tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Evening in a Night Club

One Evening in a Night Club


I kept glancing down at the temperature gauge on the old Dodge I was driving. The thing had a tendency to overheat on hot days and the day had certainly been that.

Now it was almost 9 PM and it was still hot as blazes out, so I was headed for a nice cool bar and some drinks with ice in them. My apartment had an air conditioner but it was one of those swamp type things, all I could do was sit there naked and sweat when it was running.

I scrounged around and managed to find a total of twenty six bucks, payday was five days away and that was the last of my food money. I really didn't give a shit, it was just too damned hot to stay in that room, and the last thing I wanted was food.

I turned into the parking lot, rolled up close to the rear wall of the club. I let the engine idle for a few seconds hoping it would cool off a little, it didn't. Finally I shut off the switch and it started doing that jerking and sizzling it always does when it's too hot.

Stuffing the shift lever into high gear and jabbing the brakes, I popped the clutch and the car lurched and stalled.

The hell with it, she would start later or she wouldn't. I wanted a drink, so I left the car and went inside.

No point in locking it, there was nothing in it and nobody was ever going to steal the thing.

It seemed to be pitch black inside, as soon as the door closed behind me I had to stop to let my eyes adjust. Then after a few seconds I could see there were several people in there, sitting around trying to talk over the blare of someone's idea of music.

I worked my way to the bar, managing to bang my knee on a chair stuck out in the way. It was better there, there were lights under the bar shining upwards and the row of huge mirrors behind reflected some of that.

"Whatcha have?" The tired looking bartender asked, pretending to wipe the bar in front of me as I sat down. Her top was extremely low cut and her boobs sagged way down, so there was a huge expanse of flesh showing.

No bra under there for sure, I thought she would look better if there was one since there were two bulges about where her belly button should be.

I actually just wanted a big glass of ice water, but I figured that would piss her off.

"Rum and coke." I told her. She looked at me closely for a second, started to turn and then looked back.

"Got any ID?" She asked.

"Sure." I pulled out my driver's license, hell, I was 30.

"OK." She said, barely glancing at it. She handed it back and mixed the drink, set it in front of me.

"Two bucks." She said. I parted with two of my precious stash, took a sip and looked around. There was another guy leaned up to the bar a few seats away, he was half perched on the stool and had the other leg on the floor. He looked over my way, nodded, then went back to staring at his drink.

I saw a middle aged couple sitting at a table, they were deeply into conversation. There was another couple on the dance floor, they were my age and seemed to be taking turns with dancing and then making out.

There was a third couple sitting in a booth with a wraparound seat, a small center table in front of them. They looked odd, instead of sitting across from each other they were side by side in the back, facing my way. It was too dark to see clearly but it looked like the guy was very busy investigating the woman's body.

Just then a fast song came on the jukebox, at least I guessed it was a jukebox, although I couldn't see one. I had looked, thinking maybe I would part with a buck and see if they had some country music. It wasn't going to take very long for that rock and roll shit to get to me.

The couple in the booth got up to dance, then a strobe light overhead started up. That looked odd, it made their motions appear jerky but at least it was something to watch.

It took me a few seconds to realize that they were really fun to watch!

The gal was bending over and rubbing her fanny on the man's crotch, her boobs were hanging down and swaying. From the side it was interesting, when she was turned my way and looking over her shoulder at him, I could actually make out a nipple peeking out as the light flashed.

Well, I thought I could anyway, it was still on the dark side except for that nutty flashing light.

"Want another?" I heard the bartender ask. I looked down and realized I was so intent on watching the woman dance that I had sucked my drink right down.

"Uhhh...OK." I told her, digging out another two bucks I didn't want to spend.

"That's fun to watch, huh?" She said, setting the drink down in front of me.

"Yea, I guess." I managed a blush, she had caught me staring.

"Keep watching, it gets better." She giggled, taking my money and heading on down the bar. I noticed the other man had turned and was watching, too.

The gal was really going for it now, her body was making a series of poses each time the light flashed. The hem of her skirt was very short and flared out, I was getting a glimpse of bare behind every few seconds.

After a minute or two of that I was pretty sure there were no undies beneath that skirt, I even got a couple of peeks from the front side as she turned. If she did have panties on they had to be the same color as she was.

"Want another?" The bartender asked. I looked down, empty again.

"I will nurse the ice, thanks." I told her.

Just then the song ended and the couple went and sat back down. I turned to the bar, spotting some peanuts, I grabbed some.

"Interesting, huh?" The gal behind the bar asked me, a big shit eating grin on her face.

"Yea, that girl can really move." I managed, crunching an ice cube. I glanced back over there, they were sitting at the booth and were leaned in close together.

"It gets better." She said.

"It does? How?"

"The boss has a light show set up, they change every few songs." She grinned.

"Oh. That sounds neat." I answered, grabbing some more peanuts.

"Want another?" She urged again. I looked down at my empty glass and nodded. A softer song came on as the bartender was fixing my drink, suddenly the room turned blue.

I looked around, everything was blue, there was a row of lights over the dance floor that came on. At least the damn strobe was off, I was starting to see spots. The couple got up and began to dance, the woman was leaning in close to the guy who was nuzzling her neck. They were moving slowly to the music, as I watched his hands came down and stroked the back of the woman's legs. Then it was obvious that he was cupping the cheeks of her behind, she made no protest at all. For the next couple of minutes he rubbed her butt, I was pretty sure there was nothing underneath that short skirt at all.

The guy that was leaned up against the bar got up and went over to one of the tables by the dance floor. I noticed that the couple sitting at one of the other tables were now turned and watching, too. The guy dancing had both hands on the woman's bare ass, the skirt was clear up to her waist in the back.

"See what I mean?" The bartender lady appeared at my shoulder.

"Yea, looks like they are having fun."

"They come in here all the time, but the only time they get really naughty dancing is when it's slow like this." The bartender reached down and tugged at the front of her top, it slipped right back down the instant she let go of it.

I grinned at her, checking out the tops of her boobs hanging out. She grinned back and went to wiping at the bar again. The guy on the dance floor let go of the gal's ass when the song ended, but they both just stood there. The next song started up, the lights changed to much brighter, now they were coming from the floor in a big circle. It cast their shadows on the ceiling. I realized the dance floor was elevated by just a foot or so and on one side was a railing, used to set drinks on I guessed.

As the couple started to dance again, I thought what the hell. I got up and went over to sit by the railing. The couple were moving around slowly, his hands went right back to her behind again. When his hands began to work her ass cheeks, I was now completely sure she was naked under the skirt, as he pulled her cheeks apart almost in time to the music. When they slid by me, it was obvious he was opening her up so everyone could see between her legs.

I glanced over at the other man, he was leaning forward in his chair, as they danced by him he actually leaned down even more. They came by close to me again, this time he swung her out and then back, her top was shifted over and one bare breast was exposed. It was smallish and perfectly formed, the nipple drawn down to a tiny button. She made no move to put it back, either. Then as he turned her back towards me he spread her behind out, I could see her pussy lips as clear as a bell. He actually stopped and held her just like that for a few seconds, lifting her upwards and towards him, her toes barely touching the ground. Her pussy opened and closed as he worked his fingers, and he was looking over her shoulder right at me.

Man, that was hot!

I realized I had a raging hard on, and my drink was empty again. The couple kept right on dancing, the guy was exposing her completely and deliberately and she was letting him. He moved her over towards the other man, that guy leaned in, his face was only inches from her bare bottom. The light from the floor shined perfectly on her like a spotlight. This time her feet actually cleared the floor as he lifted her, and her legs splayed out wider.

Then they moved back in front of me, he turned her so that her back was to me. This time when he lifted her up, holding her by her butt cheeks she brought her knees up to each side of his body. The tiny little floor light was shining right on her crotch, I leaned forward and could see clear up inside of her, so close I could have easily reached out and touched her. Her beaver was completely bare, not a single hair on it. It was spectacular, and such a blatant and deliberate act. Hell, I had seen a few women down at the local nude beach that were careless and left their legs open. Stuff like that can be almost natural, this was way beyond that, the guy was opening her up, he wanted us to look at her.

The song ended, I realized I had been holding my breath. My drink was empty again, too. I got up and wobbled back to the bar, nodding at the bartender, she set another drink in front of me.

"On him." She tipped her head towards the man, he was now standing at the bar on the other end. I glanced over at the woman, she was sitting in the booth pointedly looking away. I lifted the drink to indicate thanks, not completely sure what the fuck was going on.

He came over to me and smiled.

"I'm John." He held out his hand.

"Dan." I shook it.

"Do you like to dance?" He asked me.

"Uhhh. Yea, sometimes."

"Maybe you would like to dance with Carol? She is my wife, she loves to dance." He grinned at me.

"Well...OK...I guess. If she wants to."

"She wants to, she said you are cute." He gave me another big grin.

"Ok. Glad to." Cute, huh? What the hell, if she wanted to dance with me that was fine with me.

He nodded, then turned and went back to their table. I could see them become engrossed in conversation, then the woman got up and walked over to me.

"John says you like to dance....Dan." She smiled. "Would you like to dance with me?"

"OK." I got up, unsure of myself, we went to the dance floor. She slipped into my arms and I began what I pretend to be dancing.

I was actually a little flustered, not sure what was going on. But Carol smelled good and she felt good, too, her movements quickly blended with mine. We danced an entire song, it was a mildly brisk slow number.

I started to lead her back to their booth, she whispered in my ear.

"Let's do some more, OK?"

The next song was slower, she pressed into my arms. I could feel her soft breasts against my chest, but I kept glancing at John who just sat there grinning.

"You can touch me if you like." She whispered in my ear.


"Don't be shy, it's all right. He likes it." She whispered.

"OK. What would you like me to do?" I asked, instantly realizing how lame that sounded.

"John wants to watch, just do anything you want to." She whispered again, and there was a little catch in her voice. She reached her hand down between us and slid her top aside, pressed her bare breasts against my thin shirt. That surprised me.

Then she placed both hands behind my neck.

"Now reach down and put your hands on my behind, let John see, please? He likes it." She repeated.

What the hell. No way in hell would I do something like that sober, but I was far from sober at this point. No food all day, now three drinks..or was it four? I lost track.

I reached down and slid my hands under her skirt as we moved to the music, then we steered over to right in front of John. Carol was doing most of the steering. I rubbed her bare ass, her cheeks felt like silk.

By now I had the picture, so I spread her butt cheeks out, watching John he leaned forward to look. I got that, too, so I let my fingers slide in there, the tips of my fingers reached her lips.

Hell, I was actually touching her bare pussy right on the dance floor! I hunched my shoulders a little so I could reach her, the angle was a bit awkward.

As I used my fingertips to spread her pussy open, John now had a slack jawed look on his face. We were stopped right in front of him, just swaying to the music, my fingers were stroking the length of Carol's slit. She seemed to lift on tiptoe and placed her legs wider, I let one finger slide inside slightly, then another. She felt very wet and let out a little moan when I did that. I reached farther and felt her tiny little button, stroked it with my now wet fingers, she shuddered when I did that.

Just then the song ended, she tipped her head back and looked at me with a smile. Then she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. Turning, she slid into the booth next to John. I stood there stupidly for a second or two, then went back to the bar and sat down.

"You got picked, I knew it would be you!" The bartender said.

"Picked?" I was still confused, and a bit surprised. I couldn't believe I had actually done that, right out in public and with someone I didn't even know.

"Yea, every week or two they come in, dance nasty, she dances a couple of songs with someone else that feels her up just like that and then they leave."

"Wow, that is something else. I guess they get their jollies that way?" I took a sip off of my drink, my head was starting to spin now so I knew I had had enough.

"Yes, pretty obvious they do. You did good, that was....hot?" I glanced at her, she was grinning at me. I realized the top half of one of her nipples was peeking out.

"This one's on me." She grinned. I realized she had set down another drink.

"I don't think...." I started to say.

"Afraid you won't be able to get it up?" Her expression was wicked.

Hell, I was hard as a rock, any bigger and my pants would bust open.

"I don't think that will be any problem." I teased back at her.

She let out a titter, moved back down the bar. I sipped on the drink, noticing she kept glancing my way.

I looked back over towards the couple to see what they were doing, but they were gone. I hadn't seen them leave. So was the single man, and the other couple were just leaving.

I looked back at the bartender, she was coming back down the bar, smiling. Her top had slipped another half inch, almost all of one of her oval shaped nipples was peeking out. She reached down and gave her top a tug, it slipped right back down.

"I am closing in 20 minutes." She said. I glanced at my watch, It was almost one AM.

"Time flies when you are having fun!" She giggled, noting my expression. Now her nipple was clear out, she just stood there with an expectant look on her face.

"Suppose I was waiting for you in the parking lot?" I grinned at her. She grinned right back.

"OK." She tugged at her top again with no effect, went back down the bar to start putting things away.

I tossed off the last of my drink, looked at her. She was slender, around 40. Saggy boobs but nice big ones. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I stumbled outside, climbed in my old Dodge, sat down and promptly dozed off.

A knock on my window woke me up, there was the bartender leaning down looking at me. I got out and opened the passenger side, let her in.

"Nice car!" She giggled.

I turned the key, damned if she didn't start right up.

"Hey, I'm Dan."

"I'm Marge, pleasure to meet you!" She scooted across the bench seat to sit next to me. Her hand came down onto my upper leg, stroked me a couple of times. I glanced at her, she had one nipple poking out of her top again. I reached over and rolled it lightly between my fingertips as she began to stroke my growing erection.

"God I love to suck cock!" She blurted out.

I grinned and started to pull out onto the highway towards my apartment. Then I changed my mind.

"Why don't you drive?" I asked her.

"Sure, good idea." I got out and Marge slid behind the wheel. No point in getting busted for drunk driving, and I was sure as hell drunk. I watched as she slid it into gear like she knew all about stick shifts, then off we went.

When I woke up we were just pulling into a driveway I didn't recognize.

"We are here!" She announced. "Be quiet, my roommate Tammy is asleep."

"OK." I got out, I felt a lot better now. She put her arm in mine and we went into the house. A cool blast from an air conditioner woke me right up.

Marge led me to a back bedroom. She tugged her top over her head, her breasts sure sagged down but they had nice oval upturned nipples.

In short order she was nude, then she tugged off my clothes and proved her statement. Marge really did love to suck cock! I got my head between her legs, finding a warm mass of flesh there. She never took her mouth off of me.

What a night! Everything became a blur after that, then I slept.

I opened my eyes to sunlight, looking around I realized there was a pretty little blonde about my age standing there. It took me a second to realize that all she had on was a pink shorty nightgown, and she was looking at me like I was breakfast.

Looking down, I saw I was naked and had no covers over me, Marge was lying there asleep naked too.

"You must be Tammy?" I asked, reaching for the covers. Just then Marge woke up, stretched. The blonde didn't budge, she just stood there and stared at me.

"Hi, Tammy! This is Dan." Marge scooted over and snuggled up to me, her hand went down and grabbed my cock, she started to stroke it.

"Don't worry about Tammy, she likes to suck cock, too!"

I blushed, looked over at the blonde. She just grinned at me. Then she walked over and sat down on the bed.

I was wondering if either one of them could cook, I was famished.

But first things first.

Man. What a night.

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