Ooo, Daddy


Lizzie inhaled a little when you pulled up my babydoll and let her see my butt. It's funny that she had asked about having sex with a girl...I guess I had never known she thought about that kind of thing.

You turned me around and let me sit on your lap, your bulging dick grinding against my butt, and you hiked my knees up so my feet were on the edge of the table. You started to rub inside my legs, still kissing my ear and cheek and rubbing my boobs with your other hand. I love being splayed out for you, Daddy - I feel so vulnerable and open to you, and I know you love seeing your little princess like that.

I started to close my eyes when your fingers began to rub my pussy. I was just enjoying you...we've done enough together that you know what I like pretty well. You slid your fingers into me, getting them wet, rubbing my wetness all over my lips and my clit, but you didn't make me cum that way this time.

You slid your middle finger into me gently, going deeper, deeper, opening my petite little pussy up for you. I was breathing hard, and gently humping my hips up to meet you.

You started to rub me softly inside, moving in little circles around that spot that I like. I was already feeling warm and tingly, Daddy, and it wasn't long before it started to spread. You rubbed a little faster, a little harder, and I was trying to help you...all of the sudden my body took over and I gasped as my pussy tightened around your finger. I was cumming, and you kept rubbing me to make it last while I shuddered and moaned and bucked my hips.

You kept rubbing me, and I kept my eyes closed...I can get kind of spaced out when you're doing that. Your finger felt soo good in me, Daddy...I heard Lizzie's chair move and I figured she was just getting a better view. You pulled your finger out and I moaned a little in disappointment, but then when I opened my eyes I saw you were guiding Lizzie's hand up to my pussy.

At that point I didn't care so much who touched me. I could see her eyes shining as you took her hand and helped her sink her finger into me, and then I closed my eyes again. You whispered to her how to gently hook her finger back and feel for the little mound inside me, and rub it softly...I nodded and moaned when she found it, and she was a natural, Daddy. You cupped my breasts and kissed me while she helped me cum felt so good and so naughty to have her doing it.

She pulled her finger out and I thought she was done, but then I felt your warm hands slide under my thighs, hiking them up further and spreading them. I was a little nervous to watch her, Daddy, but then I felt her warm mouth on felt so good, Daddy, not as good as you because she didn't know exactly what to do but she really meant it, obviously. She was kissing me, licking me up and down and tasting me and trying to get deep inside with her tongue, and her hands started to run up and down inside my legs.

I was rubbing myself against her face, trying to help her make me cum one last time, Daddy, and she found my clit with her tongue and started licking it. She was licking it so hard it made me gasp at whispered to her to go a little softer, and pretty soon she had found my rhythm with me and brought me to orgasm. It was a really strong one, and I opened my eyes and cried out a little and I could feel my pussy juice squeezing out of me and running down my ass onto your cock.


Daddy is so glad you had fun licking Lizzie's pussy, too. Now you can understand how much I like licking and sucking on yours. You looked a little hesitant at first, but then you really got into it. It's really fun watching Lizzie enjoying all her first experiences.

I wouldn't mind if you and Lizzie played around with each other while I'm out of town. I'd be a little bit jealous, but I would really be titillated if you told me all about it, in really graphic detail. It would be fun if you set up Daddy's video camera, and then we could all watch it when I got home. Of course, I'd have to take a pair of your well-scented panties with me.

Daddy doesn't want any other girlfriends either; I'm too in love with my princess. Mommy lost all interest in sex after Susie was born, so you don't have to share me with even her. I had a brief affair with your Aunt Grace, but she wasn't the kind of satisfying lover that you are, and it was over a long time ago. She thought oral sex was disgusting, and only wanted to fuck in the missionary position.

I remember the pancake breakfast--sort of. I remember the morning more than the food. You look soo sexy in your baby doll nightie, especially when you're not wearing any panties underneath it. Your breasts look so beautiful through that red gauze. And your ass!

We were cooking and I reached under your nightie and started lightly stroking your firm, round globes, running teasing fingers back and forth in the cleft between them. I rubbed your inner thigh, and you spread your legs further apart so I could reach your pussy from behind. Daddy could feel your lips swell up and your clit peeking out of your slit. I didn't want to make you cum right then, but get you really aroused for what was to come later. We kissed for the longest time and burned the pancakes

"HEY, you guys quit messing around, I'm HUNGRY." She must have gotten turned on watching us, because her little nipples were stiff. We threw away the burnt pancakes and made a fresh batch.

God, Daddy sure does remember you sitting on my lap that morning. I was so hot, rubbing your pussy like that and tweaking you nipples with the other hand. Then Lizzie's tongue started in your clit--she was so serious about doing it right. I could touch both your breasts then, and I massaged them just the way I know you like it. The only thing that was disappointing was I couldn't see inside your pussy from there, and I really like looking at it.

When Lizzie made you cum and your juice flooded me, I couldn't hold off any longer. I lifted you up on my lap and plunged my aching cock into your hot, slippery cunt. Lizzie watched it slide in and out for a minute, the she attacked your clit with her tongue. I could see her mouth working on you, and feel her tongue on my cock when I moved in you. You exploded again, and I held you tight until you settled down.

"Okay, Daddy, now show me how you make yourself cum. You prooomised, right after breakfast," Lizzie said, showing her little pout again.

"You'll have to give me a couple minutes; Daddy just shot his cum into Sissie's pussy. I need time to get hard again."

"Can we help you get hard again, Daddy?"

"You can give me a little visual stimulation. It helps me to get hard if I watch something really sexy."

"What can we do?"

"How about letting me watch you rub your pussies while I rub my cock?"

"How about I rub Sissy's pussy while she rubs mine?"

"That would be even hotter."

You both sat up so you could watch me, and I lay on my side facing you. Lizzie reached between your legs, and you did the same to her. You slid her hood back, and her tiny little pearl peeked out.

"Spread your lips wide apart so Daddy can see inside... Oo yeah, like that."

You both started making slow, lazy circles around each other, and I took my flaccid cock in my hand. I squeezed it, and a single drop of cum came out the tip.

"NO FAIR, you came already!" We laughed at her.

"No, silly, Daddy didn't cum already, that's just a drop from last time," you said.

"Okay, now hurry up and make yourself hard again."

I lay my limp dick in the palm of one hand and stroked the top of it with the other. When it lengthened a little bit, I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking it slowly. Even soft, if I pinch it off on the bottom, the head swells up a bit. Slowly, slowly, it started to grow.

"Oh oh look, it's getting's starting to stick up a little a little bit more...oh, wow, this is soo cool watching it happen. You were watching carefully, too, so I thought maybe that was a turn-on for you as well?

Pretty soon Daddy had a good, big hard-on. I gripped it tightly and slid the skin up and down, pulling some of it over the head. Even being circumcised there's enough skin to do that with. When I move the skin like that, the part that's attached to my scrotum pulls my balls up and down at the same time. As I picked up the tempo, you and Lizzie started frigging each other faster and faster. All of a sudden, a whole lot of precum leaked out of the little slit on the tip of my cock.

"Is that cum? It looks different, it's clear. What is that?"

"It's precum, Lizzie," you explained.

"Precum? What's that for?"

"It helps lubricate his cock, so when he fucks me, it will go in easier."

"Like pussy juice?"


"Will he have precum when he fucks me?"


"I smeared the precum all over the head of my cock, and instead of just jacking on the shaft, I could slide it through my fist. I started going faster and faster, growls emanating from deep in my throat. Faster. Harder.

"Watch, Lizzie, he's going to cum soon."

"How do you know that?"

"See his ball sac all shrivel up and pull his balls up tight?"

"Oh yeah, they don't flop around any more."

"Oh yes, oh yes, OOH...Ahhh...mmm...mmm..." A good-sized dollop of cum ran down the side of my cock and all over my hand.

"Is that all? Where's the rest of it? It didn't even squirt."

"Daddy just came a little while ago in my pussy, so he doesn't have a whole lot left."

"Well just don't cum anywhere else before you fuck me, cause I want you to squirt a whole LOT in my pussy."

"So, did you like watching Daddy jerk off?"

"Oh yeah. Thanks, Daddy." She got up and skipped off to her room.

We both kind of of shrugged our shoulders and smiled at each other. I lay flat on my back on the blanket, and you crawled over and stretched out on top of me. I love the feeling of your body on mine. You'd took my face in your hands and brought your soft lips down on mine. We lay there kissing for the longest time.

I gently stroked you--your back, your ass, the backs of your thighs; all of you that I could reach from the position we were in. I ran my hands through your soft, shiny hair. You started to mewl, and gently rock back and forth on top of me. Something was happening to me. My cock started to swell, getting harder and harder. You scooched down a little bit until your pussy was right on top of my dick, then dry-humped me a little, until nothing was dry any more. My shaft was slick with your juice.

"Again, Daddy? You can do it again?" I smiled and nodded my head.

"You make me feel like I'm eighteen again, princess."

"Ooo, Daddy!"

"Why don't you roll off me and lie on your tummy."

I hovered over you for a moment, looking at your narrow waist, flaring hips, and beautiful round ass. You had your legs spread a little and I could see your swollen lips, glistening with moisture. I paused for a bit, letting my now throbbing cock rest between your cheeks, before placing it between your legs and sliding it in to your warm, welcoming cunt.

I went in long and deep, savoring the feeling of your soft ass pressed against my groin. You tipped your pelvis up to find the angle that feels best to you, and I slid my hand around and under you until I could reach your clit and press it against my shaft as I slid in and out. Sometimes I like to do it hard and fast, and hear the sound of our bodies slapping together. This night, I did it slow and deep, touching your cervix at the end of every stroke. You shifted your butt from time to time, and my cock slid from side to side, deep in your vagina. I wanted to stay there forever.

"Oh, Daddy..."

"Oh, Princess..."

"Oh, Daddy..."

"Oh, sweet baby girl..."



"I love you, Daddy..."

"I love you, too, Princess..."

We had just one more night before Mommy and Susie got home, so it was time for Lizzie to lose her virginity. She came into the room slowly, with a small frown on her face.

"Are you ready for this, kiddo?" you asked.

"I-I guess so, but I'm a little scared."

"What are you scared of?"

"Well, Daddy's cock is so big, and my pussy is so small."

"It stretches to fit him."

"You said it hurt you the first time."

"The stretching hurts a little bit, but you soon forget about it because it feels so good. You might want to break your cherry with a vibrator first."

"What's my cherry?"

"It's called a hymen. It's a little membrane that's just inside the entrance to your vagina, and Daddy's penis will tear through it when he fucks you for the first time. Unless, of course, you break it first."

"Does it hurt when you break it?"

"Yes, it hurts, but the pain doesn't last too long."

"I think I want to break it before he fucks me, so it doesn't hurt as much when his big cock comes inside me. Can you help me?"

You got out a long, slender bullet-shaped vibrator, turned it on, and started running it over her little breasts, around and around her puffy little nipples.

"Why are you doing that on my boobs, if your going to break my cherry with it?"

"We want to get you aroused first. Does this feel good?"


"Does it turn you on?"


You ran the vibrator down across her tummy, down over her mound, and on the outside of her outer lips, in that little crease between her majora and her thighs. Then you started moving it over her lips, and we watched them turn slightly red and swell up. While you teased around her pussy, Daddy massaged her breasts, pulling and rolling her nipples. Her breathing got deep, and she started to squirm.

You moved the tip of the vibrator up and down her slit, and we watched as her little clit swelled up and peeked out. You had her pull up her knees, and you spread her lips apart. Her pussy was all wet; milky-white fluid was coming out of her vagina. You ran the vibrator up and down both sides of her hood, then slipped the tip of it inside the hood, right on her hard little clit.

"Ooo Daddy....Ooo Daddy....I'm gonna cuuuum....nnggghhh....AH....OW! OW!"

Just as she went over the edge and her orgasm wracked her body, you pushed the vibrator hard into her vagina, tearing through her maidenhead.

"Oh OW OW OW....that HURTS."

"It'll quit hurting in a little bit, Lizzie," you told her.

Lizzie is a bit of a drama queen. We stroked her little body, until she calmed down. I bent down and licked her pussy, cleaning off the pink mixture of her juice and virgin blood. When my tongue found her clit, her breath came in ragged gasps, and she was getting hot again.

"Are you ready for Daddy to fuck you now?" you asked, kissing her cupid mouth.

"I-I think so. Is it going to hurt some more?"

"It might hurt a little bit when he stretches you, but nothing like popping your cherry."

"Daddy's cock is soo big, and my pussy is so small."

"Why don't you get on top of Daddy, that way you can have control over how fast his cock goes in you."

"Like the first time I saw you and Daddy fucking?"

"Yes, like that."

I lay down on my back and Lizzie straddled me. She was so aroused, her cunt was inflamed. You took my cock in your hand and stroked her clit with it. I was so glad my princess was there helping me. I started leaking pre-cum and you spread it over my swollen head. You positioned it between her little pink lips.

"Okay, Lizzie, you can start to lower yourself down on Daddy now," you said.

Tentatively, she let herself down on me, so the tip started to enter her vagina. Then a little more, until the whole tapered head was inside her.

"Oh, Daddy, it's so's stretching meee...."

I'd been holding her tight little ass in my hands. I moved one hand off, lubricated my thumb with her juice that had been running down my shaft, and began to slowly fondle her clit with it. You took her nipples in your hands and massaged them. She lowered herself a little more, taking in another inch....then one more.

"UH....UH....UH....Oh, Daddy, it's so wide."

With hands working on her titties and on her clit, she was worked up to yet another orgasm. My hard-on inside her was so tight, I thought I might split her right in half. She gasped, her whole body shuddered, and when she came, she plunged herself the rest of the way down on my cock.

"OH GOD. OH. You filled me up, Daddy."

"Are you okay, baby girl?"

"I-I think so....what's that you're pushing on inside me?"

"That's your cervix," you told her. "Now, rise up slowly and let yourself down again."

She came up, slowly, then slowly let herself down again. And again.

"Hey, you guys, look at me--I'm fucking!"


The flames in the campfire had burned away, and there were just glowing embers left in the bottom of the fire pit. She was snuggled up with me, her head on my shoulder. Her eyes were beginning to close.

"Let's go to bed, princess."

"Okay, Daddy."

I zipped our sleeping bags together and laid them out on the air mattress.

"Can we sleep naked, Daddy?"

"We sure can, sweetie."

"Good. I want to feel your body next to mine."

We took off our clothes and made slow, passionate love with each other, with lots of kissing and lots of touching. We crawled into the joined sleeping bag and spooned. I put my arm around her and cupped her breast. We were asleep in minutes.

Sometime in the middle of the night, her ass pressed into my groin. My cock hardened and rested in the cleft between her cheeks. I started rubbing her tummy in soft circles, then it lowered to to cup her sex. She was wet. I lifted her leg and slid my rod deep in her cunt.

"Ooo, Daddy!"

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