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One Room Apartment


This tale is about an american girl who travels to Europe to find herself before college - what she finds is much more. It is a story of two friends then three who share much more than a love of books.

I was a model student in high school spending most of it preparing for college. Academics never posed a challenge and I had no interest in extracurricular activities. Most weekends and evenings I spent working and managed to save most of my earnings giving me a great on the costs of tuition. In spite of all I had done to be prepared for the logistics of college, at the end of my senior year I wasn't prepared to make the decision of where to go or what I wanted to do.

It was clear to me that I still needed change, to strike out on my own even if college wasn't in my immediate future. After a lot of contemplation I decided to use my savings to go abroad in hopes to find the direction I was searching for and maybe, learn about myself. It wasn't a popular choice at home, but it was my money and my future so a week after graduation I was on a plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

My first month in Europe, I spent visiting the major sights, traveling by rail, and sleeping in hostels. With the big landmarks out of the way I was drawn to the villages and culture along the Mediterranean Sea. Beginning in Italy I followed the cost through France and into Spain.

Food and lodging alone during my trek through Europe was slowly draining my bank account, but I wasn't ready to exhaust my savings and return stateside so I started to look for work and a place to stay for a while. I found work in one of my favorite coastal villages in Spain and started my search for an apartment. Coastal real estate cost a premium, but after intensive searching I answered an ad looking for a female roommate for a small apartment overlooking the Sea for a price on a month to month lease that I could actually afford with money left over for a the essentials and even some fun spending cash.

We met at a small café overlooking the Sea for the roommate interview. The café was below the apartment complex and could have been in any of a dozen famous romantic movies. Anna, my potential roommate was near my age, probably a few years older, nice and spoke perfect English. From the café she pointed up to the veranda overlooking the Mediterranean which was at the front of the small apartment. I was overwhelmed and felt as if a dream had come true.

Opening the apartment door, cleared the dreamlike cloud recalling me back to reality. Small was a bit of an understatement. It had only 2 rooms; a bathroom and the kitchen/living/bedroom.

The bathroom was gorgeous. A mosaic of colored tile painted the entire floor that's centerpiece was a large circular shower area with two sunflower shower heads dropping from the stucco type ceiling. The wall behind the shower was made of thick cubes of glass which let in light and provided a abstract, silhouetted view of the coastline, yet some privacy from the outside world. Along one wall were 2 sinks situated in a built-in room length vanity area with built in drawers. The only other feature of the room was a small door which behind it hid the toilet closet.

The main room had a small kitchen with an equally small stove, microwave and refrigerator. It was separated from the rest of the room by a high counter top with 3 bar stools. The rest of the room included two beds, one full size and what would be my twin sized. There was also a small couch and a couple other odd pieces of furniture for storage. Had I had another option, I might have kept looking, but I was committed to making this work.

Anna and I got along wonderfully. She was absolutely fascinated by America and I was equally interested in her stories of her home in Sweden. Anna, not unlike me, had not gone directly to University and had settled in the region a bit more than a year ago, still trying to find herself. Part of me hoped that it would not take me that long to find my direction, but I was also envious of her free-spirited attitude.

One cultural shock for me traveling parts of Europe and specifically along Spain's Mediterranean Coast was their attitude towards public nudity. Public nudity was actually specifically allowed in Spain and designated nude or topless beaches outnumbered other public beaches and even those beaches were mostly topless. They just didn't seem to be ashamed or embarrassed by the human form. It took some getting used to.

I hadn't noticed when first looking at the apartment, but there was no door in the oversized doorway separating the bathroom from the rest of the apartment and the shower lacked a curtain or any real means of installing one. Privacy was not a priority for the designer which seemed consistent with the region. Anna exuded the unashamed and free spirit attitude of the region. Comfortable in her skin and nothing else, she slept nude, but also spent a lot of her time that way in the apartment.

Those first few days, I spent a lot of time trying not to stare at Anna, but it was hard not to notice she was stunning, clothed and in the nude. She was short and very petite with electric blue eyes and full, pouty lips. Had she been taller, she easily could have been a model. Yes, her breasts were small, but very perky, probably filling an "A" cup, although I never saw her wear a bra. Her skin was fair and breasts tipped with small pink nipples. She had the short, golden hair of her Swedish ancestors, which I assume was natural, although she removed any evidence of that "downstairs."

I was more conservative than Anna, choosing to lounge around the apartment in a worn out t-shirt and panties. I was 6 inches taller with olive skin, dark eyes and long thick dark hair complements of my ItalMarco heritage. I was between a size 6 and 8, with more curves. A "B" cup couldn't properly contain my boobs, which came in mid way through my senior year and in their youth, defied any notion of gravity. My dark complexion meant that my dark nipples were obvious under a braless t-shirt and if I wore light-colored panties you would be able to see the thin dark landing strip leading between my legs.

Time flew by. My hours at work had me starting in the late morning and home for supper about dark. That work schedule was pretty common for the area which meant there was a regular night life followed by sleeping in. At least a couple days each week Anna and I would bounce around between some of the local bars, have a few drinks and flirt with the local guys. Most nights after work and many mornings I would sit in a plush chair with a glass of local wine on our veranda looking out over the sea and read whatever novel I was in to at the time. Anna and I shared this passion. I still traveled some in the region for festivals and such, but spent a lot of my weekends at the local beaches. Over the span of a few weeks, I progressed from the more conservative beaches to nude beaches and my olive skin soon matched the deeply bronzed skin of the region's residents.


About six weeks after I moved in, after a couple glasses of my favorite wine and a few chapters of a cheesy romance novel, I'd slipped into bed around midnight. Anna, who'd invited me out with some friends from work, still wasn't home. I was in that foggy stage of sleep when I heard Anna talking with a man at our apartment door. The door opened and then closed with a click.

"Quiet, you'll wake Kinsey," I heard Anna say in a hushed voice. I quickly realized she had brought home a strange guy as I listened to their whispers as the two shuffled their way across the small room to her bed.

The curiosity was starting to get to me and I wanted to look, but had been sleeping on my stomach with my head turned, facing away from Anna's bed. My ears strained harder to paint the visual picture of what was happening behind me. I heard the snaps and zips as they undressed and then the soft sound when their clothes dropped to the floor before crawling into bed. A few moments later, I heard the familiar sound of kissing and soft cries of Anna's mattress springs.

They were fucking. Not five feet from me my roommate was fucking some guy. At first I was offended, but what could I do, I had already faked slumber and it didn't seem like the appropriate time for this conversation. However, the longer I listened, the less angry and more aroused I became.

The sounds of the bed, their bodies and Anna's muffled moans which filled the room were transformed into an erotic picture show in my mind. I imagined myself lying in Anna's place below a strange man, legs open receiving a hard shaft inside my wetness. My hand instinctively found its way into the warm comfort of my panties and slowly started rubbing myself. Lack of any recent serious relationship was partially to blame for my familiarity in this region, but in any case, I knew how to make my pussy purr. As the strange man picked up his intensity, so did the frequency of Anna's sexual coos and the speed of my hand.

Oddly enough, judging by the sounds, Anna, her visitor and I all climaxed at the same time. I buried my face into my pillow to muffle my own whimpers of pleasure, but doubted they would have heard me over their own excited cries and grunts. As my orgasm subsided, I allowed my finger to slip inside my wetness, then drifted off to sleep.


When I opened my eyes the following morning I saw Anna and her visitor laying naked on her bed, the covers kicked to the floor. He was lying on his back with her beside him, arm across his chest and leg pulled up, draped across his crotch. Quietly I slid out of bed and headed for the shower in my standard t-shirt and panties, hoping to finish, dress and exit before they woke and things became awkward.

I was headed for the beach that afternoon and hadn't used a razor in a few days so my shower took a bit longer than I had hoped. By the time I had finished, Anna's visitor had left.

"It was nice of you to bring the lost man home with you last night," I teased walking from the bathroom still dripping from the shower.

"Did we wake you?" Anna inquired.

"I don't think so," I lied. "Is it serious?" I continued the conversation.

"Not really, more playful. We started sleeping together about a year ago. It was just starting to get serious before he had some extended travel for work. We lost touch and just kind of reconnected last night. Does it bother you if he sleeps over?"

I shrugged and told her it didn't bother me. Maybe, had I considered the implications of the question, my answer wasn't completely truthful, but it seemed like more the norm of roommate life than an abnormality. The small apartment just made it more... intimate. Admittedly, part of me had enjoyed last night's activities which had thinking about now started to turn me on all over again.

Anna joined me at the beach where we stretched out side by side, the sun's warm rays kissing our bodies with bronze lips. After the beach we did some shopping and walking in a small village off of the coastline enjoying another beautiful Mediterranean day. Like most women, we were not short on conversation and Anna told me a bit about last night's visitor and their previous relationship. Although she never called Marco her boyfriend, it sounded like they used to have a pretty steady relationship, but I didn't press the matter.

Anna thought it would be a good idea for me to meet Marco so that evening the three of us went out for a late dinner where we were formally introduced. Marco was definitely a local, his dark features and complexion screamed Mediterranean Spain. Tall, dark and handsome was another way to say it. Even dressed in slacks and a light t-shirt it was obvious he was well built with broad shoulders, muscular arms, thick chest and flat stomach. I imagined it was probably chiseled like his other features.

We had several drinks after dinner before Marco excused himself and called it an evening. Back at our apartment Anna and I had one last glass of wine and gossiped about Marco's good looks before we slid into bed for the night. Strangely, I couldn't decide if I was more relieved or disappointed that Marco hadn't stayed the night.


The week was back to our normal routine with no sleepovers although we did meet him mid week at a bar in the village, but only spoke with him briefly.

On Friday, to kick off the weekend, Marco took Anna out for dinner. They offered to bring me along, but I stayed back not wanting to intrude and enjoyed enough wine to make reading difficult . I got ready and slipped into bed still with just the right buzz.

I hadn't heard them come in to the apartment, but they must have made enough noise to wake me. Opening my eyes I surveyed the room which was bathed in moonlight from the window behind me. I was facing Anna's bed and was pretty sure my hair and its shadows concealed my eyes, so I watched.

While Anna unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, Marco pulled his shirt over his head. The soft light was enough for me to see his washboard abs ripple with each movement. Anna had loosened his jeans, given them a shove and they had dropped to his ankles. If he was wearing underwear, they had fallen to the ground with his jeans. My eyes were drawn to his cock, which hung silhouetted in the moonlight. I didn't have much experience to draw on, but he looked a bit larger that my paradigm of normal, but then again it seemed to be growing. I watched in awe as it both thickened and lengthened, hanging at first but then rotating and climbing into the air.

Marco had been unbuttoning Anna's short sundress while I had watched his manhood spring to life, which I hadn't noticed until it dropped to the floor. From the dark shadow, Marco and I admired her tight, petite body in the moonlight, our eyes both drawn to perky, pointed breasts and their small, excited nipples. I could see his eyes wander down to the small opening to her pussy, smoothly shaven and perhaps even glistening with her excitement.

He stepped toward her, hoisting Anna into the air then gently laying her on the bed, hovering above her on all fours. Marco kissed her deeply, with such intensity it made my own pussy ache in anticipation. Carefully I readjusted, slightly lifting my ass and slipping my hand down the front of my panties. I was already wet with excitement and started slowly massaging in gentle circles.

Anna seductively opened her legs for him. Even in the dim light I could see the inner lips of her pussy unfold like a delicate flower. Still kissing, Marco crawled between her legs and lowered himself closer to her. Anna's small pale hand which had been lost his dark waves of hair appeared, reaching down and grasping his swollen shaft and guiding it to the mouth of her pussy. As she traced it's engorged head along her wet slit I heard her whisper , "be gentle."

The head of Marco's engorged cock had just parted Anna's pussy lips when he withdrew it. As I watched, my finger began to tease the opening to my own wetness. Again he entered her, but only a bit deeper the second time before retreating, just getting past the base of its purple head. After a half dozen deliberately gentle strokes, only half of his cock came out glistening with her slippery warmth. But then, in two more long thrusts he parted her and drove deep inside, forcing a moan from Anna's open mouth. When Marco buried his cock into that small pussy, I buried my finger into me, desiring him instead.

Marco fucked Anna gently, softly as I alternated between rubbing and finger-fucking my own coveting pussy. Bit by bit his cock stretched her and he was able to thrust harder and deeper with each stroke. Anna came quickly, erotic whimpers poured across her lips which cued Marco to follow suit with low grunts and a final thrust. I worked hard to catch them and started my own silent climax by the time hers was waning. The release felt good, but holding back certainly reduced the overall satisfaction and I went to sleep only partially satiated.


When I woke the following morning, Marco was already gone and Anna was in the shower. I joined her in the bathroom to empty my very full bladder.

"Did you like it," Anna questioned.

"Wha wh what, I didn't...?" I stammered back.

Anna laughed. "You dirty peeping tom."

"I didn't mean to... oh shit." I didn't know what else to say. "You saw?"

"Hell yes I saw! Anna blurted. "It wasn't that dark in the room."

"I'm sorry," I pleaded.

"Don't be," comforted Anna, "I felt sexy being watched."

"You were!" I exclaimed, my excitement immediately embarrassing me.

"I've been better," replied Anna, he's a lot to handle, takes getting used to."

"I saw," came my reply. I thought about sharing that I came watching them, but it seemed too personal.

"Of course you did, Marco's cock is hard to miss," commented Anna. "

I learned that Marco had left to run an errand and then they were going sailing and asked if I wanted to join them. It sounded fun, but I already had planned to meet a high school friend in the city so it wasn't going to work out. After breakfast we went our separate ways.

It was great reconnecting with my friend and I didn't return to the small apartment until Sunday evening. Anna and Marco were both there, not a piece of clothing between them. This may have been normal for Anna, but I was pretty shocked to see a cock hanging around the apartment in the daylight. Marco, started to apologize, saying they hadn't expected me until later.

"No, don't worry about it," I genuinely replied. "It's not much different than the nude beaches, it may take a while to adjust, but I'll get there." I was getting wet just looking at him and couldn't help longing for his cock to find its way into my pussy, hoping Anna couldn't read my thoughts.

The rest of the evening we spent in the apartment sipping wine and sharing stories. I had stripped down to panties and a t-shirt and definitely caught him staring at my chest several times over the evening. I felt fortunate that at least my dark panties would conceal my arousal.

It was a bit awkward when we decided to go to bed, we all knew what was going to happen 5 feet from my bed. I turned away and they tried to stay silent, but I still could hear them quietly fucking in the darkness behind me and not even the pillow in her face could soften Anna's moans when she orgasmed.


Marco and his glorious cock, became a regular in the small apartment. The entire next week the three of us spent every night in, drinking wine and becoming great friends. Each night Marco would drive his shaft inside Anna until she came with a fit of moaning while in the next bed I listened and brought myself to a silent climax, or two. Tuesday night I faced them, openly watching them together, but still tried to conceal my own devMarcot actions, but even they became less concealed with each passing day.

My desire for Marco burned inside me and by mid-week I had started flirting and trying to be more seductive in my choice of attire. Evenings I was wearing my thinnest, worn t-shirt, short enough to let whatever panties I wore peek from below. I selected nearly transparent light-colored panties which hugged the mound of my pussy lips, especially when wet.

When Thursday morning came, Marco was off to work and Anna and I were having breakfast in the kitchen.

"You looked like you were enjoying yourself last night," teased Anna, shooting me a knowing look.

"What does that mean," I asked.

"I saw you, fucking yourself while you watched us ," Anna accused.

I knew exactly what she meant. Last night, when Marco was fucking her, I had placed my hand palm up on my bed, two ridged fingers pointing into the air. Rather than move my fingers in and out I had raised my ass into the air and began thrusting my pussy onto my waiting fingers.

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