Even though my arm was tired, and I was out of breath, I didn't want to disappoint my master, so I continued. Twenty minutes later, I was exploding for a third time! My eyes were covered; my mouth had my cum all around it, and my chest was drenched!

"Nice work bitch. Now use that dirty dildo as a spoon, and eat every drop of that spunk! And when you're done, be sure to clean it off with your mouth, and place it back in my drawer."

With that last command, he packed up to leave. Just before pulling the door open to go, he turned back to me and said "By the way, how'd you like the GHB? The girls and I were riding a nice wave of ecstasy, but I wanted to make sure you wouldn't put up too much of a fight, so I thought the good old date rape drug would be best for you!"

Without waiting for a response, he left his office while laughing happily to himself, and I just laid there on my back, and continued to eat up all of my cum.

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