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Open Marriage Weekend


I was just settling into my easy chair after dinner, Edna was finishing up in the kitchen, and the kids had retired to their bedrooms to do their home work, when the phone rang. I let it ring figuring it was for Edna but after the fourth ring I picked up just as she did and I heard her answer, "Hello."

"Edna? Is it really you?" Said the caller.

"Of course it's me. You called this number didn't you? Who is this?"

"It's me, Sally; Sally Benson, from Central High.

"Sally, oh my god, it's been years......."

I hung up at that point because that is when all the female squealing began. About twenty minutes later I remembered that I wanted to call Sam Browning about our golf game next Saturday and when I picked up the phone the women were still at it.

Just as I was about to put it down again I heard Edna say, "Oh my gosh, did he really ask for me?"

"Yes," Sally replied, "He specifically wanted to know if you would be there. He said he wouldn't come if you weren't coming too."

"I haven't seen him since the summer we graduated," Edna said, "and I haven't even thought of him in years."

"Well he said that he never forgot what happened on your prom night and the rest of the summer nights until you left for college."

"Prom Night." Edna said with a sigh, "Oh, I'll never forget that night, no woman ever does."

"Then you'll come? Can I tell Adam you will be there? I'm trying to get as many people as I can for our twentieth reunion."

"I don't know yet. I'll have to talk to Cal and see if he can get away that weekend."

"Are you sure you would want your husband to come too?" Sally asked.

"Oh you are so nasty." Edna giggled, "Of course I do."

And then they gossiped on for another fifteen minutes before hanging up.

I had met Edna after she graduated from college and never met any of her high school friends, except for the Cynthia, who was her maid of honor at our wedding. I knew she wasn't a virgin when we married but neither was I and neither of us had ever questioned the other about our prior lovers. Now I was curious about this Adam.

What made me even more curious was that Edna didn't mention the phone call or the reunion until the invitation came in the mail several weeks later. The envelope was mixed in with the other mail on my home office desk when I was opening the months bills.

"Edna," I called out, "there's a letter here for you."

"Who's it from?" She asked from the kitchen.

I raised my voice to answer. "Return address on the envelope says Sally Benson."

"Who is Sally Benson?"

"Edna, how would I know? Do you want the letter or not?"

"Open it and tell me what it is."

"It's an invitation to your twentieth high school reunion."

"Oh my." she said as she dried her hands walking into the room, "I haven't heard from her in years and I've never gone to any of the reunions."

"Why not?" I asked, wondering why she was denying knowing about the reunion.

"I guess because I never wanted to leave you home alone with the kids or drag you along to a reunion where you wouldn't know anyone."

"Don't you want to go?" I prodded.

"I don't know, I haven't thought about it." Why all this denial, I wondered?

"Well I think you should go. It will be good for you to get away and renew old friendships." I said, stirring the pot a little.

"Do you really think I should go?" she questioned hesitatingly. "No, I don't think so. I wouldn't be comfortable without you being there with me?"

Clever of her to plant the seed of her going without me but that's not going to happen. "Not to worry my dear, I have a client there that I can see on Friday. I will be looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend away."

"Oh," she said as a fleeting look of disappointment faded behind a forced smile, "That's great. I'll get back to Sally and let her know we will be coming."

I noticed it didn't take her long to make up her mind to go after my encouraging her. I wondered how this was going to play out. I also wanted to know more about this Adam and the first place I went to was her high school year book.

I found him there, the only Adam in her class. Adam Zoblinski, wide receiver on the football team, guard on the basketball team, second base on the baseball team, a real jock. A good looking guy according to his year book picture, just the kind of guy a pretty eighteen year old girl could fall for.

Next to Edna's picture were several scrawled blurbs, the most interesting was signed by Adam saying, 'To the prettiest girl in our class, I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.'

'Seeing more of her.' I said to my self, I wonder how much more he saw of her on all of those nights that summer. From what I can figure out so far, this is the guy who took her cherry and she not only hasn't forgotten him but she is looking forward to renewing an old relationship.

The weather was beautiful on the October Thursday when we arrived at the hotel that was hosting the reunion. Edna was buoyant and excited with anticipation at seeing her old friends. She hadn't been back in many years because her parents had moved to Florida not long after we were married.

We hadn't been in our room for more than fifteen minutes and we were still unpacking when there was a knock on the door. When I opened it, there stood Cynthia, "Cal," she exclaimed, "it's so good to see you again. You look just as good as you did on your wedding day."

She looked good and she felt even better when she reached out and grabbed me in a hug that connected us from knee to lip. The kiss she was giving me was not what I would have expected from a woman I had only met a few times in my life and her body, pressed against mine, was causing a reaction from me that she couldn't miss but that she did ignore.

"Edna," she shrieked as she loosened her grip on me and spotted my wife, "My god, you are as beautiful as ever. How do you do it after two kids and all these years?"

They went on and on as only women can and I found out that Cynthia had the room adjoining and connected to ours and we were having dinner with her and her fiancé tonight. At seven o'clock we met Cynthia and her fiancé in the restaurant for dinner. Guess who the fiancé was? Why was I not surprised when he was introduced as Adam?

The dinner conversation was lively, probably because the drinks were flowing and the flirting going on around the table. When the three piece band began to play I had the first dance with Edna and then the swap happened. Edna grabbed Adam and I was left with Cynthia. She moved in on me like I was made out of fly paper. By the second song she was humping my thigh like she wanted to cum right there on the dance floor.

"Ok Cynthia," I said, "What's going on?"

"What do you mean, what's going on?"

"Cyn, you're all over me like fleas on a dog. That's my wife over there carrying on with your so called fiancé just like you are doing with me and we both know that I never did anything to encourage you to come on to me like this. By the way what happened to Henry?"

"Oh god," she groaned. "I told Edna we could never pull this off. Henry is long gone; we never should have been married. We split three years ago and you are right, Adam and I are not engaged. I'm supposed to seduce you so that Edna can relive her high school prom night with him. I'm so sorry Calvin, I'm so ashamed of myself and my friend. You don't deserve what she has planned."

"I can't say that I have been completely in the dark about why she wanted to come to this reunion but I never knew you were involved in my seduction. You don't seem to have minded the assignment."

She had the decency to blush when she answered, "No, I didn't mind it at all."

"What did she plan for tomorrow and Saturday?"

"She is going to tell you that she and I are going shopping after breakfast but she was really spending the day with Adam. Then we were all going to go to the football game at five o'clock and the party afterwards. After the party, you and I go to my room and those two will be in yours. Except for the dinner dance on Saturday night, I don't know what she has planned for the next day."

"Will you do me a favor Cyn; will you not tell her that I know what's going on? I want to know how this is going to play out. I want to know just how sound my marriage really is."

"I don't know Cal, she's my friend. I feel funny caught in the middle of all this.

"Then let me talk to her tonight and if she admits to what she has planned and doesn't go thorough with it, then there is no problem. But if she won't give it up then there js nothing either of us can do."

She reluctantly agreed and when the band quit playing at eleven we went up to our rooms. As I closed the door I turned to Edna and asked, "So are you going to tell me Edna?"

"Tell you? Tell you what?" she answered my question with hers.

"What was happening between you and Adam tonight?"

"What was happening? Nothing was happening. You were right there. I saw how close you pulled Cynthia when you started to dance. I didn't do anything you didn't do. He's my friend's fiancé and I find him charming and as long as you were dancing with her I kept dancing with him."

"Edna, I'm not stupid. The way you were monopolizing Adam and the way Cynthia was coming on to me told me right away that they were not engaged and that you and Adam had some kind of connection."

She looked away from me, her embarrassment was clearly evident. "I knew him when I was in high school."

"Knew him?" I repeated, "Knew him how? As a friend or in the biblical sense?"

"He took me to the senior prom."

"And he took your virginity then, didn't he."

I got a whispered, "Yes." in reply.

"So, after all these years of not coming to the reunions, you wanted to come back to this one to relive that experience because you knew he would be here?"

"No Calvin, you know I wouldn't do that to you. I couldn't cheat on you."

"Maybe not with me being here but I would bet that if you had come here alone you would have fucked him this weekend."

"Cal how can you talk to me like that. You know I have never cheated on you."

"I thought I knew that too. But after watching you tonight I am not so sure."

"Well you can be sure that I never have." She protested.

"How about that you never will? Are you going to tell me that you were not excited tonight? That the thought of fucking him didn't enter your mind."

"Of course not. How can you ask me such a thing?"

"Because I watched you. Because I know you. Because I think you were so aroused tonight that your panties are soaked and you are dying to get out of them."

"Oh god," she moaned as she sat down on the edge of the bed. Tears started running down her cheeks. "You're right. You know me too well. I don't deserve you."

"Perhaps not." I agreed, "But I do love you, even if I sometimes I don't understand you. Now what is the truth about this weekend?"

I could see the internal struggle reflected on her face. Should she tell me all? Should she admit to her wanting to fuck Adam again. Should she admit to her conniving to get Cynthia to seduce me so she fornicate with a clear conscience?

"I didn't know Adam was going to be here," she began her confession, "until after we accepted the invitation. I haven't seen or talked to him since I started college. I only found out from Sally when I phoned her to tell her we were coming." Lie number one.

"After I knew he was going to be here," she continued, "Yes, I did think about him. He is the boy who took my virginity; no woman ever forgets the one who did that. When you told me you were going to come along I was so relieved because that put the thought of cheating out of my head." Lie number two.

"I was so surprised," she said, "When Cynthia showed up in our room and she told me they were engaged. I don't really think they are though, she doesn't have a ring. I think it's something they announced just for the reunion." Lie number three.

"That's why tonight," she continued, "I spent so much time with him. I was just trying to find out if they really were engaged. The trouble was that he kept talking about our prom night and that's what got me wet." Lie number four.

"So the thought of sleeping with him is still in the back of your mind?" I asked.

"No," she protested. "Well maybe, but I wouldn't."

"But you would always wonder if it would be still as good wouldn't you? It would always be lurking there in your head." I was tempting her.

"I guess it would." she admitted. "But I wouldn't ........"

"What if I gave you a free pass?" I interrupted, "A get out of jail free card, just for this weekend. An open marriage until Sunday morning, just so that you could get this out of your system."

"You would do that?" was her astonished question. "You would let me sleep with Adam? Why would you do that?"

"Because it is something that has been bugging you for some time now and you have to get rid of it. If you did it behind my back my back and I found out about it, it could ruin our marriage. But understand this, this is a one time pass, good only for this weekend and it is good for me too."

"Good for you too?" she repeated. I could literally see the wheels going around in her head. Since I didn't know anyone else here and she had already set it up for Cynthia to seduce me she figured she had her ass covered. So she leaped at my offer.

"Oh Calvin," she gushed "You are the best husband a woman could have. I love you so much, Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Before you get too excited, there are a couple of caveats we have to establish.

One: This is the last reunion you attend.

Two: You never have any contact with Adam again after this weekend.

Three: Your conduct with him when you are in public will not in anyway humiliate me.

Four: Any sexual relations will take place only in this room.

Five: You always let me know when you intend to be with him.

She agreed to everything I specified. I think she would have agreed to let me watch them fuck. She was so excited with the anticipation of her intended affair that she could hardly contain her exuberance.

No, I didn't make love to her that night. After all those lies I couldn't bring myself to touch her and the capper came as we turned off the light to go to sleep and she said, "Oh by the way, while you are with your client tomorrow, Cynthia and I are going out shopping and gossiping over lunch." She couldn't even be honest enough to tell me that she, even with my permission, was going to meet Adam.

Cynthia met us for breakfast and after we were finished eating Edna gave me a hug and a kiss and a whispered, "You are the best." She then left with Cyn to go 'shopping'. I left to go to the nearest Radio Shack where I purchased two voice activated recorders, one of which I planted between the mattress and the head board of the king sized bed in our room and the other in the magazine rack next to the easy chair.

As prearranged with Cynthia, she met me back in her room after Edna left her. I had made sure that the connecting door to our room was unlocked on our side and the door was left open just the slightest bit. Within fifteen minutes of our settling into Cynthia's room the two lovers burst into the other room. They were completely oblivious to their surroundings. The connecting door could have been completely open and they wouldn't have noticed.

"Hurry." I heard Edna say, "Just take your pants and shoes off while I get my jeans off."

"You're still the same horny slut you always were." He answered.

"Only for you lover, Now stick it in me. I'm so wet it's running down my leg."

"Not even a kiss for me bitch?"

"No damn it, just fuck me...... Oooohhhh goddddd....... yes, yes....... Oooooooo.

And then she screamed; long drawn out wail as she came.

And then, "ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh," she grunted as he pumped into her. And then silence.

Cynthia and I sat silently also. I couldn't help it; the tears were running down my cheeks. She reached out and held my hand. Neither one of us could say anything and then we heard her again.

"Oh Adam, all those months of talking on the phone, once Sally told you how to get in touch with me, were wonderful. But making myself cum for you was never as good as this. All those months of you making me do all those things for you as we talked on the phone, could never compare to what just happened. Cal thought he had given me permission to be with you for the rest of the weekend but I want to keep meeting you for the rest of my life. .

"You could have had this a long time ago." he began........ "That's right kiss it.

All you had to do was say yes to me.... Now lick it.

I could have been fucking you ever since you've been married..... Oh yes, you still are the best cocksucker I ever had.

Just because you had his kids, you stayed away from me..... That's right get me good and hard again.

All the months we talked on the phone and you refused to meet me....... You can't talk with it down your throat like this can you.

I'm gonna cum again now. AAAAAaaaaaaaahhhh. ......You cunt, your mouth is better than your pussy...... Swallow it all."

All through his monolog we never heard a sound out of her.

Cynthia and I stole silently from her room. I don't even remember what we did for the rest of the afternoon. I was back in my room just after four o'clock, it was neat as a pin and Edna was in the shower. When she came out I was sitting in the easy chair staring at the TV, I didn't even know what was showing. Her wet hair was wrapped in a towel and another covered her from her tits to her thighs. She was still a good looking woman, maybe that was the trouble.

"Hi honey," she greeted me. "You look like you're beat. Your client must have given you a hard time. I wasn't successful either. Cynthia and I walked from store to store and I couldn't find a thing I liked. All the stores seem to carry the same things and all of it junk."

As she talked she plunked herself down on my lap making sure that the towel wrapped around her came loose. Her tits were in my face, hanging free and moving as only large, soft tits do. They were unmarked by the afternoon's activities and under normal conditions I would have been sucking on them in an instant. She was cooing as she pressed them against my face.

"Come on baby, suck on Mama's tits. You know what's going to happen to them tonight but these will always belong to you because I love you. Stake your claim to my body before he gets it. Make love to me so that he gets sloppy seconds. You're my husband and you will always be my man."

I didn't get hard so she got off my lap and sucked me until I got hard enough and then she straddled me in the chair and fucked me until I came in her. I could tell she faked an orgasm before she got off me and went into the bathroom to clean up. It wasn't even a mercy fuck; she just did it to clear her conscience.

We picked up Cynthia to go to the football game; both of the women were dressed up like coeds. Short skirts, bulky sweaters and knee socks. I didn't think anybody dressed like that anymore. The game? What can I tell you, it was Friday Night High School Football. Everybody hollering for their kids and two fathers fighting in the stands.

When the game was over we back to the hotel where we were going to have dinner and the after game party. The drinking started right away. I got the three of us drinks and danced one dance each with Edna and Cynthia. Then we each got a plate of food and started to eat. That's when Adam showed up.

Edna looked at me and to confirm asked, "Our deal starts now doesn't it?"

In response, I just nodded my head. What could I say; she had already fucked him for half the day already. As he approached the table he gave me a nod as if to say hello then opened his arms to Edna and said, "Let's dance." She stood and plastered herself against him with her wide open mouth greedily sucking his tongue to meet hers. So much for not humiliating me in public.

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