tagLetters & TranscriptsOrally Yours: Do You Remember?

Orally Yours: Do You Remember?


God baby, I miss you.

I miss you so damn much sometimes it drives me crazy. Still, after all this time I crave your touch. I sit here and think of the mornings, how just seeing mail from you would make me wet. I think of your cock getting hard as you read the letter I wrote to you telling you how good you feel in my mouth.

I would wake every morning to read your tale of our latest erotic adventure. The way you described how you would make me cum with your mouth set me on fire. No doubt reading it would make me so horny I would have to please myself. Then I would send you the details.

I would tell you how I thought of you while my fingers assaulted my pussy and clit until my cunt throbbed against my fingers. The room was silent except for the sound of my fingers pumping into my dripping pussy. Smooth and bare, my skin shimmered with cum that I wished you were licking off me.

Do you ever think about how hard you got when you read how I would make you cum with my mouth? How in your office I would tell you how good your cock feels when it grows in my mouth? You know how much I love to suck your cock. You liked it when I would look up at you as I licked your horny meat.

One of the greatest feelings was feeling your smooth firm cock against my tongue. I made you slippery and wet as I worshipped your magnificent cock with my mouth. I knew you were stroking yourself as you read my letter. It always made me so wet thinking about you jerking off thinking about me. As you worked your cock harder and faster I know your were imagining I was kneeling before you and it was my mouth on you, not your hand.

I like rubbing my tongue up and down your cock; first with long slow licks and then short, harder flickers until I would see the precum starting to gather at the head of your dick. That is when the sucking started. Sometimes I didn't like to tease too much. I got so horny for you to be in my mouth I just pushed your cock past my wet lips, slowly into my mouth and down my throat until my mouth was stuffed full of your cock. I love the way you felt in my mouth like that, so I took my time moving away from you. You cock never left my mouth though.

After I swirled my tongue across the tip I pushed back onto you. I can taste your sweet cum in my mouth as it starts leaking from you. I feel your balls tighten a little as I massage them in my warm hands. I start to move enthusiastically faster now. When your cock slides in and out of my mouth, you feel my tongue swirling, pushing against that vein running the length of your manhood.

I would beg you for your cum, and when you gave it to me it tasted so good. I loved feeling you fill my mouth. I miss the way your cock felt on my tongue as you pumped it full of cum.

Do you ever think of sinking your needy cock into my horny mouth? Remember how you would use my mouth as your fuck toy. I loved being your fuck toy you know. I loved being your private slut. I think of your hands intertwined in my hair, guiding my mouth for your fuck pleasure. I gagged a few times on your fat cock. However, I continued licking and sucking you, stopping only to beg you for your cum. Do you want me to take your cum, can your little fuck toy suck the cum from your sexy cock? Please! You know I need to taste you.

I need to take you in my mouth and fuck you like that until you give me your sweet cum. Your cock would slam down my throat repeatedly. I can taste the precum now. Oh your cum tastes so good. Fuck my mouth baby, PLEASE FUCK MY MOUTH.FILL YOUR SLUTS MOUTH WITH YOUR CUM!

Do you remember? Do you remember how it felt when we were finally together for real, touching each other? You lie between my legs and spread them wide with your strong hands, preparing to feast on me. Do you ever think of that, how wet you made me?

The feel of your tongue and lips as you sucked on my clit is something I think about often. You were so good at licking my pussy. I loved feeling your tongue lap up my juices. Your hands holding my legs apart as you feasted on my cunt. I can feel your tongue teasing me as I soaked you in my cum. Your tongue darted in and out of my opening and I moved my hips trying to get closer to you. Your thick hair tangled between my fingers as I pushed my hot cunt into your mouth. I remember feeling your tongue as my orgasm squeezed on it. My body lost in pleasure as your mouth eagerly drank from my throbbing pussy.

I gave you my ass. Kneeling on that bed, with my legs spread for you, you took me in the ass. We spoke of it so much before we met. When you finally drove your prick into my ass, I thought I would never walk again at first. You were so big inside me. You stretched me slowly, squeezing your way inside my ass. Then I started getting used to you, and starting moving with you.

You began pumping me hard and I felt you swell in my tunnel. I needed that, I needed you to fuck my ass and you did. We moved together, grunting and saying nasty things to each other with each thrust. Did you like the way my ass clenched on your swollen prick as you reamed me with it? My walls held you tight as I begged you to fill me with your seed.

When you came in me, I was yelling, begging you to fill your sluts ass with your cum. "Fuck my ass, come on baby give me your cum!" I yelled repeatedly. When you did, you grabbed my hips; you RAMMED YOUR COCK HARD into me one final time and said, "TAKE IT... TAKE MY CUM NOW" and filled my bowels with your seed.

I think about it all the time, wishing you were near me to fill me and make me complete again.


Authors Note: 'Orally Yours' is a collection of oral desires written as letters. Some older work is moved into this collection. More will be added from time to time. Email if you would like new story announcements, and feel free to comment!

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