tagFetishPanty Husband's Wife Takes Over

Panty Husband's Wife Takes Over


As I've stated in other stories, my wife was never real excited about me wearing panties. Then about three months ago while we were out to dinner, she actually suggested I wear her panties if I really wanted to wear panties. I was so excited to have one of my fantasies come true. We went home after dinner and I got out her ""fuck me" panty box.

A few older pairs were less skimpy than the newer Victoria Secret panties. She suggested a peach pair, a black pair with flowers and a white pair for me. All were very silky. She suggested I try a pair on and when I did her eyes lit up when she saw I was hard and the silk stretched across my cock to show every inch, especially the head.

She said, "You really look good in those." Then she walked over and started playing with me in her panties. The sex that night was wild and crazy. We had sex for nine of the next ten days. Life was very, very good.

I now have my own leopard box of panties. Most o f the time my wife picks what she wants me to wear that night. Most of the panties in my box are my wife's older pairs. Some are Satin String Bikini panties that I bought myself and a couple pairs are matching pairs my wife and I bought together. Walking up to the Victoria Secret cashier with both a large and a medium in the same style is interesting to say the least. Wearing matching panties out on date night is very erotic.

My wife and I watched a video together of a wife using a strapon on her husband. She promised to do that to me on our next visit to Key West. My wife loves Key West for the crazy lifestyles there and the relaxation. She loves to have sex after a stress free day of fun and enjoyment. We talk about the sex we intend to have that night and usually agree to extended foreplay and at least an hour of fucking each night. We communicate so I can control my cum as much as possible and give my wife as many orgasms as she wants. We change positions a lot to keep her stimulated and extend the fucking as long as possible. We do a great job of pleasing each other.

Both of us planned this trip to Key West to be our strapon trip. We went to the adult store and purchased the leather harness my wife felt would work best. We added a black 8 inch cock for the harness. We had plenty of lube. We were ready.

We agreed not to use the strapon the first night in Key West. We wanted to build to one wild and crazy night so we planned the strapon for our third night of four nights in Key West. Those first two nights were very energized sex that fit our plans exactly.

The morning of our third night my wife told me she had something special planned. Her plan required we come back to the hotel by early afternoon. I was wondering what was ahead for me.

We went to breakfast and rode our bikes to the beach. We had lunch in town and headed to our room. I was excited to find out what my wife had planned. When we arrived she handed me a Norelco BodyGroom electric razor and said, "Go into the bathroom and shave your legs. Don't make a mess. Clean up your leg hair after you have shaved."

I did as I was told and walked out of the bathroom. I noticed the bed was full of sexy things like lace top thigh high stockings, a garter belt, matching panties and bra, a very sexy see through blouse and short skirt. My wife looked at me and said, "OK, let's go back into the bathroom. It's my turn."

She took my hand and walked me to the bathroom. She said, "I want you smooth and clean for tonight so I'm shaving your cock, balls and ass clean. I also want your chest free of hair."

My head was spinning. What was going on? This is all new and interesting.

In the bathroom my wife said, "It's easier to shave your cock and balls if you are hard." She got on her knees and started sucking my cock as she played with my balls. I was rock hard quick. She used the BodyGroom to get me relatively clean and then used one of her razors and shaving cream to get my balls and cock spotless.

She then said, "Turn around and bend over. I don't want any hair on your ass either." She then used the BodyGroom to get my ass soft and smooth. She finished off her work by shaving my chest and nipple area with her razor. I was now smooth and hairless.

My wife played with me for a while. She was so excited to have me hairless she couldn't keep her hands off of me. She said, "Don't worry. I won't waste your cum. I'm saving all of your cum for our special night tonight."

We finally walked out of the large bathroom and into our room. She said to me, "We both know that tonight I'm going to fuck your virgin ass with the strapon we brought with us. I've decided to make this a very special Key West night. I bought you a special outfit to wear. This is it on the bed."

The clothes that were laid out on the bed were sexy ladies clothes. I said, "Honey, I appreciate all of the planning you've done, but I don't dress in women's clothes. That's just not me. I like being a man and just happened to love wearing panties and want you to fuck my ass. I don't want to be a cross dresser."

She said, "We're in Key West, the home of alternative life styles. No one will see us or know about it. It will be our sexy secret. Please allow me to dress you as my wife tonight. Your body is hairless. This day is going perfect so far. You will not regret it. Just do as I ask"

She started kissing me and rubbing my hairless body. It was an amazing feeling. I felt like I should let my wife have her fantasy planned in such detail. I said, "OK, whatever you want, I'll do. I sure hope we do not bump into friends tonight."

She said, "Where we are going is not a place any of our friends will be, plus no one we know is even in town. Now let me dress you as my beautiful sexy wife."

My wife had planned each and every detail. I was shocked how detailed her plan was. She put a pair of white thigh high stockings on me. The smooth stockings on my smooth legs felt better than anything I could have thought. It felt real sexy. She put a garter belt on me and attached the stockings. She helped me put a black silk thong. The silk felt so sensual on my shaved cock and balls. I was immediately hard. Then she then put on me a matching bra. It was crazy that all of this fit, since I had only worn panties to this point, never other female lingerie.

My wife had purchased pads that fit the bra from a cross dressing store. I now had 38 C tits to show off. My wife then put on me the sexiest white see through blouse. The black bra was striking under the white see through blouse. My titties looked very real. The last item was a flowing short black skirt that was about two inched above the knee. I looked into the full length mirror in our room. Except for the facial features I looked pretty good.

Then my wife said, "There's more. Her e is your blonde wig and here are your heels. You can put them on after I do your makeup."

Wow this is really well thought out. My wife, a Mary Kay Consultant, does makeovers for lots of ladies. She did my eyes, cheeks and lips and then added her best perfume. Then she put on the wig and shoes. She said, "Practice walking while I get dressed."

I walked around the room and then got up the nerve to walk the hallway outside our room. Several guests walked by as I was in the hallway. No one even bothered to take a second glance. Both politely said, "Hello." I was starting to believe I looked like a woman.

I walked back in the room and my wife was dressed in khaki pants, a navy sport coat and an oxford cloth button down shirt. She wears a 38D bra, but even with close examination it was hard to tell. She intentionally wore a tube top under her shirt to keep her big tits from showing too much. She looked like my date for the night.

My wife said, "We have one more stop. I'm getting your nails done for the evening at the shop we saw earlier today. After that we're walking Duval Street, going to dinner and having one drink at a special bar. Then you are getting fucked real good."

The amazing thing was I felt so good in the stockings, panties and bra, real good. I actually felt very sexy. My wife, now my husband, opened the door for me everywhere we went. She pulled my chair out for me at dinner and ordered my meal for me. What an evening this was becoming!

After dinner I was getting very fired up. I knew the sex was getting closer and the anticipation was driving me crazy. My wife then opened the door to the bar she had planned. It looked normal. As we sat at a table my wife put her hand up my skirt under the table. She had her hands on my panty cover cock when she whispered to me that we were in a cross-dressers bar. It was hard to tell. Most people looked good.

While we had our one drink my wife put her hand up my skirt again and onto my panty covered cock. She said, "I thought about buying a tight skirt to show your beautiful ass, but I knew you would have a hard dick bulging. The flowing skirt seemed more appropriate."

She leaned over to me again and whispered, "I'm going to fuck you so hard you're going to beg me to stop." Then she kissed me on the cheek.

We talked for a while about the people in the bar and eventually started talking about the coming sex. My wife said. "Now remember, when we get to the room I'm in charge. Do not take any clothes off. That's my job to undress you." I said that I understood and would be a good panty husband.

My wife then said, "I know you want me to fuck your ass with a strapon so I have been doing my homework. Without you knowing it I have been studying this on the Internet. I even bought a porn DVD that featured strapon sex. I've practiced with the harness and big black cock. I am very good at this and you are going to get a real good fucking. Tonight you are not putting your cock in my pussy since you are a lady. I control everything including you cum."

I said, "Baby, I love you. I couldn't have a better wife. Thanks for the day and evening."

When we got to our room, my wife said, "Wait outside in the hallway. I'll only be a couple minutes."

I waited and as promised a few minutes later my wife opened the door wearing just her pint panties, matching bra and harness with the 8 inch black cock. My wife said, "Welcome to my Pleasure Palace. Hurry up in before someone sees us."

She took my hand and pulled me into the room and kissed me passionately. She had her hands all over my ass. She then reached under my dress and rubbed my cock. She stopped kissing my lips and started kissing neck and chest. She slowly unbuttoned my blouse. She said, "I've been looking at you in this see through blouse and wanted to suck your nipples all day. You have such pretty titties."

She took off my bra and ravaged my nipples. She couldn't get enough of sucking, licking and biting them. The lack of hair made everything, including my nipples, so sensitive.

Next she pulled my skirt over my head. I was standing there in panties, bra, garter belt, thigh high stockings and heels. My wife pushed me on the bed. She rubbed my cock for a very long time. I said, "Baby, I don't want to cum yet. You better leave my cock alone for a while."

She rolled me over onto my chest and I felt lube dripping on my ass. She said, "Relax honey and enjoy getting fucked for the first time. I'll be gentle at least to start."

I felt her pull my thong to the side and rub the lube all over my ass hole and then felt a finger go in me. I jumped with pleasure. My wife was working my ass hole and stretching it for her cock. I was in heaven and he best was yet to come.

My wife said, "Stand on the side of the bed."

I did and she pulled my thong to the side again. I felt the tip of the big black cock just touching my ass hole. My wife said, "Are you ready? Relax and enjoy it."

I tried to relax and the cock slid in my ass quickly. It was real thick compared to our butt plug. It felt good to have my ass stretched. My wife stroked my ass slowly and not real deep to start. Eventually, she said, "Tell me when you are ready for all of my cock and some harder strokes."

I said, "Baby, you are in control. Fuck me as hard and as deep as you want."

I felt the cock pound my ass. My wife had her hands on my hips and her skin was slapping against mine. I was moaning. I loved every second.

My wife put me on all fours and fucked me hard. She then put me on my back at the edge of the bed. She pulled the thong to the side and got my dick out to stroke. She said, "Now I understand why you love fucking me while I wear panties. It is so erotic. I am always going to fuck you in panties, my panty husband."

It was only seconds after stroking my dick that I said, "Baby, I can't hold back any more. I'm going to cum. She said, "Cum for me honey while I keep fucking your ass."

She fucked my ass harder and as she did I had a massive load with a first wad that squirted all the way to my chin and then more wads that landed on my chest and stomach.

My wife dipped her finger into the cum and said, "Taste this and you'll know why I love your cum so much." She placed her finger on my lips and I licked and sucked her finger clean. Then she licked my cum off of my chest and gave me a long French kiss with her tongue full of my cum.

She removed the big black cock from me. We lay together on the bed and talked about how great the day was. My wife finally said, "Maybe the next time we visit Key West your need a much bigger cock for your ass? I sure did enjoy fucking you."

I told my wife I loved being dressed for her that night. She had planned a very special evening ended with very special sex. I told her tomorrow our last night was her night. I was going to give her as many orgasms as I could. She deserved it.

I love my wife. She is the best and keeps getting better.

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