tagBDSMOne Evening Ch. 2

One Evening Ch. 2


One Evening Ch. 2 - The Punishment

"On your hands and knees now, bad little girl! Your punishment will now be laid upon you." I quickly knelt and began kissing Your feet hoping for an ease in my punishment. You saw through this right away. WHACK-WHACK, on my ass. "As much as I find that action pleasurable, do not think that your tender kisses will save your tender ass, my slave. What I desire of you now is to crawl outside on your hands and knees to find the best switch from the trees so that I may criss cross your beautiful white flesh into pretty red stripes. Remember, I told you that it would be ten lashes with the punishment device of my choosing. Should you not choose the switch that I deem appropriate, it will double your punishment, little one. It will behoove you to do this as quickly as you possible can, as I will be spanking your tender ass from here until you have returned to this spot with the appropriate punishment switch."

WHACK! The punishment began. I began to scurry towards the patio door. WHACK WHACK! You were not going easy on my ass, just as You had promised.

"STOP! I cannot see your pussy well enough, slut. I want you to crawl with your face almost touching the ground on your elbows with your legs spread WIDE as you crawl so that you expose those luscious pussy lips for my eyes. I want to see the wetness from your cunt as I continue to smack that beautiful ass of yours, darling one, as I know you crave each spanking I lay upon you."

"Yes, Master. Thank You, Master."

WHACK-WHACK! I had never crawled before, let alone in this position. I felt humiliated and so very exposed. I couldn't understand why I would feel this way, with Him, as He has seen every part of me before. As I reached the patio doors I began to panic looking at the steps I must crawl down. I looked up at Him as I rose to open the doors.

WHACK-WHACK-WHACK-WHACK! "Did I tell you to rise, slave?!?"

"No, my Master"

WHACK-WHACK! "I will open the door when I feel you are ready to go out into the backyard. You do realize that I will be spanking you loud enough for our neighbors to hear, child?"

My heart began to race faster at the thought of someone hearing Him spanking me. WHACK-WHACK, on my pussy this time. I let out a small whimper.

"Ah, dear child. Is that a whimper of pleasure escaping those luscious lips of yours? I don't mean your pussy lips either, slut."

"Yes, Master. Please may I have another?"

"I see you have remembered that I like for you to say that when I spank your sweet ass. Very good, slave. Good girl."

You reached down and caressed my tender red ass and ran Your fingers on my wet pussy lips. I leaned my ass back towards Your hand hoping to feel Your fingers enter my cunt and moaned.

"My little slut is getting quite wet and horny, I see. She must think that I am going to fuck her cunt with my fingers. I think I will fuck her ass with the butt plug instead, to remind her that every part of her belongs to me. Show me how you belong to me by moving back and forth on the butt plug and fucking yourself with it as I hold it, dear one. What a beautiful sight to see your tight little ass pumping the butt plug. Seeing it go in and out of that beautiful ass of yours. One that even our neighbors can see. Such a good little slut you are, my slave. Yessss... that's it. Fuck the butt plug, slut. Listen to the sound of it fucking your little ass. I know how you love the sound of fucking. The wet sound of my cock in your pussy when I fuck you hard. The juicy wetness of your cunt and my cock as I fuck your little pussy, slut. Back and forth, little slut. That's it... fuck it harder, slut. MMmmmmm, very good slave. What a good slut you are for me. You never thought that you could ever be such a good slut, until I have shown you what you are capable of doing. And I have so much more in store for you, little one. So very much more. Ohhhh my but you are fucking that butt plug mighty fast, slut. Is my little slut wanting my cock in that tight little ass of hers? Is that what you are thinking about, little one? Having my cock fuck that little ass of yours until I come deep inside you? I'll bet you think that you are ready to come. I don't think so, little one. If you come before I say you can, you will get double your punishment. Remember your punishment, or are you so fucking horny and wanting to be fucked so badly that you don't care now, slut?"

"Yes, Master. Please fuck my ass and pussy more, please Master. I beg you to fuck me now with Your cock, Master. Please, I beg You to fuck me, Sir. Fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, fuck my mouth. Anything, I would do anything to have Your beautiful cock inside me, Master."

"You are not thinking clearly, slut. You do NOT want to come. I will NOT go easy on your punishment. If you come it will be twenty HARD lashes on that tender flesh of yours, slut. Are you fucking the plug harder now? Is that your desire to get a harder punishment from me? I do so love to see you hot, wet and horny like this. What would happen if I slipped my fingers into that wet little pussy of yours while you continue to get your ass fucked, hmmmm?? Do you think you can still remain to be a good girl for me and not come for your Master, little one?"

"I am so very close to coming, Sir. I don't know, Sir," I said shakily.

"You are moaning quite loudly. I think I will open the door so that the neighbors can hear my little slut moan as she gets her ass fucked."

"Oh gawd. I don't know if I can take this fucking without coming. I am trying so hard not to come," I thought to myself and then I felt Your fingers begin to fuck my cunt as You pumped the plug rythmically into my ass. I began to breathe and pant very loudly. I knew I was close. "JUST FUCK ME. MAKE ME COME! I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE PUNISHMENT ANYMORE. PLEASE LET ME COME," is all I could think when abruptly You rammed the plug into my ass and WHACK-WHACK, You smacked me on the ass with the paddle. I knelt there panting rapidly still pumping my ass as if it were still being fucked.

"Very good, little one. You didn't come. For being such a good girl, I will let you up off your elbows to decline the stairs." WHACK-WHACK "Get a move on, little one." I began descending the stairs carefully. WHACK-WHACK, on my ass. "What a beautiful site, my love. Your ass so far up in the air exposing your pussy so beautifully for me. Stop right there in the middle of the stairs for a moment. I love to see you naked here in the backyard. Up far enough that the surrounding neighbors can only but peak over to us and see you as you are... my slut. My beautiful little slut that will do anything for her Master. Won't you, slut? WON'T YOU??"

"Yes, Master. I would do anything that you ask, Sir."

"You may continue on to find your punishment switch, child. Keep those legs spread wide for Master to view that lovely pussy of yours. Your luscious pussy lips are so swollen and glistening with wet juices from your cunt, my little one. So very pretty to see."

WHACK-WHACK, my ass was really beginning to sting from Him smacking it, and I was terrified that I would not be able to endure the punishment.

"What a joy it would be to fuck that wet cunt right now. But, alas, the punishment is first and foremost on my mind. How I do love to see you squirm from the pain I inflict upon your tender flesh. And it is so very pretty, the red stripes that it will leave on your white flesh." WHACK-WHACK "Faster, child! We do not have all day. I think you enjoy the spankings far too much. So much so that I will definitely NOT go easy on you for taking as long as you have to find a switch for me!"

I scrambled across the lawn to the tree as quickly as I could in the awkward position of my nose almost touching the grass, my legs spread wide and my ass the highest point of my body. WHACK-WHACK

"You may rise to break a twig off of the birch tree. Quickly!"

I rose and struggled with breaking the twig off as you continuously smacked my bottom with the paddle. Still no reprieve. Tears were streaming down my face from my ass stinging from being smacked so many times. How would I be able to manage ten lashes from this birch twig on my already tender flesh?? I broke off the twig finally and put it in my mouth as I sunk back into position to crawl quickly back into the house. I went as fast as I could crawl to try and avoid as many smacks on my ass as possible, but it seemed that You were increasing the speed of which You smacked my bottom. I could barely see where I was going from the tears falling down my cheeks. I knew better than to make any noise from crying, knowing that I could receive yet more lashes from You for whimpering. It felt like eternity before I crawled back into the house where all this first began. You stood before me and I dropped the switch at Your feet kissing them, begging for forgiveness as best as I could.

"You have been a very good girl. You found a very good switch. Perfect for producing just the right stripes on your skin, child." You reached down and caressed my ass tenderly. It felt so very soothing that I absently released a soft moan from the pleasure of Your touch. You ran a finger down my pussy lips as You caressed me, teasing my clitoris. Pinching my clit between Your fingers making me gasp as I pushed my ass back into Your hand when You sunk two fingers inside my cunt. You slowly finger fucked my pussy as I pumped against Your hand. My juices were dripping out of my pussy and dripping down my thighs.

"My little slut wants to be fucked so badly, don't you. DON'T YOU?"

"Yes, Master. I want Your cock inside me so much. Please fuck me, Master. Pleeeeease fuck me, Master. I will do anything for You. Tell me what You wish me to do and I will do it, Sir."

"You will do anything I ask of You whether I fuck you or not, princess. Won't you, slut? WONT YOU?!?"

"Yes, Master."

"No, I will not fuck you, slut. You were a bad girl for me and now you must be punished for it! Get your ass up and straddle your body over the ottoman. I want your ass up high in the air for me, so rest your body over the top so that your head is resting on the floor. Make sure those legs are spread WIDE, bitch! NOW! MOVE IT!"

"Yes, Master," I cried with more tears streaming down my face. I can't do this. I can't. He is going to whip me so hard and my flesh is so tender already. "Please, Master."

"Are you trying to beg me to go easy on you wench? Is that the whimper I just heard escaping your lips? I will solve that right now. Open your mouth, slut. This is how panties should be used." And You stuffed them into my mouth. "Whimper all you like now, slut. Now get ready for your lashes. You would love the look of your red flesh now. But when I am done striping your ass and thighs with this switch, you will love how it looks even more, little one. Won't you. WON'T YOU???"

I nodded for you as I was unable to say anything with the panties in my mouth. And then I heard it. The WHOOSH of the switch against the air as you swung it onto my ass. I let out a muffled scream and did my best to maintain my position. God, but why couldn't I be restrained? How will I last for nine more lashes. WHOOSH, the sting of the switch hit just below the last mark as it stung my ass and my pussy. I began sobbing wildly from the pain. "I will not move. I will not move from my position." WHOOSH the sting of the switch hit below the third lash mark. "Oh my god! I can't take this! WHOOSH the fourth lash felt like You were swinging harder! It stung wildly where You hit me on the top of thighs just below my ass. I began to panic as I realized that You were going to stripe me all the way down my legs. I wouldn't be able to sit comfortably for a week. WHOOSH again it felt as if You swung this lash harder. You leaned down to caress and admire the stripes on my flesh, as You so loved to do. Your lashings always as if You are working on a piece of art, rather than whipping me. Then all of a sudden a peace came over me. I breathed in deeply and it was as if the world faded away and there was only me and You as the world. You continued to lash me again and again, but it no longer stung as the others did. With each lash, it gave me such an intense rush. Each one sending me higher and higher. I remember sliding down and completely melting into the ottoman with my legs stretched out behind me and totally succumbing to the lashes You were giving me. Wanting more. Please give me more. There is a place I wish to go to that is just out of reach. This feels so very good. Yes... please more lashes. Stripe my tender white flesh more. You lashed me from my ass to the soles of my feet. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I vaguely remember feeling Your soft caress on my burning skin and then You entered me with Your wonderful cock. You began fucking me fast and furious.

"You were a very good slave, debbie. You took every lash so very good! You got my cock so hard with each lash. I didn't stop at ten lashes. I couldn't stop, your skin looks so beautiful with the red welts left behind from your lashing that you took. Now I am going to fuck you hard. I know you are too weak to stop me from doing anything to you right now. You are completely mine, slave. Completely mine." You began pumping Your cock harder and faster into my wet pussy as I lay there spent from my punishment. I pushed my pussy back onto Your cock with each thrust into my pussy. You reached down and took the panties from my mouth as I was breathing so fast and heavy from You fucking me. "Talk to me, slut."

"You feel so good fucking me, Master. Thank You so much for the punishment. Thank You for fucking me, Sir. Mmmm yes. Fuck me, fuck me harder! Fuck me faster! Fuck me deeper!"

"If you want my cock, you had better beg for it, bitch." You pulled out of me and swung me down onto the floor on my back.

"Please fuck my pussy, Sir. Please oh please I need You to fuck me. I have to feel Your cock deep in my cunt. Please, Sir. Please fuck me. What do You want me to do? I will do anything for You if You will please fuck me, Sir."

You threw my legs up over Your shoulders and rammed Your cock into my pussy hard, deep and began pumping rapidly in my cunt. You grabbed my nipples pinching them hard between Your fingers sending a shock of pain through my body... pain and ecstasy. I was soaring... soaring with You held tightly in Your wings.

"Oh gawd, Master. May I pleeeease come now, pleeeeeeeeease?? Punish me now... I beg You to let me come! I can't stand it any longer...."

"Come now, my pet!!", You screamed. "Come now... come with me, my precious love."

"Thank You, Master.. oh thank You!"

You leaned down and kissed me as I felt You release Your very essence inside me with each moan from Your lips, sending me higher coming and squirting my juices. Mixing each other as one. As it should be, as One.

You collapsed on my body as we both lay there gasping for air.

"Very good, my love. You are so very good! Now it is time to clean Your Master.", You said as You rolled over onto Your back. "Suckle me now, child. Suckle the sweet taste of Us. Lick and suck My cock, little one. I do know how you so love to suck My cock."

I licked You clean of all of the juices on Your cock and gently suckling Your wonderfully tasty balls.

"MMmmm, very good slave. For being so good, I have a treat for You. I want you to go shopping tomorrow. You will need to go to the vintage thrift shop and pick something up."

I only nodded my understanding of what You said as I was resting my head on Your stomach suckling Your cock in my mouth as a child would a mother's breast.

"I want to role play with you, little one. What I desire to see you in is, perhaps, a Catholic school girls uniform or a high school cheer leader outfit. It will be your choice, but I want you to dress and act the part, whichever you choose, to the "T", my pet. Do you understand, my love?"

I reluctantly stopped suckling Your cock to answer You as You pulled me up to snuggle my head on Your shoulder.

"Now sleep, little one. Sleep and dream sweet dreams." You tenderly kissed me on my forehead and help me tightly in Your arms as I drifted off into sleep.

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