tagInterracial LoveOur Swinging Days #02

Our Swinging Days #02


Okay, here goes.... decided to do it while hubby is at work ( not as many interruptions that way ).

All of our swinging ( if you want to call it that ), happened when we were living in Michigan. The town is not important, but it was close to Flint. The reason I bring that up, is that most of our swinging ended up in a city called Port Huron ( just far enough away from where we were living, that it would not cause any problems ).

As I stated before, the first time was at Caroline and Jules' house. That proved to be a little awkward, if you want to go home in the middle of the night.

After that first time, Tom and I had talked quite a bit about what had transpired, and how we felt about it. To say that we were not stimulated, would have been a big lie. I think that Tom was floored by the way that Caroline took to him. And I must admit, that having a different man between my legs ( and him being black to boot ), was more than I had hoped for.

Even though there was some size difference between them, it was more the way that they made love, that was the biggest difference between them. Granted, Tom and I long ago kind of started taking sex for granted when we went to bed. Usually the lights were off, and we did just enough to get each other off.

With a new sex partner, all of that goes out of the window, of course. You don't quite know what to expect from your new lover, and so it becomes an experiment to see who likes what. Also, when your with your husband, it's kind of hard to bring up certain stuff while your making love. Stuff like.... him wanting to see how deep he can penetrate your throat, or you being on top, and having him flex his cock while he is "buried" deep in you..... stuff like that, is not usually brought up in the everyday sex.

But i digress...... Tom and I both admitted that we wanted this to happen again. Tom of course wanted to know how good a lover Jules had been ( I don't know why you guys always are so apprehensive about being compared with another lover ). Trust us girls, if you do it so we get off, were happy!!!

Anyways, I had to assure him that even though Jules has a longer cock, and just slightly larger around, I enjoy him as much as I enjoyed Jules. Truth be known though....... I fucking loved what had happened. I felt that Jules had reached deeper in me, and him being a new lover, the excitement of that and the larger cock gave me multiple orgasms ( something that normally did not happen in our day to day sex ).

So we agreed we wanted to do this again, but leaving someone's house in the middle of the night was not a good idea. So Tom and Jules must have talked about this at work, cause the next thing I know, I get a call from Caroline asking if we had anything planned for the following weekend. Of course we didn't and I told her that, so she said we should go to Port Huron, cause there is a hotel/motel right on the river, that they had been to before, saying it was nice and clean, we would not be known by anyone. I think I said YES!!!

So that following weekend we went there, and got two rooms next to each other. The guys took us out to dinner, did some dancing and ass grabbing, had probably a little too much to drink, and went back to our rooms.

The guys must have planned this, cause before I knew it, Tom was walking with Caroline, holding her by her arm and steering her to our room. And lo and behold Jules was doing the same with me, and taking me to their room. I doubt that any of the four of us were in disagreement when that happened.

I remember quite well that Jules did quite a number on me. Not being so scared this time ( it being our second time ), I think the both of us tried to do a little more for each other. I gave it a hell of a try to get him all the way down my throat, but was not successful. I have a hard time getting past the gag thing. But.... i did give it a heck of a try!

As for Jules, he is an exceptional pussy stimulator.

He took his time, and i did a lot of tossing while he used that tongue on me. When he finally took me, it was in the missionary position, with my knees pressed back into my breasts. A little uncomfortable, but what the hell, who cares when your that excited.

We got the first orgasm out of the way, and lay there and made some small talk, before he started on me again. I think we pretty much did everything that night.

I don't particularly like anal, but he wanted to try it and he promised he would take it easy, so we did it. Like i said, it's not my cup of tea, but with a new man, and being slightly drunk, and my hormones running in high gear, it wasn't all that bad.

I think then we did what I wanted to do, which was me getting on top, and riding him.

Personally, this is my favorite position. No don't start branding me as a control freak, but..... when I'm on top, I feel I can dictate the fuck the way I like it. Like spending minutes just sitting on him, having him deeply impaled in me, and not moving at all. Just feeling that cock in there, and every so often he would make the head expand a little ( it blows my mind when he does that ).

We also did a 69, which was okay, but I had a hard time getting off, so I got between his knees and just sucked him off. And i do mean off..... There is just something nasty about taking your lovers cum and swallowing it. I think it is the perfect way to show that you love having sex with him, and believe it or not, that's how I got off too, while sucking him off.

I ended up staying with Jules in his room all night, and the following morning we all went to breakfast.

That had to be the most raunchiest breakfast ever had, by four people. We compared notes, and to sit across from your husband, and look him in the eye and tell him you did this or that with your lover, is fun.... to say the least.

In the drive back home, Tom and I discussed in greater detail what each of us had done, and again we agreed that it had been a lot of fun, and something we should think about doing again.

By the way, we did not have sex ( Tom and I ), for the rest of the week. I was too sore at the start of the week, and I think that he was pretty much sexed out too.

Just so you know, half way through all this typing, i had to take a break and "fix" myself Smiley

more to follow...

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