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One Full Moon


First time submission. Most of this came to me in the middle of the night. I had a small idea I wanted to write down so I wouldn't forget, and then this came out. Did some editing with a friend and had to find another word processor to spell check. All comments welcome, even the mean ones- I'm a new writer so even unconstructive criticism can be useful. Hope you enjoy!


A battlefield full of screaming, moaning and corpses. One cares little for the latter, preferring the former two for Its purpose. One has cousins who deal with the later, scary even to One they are, but One's duties are far more respectable, at least to One's eyes. One makes Its way through the field poking and prodding various fleshy things lain out. Its early, fresh, and One always tries to find a pretty one to have first, it lets One think of it instead of what's left of them.

One meanders amongst the carnage, feeding on the blood of the Defects. Those worthless demons that didn't have the decency to die or continue fighting. Their last act to nourish the breeders, before the venom turns their body to black sand. One is strange for a breeder, choosing to adorn Itself like a Knight of the Burning Stars. One makes Itself as much like a pretty male as One can, and One collects the black sand. One doesn't know why It does, none of the other breeders do, not even the foul cousins.

One shrugs these thoughts away as Its hearing picks up whispers of life. Pretty sounds, this one is still strong it seems like, hopefully will still have its pretty parts left on it. One loves to touch and taste the Cold Stars, now that they don't burn It anymore, they're much nicer to do One's duty with, that Its own kind. Finally, One comes across a pretty, bleeding but not overmuch, a spear impaling its shoulder, holding it pinned to the ground. Still has all its parts though, and its a soft one, One's favorite kind.

~ ~

So... weak. Wuh... where am I? Wuh... why does my shoulder hurt so mu- "Fuck!!" The battlefield is quiet now, the clashing of sword and claw, shield and bone has stopped. One of their spears is imbedded in her shoulder, all the way through and coming out her back, she can feel it. "Fuck. I've got to get up. Come on, you can do this. All you need to do is just stand up. Just pull yourself off of this- fucking- pillar in your- FUCK!!" It hurts too much, the weapon coated in small spines, designed to hold itself in whatever meat it strikes, tearing it out if removed improperly.

Sobbing to herself a moment, she collects her thoughts and tries to push the pain down for a bit, "Need to find something to cut it with, where's my sword?" She glances around, looking for anything that might help when she hears the footsteps; 'Fuck! Something's still out there, now I really need my sword! Where is it, where is it!' Finding only a long curved talon nearby she grabs it and then tries to still her body, the footsteps getting closer and closer...

~ ~

"All dead. I've got to find any survivors quickly, before the scavengers start swarming over this place. Shit, this one looks like it must have just passed, spear must have nicked her heart," One grabs the spear gives it a small twist, needing to be sure this one has died. Far too pretty a one to waste on the cousins if its just hiding. The twist not making a response One continues onward, hopeful of another pretty like this one was, talking aloud again One makes sure to speak proper, as One always does in the field. One never knows whose listening, "Not much time left. I've got to find any wounded and get them to safety. Scavengers can track a writhing meal for miles-"

~ ~

Oh FUCK!! That thing just twisted the fucking spear, shredding her worse than trying to get up did. Not making a sound or twitching was beyond the hardest thing she could imagine. 'Can't move, they can sound like us when they want. Can't make a sound, they can hear so well.' As she hears his after word she cracks her eyes open and can't help but gasp. 'Shining Plate! He's one of ours, I'm saved!' "Hel... help..." 'Dammit! I'm too weak, I can't even call out,' "He... help... me," 'Please don't leave me here to die! I'm alive... please. I need to make noise, he has to come back.' Then she looks at the spear again, using the last of her strength she puts both hands on it and pulls, everywhere, shaking herself against the meat hooks. The pain intense enough to make her scream.

~ ~

"She's alive! Oh, thank the Light. Stay calm, I've got you now. I'll heal you, just stay with me!" The pretty fading to the grey, not all the way to the black, but not aware anymore. One takes this opportunity to sink Its fangs into the spear, injecting One's venom into it. Soon the spear won't trouble the pretty anymore. Petting the soft one's face, One moves some of the hair out of the way as One turns the tasty's head to the side, exposing its neck. Concentrating One feels deep inside Its body, looking for the proper venom sacks to keep the pretty alive, and malleable. Soft ones are more difficult to properly stimulate, but One has always preferred them to the larger like One's disguise. The soft ones have an extra entrance, and when used correctly it feels much better to One than the others. Finally mixing it well enough, One leans back down to the pretty's neck, opens One's mouth, and sinks Its fangs inside the tasty. Star blood tasting so much better than Defects, but unable to savor it, always having to take as little as possible.

~ ~

Warmth. All over. It feels good... safe. What happened, I thought I was dying? Moaning, she tries to move, "There's a good girl. Hold up now, don't try to move yet, I'm still tending to your shoulder. Those spears are nasty to repair." She opens her eyes to really see her savior for the first time, 'He's beautiful.' Looking at her open eyes he smiles, "Hi there. Glad I made it in time, what's your name pretty thing?" She tries to talk, but it takes a few times before she finds her voice again, "Luna." He smiles again, "What a lovely name for such a lovely woman. Now just try and stay still, I'm almost finished with your shoulder. I had to remove your armor to check for more wounds, but I believe your going to be fine."

Only after he mentions it does she realize her armors missing, and not just her armor. She lies on the ground naked before this beautiful stranger who rescued her, who's healing her- a rare gift, and she's so hot, her blood burning in her veins, "Puh- poisoned?" He puts his hand on her sternum, holding her to the ground, "I'm covering in sweat, and my blood, feels like fire." Her savior shakes his head, "You're not sweating, you were getting cold from blood loss so I rubbed you down with some ointment. It should help speed your recovery and warm you up some, you were so cold. Are you really burning up, it should only be a slight warmth?"

She blushes as his attention pulls away from her face to feel her skin. His words and now his touch defining the heat in her blood in a different light. 'His hands are everywhere, sliding, gliding over me,' "Its fine, I- I just thought there was something wrong with me." He looks back up at her, one of his hands resting on her upper thigh, so close to where she wants it. He leans down and looks into her eyes, her body so hot as he examines her face, "You do seem rather flushed, and your pupils are dilated. Can you tell me what your feeling now, I need to be sure your okay." She shakes her head and then gasps when he presses his ear into her breasts, "Your heartbeat is escalating, your system could be overloading from the healing I did to your shoulder. Let me check your back," one of his hands slides quickly under and between her thighs while another goes under her bad shoulder. He gently rolls her onto her side and using the hand from her shoulder gently caresses the scar tissue on her back, his other hand resting on her thighs.

Her leg propped up and his hand so close she can't help herself anymore, she grabs the hand so close to her flower, "I'm fine healer, just-" touching herself with him, "just really aroused at the moment." The healer seems a little stunned as she rolls onto her back again, spreading her legs as she holds his hands against her core while her now working arm reaches up to his neck as she pulls them together for a kiss. Their lips touching finally sparking some reaction from him, his fingers- once still, begin to pet and caress her folds. His arm reaching under her back to help support her weight as he deepens the kiss, not holding her mouth to his, but opening them together as their tongues duel. His fingers continue their dance on her intimate flesh and add more steps to it, he sinks a finger inside her, testing her wetness while she moans into his mouth.

~ ~

One knows how to handle a soft one. How to touch and play, but more importantly, how to speak and act when finding one. Its very important, if one likes the soft ones like One does, to get the pretty to make the first contact with their special place. Makes it easier to play with them there, and One loves to play there. One and Luna take off the armor One wears while One's fingers keep the woman from thinking too much. Finally free of Its constraints One reveals Its tool to the pretty, "Oh sweet Goddess, its so big. Will it fit?" One gazes deeply into the tasty's eyes and reads what to say from there, "I'll be gentle. Your safe with me." The soft one's legs are spread wide open as One takes a breast in one hand, and Its tool in the other. One caresses and plumps the softness as One nuzzles Itself against the tasty's neck, One's fangs descending for another dose for the pretty. One guides Its tool to the pretty's special place and slicks Itself with the wetness, then begins to slowly press Itself inside. The pretty's moans and words becoming less coherent as its sweetness swallows the tip. Anchored inside the softest, It grasps and plays with the other breast as well, running Its lips and carefully Its teeth against the sweetling's neck.

~ ~

He starts filling her with one smooth, excruciatingly slow push. His hands on her tits driving her wild while keeping her back against the ground. Her legs splayed open for him, his knees resting lightly, but securely on them, preventing most of her ability to move. His kisses on her throat only adding another layer as her pussy is stretched over his massive cock. Her virgin love tunnel being treated with such care by such a powerful male more than she can take as she climaxes. 'Oh GODDESS!!' Screaming and writhing and spasming he holds onto her gently as her already tight pussy clamps down on him, he just holds himself still and bites her neck. His hands still working their magic on her tits send her even higher as her orgasm intensifies, all the while his dick holds its place, waiting for her to calm down. Finally, she slumps back, exhausted and so wet that his cock is able to sink the last few inches with ease.

Engulfed by her pussy the man leans up, takes her legs and hikes them up to his shoulders. He stares into her eyes and gathers up her arms above her head, using one hand to hold them there while the other weaves into her hair. Holding her securely again, he pulls himself slowly out of her, inch by inch until only the head of his cock is inside her. Then he leans all of himself against her, bending her like a pretzel he gazes at her, their noses practically touching as her pussy welcomes his shaft back inside her. He pushes so deep inside her, so deep. His thrusts are long, smooth and even after he picks up his pace a little, after her body adapts to his size, still so slow. His eyes right there in front of her, boring into her soul as her body is held by his strength. She cums and cums for him, her body igniting over and over again. The intensity too much she closed her eyes at one point, only to have him stop himself until they opened again. The need for more overriding any last shred of shyness from her as his body fills her so deliciously.

So close to her own, and forced to stare endlessly at them, when his eyes change she can't help but notice. The bright blue begins to fade, growing darker as his pace increases. The darkness growing thicker in them as he darts to her mouth for a hard kiss here and there. His gentle thrusts getting harder and faster now, his hands holding her captive gripping her stronger and tighter while her pussy continues to sing for him. Lost in the haze of passion she can't stop her body, can't change what she's feeling when she sees those eyes, a scant couple of inches from her own, start to burn bright red. Little shards at first, seeming to break out of the dark of his lust, until enough open up to shatter the window and his soul is laid bare. His demon soul. His demonic strength pounding mercilessly at her all too willing flesh, now slamming his meat inside her. Her tainted body not caring that what's functional of her mind rebels against him; her pleasure continues unabated.

Tears slide down her face while her voice sings in tune with her flesh, praising him, worshiping him. He beats her cunt with his cock, vigorously fucking her until he finally crashes himself all the way against her. He grinds against her pussy as his face contorts with ecstasy and purpose. Holding his mouth against hers, he whispers to her, "One is going to keep this pretty." Her mind barely able to process that he spoke before her body explodes anew. Having thrust one last time he pours his essence inside her, his seed more than capable of opening her innermost door as it swells her womb. Great deluges of cum erupt inside her as her traitorous pussy milks him for more. Filling up in a way she never thought possible she stares at her demon lover, his lips pulled back reveal rows of fangs in a mouth she had kissed. His eyes finally break their stare as he buries his head to her side, and those fangs in her collar. The bite barely noticed as new and just as powerful waves crash into her as his body continues to gush into her own. His hips pressing in time with each new spate of cum against her own. After many minutes he calms, still holding himself tight to her body she can none the less feel the pool under her, and the river that cascades from her stomach between the valley of her bosom to trickle across her neck where he feeds from her. Still she milks him and still, though less often, he'll press deeper against her and a new torrent will flood her. Its not until he's nearly finished that she begins to notice his whispers against her, "So sweet. So right, so tight, so warm. Mine, not let any take what belongs to One. So sweet..." His last wave comes to him as he pulls up from her neck, seeming dazed he stares again into her eyes, "Luna. One's Luna." Her body still too overloaded from his venom she cums anew with his final burst and whimpers with her helpless pleasure.

~ ~

The pretty is only barely conscious, so tired from the fun, and the earlier hurt. One will take care of the pretty now. Looking down to see where they're joined, One notices the varnish of their cum mixed over her as more of Its seed seeps from them. One grabs some of her cloth and holding her nether lips around Its tool. One slowly withdraws. When One finally exits the pretty's softest It ties the cloth over and around her opening and hips, wanting as much of Itself in her as One can keep. Luna's body so easy to lift and move, the pretty offers no noticeable resistance as One rebinds her breasts with the wet cloth, and equips the armor again; the metal having closed over the spear wound, having healed on its own.

One quickly adorns Its own shiny suit before picking up Its prize, holding her head on One's shoulder to ease the journey they must now make, "What are you?" The pretty finally gets enough energy to ask, "One is a breeder. One's kind scours the field and mates with the bodies of the fallen. One fills the body with seed of warriors to make army. Don't worry One's Luna. One didn't use warrior seed to fill her with, it was One's own seed. Made special for Luna after One decide to keep. One's seed should grow like normal Star baby does, not eat its way out like warrior. One will take care of Luna, Luna safe with One."

~ ~

The fullness inside her taking on different light from the demons speech. Most of the heat having faded from her, she has no recourse but to hold herself close to the demon carrying her. Being far too weak, exhausted and sore to walk on her own, much less escape. Almost immersed in his cum her flesh tingles as his seed seethes and seems to slither against gravity to smear her exposed flesh. The bindings on her breasts having soaked in it slush around and grope her engorged nipples. Her clit getting no relief even with the pressure of thong keeping the reservoir of his essence inside her, the mush of their juices still bubbles excitedly throughout her nether lips. However, the thing that unsettles her the most is a new heat building inside her. One that pulses and throbs in her, one that seems to echo her own heartbeat, an echo she remembers hearing from a friend. A heat deep inside her, a heat concentrated where she feels fullest, a heat in her womb.


Hope you like it! Don't forget to vote and comment, but be gentle if you would, I'm still new.

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