tagBDSMPage's Training Ch. 09

Page's Training Ch. 09


When I opened my eyes, I was relieved it was Saturday and I didn't have to be at work. I could still taste the tequila in my mouth. My body felt saturated with it. I heard Bobby in the kitchen cooking something and I waited silently for him to come take my restraints off. I was thirsty.

Bobby's head poked in and met my gaze, "Good morning! The whole apartment smells like booze, must have been a fun night out with Nick?"

I smiled, "Very. Now I'm just dehydrated."

"Yes, I've been given strict orders to re-hydrate you and pamper you today." He undid my restraints and walked with me to the bathroom. He removed my anal plug and smiled, "No more of that today."

"No plug?" I'd been wearing it for days.

"Pampering!" Bobby looked excited with an energy I did not yet possess. He left to finish in the kitchen and I finished purging my night from my body.

When I walked into the kitchen, it dawned on me that I wasn't self conscious in the slightest just waltzing into the room naked while a virtual stranger was cooking me breakfast. I smiled a little as I realized how much I had changed.

"I hope you like bacon!"

"Bacon? Really?" I was usually kept on a fairly strict vegetarian diet with very little lean meat. I never had coffee or soda, only water with lemon and tea in the morning.

"I have no idea what you did last night, wish I did, but you must have made him super happy!"

I smiled and lowered myself onto the dildo on my chair, feeling myself be filled. I thought of the night before, how good it felt to dance and have a girl's night ... and when we finally hit that horny stage of being drunk, being used and abused by our men. Perfection. Though I wished I'd earned the right to be fucked by Nick. I was trying to remain patient, but I was anxious to show him what I was learning.

I sighed. "Maybe I still have a lot more to learn."

"Why do you say that?"

"All of this training ... Nick still hasn't fucked me."

"Wow. I thought maybe that's what all of this pampering was about."

"No. It was a great club, though." I smirked in his direction, "Imagine a dance floor full of women just like me!"

"I would have come in my pants when we walked in." We laughed and ate our breakfast, Bobby reading me raunchy jokes and stories from adult magazines again. When we were finished, Bobby told me to go ahead and take a long shower and then he would come dress me.

The shower was hot and my lemon water was ice cold. I set it on the shelf in the shower and kept sipping it to replenish myself. It was nice to have a little privacy for once.

Bobby dressed me in a pair of crotch less jeans with high heels and a white bra that exposed my nipples, a sheer white cami and a plain white T-shirt. The fabric was thin and I was sure you could see the darker shade of my nipples, but the clothes felt so relaxed and comfortable compared to my work clothes that I didn't even care.

I stood in front of the mirrored wall and couldn't even see the frayed seam in the crotch. I sat down with my knees together and still could see nothing. When I spread my legs apart, the jeans opened up and I could see my dewy slit. I smiled and Bobby and I went downstairs to meet the car.

We drove to a spa and I was booked for the Jacuzzi, the steam room, a mani-pedi, waxing and a massage. The other women in the spa were my age or younger and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Stacy walking naked through the steam room. I called out to her and she bounced over to me.

"You're having a spa day too!? She folded her towel and when she bent over to set it on the bench next to me, I saw her jewel peaking out between her firm cheeks.

"Yes, I have my massage next and then I'm headed out."

Stacy's eyes widened, "Massage with who!?"

"I don't know?" I shrugged and leaned back to enjoy the heat.

"Oh I hope for your sake it's Justin. He's magical with his hands. And if you're lucky enough to be having a day without your plug .... He might just use you for his own pleasure." She smiled and winked at me.

"Really?" I tried to imagine what Justin looked like, what his cock looked like ... I felt a sharp pinch on my left nipple and looked up to see Stacy admiring my breasts.

"I wish my nipples were perky as often as yours seem to be."

"Master always has me so aroused, I can't really help it."

"Well you're lucky."

My name was called for my massage and I gave Stacy a kiss goodbye on the lips and she pulled my head closer and began kissing me deeply with her tongue. "I love what that tongue can do. I'll be sure to ask Master if we can have another play date soon." She smiled and let me up, but not before she got one quick pinch of a nipple.

I pondered Stacy on my way to the massage room. I had never had a girlfriend quite like that. Bisexuality didn't seem so bad, truthfully. When you're as aroused as we always were ... who really cared who got you off? You'd do just about anything.

I got Justin for my massage but quickly forgot anything about his cock once he started rubbing hot oil into my skin. Soon my entire body was slippery and relaxed. It didn't seem like more than an hour had passed when I felt Justin start rubbing my glutes.

His thumb conveniently slipped into my crack a few times and grazed my hole. Soon his hands were spreading my cheeks apart to expose my pucker and I felt something small inserted inside of me and hot oil filling me. More was squirted in my crack and Justin folded down the bottom third of the table, then bent my legs and guided me up onto my knees, but pushed me down so I was straddling the table with my knees bent. They were strapped into place and I felt some liquid leaking out of me just as I felt Justin push into me.

Though I couldn't see Justin's cock, it felt marvelously thick and long. He stretched me slowly, being polite. At his widest he wasn't as big as my anal plug, so he seemed excited to hit his stride.

Within seconds, Justin was fucking my ass with a slow rhythm that kept me relaxed. I had to grab onto the handles at the head of the table to keep from pushing too far forward away from him. I pushed back into his cock so he could bury the full length of his cock into me and I moaned at the sensation it gave me. I desperately wanted to finger my clit, but I knew I hadn't been told that was allowed and if Nick somehow found out... My desire grew and grew and my ass was slowly fucked for the next 20 minutes. The oil inside of me kept me so lubricated that he slid in and out so easily. Justin was taking his time and it was frustrating me.

I could feel my pussy dripping with anticipation, but Justin kept focused right where he was. When a quiet timer went off, Justin increased his pace and soon enough he was pounding my ass into his hips as he glided into the home stretch. All of a sudden, he pulled out and I felt a hot stream on my back as he moaned.

Justin politely wiped my back and ass with a hot, wet cloth and released my legs as he put the table back together. "Time's up. How do you feel?"

"Very relaxed, thank you." Also ready to lower my pussy onto the next cock that walked by me.

"Excellent. I enjoyed our time here as well; I hope you come visit us again. Be sure to drink lots of water the rest of the day." Justin left and I rolled over and stared at the ceiling.

How could I be so relaxed and so horny and desperate at the same time? I stood and left the room, heading for the locker room to shower and get dressed. What a lucky guy, Justin. To have me and all of Master's girls at his disposal ... he had landed every man's dream job.

In the car, Bobby wanted to hear all about the spa experience. His favorite part was the kiss between Stacy and me, of course. He insisted on full details.

"Where are we going now?" I realized the day was hardly over and I had no idea what was in store for me.

"Home for a nap." Bobby checked his text messages and smiled at me.

"You were instructed not to touch me, weren't you?" I was staring at the stiff bulge in his pants and spread my legs just enough to show off my slit.

Bobby cleared his throat. "Not exactly, but I do have a girlfriend and I'm faithful."

I laughed, "If that's what you call it!" I closed my legs and sipped my water the rest of the way to the apartment.

My nap was short since I could hardly force myself to fall asleep when my cunt was dripping and begging to be filled. When I woke up, Bobby was making dinner and there was music on. It sounded like something a stripper would pole dance to; the beat was sexy and throbbed with my clit that was still in great need of attention.

Bobby looked up and smiled, "Sorry about the music, your play list is all I'm aloud to put on."

"It's fine. I wouldn't expect anything else." My entire life was a sexual world now. The art on my walls, the dildos and plugs constantly violating me throughout my day, and let's not forget the various men allowed to have their way with me whenever they pleased. I took a deep breath. I wished one would take advantage of me right then. I looked over at Bobby. He was tall and cute and I knew his cock was big, I'd seen it grow in his pants numerous times.

"Dinner's ready! I made you a lemon drop as well." He set down a martini glass by my plate. Back to vegetarian.

"More alcohol? I don't think I should." That warm feeling that settled in my clit after one drink would surely make me go insane. How much trouble would I get if I seduced Bobby?

"Nick's orders. He wants you fed and dressed with at least one cocktail in you when he picks you up." Bobby watched as I lowered myself on the dildo for the second meal of the day. He paused just long enough to make me think I could seduce him.

I sipped the lemon drop, "Mmmm. It's good."

"Thank You."

"We talk about my sexual escapades all of the time, but we never talk about yours. Tell me what your girlfriend's like in bed."

"What? Page ..."

"Just tell me."

"She's good."

"Good. That doesn't sound very exciting."

"Well what am I suppose to say to you? I watched your ass get gangbanged in your living room, our excitement is hardly worthy."

"Good point." In fact, compared to what Bobby saw and heard daily, his sex life was probably boring. "Have you ever thought of trying to bring her into the lifestyle?"

Bobby coughed and swallowed his food, "Oh no. She's NOT that kind of woman. She would find it disgusting and degrading, yada yada."

"You could find someone already IN the lifestyle? I'm sure Nick could spot one for you, or there might be single girls at the club, I don't know?"

"I'm not going to dump my girlfriend for ..."

"Amazing sex and a devoted woman who will bend to your every whim?" I took a bite of avocado and smiled seductively.

"Real life just isn't like this, Page."

"My life is."

"Exactly why I have this job! I can be sure that even if I don't have it, someone else does."

"That's no fun."

"Honestly ... I don't think I have what it takes to handle a woman like you. Nick is so ..."

"I know."

"That's just not me."

"Aren't you allowed to fuck me though? We could at least get your frustrations out? I'm sure there are things you've been wanting to do to that girlfriend of yours that she would never allow?"

"If I asked Nick ...." Bobby shrugged, "I don't know, maybe he'd let me. No matter, I would confess everything to my girlfriend and I'd get dumped."

"You're just too good, Bobby."

"I think you're right." He opened a magazine and we began our meantime ritual of jokes and articles and centerfolds.

Before he put any clothes on me, he put clamps on my nipples with weights, my collar, and a pair of latex panties. Before he pulled the panties up, he apologized to me as he started rubbing oil on my ass and hips, then awkwardly oiled my pussy and between my ass cheeks. He told me to lie down on a towel and he poured even more oil over my pussy so that it ran down into my ass. When I stood up, he pulled up the latex and it slid across my skin. He used the towel to wipe any excess outside of the panties and put on a matching black gauze mid-thigh flowing skirt and a shirt that just tied once at the top across the front.

The weights hung freely under the shirt, pulling and pinching at my nipples and my pussy felt slippery and wet like it always did when I was ready for cock. My mind was going insane. Nick didn't help any when he arrived and insisted on having a cocktail with us before we left. That warm feeling began to spread across my crotch and I wanted Nick inside of me.

"We're going to the club again, Bobby you coming?"

"Oh, uh, no, I don't think so. My girlfriend is expecting me home."

"Nonsense. Tell her I'm taking you out. You'll see her tomorrow." Nick's commanding presence even had an effect on Bobby. Bobby grabbed his phone and furiously text his girlfriend and it was done.

On the way to the car, walking made me even more desperate for release. The oil made my pussy lips glide against one another in the sexiest way possible, I felt ready to take on anyone and anything. Nick sucking on my earlobes and kissing my neck in the car didn't help. He tugged at the weights on my nipples and I moaned and opened my legs. He pushed my knees together, "Patience, my pet."

When we arrived at the club, our coats were taken and Nick untied my shirt and left it with my coat. Now that I knew what to expect in the club, it didn't phase me one bit. We collected around the same booth with the same men and many more. There were many more women on the dance floor as well.

Nick kissed my neck as he handed me a martini and winked at Bobby, "Saturday is the club's hottest night of the week. It's not just owner and master tonight; there are single subs here as well. Who catches your eye?"

"Oh, no, really. I'm committed to my girlfriend." I could hear the hesitation in Bobby's voice.

"Page, where are your friends?"

"They're dancing, Sir." I had already spotted the girls and was waiting to be given permission to go dance.

"They're owned, no matter." He leaned into my ear, "How is your pussy enjoying the oil, my pet?"

"Very much, Sir. I've never been so aroused."

"Take them off and throw them in the waste basket over there." He gestured toward a small garbage and I did as I was instructed. Now my oiled and lubed pussy and ass were feeling the air under my skirt. When I sat back down and finished my cocktail, I was again handed another. Nick smiled at me and looked back to Bobby. "Is your girlfriend worth leaving here without a good story, Bobby? No one would ever betray a confidence here."

"No, sir, really. I'm fine."

"I don't believe you." Nick whispered to one of his colleagues and within minutes all of their girls were in the booth with us. Stacy immediately found me and with a glance at her master who gave her a nod, she sat between Nick and I and we began making out. I could taste the alcohol on her breath as well. She tugged at my clamps and I moaned as her soft lips and smooth tongue teased my mouth as only a woman's can.

"I missed you." Stacy straddled me and I began playing with her nipples, teasing them to hardness as I knew she would like.

Nick glanced at Bobby, "You oiled her up for the night, my friend, it's only fair that you should have the first try at her."

The look on Bobby's face was priceless. He didn't know what to do with the raging hard-on in his pants. I stood up and shoved Stacy down on the couch and began licking gently at her pussy lips, presenting my ass into the air for Bobby.

He finally stood up and unzipped his pants and kneeled behind me. He looked once more at Nick who just smiled and offered me up like a prize. Bobby wasted no time sliding his cock into me. He pumped slowly at first, squeezing and smacking at my ass before he really started to pound at me with force. I could tell he'd been thinking about this moment for quite a while. He felt so good inside of me that as soon as I heard Stacy's orgasm start from the gentle sucking I'd been giving her clit, I exploded as well.

Nick quickly pulled Stacy onto his cock and she happily bounced her self up and down. I twisted out of Bobby's hold and pushed him onto the seat and climbed on top of him so I could ride his cock and watch his face. Someone came behind me and slid their cock into my ass with perfect rhythm and I was instantly transported to a realm of nirvana as I enjoyed the sensations.

I put it out of my mind that Nick was fucking Stacy again and not me, I focused on pleasing Bobby. His face was in shock and he was lasting longer than I expected. The man behind me quickly came and pulled out, his cum didn't even have time to drip before someone else replaced him in my ass. Bobby held steady until I put his hands on my breasts and leaned over to kiss him. Wherever he'd been trying to disconnect himself, he came crashing back and buried his seed deep inside my cunt.

I stayed impaled on his cock until the man in my ass finished and pulled out, then I climbed off only to be grabbed by another man and shoved onto my knees. He pushed my head into the seat cushions and shoved his cock into my pussy roughly. He was smaller than Bobby, but he pounded at me like he was in a hurry and shot his cum inside of me, letting it mix with Bobby's.

I lifted my head long enough to see Stacy being held up and lowered up and down onto a man's cock that was so big it was making her squeal and struggle. In a split second, my head was jerked forward and a cock was shoved into my mouth. The man didn't start slowly, just fucked my mouth like it was a pussy. I gagged and my eyes watered as I tried to match his rhythm and get focused.

Before long, someone was fucking me from behind again. This man had a long, thick cock and used slow, deep strokes. I moaned with pleasure as I fucked the man in my mouth with my throat. He finally came in my throat and I let it slide down and swallowed all of it. As soon as he pulled out, though, he was replaced by someone else. The man with the slow, deep strokes shot what felt like a gallon of cum in my pussy and it gushed out. He pulled out and another girl quickly began licking him clean while someone entered my ass again.

When I swallowed the next batch of cum, I was lifted onto a man's cock and the man in my ass followed close behind. While they were impaling both of my holes on their dicks, my head was jerked to the side and someone shot a load of cum into my mouth for me to swallow. I looked at Stacy beside me, and girls lined up next to her, all of them sucking men and getting them hard, then close to orgasm.

As each man was close to cumming, Stacy would push them toward me and they would cum in my mouth. The line continued, the girls letting them fuck their mouths until Stacy brought them to the brink and I swallowed their cum. The men beneath me came and went and filled me with cum until I was a sticky, dripping mess smeared with cum from my back to my stomach. The mixture was oil, semen and my own juices from multiple orgasms. I was shocked at my own thoughts, telling myself I'd never felt anything more erotic.

The line finally diminished and the men went back to sipping cocktails and ignoring us. Stacy pulled me up and walked me to the bathroom to clean up. There was a small shower and I washed the buckets of cum from my body. I felt sick to my stomach and full.

"You did amazing out there." Stacy was fixing her make-up in the mirror after washing herself in the sink.

"I'm full."

Stacy laughed, "I bet you are! My first night swallowing, I threw up. You probably don't want to know how much you swallowed. Try to keep it down."

"I won't throw up." Truthfully, I wanted to do it all again. The sensation of all of my holes being filled and overflowing with cum, my mouth pleasing man after man after man, accepting their seed into my body ... somehow the thought of swallowing semen now made me horny.

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