tagBDSMOutside the Comfort Zone

Outside the Comfort Zone


One of the more intense periods of my life happened when I was searching for a new Mistress. I guess having been used as a slut for some time, and now being without a vicious Mistress I was missing the pain in parts of my body, especially my balls...but that was about to change.

Meeting Mistress G for the first time, I was pleased to see all her descriptions had been accurate, this being before the age of internet and email. Tall, quite athletic and whilst she was in her forties she looked rather yummy, to me anyway. But I've always had a thing for mature women.

Right from the get-go she was bossy, but in a calm manner, as though she felt no need to raise her voice to get compliance. I was naked and on my hands and knees a few minutes after walking in her door. As she ran her hands all over my quivering body, she laughed softly at my anticipation. The surprise of seeing her squatting at my head, and then feeling my nuts being kicked was surreal. I hadn't heard Mistress' muse enter the room, nor had Mistress G even told me she had an understudy, but feeling the kick left me in no doubt I had found something worthwhile....

The two women would torment me in whatever manner it pleased them, there were weeks where I would be required to lick them and finger them to countless orgasms, without being allowed to cum myself. The torture of eating pussy whilst being locked in a chastity device, then released and made to fuck both women for hours on end all without being allowed to cum was just beyond words. But hey, this is what I'd been looking for, I just didn't expect Mistress G to be able to dish it out with such ease.

After three weeks in the cockcage without cumming I was released early one Saturday morning. My balls were roped to stretch them away from my body and a leash attached. By this leash I was led to the playroom where I was then tied to a device they called a rotisserie, kind of like a cross mounted on a spindle so I could be hung upside down or even suspended from it. Seeing I had no choice, I watched as Mistress G and her muse fastened the many straps as they both giggled and talked of what they were going to do to me....

The first hour consisted of little more than wanking me with their hands. My balls felt absolutely huge, partly from the weeks of pent-up desire and partly from the rope and wanking. Bit by bit more toys were added, nipple clamps, then the mini metal clothes pins came out, clamping tight on any part of the body they choose to apply them to. Armpits are sensitive at the best of times, but try adding a dozen or so clothes pins and you've got my attention!

The wanking continued, along with the constant reminders of not to cum until given permission. Taking turns, the women next began sucking me a little, making my cock nice and wet and licking it like a lollypop as they just held my balls tight. Each time I groaned I would be told not to cum, or I would be made to feel sorry for such a transgression.

It was when Mistress and muse started taking turns riding my cock that I started to have serious trouble holding back. Thank goodness Mistress G recognized this early enough and started smacking my balls as she rode me, there just something about having your cock ballsdeep in a juicy cunt whilst having your nuts slapped that is just sooooo yummy!

Time stands still in these circumstances, and whilst I was later told how long I'd been tied up, at the time I had little idea that I'd been tied up for almost twelve hours before being allowed to cum. During this time both women tok great delight not just in whacking my cock and balls around, tormenting my nipples to the point I could hardly feel them anymore, but what surprised me most was how turned on they got from pissing in my mouth. Having taken to playing without a safeword, they could do with me what they wanted, and letting their bladders drain into my mouth got them both rather excited.

Somewhere along the way a ball press came into play, so hanging upside down and having an evil woman clamp your nuts into a press and them turning the screws up tight so that I squeal and hearing her laugh at my pain....yum! The thing that cracked me up was how my cock would just be throbbing as my balls were hurt. Mistress G would just grab my cock and give it a few good strokes each time I groaned from the pain in my balls, and then tell me that it can't be hurting that much for this cock is still enjoying it...

To tell the truth it got to the point where the pain being given to my balls was actually welcome, as it felt like a distraction from the pain that seemed to come from not having been able to cum for weeks. That was all to change soon though, for once Mistress announced I was to cum on her command, glass at the ready to catch my load....the pain changed to pure excited lust.

"Cum now!" she barked as the glass was held over my purple knob and within seconds spurt after spurt of thick gooey cum erupted from my frustrated balls. "Mmmmmm, very nice", Mistress commented as she milked the last few drops from my cock, giving my balls a firm squeeze as the glass was handed off to her muse. "Round one complete, let's see how long it will take you to cum again then huh," Mistress said in a mocking voice, her hand already stroking me hard.

For the next six hours I was forced to cum again and again, to the point where I would orgasm and nothing at all would come out of my cock. After several dry orgasms Mistress G told me it was now time for me to drink my collected spunk. OK, fresh spunk is actually quite nice, but cold cum and such a big collection....mmmm...yuck! But there was no choice as muse held the glass to my lips as Mistress wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of my sack and squeezed rather hard. "Go on slut, you know you want to drink it for me," she goaded me as she squeezed harder and harder. I swallowed the lot, as rancid as it tasted, better than continuing to feel that ache in my nuts....

The weirdest thing was how by now my cock would stay rockhard and the ache in my balls was worse than any kicking or beating I'd received.... Now the women took turns riding me again and just cumming on my cock and swapping positions. Over and over they'd cum, until my crying from absolute agony in my nuts made them relent and untie me from my shackles.

About eighteen hours had gone by from start to finish and whilst I was allowed to pee in a bucket from time to time and fed a few powershakes, I felt drained and tired, not to mention incredible sore. Not just in my balls either, the body being restrained and tormented for lengthy periods is much harder than I'd expected.

Mistress later admitted that I'd done very well, much better than any slave to date. As a reward I was allowed to make love to her freely for the next week, cumming in her and then eaiting it out, eating her pussy for hours and the best treat of all, 69ing with Mistress....I think she was starting to take a shine to my desire to take her pain....

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