tagIncest/TabooParanormal Research Club Ch. 04

Paranormal Research Club Ch. 04


This is purely a work of erotic fiction. All characters, places, and situations are entirely fictional. All sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older. All rights reserved.

I watched Heather and Diana's pale backsides bounce away as they jogged naked around the corner of the house, towards the front door of the parsonage. With the magical effects of the armband no longer filling them with a need that overrode any sense of how cold it felt to be naked outside, they had quickly become chilled and decided to sprint for the warmth and comfort of the building.

I walked over to recover the clothing that Erin had kindly dropped out of the window for me. The fabric felt cold from sitting outside, but it was a comforting feeling as I buckled my thick nylon belt and felt the familiar weight of my cargo pants with my knife, wallet, flashlight, multi-tool, and other gear strapped to them. I felt less exposed and vulnerable as I threw on my loose-fitting layers of comfortable clothing, and I knew that with just what I now had on my person I could handle just about any situation that was likely to arise, and any number of situations that weren't.

As I opened the heavy wooden front door, a wave of warm air and cheerful yellow light flooded out to greet me. Heather and Diana had apparently run upstairs to put some clothing on, but Naomi and Lisa were waiting in the living room for me. Naomi was clad in a worn bathrobe of soft terrycloth, and the sense of compassion and warm motherliness had returned to her pleasant middle-aged features. Curled as comfortably as a sleeping cat on a nearby couch, Naomi's daughter Lisa was wrapped in a short blue satin nightgown that did more to display her cleavage, her perfect hourglass figure, and the creamy skin of her long, graceful legs than it did to protect her modesty. The points of Lisa's hard nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. Lisa had gotten a glass of her father's delicious homemade wine, and the beautiful blonde winked and smiled at me as she raised it to her soft red lips to take a sip.

Naomi approached me hesitantly, clearly torn between a desire to embrace me and fear that the gesture would be misinterpreted. She wore a worried, remorseful look on her face that clearly showed that she blamed herself for her part in what had happened earlier. She wrung her hands worriedly as she spoke. "Thank you so much for not taking advantage of me! I don't know what came over us, but thank you so much for respecting my marriage and Erin's virginity! I don't know what I was... I can't imagine cheating on David! He's the love of my life, and I swear that he's the only man I've ever been with or even wanted to be with! Oh, John, I'm so sorry for..." Her voice trailed off and her eyes closed tightly, as though struggling to block the thoughts from her mind. She was unable to finish the sentence.

How could I explain to Naomi that her actions hadn't been her own fault? As I struggled to find words that could soothe her guilt-ridden conscience, I took her into my arms and hugged her as I would my own mother. Naomi was shorter than I was, and I felt her bury her face in my shoulder as I wrapped my arms around her, smelling her feminine shampoo in the soft hair that brushed the bottom of my chin and feeling the warm terrycloth of her bathrobe against my hands as I held her. She was shaking slightly as she cried silently into my shoulder.

Lisa looked over at us from her position of the couch with an expression that seemed to combine both compassion for her guilt-ridden mother and a silent amusement that gave me the impression that she didn't feel any guilt at all for what she had done that night. Lisa saw me looking at her and smiled, but I couldn't tell whether she was flirting with me or simply approving of my efforts to comfort her mother. Perhaps she was doing both. The smile broadened and her eyes twinkled mischievously as Lisa shifted her position on the couch, allowing her nightgown to ride up and expose more of the perfect skin of her soft thighs. I felt myself begin to get hard again.

I averted my gaze from the beautiful blonde on the couch, closing my eyes in an effort to tune out the outside world. I couldn't risk becoming aroused and activating the armband again. "It's OK, Naomi," I offered. "We're here because there are supernatural things at work here that we don't understand. What happened to you wasn't your fault. I don't blame you, and I hope that you stop blaming yourself. You didn't cheat on your husband." The hug had gone on long enough, and I began to relax my grip on Naomi to signal that the hug was over. Her arms stayed wrapped tightly around my shoulders, so I patted her gently on the back to signal that the hug was over. But her arms still did not release me.

"It doesn't feel like what happened wasn't my fault," Naomi replied. Her arms tightened around me.

"Trust me, ma'am. What happened to you was something entirely beyond your control. The fact that you didn't actually do anything with me attests to your strength of character and commitment to your husband." I used the most comforting tone that I could with Naomi while still trying to be somewhat businesslike and not encourage things to progress in a sexual direction. I also deliberately ignored the fact that the only reason that she had remained faithful to her husband had been due to my efforts, not her own. I felt her breath softly caressing the skin of my neck, and was aware that this embrace was lasting far longer than I should be willing to allow it to last. My desire to comfort her warred with my desire to not become aroused and let the armband influence her again. Hadn't I been assured that I would usually be able to control the armband, rather than things working the other way around?

I tried my best to not to think about the warmth of her body pressing against mine, or the smell of her hair close to my face. Opening my eyes, I couldn't help but glance downward to where the neck of her bathrobe opened to show the tanned and lightly freckled skin of her soft cleavage. I immediately averted my gaze. I tried not to think of the way that her body had looked when I had seen her naked less than an hour ago, or the passion with which she had kissed me then, or the fact that the precious vaginal fluids from both of her beautiful daughters were still drying on my cock. I tried to calm myself by thinking of my own mother, but could only think of the way my mother had looked in my dream two nights ago as she had claimed me as her lover, riding me until I had ejaculated deep inside of her unprotected pussy. God, what was wrong with me?

"Thank you," Naomi whispered again. Her voice was changing, becoming huskier. Naomi was pressing her soft body tightly against mine as she planted a gentle, chaste kiss on my neck with her moist lips. And then another one. I opened my eyes, and could see that Lisa was standing up. She set down her wine glass and stretched her body in a slow, languid, sensual movement. Lisa's curvy, feminine hips seemed to sway just enough to highlight her raw feminine sexuality as she walked towards us, wicked mischief gleaming in her eyes. I had already enjoyed a threesome with a mother and a daughter that day, and my body seemed more than ready to repeat the experience with Lisa and Naomi. The armband was clearly awakening again. How could I be getting hard again so soon?

"Thank you so very much!" Naomi whispered again, breathlessly. I felt her plant a gentle kiss on my neck, and then another wetter and more forceful one on my cheek. "Thank you for saving my daughters, and thank you for behaving so respectfully towards us later." Her hot breath washed against my skin as her moist red lips brushed against my neck again. The irony wasn't lost on me that her efforts to thank me for not letting things get sexual earlier were very quickly going to become sexual themselves if I didn't get out of there.

"You're welcome," I responded. I tried to focus my thoughts on the least sexy things I could imagine. I didn't know David, Naomi's husband, but I did know that their daughter Erin had always been a loyal friend to me. From what Erin had told me about her father, he sounded like a good man that had dedicated his life to helping others, and he was a fellow veteran that had served with distinction in Vietnam. Naomi was a good person as well, and I felt honor-bound to respect their marriage no matter how difficult it would be for me to do so.

Lisa was naturally gifted as one of the most extraordinarily beautiful women I had ever seen in my life, to include women I had only imagined or seen in movies and magazines. I would be lying if I tried to tell you that I didn't want to fuck her as many times as our bodies could handle, but I couldn't risk getting Naomi caught up in the mix, and I was hesitant to have sex with any woman until I knew how I stood with my best friend Diana and my cousin Heather. Certainly they hadn't seemed upset by the sex acts I had engaged in earlier that night, but I was feeling very confused and suspected that they were as well. And Cherise and her mother, Rachelle, were in my thoughts constantly. Was I losing my mind, or could I actually remember details of their lives that I would have no way of possibly knowing if I put my mind to it? It was all far too confusing. I had to get out of the room with Lisa and Naomi and get some time alone to think. Smiling politely, I extricated myself gently but firmly from Naomi's arms before I turned in a businesslike manner and began strolling from the room.

I was almost to the door from the room when I heard Lisa clear her throat. "Excuse me, lover, but after what we've shared tonight don't you think that I at least deserve a good night's kiss? You know that it's terribly rude to ignore a woman whose pussy is still full of your cum."

"Lisa!" Naomi glared at her daughter in shock.

I turned to see Lisa standing with her hands on her hips and a playful pout on her angelic face. The light was behind her from my current position, shining through the translucent blue satin of her nightgown. The overall effect revealed the perfect curves of her hourglass-shaped body in a manner that was even more erotic than if she had been standing there completely nude. I stood transfixed as Lisa's long, shapely legs moved in delicate, graceful steps towards me. Her beautiful, soft body melted warmly against me as my arms wrapped around her of their own accord, my hands roaming the soft, sheer satin of her nightgown, feeling the concave curve of her back and the sharp angles of her shoulder blades as she sighed hotly into my mouth. I inhaled, breathing in her delicate, feminine aroma as her wet, pink tongue brushed my lips. Our eyes met, and she smiled at me as she watched my resolve crumble before her efforts. There was absolutely no force at all in the gentle push that she used to guide me back onto the couch that she had been sitting on moments before.

Lisa's hot, moist mouth crushed hungrily against my own as she climbed to straddle my legs facing towards me on the couch, our tongues mating frantically as our hands roamed each other's bodies. I reached down, feeling where her nightgown had ridden up over the glorious round swell of her buttocks, my fingers tracing the delicate outline of her clean white satin panties as she moaned appreciatively into my mouth. My mind was swimming in hormones and my heart was pounding in my chest as she ground the smooth, warm satin of her panty-covered crotch against me and my hands traveled beneath her nightgown to feel the flawless skin of her back.

Noticing movement out of the corner of my eye, I looked over to see Naomi as she slowly and mechanically untied the soft fabric strip that served as the belt of her terrycloth bathrobe. Her glazed eyes were riveted on her daughter and I as she let her nightgown fall open, revealing the large, dark pink areolas her motherly breasts that contrasted sharply with the paleness of her breasts beneath the tan-line her shirts had left at the top of her bosom. My gaze traveled downward, over her soft, smooth, slightly-rounded tummy, her beige panties, and her legs that were still shapely by any standards. She had aged beautifully, and was undeniably an attractive woman. I could see the faint outline of her pubic hair through the panties, and a growing area of dark moisture as her arousal seeped into the fabric. As she walked towards the couch, Naomi's wide, soft, feminine hips swayed seductively in a manner that clearly suggested where Lisa had gotten that particular characteristic from.

Lisa and I kissed with a lust that was bordering on madness as the beautiful young blonde ground her damp, panty-covered crotch against me, and I could smell the musky scent of her arousal over the floral scent of her hair and skin. I reached down, running my hands beneath her delicate panties to grope her perfect ass. My hand traced the soft rounded skin of her butt cheeks and the smooth crack between them, the elastic waistband of her panties causing the soft satin to caress the outside of my hand. We were forcing our bodies tightly together, our lips crushing against one another in sloppy, wet, hungry kisses. I felt as though I were being sucked irresistibly into a swirling vortex of insane lust, and based on her behavior I could tell that Lisa felt the same.

My heart was pounding in my chest as my bestial lust demanded satisfaction, even as the human part of my mind was screaming at me that something was horribly wrong here. The lust that was burning in the eyes of these women wasn't natural. And, while I'm a healthy young man with a high sex drive, my own carnal hunger was not normal, either. I had never before felt anything like this. This was something more than natural human concupiscence. This was something irresistible and primal, like the overwhelming need of a drowning man to surface for air. Lisa and I kissed as though possessed.

I felt softness and heat pressed against my side as Naomi bent over us, crushing her breasts against both me and her daughter as she was shimmying out of her panties. "So, honey," she whispered hotly to her daughter. "I need you to share that dick with me this time. You have no idea how empty my pussy feels right now! It's... God, I feel like I'll die if I'm not filled by that cock soon!"

Rather than reply to her mother, Lisa turned and placed a hand gently on her mother's face. She didn't use force, but gradually pulled Naomi's face to her own. It seemed at first as though Naomi were resisting her daughter, but the resistance quickly crumbled. Lisa planted a delicate kiss on her mother's lips. "I promise," Lisa breathed almost inaudibly against her mother's mouth. Naomi closed her eyes, her warm, moist breath coming in a deep sigh that caressed her daughter's moist red lips. "That big hard dick of his is going to be yours. You're going to get to feel it stretching and caressing the insides of your pussy and bumping up against your cervix. As soon as he's blown a nice big load inside of me, his dick will belong to you completely for the rest of the night. You'll get to suck my pussy juices off of it until he cums down your throat if you want. You can make him fuck your pussy and fill your womb full of his sperm. Maybe you can even make another little brother or sister for me if you want. You can make him fuck you in your ass and fill your rectum with his spunk, and the best part is that I can promise you that he'll do it, as many times as you want him to. He won't have a choice; he's as horny as we are. You can make him cum inside of you as many times as your body can handle, and he'll never run out of semen. And you will get to climax as many times as you need to, Mother. But I'm the one that got him hard, so I get his cock first. Ok?"

Lisa ran her hands through Naomi's hair, and Naomi opened her eyes. Slowly, gently, Lisa returned her lips to Naomi's. At first the kiss was barely more than gentle, tentative, experimental contact between the slightly parted lips of the mother and daughter. Lisa's lips gently teased her mother's open as her hands traced lower, gently caressing the soft curves of Naomi's full breasts as the kiss between Lisa and Naomi grew hotter, wetter, and infinitely more sinful.

I tried to resist with all of my willpower, but the unnatural forces at work here were far too powerful to be denied. As Lisa and Naomi kissed, my hand seemed to reach almost of its own accord towards the junction of Naomi's smooth white thighs. I redirected my hand to the smooth, soft curve of her belly. But an irresistible compulsion drove my hand to travel down the tender expanse of Naomi's abdomen until I felt the soft hair that marked the juncture between her smooth white legs. As my fingers brushed the pliable flesh of her vaginal lips, Naomi squealed into her daughter's mouth, their lips and tongues kissing in loud, passionate desperation as my adulterous fingers probed deeper into the hot, dripping-wet opening that led deep into the most intimate parts of Naomi's body. As my sinful fingers invaded the hot, slick, wet tunnel into the minister's wife, I could feel the soft pubic hair and the warm skin of her vulva caressing the palm of my hand and the thin, delicate, rubbery lips of her vaginal opening parting around my fingers like a gateway into the heat and moisture that existed inside of her.

Lisa's crotch ground feverishly against my own as she smothered her mother's cries of pleasure with deep, wicked kisses. She didn't break her kiss with her mother as she raised her hips and fumbled blindly for the zipper to my pants. Her cool, slender fingers trembled with need as they reached into the opening in my pants to wrap around my throbbing penis and remove it from the fly.

Immediately after my penis was out of my pants, I felt Naomi's hot fingers join her daughter's as she wrapped them around my manhood. As her fingers wrapped around my cock, I felt the hard coolness of her wedding ring against the skin of my penis, and I was reminded again of the adulterous nature of what we were doing. Naomi turned and looked at me, her eyes staring directly and unflinchingly into my own. "I've got to have your cock this time. You don't know how badly I need it!" Naomi whispered urgently as she crushed her face against me, her lips merging with my own as my fingers traveled in and out of her drenched pussy. Her voice was almost a sob of desperation as she whispered, "God! Please, I need you to fuck me!"

"In just a few minutes, Mom," Lisa said soothingly as she rubbed her crotch against my cock and her mother's hand. "For now, it's been twenty-five years since I've sucked on those tits."

Lisa leaned over, taking one of her mother's large breasts into her hand, teasing it with kisses and licks before she latched onto a large, dark pink nipple and began sucking as if in mockery of the act that had nourished her as an infant. Meanwhile, I felt and heard the slick wetness of Naomi's pussy coating my fingers with generous quantities of the natural lubrication that her body was making in preparation for fucking me. Lisa's crotch continued to grind against me as Naomi's hand stroked up and down my shaft, and through the soft satin panties I could feel infinitely desirable heat and humidity radiating against the skin of my penis.

I pulled my fingers out of Naomi, and the older woman's eyes grew wide as I raised them to my face, inhaling her scent and tasting her delicious musk before returning them to her sweet pussy.

"John! Are you down here?" Came a familiar voice from the kitchen, as though someone were looking for me. I turned to see my sister walking into the living room from the kitchen, clad in her pajama pants and a loose t-shirt. "John? Oh, God!" She stood, staring blankly at me as I dry-humped Lisa and fingered Naomi's wet hole. Kim froze in her tracks, her eyes frozen in a surprised, wide-eyed stare as she stood mesmerized by the sight before her.

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