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One Hundred Days


My husband is currently a Soldier in the US Army stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. This is a letter I wrote for him.

Dear Sweetheart,

Today you have been gone 100 days. You should have over 100 letters since I have written everyday; sometimes several times a day, like today. I have written informative letters. I’ve written heartfelt, sappy letters. Some letters have been nothing more than to say I Love and Miss you. This letter will be different. You’ll see what I mean.

I’ve been without you now for 101 nights. Oh, if only I could have you for one night. What a night it would be. The first time would be fast, hard and quick. I need you in me quickly to fill the void. I want to feel you pulsing inside me. I dream of you filling me full of your cum.

The second time would be slow, sensual. Close your eyes, imagine our king size bed surrounded by candlelight, the soft music in the background, feel the soft, satiny sheets on your skin. Now feel my lips touching your beautiful mouth. Feel my tongue run over yours. We kiss forever. I’ve missed you and want to touch you everywhere with my lips, hands and tongue. I move to your strong, thick neck. I love to kiss you here, gently sucking you. I feel your hands run down my back. Oh, how I love that. I shiver wanting more. I hit the right spot on your ear causing goose bumps. Your breathing gets faster as I find your nipples; caressing, licking and gently nipping them. Can you feel my ass filling your hands? You want me to speed up but no. I want to savor this. I hit that spot on your stomach with my fingertips. Can you hear me moan? You shiver, I smile. My goal is in site. I want to devour you, but not yet.

Imagine my hot breath being blown down your hard, long cock. My tongue snakes out and touches the creases in your legs. You love that. You grab my hair and beg me to touch you. I smile, no, not yet. I still have your legs. They have gotten bigger since you left. I admire them up close, making my way back up. I’m at your cock again, can you feel my breath? Can you feel my tongue touch your big, smooth balls. Hmmm, I have missed this. My tongue runs up your cock, circling the head. I suck it into my mouth and slowly suck you down. You taste just as I remember. You feel so good in my mouth. Can you feel it? You are running your fingers through my long, blonde hair, moaning, making me moan. Can you hear me? I go faster, sucking harder. I want to taste you. You start to pump your hips, grabbing my hair. You yell out and I am rewarded with you sweet cum. I don’t loose a drop as I suck everything out of you.

You are tired. I let your sleep, but only for awhile. I wake you the same way I put you to sleep. My mouth has worked it’s magic and you are hard again. I need to feel you inside me. I lock my blue eyes on to yours. I slowly lower myself on your cock inch by beautiful inch. Oh, you feel so good. You completely fill me up. You stretch me. Can you feel my wet, hot pussy surround you? I take my time. Up;down. Looking into your awesome hazel eyes, I don't want this night to end. Up;down. I want it like this forever. Loving you is the best. Up;down. Can you feel your hands on my hips? Can you feel my pussy squeeze you?

You’ve had enough and want control. You flip us over, effortlessly. You fill me up even more. Slowly in, out while you hold my face and kiss me deeply. In;out. The kissing never stops. Can you imagine lifting my leg, going even deeper? The loving gets better. Can you hear my breathing, begging- harder; faster? We are joined as never before. We are one. We are in love. You erupt. I feel your cum filling me. Can you hear me scream out your name as my body shakes with the power of our orgasm? You make me the happiest woman alive. We drift off to sleep holding each other, loving each other and hoping it will always be this way.

Morning comes and before you have to leave again for another 100 and more days, we start all over.



Your Baby

PS: Keep your eyes open, stay safe and return to me soon.

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