tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 10

Open Marriage Ch. 10


Mark sat reading the newspaper on the patio and smiled to himself as he thought about the phone call he got from Rita's husband, Dan a few weeks ago. She had given birth to a healthy baby boy and named him Dan Jr.

The most surprising turn of events happened in the delivery room when everyone was prepared for the delivery of a mixed child to be brought into the world. Even the doctor was aware of the situation as Dan and Rita's parents waited down the hallway for the moment Rita delivered the baby.

Dan was there with his camera in hand as the doctor and nurses worked on his wife. He first saw the head then the remainder of the baby's tiny body. The doctor glanced over at Dan with a puzzled expression n his face.

Dan finally put the camera down to take a closer look. Mark remembered how Dan told him how his mouth dropped open when he saw that the baby was white.

Mark remembered how Dan said how Rita had told the doctor that she had an affair and expected the baby to be black. All of the nurses were aware and confused when Rita delivered a white baby.

Dan told Mark how he had sex with Rita the morning after she had been out with Hank. It was his baby after all and now he had to tell his parents a lie. After preparing them for the worse and telling everyone that Rita was going to deliver a black baby, Dan told them it had been all a joke.

Mark remembered how Dan said he explained everything to his parents. Dan told him how Rita's parents were not so thrilled being lead to believe their daughter had an extra marital affair with a black man.

Mark tilted his head back to the newspaper and saw the huge article about the new development that he was involved with. It was a gated community with several high rise condominium structures that were being built thanks to Hank.

Hank had made Mark his partner and soon he would be raking in the cash. Mark and Faith expected to become very wealthy once the complex was complete and sold out.

Mark figured the least amount at thirty-five million dollars. Mark had Hank to thank for their good fortune.

Mark glanced at his watch and noticed it was getting late and decided to see if Faith was ready.

They had a party to attend at Hank's new beach front mansion. This would be the first time Faith accepted an invitation to see Hank since they split up ten months ago.

Mark found her standing in front of the large bathroom mirror. She was applying her makeup and was leaning over the counter. He stopped in the doorway and watched for a moment, taking in her beautiful form in the tight black dress she was wearing.

Faith's breasts were about ready to spill out of the top. Mark could see every smooth curve of her full round ass under the dress and was sure she wasn't even wearing a thong. She wore her black spike heels which made her legs appear a mile long.

The dress was short ending high above her knees and Mark had seen Faith wearing the dress many times on her dates with Hank in the past. He imagined it was Hank's favorite dress. Faith noticed Mark's reflection in the mirror and smiled at him as she applied her lipstick. "You look absolutely gorgeous tonight! Are you sure you want to go to this party and see Hank again?"

Faith smacked her lips and put the tub of lipstick in her purse and turned around and walked over to Mark and held his shoulders.

"If it wasn't for Hank we wouldn't be making the millions on commission."

Mark put his hands on her hips as she rubbed his shoulders. He starred down at her beautiful full breasts gleaming in the bathroom light.

"I don't suppose your going to thank Hank tonight for making us his partner in this project, are you?"

Faith gave Mark a devilish stare looking deep into his eyes as she replied. "There is going to be a bunch of people at this party tonight."

They were still holding each other and starring at each other as Faith added. "Do you think we owe Hank a little something for making us rich?"

Mark gave her waist a gentle squeeze as he leaned over and kissed her cheek. "I'm sure nobody would miss Hank if he should disappear for a short time."

Faith leaned up and kissed Mark on the lips keeping the devilish grin on her face as she picked up her little purse off the counter.

They arrived at Hank's mansion and pulled around to the large circular driveway where someone was waiting to park their car.

They walked up the large double doors as Faith glanced around at the four story mansion and said. "Could you imagine living in a place like this?"

Mark squeezed her hand as he rang the doorbell. They waited until the large door opened and Hank was standing on the other side.

Hank smiled as he shook Mark's hand. "It's good to see you again, Mark."

Hank turned to stare at Faith who took his hand as he leaned down and kissed her near her ear. "You look absolutely stunning tonight. You're wearing my favorite dress!"

Hank escorted them inside the doorway as he held onto Faith's hand. Mark starred at the way Hank was looking at Faith. He first thought about the comment about the dress knowing he was right about it being his favorite.

He figured the way they were starring at each other that Hank was going to get a treat at some point during the evening.

Hank took them around and introduced them to the large group of people attending his house warming. The mansion was huge with a complete view of the ocean from every window facing west.

Hank took Mark over to meet a group of women and introduced him to a petite blonde named Tracy. Tracy kept Mark occupied in deep conversation while Hank took Faith around to meet a few of his old friends from New York.

Faith had met a few during her trips north with Hank. She got busy talking to a couple of the men who told her that it was good to see her again and glad to see she was dating Hank again.

Those remarks caught her by surprise as if Hank had told them they were and item again. Faith got caught up talking to one of Hank's friends for a good portion of time. She looked around about an hour later and couldn't find Mark anywhere.

There was music blaring and it was hard to hear anyone talking unless you got close to the other person. Faith figured there must have been about two hundred people at the party and she only knew a handful of them.

Faith was startled when Hank approached her from the rear and whispered into her ear.

"Meet me up in my bedroom in twenty minutes."

When Faith turned around, Hank had walked away toward a group of men. She took a sip of her drink and walked around looking for Mark but there wasn't any sign of neither him nor that petite blonde.

Faith opened the door to the dark bedroom and turned on the light. She quickly found a couple candles and lit them on the night stand and began slipping out of her dress. She deiced to leave her heels on and turned out the light.

She climbed onto the bed and moved the decorative pillows around and laid her head back and waited in the dark room for Hank.

Faith heard the door open and the clang of a belt buckle near the doorway. It was too dark to see his figure but she knew he entered the room and would soon be joining her on the bed.

The next thing she saw was a dark figure approaching the bed then the mattress sagged as she saw Hank climb into bed next to her naked. Hank quickly reached out and pulled her body toward him and planted his lips on hers and parted her lips with his tongue.

They were soon locked in a heated passionate kiss as Hank moved his hand across her waist and down to her smooth round ass and gently squeezed it as she moaned into his mouth.

"It seems like we haven't been together for ages."

Those were the only words that Faith was able to get out as Hank held her arms at her wrists and rolled her onto her back as he continued to kiss her as he climbed up between her legs.

Faith kept kissing him as she wrapped her legs around his legs. She felt his huge black cock for the first time in months pushing into her flat belly as her body squirmed around beneath him.

There wasn't anytime for foreplay but Faith was extremely wet anyway as Hank moved his hips around until his cock head was pointed straight for her wet pussy slit.

He finally reached down and guided the tip of its head toward the opening of her pussy and pushed forward making her body stiffen as he entered her for pussy for the first time in several months.

Hank held her arms back over her head as he worked his hips making his cock slip inside her wet pussy about an inch at a time until he was sunk inside her and couldn't go any further. Faith wrapped her legs around the back of his legs and tried to pull him deeper inside her pussy.

Hank kept kissing her as she moaned and finally pulled her arms down and wrapped them around his back. She was kissing his face and neck as he began pushing his huge black cock inside her tight pussy.

Faith dug her nails into his back as Hank began hammering his body into her upturned ass making a slapping noise with each thrust. It had been so long since they screwed that Hank knew he wouldn't be able to last long but held back hoping he could make her have an orgasm before he shot his load into her.

Hank began kissing her neck and felt her body responding to his cock. Her pussy felt so tight like a virgin again. He'd promise himself to stretch it out like he had before making her practically useless for any other man.

Hank rotated his body with each thrust making her pussy stretch as she clung to him with her arms wrapped around his shoulders. She was whimpering like a wounded kitten as he hammered his body into her pussy.

Faith suddenly yelled out in his ear and dug her nails into his skin as she bucked her hips against his boy as she came around his cock. Hank could feel the wetness of her pussy and it made him drive his cock into her at a greater speed.

Hank's body was slapping into her legs as his breath labored and he drove his cock as deep inside her pussy as he could and finally unleashed his thick load of African seed deep inside her waiting pussy.

Hank kept breathing hard as he pushed his cock deep inside her belly feeling her nails digging into his back as he held himself inside her.

Hank finally caught his breath and felt her hands rubbing his back as she kissed his face. Hank was exhausted and quickly rolled onto his back as Faith reached for a towel she saw laying on the floor next to the bed.

Faith padded his face with the towel and wiped his forehead then leaned down and kissed him on the lips. Hank reached out and pulled her down and kissed her again letting her long blonde hair cascade down around his face.

Hank was rubbing his hand along her waist and down to her ass while she caressed his face and thought about Mark for a moment.

"I bet you had it arranged to distract my husband with that little blonde tonight, wasn't it?"

Hank laughed before giving her another passionate kiss on her lips as he rubbed her ass and gave her cheek and gentle squeeze.

"Let's just say I wanted to insure getting together tonight."

Faith smiled as she traced her finger along his lips.

"You're a very bad man!"

Hank licked her finger as he starred into her eyes.

"Why don't you climb on to this time?"

Faith laughed. "Don't you have to get back to the party?"

Hank kissed her again as she maneuvered her body u over his legs until she was straddling him.

"I might just keep you here tonight."

Faith reached down to grab his thick cock and started to guide it toward the opening of her pussy and gently slid down as she looked down into his eyes and replied.

"Oh.....Who's going to drive home with my husband tonight?"

Hank held onto her arm as he flexed his hips making his c slip into the opening of Faith's pussy. Her body tightened as she closed her eyes and began to slowly rock her way down the long shaft again.

"I think Tracy will keep your husband occupied most of the night!"

Faith closed her eyes as Hank's cock continued moving forward as she held her mouth open feeling a little discomfort from Hank's cock.

"I have to get use to this big thing inside me again!"

Faith leaned forward letting her huge tits swing freely in front of his face as he grabbed hold of her tiny waist.

"I'm going to give you plenty of opportunities to get that pussy stretched out for a custom fit."

Faith began bouncing on Hank's lap as he leaned up and took each nipple into his mouth. Faith pushed her chest out giving him more room to suck on her tits. Her hips were swaying on his lap as he worked his giant cock inside her pussy.

Faith watched as Hank nibbled and licked her tits. Hank surprised her and started putting tiny bits across her sensitive skin. Faith moaned and pushed further forward trying to give him better access.

Hank stopped long enough to stare up at her and said. "I have to put my trade mark on these again."

Faith just kept pushing her ass down against his legs making his cock sink inside her as far as she could.

"Don't worry. Mark already knows your trade mark!"

Hank sort of laughed as he replied. "Mark already knows what it feels like when I leave my trade mark on this pussy."

Faith just kept pushing down as she replied back. "Mark has been making comments on how my pussy has gotten back to normal again."

Hank laughed before making another reply. "He'll know I'm back once he feels this in a few days."

Faith starred down at Hank and finally stopped moving for a second as she replied. ""How do you know your going to get another chance at this after tonight?"

Hank lifted up to bit her nipples again as he pushed her ass down onto his cock. "I think my chances are pretty good in my favor."

Faith closed her eyes and moaned again as Hank moved her ass around above his cock.

"I better not ever find out your screwing around on me again. Otherwise you'll never get another chance to fuck me again. Do you understand me?"

Hank kept moving her around above his legs as he took each tit into his mouth and bit her nipples. Faith moaned and pushed her pussy down harder.

Hank took his mouth off her tits long enough to reply. "I'm not going to screw this up again."

Faith was looking down at Hank intensively as she watched him put his lips back on one of her tits.

She closed her eyes as she felt his teeth dig into her skin. She opened her mouth to moan but her reply was still on her mind as she half moaned and said. "I'm, not going to give you an opportunity to screw this up again."

Hank stopped biting her tit for a second and starred up at her closed eyes then continued to push his huge cock deep inside her pussy again making it customized for its girth.

Faith's body began shaking a few minutes later and had one of the best orgasm's in months as Hank pushed his cock as deep as it would go and let loose a second load of hot seed deep inside her white married belly.

Hank held her tight as she leaned down against his chest. He was kissing the top of her head as he stroked her back feeling his cock starting to expand for a third time. Hank moved his hands down to grasp her ass and began moving her body above his cock.

He could feel his balls swelling already and knew he was about to shot a third load of cum inside her tonight. Faith kept her body tight against his chest as Hank moved her nice round ass above his legs.

Hank grunted and groaned as he shot the last load of sperm inside of Faith pussy. Her face was buried into his chest with her long blonde hair covering his upper body.

She was exhausted and couldn't move at the moment as Hank went back rubbing his hands along her back.

"I'm so glad your back, baby."

Faith finally raised her head and starred into his eyes. "I really mean it this time. If you screw around on me we are through!"

Hank was about to reply when they heard a sudden knock on the door which startled them both.

Hank yelled out. "How is it?"

A husky male voice replied out. "Come on back to the party Hank. One of the major buyers wants to have a few words with you."

"OK. I'll be right out."

Hank patted Faith on her ass and rubbed her back before giving her a nice kiss and said. "We got to get out there in a hurry. I don't want to piss this guy off. He's one of the major buyers for our condos."

Faith quickly got out of bed and reached for her dress while Hank ran toward the door where his closes were laying. Faith quickly slipped into her dress, her heels were already on and shook her head making her long blonde hair flow down the back of her shoulders.

Faith picked u her purse from the chair and looked back at Hank who was slipping into his shoes. She started to walk toward the bathroom when Hank hollered out.

"We don't have anytime for that right now. Come on and speak to this man with me and give him a little smile or two."

Faith needed to wash. She could feel Hank's sperm leaking out of her pussy and raised her dress up and took her hand and wiped her inner thigh. She looked up at Hank who was waiting at the door with his hand out.

Faith quickly lowered her dress and took hold of Hank's hand as he dashed her out the door.

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