tagGroup SexOur Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

Our Sexual Awakening Ch. 02


I had been a long week waiting for the weekend and our get together with Rod and Brenda. However, it was finally Saturday and we had plans to meet at the same bar where we had met last week.

Rod and I were going to be there fifteen minutes before the girls got there so that we could see the reaction from the place having these two gorgeous women walk in.

I was not allowed to see Jane's outfit because she wanted it to be a surprise, so I left about an hour early and drove around until it was time to get to the bar.

I walked in and Rod was already there. He was standing at the bar and waved at me.

I walked over and he asked, "What are you drinking?"

"Crown and Seven, thanks." I replied.

He ordered and then we went to a near by table to wait for the girls to come in the door.

"This should be fun watching these two come in together." He said.

"I was not allowed to see Jane's outfit tonight. She wanted it to be a surprise." I replied.

"I saw part of Brenda's and let me tell you she will have no problem drawing men to her tonight." Rod replied.

We finished our drinks and in anticipation of their arrival, we kept looking at our watches. The girls were late. I ordered another round and we waited.

About ten minutes after they should have been there the door opened and both Rod and I looked to see if it was them.

Brenda walked in first and I swear the bar went silent. Jane walked in right behind her and all you could hear was the jukebox playing.

My eyes went immediately to my wife. She was wearing something that I never in my wildest dreams would believe she would wear in public.

Her blouse was nearly sheer. Her large tits were partially concealed with a lacy white bra that apparently was also almost sheer. The bra was sexy and just came up high enough to cover her areola. Her tits were bounding and undulating with each step she took. She had a very tight elastic skirt on that clung to every curve and was very short. It accentuated her ass as it wrapped tightly around it. She was wearing a pair of French style hose that had the seam down the back. She had on her feet a pair of five-inch stilettos that made her already fantastic legs look even sexier if possible.

Brenda was wearing a black leather corset that laced up the front. It was cut so low on her tits that it barely covered her nipples and the front where the lace is was wide open to the top of her skirt. Her massive cleavage was there for all to see. She also had on a very short micro mini skirt that barely covered her crotch and ass. She did not have hose on but her long tanned legs glistened in the dim bar light. She also was wearing a pair of stiletto heels.

"Fuck!" was all Rod could mutter.

They went to the bar and before they could order, the bartender set a drink in front of each of them and then nodded to two guys sitting at the end of the bar. The girls politely nodded at them and took a drink.

The two guys got up and walked over to the girls. Their eyes were roaming all over their bodies as they attempted to be very cool. Both of them were probably twenty two to twenty five years old. They were looking for a couple of hot cougars. They had found them and now it was time to see if they had the muster to stay with them.

The boys talked with the girls and were doing there best to impress them. I think the constant high fives and the immature actions turned the girls off. They finally began ignoring the two guys and they left, striking out.

Two more drinks showed up in front of the girls and the bartender pointed to two more guys. These two were more their age and were dressed in suits. Probably in town on business and looking for a good time while here.

They got up and strolled over to where the girls were.

They all shook hands and it was apparent immediately that the girls liked these two. They were shamelessly flirting with them.

"Ok, Buddy it is time for us to look for a couple of hotties to spend some time with tonight." Rod said.

"But I am having a good time watching the girls." I replied.

"Put your dick on idle for a moment. It is a sure thing you will be fucking both of them later. We have to do our part and find a couple of babes to join the party." He said.

We both got up and I glanced at my wife who now had her hand on the thigh of one of the guys. She winked at me and then smiled.

I followed Rod further into the bar as we looked for a couple of ladies by themselves.

We found two of them sitting alone.

Rod positioned us by their table where we could hear all the guys hitting on them. There was a beautiful, petite brunette and a tall absolutely gorgeous redhead. They were continually being polite but were turning down all the guys who approached them. Most of the guys were young and dumb. They thought they had the lines but they just sounded stupid when they said them.

Rod then said, "The redhead is mine. I just love a redhead's porcelain skin and their bright red pussy lips."

"Don't you think you are jumping the gun? They don't seem interested in male companions tonight." I responded.

"Like hell their not interested. Look at how they are dressed. They are fishing and using the right bait. The right fish just has not come along yet. They keep throwing the little ones back." He replied.

He was right about how they were dressed. The little brunette had on a little black dress that was made of silk. Her handful-sized tits were perky and her nipples were hard. The redhead had a nice set of tits and wanted to be sure that everyone saw them. Her blouse was low cut and her cleavage was ample.

The brunette said, "I'm going to the Ladies Room."

"Watch this." Rod said as he started for their table.

The brunette scooted her chair back and Rod purposely ran into it sloshing his drink onto the floor.

"Oh, I am so sorry." The brunette said.

"Oh no problem, I should have been watching where I was going." He responded.

"No it was my fault and you spilled your drink. Let me at least buy you another one." She said.

"That is very kind of you." Rod replied.

"Why don't you join us and I will get you a drink as soon as I come back from the Ladies Room." She said.

"My friend is with me if that is ok?" He responded.

"Sure. We need the company so the "boys" will leave us alone." She said.

She continued, "Both of you sit down. I will be right back. Oh by the way this is my friend Jen."

Rod held out his hand, "Hi Jen I am Rod and this is my friend Steve."

Rod sat down in the chair next to Jen and I sat in the empty chair next to the brunette's seat.

As I sat there, I looked around to see if I could see Jane.

I finally found her on the dance floor. She was dancing with one of the guys from the bar. He was tall and impeccably dressed in a high dollar suit. He was about thirty years old and was a good-looking guy. He was shuffling to the music, but was more into watching Jane as she moved her body with the music. Her tight ass was swaying with the music and her tits were bounding up and down and sideways to the music.

She would move in and lean her body against his rubbing her tits and ass against him. He would reach out and pull her close to him and they would make a move that looked like it was out of "Dirty Dancing."

The little brunette came back and said, "Our drinks are on the way. I'm Cassie."

She was holding her hand out to me and I took it and said, "Hello, I'm Steve."

She then turned to Rod and he took her hand and said, "I'm Rod."

"Rod I am really sorry about your drink." Cassie said.

"Don't worry about it." He replied.

Cassie then turned to me, "So Steve, what are you guys up to tonight?"

"We are just out having a good time and enjoying the night." I replied.

"Do you like to dance?" She asked.

"Sure." I replied.

I really was not that crazy about dancing but Cassie was a beautiful girl so how could I say no?

Cassie got up and we headed for the dance floor. I managed to get us situated on the floor next to where Jane and her partner were still dancing.

Jane saw us and when Cassie's back was to her, she looked Cassie over and nodded approval then winked at me.

The first song was a slow song so Cassie moved to me and I started to be gentlemanly and take her hands but she wrapped her arms around my neck so I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my hands in the small of her back. She began swaying to the music and I followed her lead. Cassie smelled wonderful. I could not remember the name of the perfume but it was one that Jane also wore from time to time and I loved it.

Cassie's tits were rubbing against my stomach and her legs were touching mine.

I looked over at Jane and her partner. They had more time to become friendly. His hands were not on the small of her back but fully on her tight little ass. He had two hands full of my wife's ass and she was rubbing her big tits against him. She had her head lying against his chest. They were apparently getting along famously.

The next song was a song with a quicker tempo. Cassie moved away from me and began moving to the music.

Jane and her guy left the floor and headed back to the bar. I watched them as he kept his hand on the small of her back or really closer to her ass. Her walk exaggerated was causing her ass to swing back and forth. I looked at Cassie again as she moved in close to me and put her hands on my hips as she squatted down in front of me still moving with the music. Her face was the same height as my crotch and a twinge ran through my cock at the thought of seeing her head rocking back and forth on my hard dick.

She stood back up in front of me and leaned against me moving her body against mine. Her tits were rubbing against me again and her nipples were hard as my cock continued to get hard in my pants.

The music stopped and Cassie took my hand as we walked back to our table.

Apparently, Rod and Jen were getting along as Rod had his hand on her naked thigh between her knee and her pussy. Her short skirt had slid up to the point that her pussy was almost visible.

There was another round of drinks setting on the table. We drank those and continued our conversations.

As we were on our fifth or sixth drink, I looked over at Rod and Jen. Jen had a very lustful look on her face and her eyes were nearly squinted closed. Rod looked at me and grinned. He had apparently worked his hand to Jen's pussy and was fingering it right there at the table. Cassie apparently also noticed this and I suddenly felt her hand on my leg. She placed it just inches below my cock. My cock began to pulse as it filled with blood. It felt like electric shocks running through my body from where she was touching me.

Suddenly Jen's body jerked and her eyes were closed as she bit on her lower lip. She was having and orgasm in front of us and Rod just kept on conversing as if nothing was happening.

Rod looked at his watch and said, "Why don't we go to the bar and see what is happening there?"

Cassie replied as Jen was still reeling from her orgasm, "Sure let's go."

We all got up and as Jen stood up her skirt was pulled up so high that I saw her panties and the wet spot that her orgasm had left on them. She quickly pulled them down and smiled at Cassie.

Rod led the way and we rather squeezed in next to where Jane and Brenda were with there two partners. Rod ordered four more drinks.

Jane's guy was sitting on the barstool and Jane was standing between his legs. He had his hand on her thigh and actually under her skirt slightly. I wondered if he had also already had his hand on my wife's pussy.

Rod then very smoothly looked at Brenda, "Brenda?" He asked.

She turned and looked at Rod, "Rod?"

"Yes" he replied.

"My gawd Rod how have you been?" She asked.

"Great and how about you?" he asked her.

I thought, "Damn these two have it down to a science."

"Rod, this is my friend Jane." She said pointing to my wife.

Rod held out his hand and took her hand saying, "very nice to meet you Jane."

Then Brenda introduced the guy she was with, "This is Jim, we just met tonight. He and his friend Brandon are here on business."

Rod shook both of their hands and then said, "This is my friend Steve and these two lovely ladies are Jen and Cassie."

Everyone exchanged handshakes and we got back to drinking and talking. Brandon began rubbing my wife's thigh and slowly inching it further up her skirt. His eyes were right at her tits and he kept looking at her deep cleavage.

The bartender made last call and I ordered another round of drinks and bought for our wives and their new friends.

As we were drinking those Rod said, "Why don't we keep the party going at my place?"

Brenda piped in, "Wow, that sounds great. Guys he has a really neat place with a pool and hot tub."

Jane said, "I'm in. Brandon how about you and Jim?"

Jim replied as Brandon looked at him, "Hell yes we're in."

"Great." Rod exclaimed.

Jim then said, "We will need a ride there. We caught a taxi over from the airport."

"No problem. Steve why don't you drive over with Cassie. Jane you and Brandon can ride with them. Brenda you and Jim can ride with Jen and me." Rod sorted it out.

We all finished our drinks and headed for the door.

My mind was reeling at this point, as I am sure Jane's was. Just last weekend I had seen my wife fuck Rod. The first time I have ever seen her with another man. Tonight there was a potential of me seeing her with three men.

My hands were shaking as I guided the key to the ignition.

My wife and Brandon were in the backseat as I looked in the rearview mirror I could see my wife. She was looking back at me with what I interpreted as a confused look.

She was also more than likely thinking the same thing I was. Was she ready to see me fucking this many different women. We were setting ourselves up for our first orgy.

We drove the short distance to Rod and Brenda's house.

When we pulled up front Cassie asked, "Really nice house, what does Rod do for a living?"

I replied, "He is a CEO of a large business here in town."

We got out of the car and walked to the door where Rod had it open and said, "Come in and make yourselves at home."

Rod then went to the bar and got everyone's drinks. We all then proceeded outside to the patio.

Jen exclaimed, "Wow, Rod you have a beautiful home!"

"Thanks just make yourself at home." He replied.

Brenda once again was ready to get the ball rolling, "I think I will go for a swim if that is ok?" as she is pulling her outfit over her head.

Jim and Brandon were intently watching as her big tits came bounding into view. The light from the pool was casting a shimmering glow on her body as she kicked off her shoes and then pulled her little g-string panties down her long legs. She stepped to the pool and walked down the steps into the water.

I had to marvel at how sexy she looked as the blue glow of the pool light danced on her body. She looked like something out of a movie as she slowly slipped into the water.

"Wow, Jane it feels wonderful. Come on and join me." Brenda told my wife.

I looked over as Rod was pulling his slacks off.

Jane looked at me and smiled.

She grabbed her skirt and pulled it down her legs. She left it pooled at her feet as she unfastened the buttons on her blouse and let it fall off her shoulders next to her feet. She then stepped out of her skirt and reached between her tits to unfasten her bra. Her tits nearly burst from her bra as she released them. She was standing there topless in her high-heels and her white sheer thong.

"My gawd she is gorgeous" raced through my mind.

Rod was now naked as he stepped to the pool and dove in.

Jane kicked off her shoes and then pulled the thong down her hips. I watched as the thin band of fabric slipped from between her beautiful globes of flesh.

Jen and Cassie had apparently decided "What the hell." They were both stripping out of their clothes.

I then began getting undressed and Jim and Brandon took my lead and also began to disrobe.

I glanced over at Jim and Brandon just as Brandon, my wife's partner pulled his underwear down his legs. When he stood back up, I was shocked.

His cock was still soft and the head of it was slapping against his thigh.

I glanced at my wife and was not surprised to see this had not escaped her attention. Her eyes were wide-open and her mouth was slightly agape.

Jim and Brandon headed to the pool as I did. Once in the water I wanted to head straight to Jane to keep that big cock from her. My plan was waylaid as Cassie came at me and grabbed me around the neck holding herself against my body. I simply watched as Brandon headed toward my wife.

The sexual tension had been building all night and apparently, Cassie was ready to act on her urges. She let her hands slip from around my neck and to my ass. She squeezed my ass cheeks and then let one hand trail around my hip and wrap around my stiffening cock.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Cassie asked me.

"Yes." I answered trying to keep an eye on what was happening with my wife and Mr. Big Cock.

Brandon was standing behind my wife and had his hands full of her tits rolling her nipples between his fingers. I was certain that his big hard cock was laying against Jane's back. She was feeling the heat of his blood-filled monster against her. Jane's eyes were closed and her head rolled back against Brandon's chest while she was enjoying the massage her breasts were getting.

Cassie began stroking my cock under the water as I glanced to see what was happening elsewhere around the pool.

Rod was sitting on the edge of the pool and Jen had her mouth wrapped tightly around his cock bobbing up and down on it.

Rod's wife Brenda was laying on the pool deck with her legs thrown over Jim's shoulders and he was face first in her pussy. Brenda was rolling and pinching her nipples as he licked her pussy.

Jane's arms were reaching behind her now. I am sure she was rubbing Brandon's cock.

Cassie pushed me toward the stairs and I slowly backed up until I felt the stairs. I stepped up until my cock was out of the water and she immediately opened her mouth and let my cock slip between her ruby red lips. I looked down at her as she sucked and it was a very pleasing sight. The water ripples were dancing along the pool bottom highlighted by the light at the end of the pool. She had one hand wrapped around the base of my cock while she rocked her head back and forth on me.

Brandon was pulling Jane toward more shallow water. Brandon got on the stairs beside me. His cock came out of the water and it was hard. It must have extended to nearly halfway up his stomach. He had to be eleven or twelve inches long.

I looked down at my wife as she tried wrapping her hand around this huge cock. Her petite hand would not wrap fully around its girth. She then looked up at me with her mouth opening she licked the head of his cock. I watched as she opened wide and attempted to stuff the head into her mouth.

"I hope you don't mind if we share the stairs with you do you?" Brandon looked at me and asked.

"No not at all." I replied.

At least this way I could watch as my wife was going to be fucked by this huge cock.

"OHHHHHH MY GAWD!" Brenda suddenly let loose.

As I looked her direction, she was rolling her head back and forth in an intense orgasm.

I looked at Rod who was still getting his cock sucked by the sexy redhead Jen. He was watching his wife orgasm under Jim's tongue.

I looked back at Jane who now had adjusted to the cock and had all of the head in her mouth and was trying to work more in. She had both hands on his cock and was now stroking it in and out of her mouth.

Rod and Jen were trading places and she was now on the pool deck and Rod was in the water with his face against her red little pussy. He had said he liked a redhead's fiery red pussy.

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