tagErotic CouplingsPassion and Need

Passion and Need


She answered the door wrapped in a plush white terrycloth robe, compliments of the hotel they were staying in. The tips of her wet hair were dripping down onto her bare shoulders just beneath the collar of the robe.

He sat down on the bed released his swollen cock and pulled her onto his lap to straddle him. He pushed his hands into the robe over her back and hips finally settling at her waist. She nuzzled her face into his hair and lightly kissed his cheek.

He lowered his head to her breasts, his tongue caressed her nipple. She whimpered in response. “Incredibly sensitive,” he murmured “and here too,” as he wedged his hand between their bodies and touched her in a way that caused her to catch her breath.

She began to rock her hips slowly forward and then back; barely any movement at all, but enough. Each subtle motion coaxed a moan from him. She squeezed his hips between her thighs saying “I can feel all of you.” He gasped and whispered “yes.” Possessively he spread his hands over her hips, his fingers making deep impressions in her skin as he guided each erotic undulation.

He held her tightly to his body, as he stood up embedded deep, as deep as one could go and then he laid her back on the bed, after pushing her robe over her shoulders allowing it to drop to the floor. He removed the rest of his own clothing, their eyes never leaving the other’s and when he re-entered her it was with a need he had not known before.

They teased and passionately kissed each other and her hips responded to his thrusts into the depths of her, he whispered in her ear “be still, don’t move.” He leaned in and kissed her again with a passion clearly defining the need he felt for her. “Don’t hold anything back,” he said. She shook her head yes in response to his request.

He thrust as deep into her as he could possibly get, and she cried out as she experienced an orgasm so powerful, her breath was taken. He could hold back no longer and he released his desires deeply into her as she pulled him tightly to her breast.

They removed the rest of the clothing binding them and stretched out on the bed in one another’s arms. She whispered in his ear “You take me like no other and I need you” he responds to her by covering her body with his as he kisses her passionately. One of those deep, soulful kisses. The kind that let her know she had been kissed.

He slips one of his legs between hers and gently parts them for his entry. He dips his head down to lift one of her nipples between his lips and slides his tongue over the tip. His breath feels hot against her skin and she undulates under the expert mouth devouring her. She begs him to enter her and he tells her “You must be patient my sweet.” She whimpers and gently moans as he continues to bring her to the edge of orgasm.

He wraps his arms around her and rolls her over on top of him. She straddles his waist line and sits up tall, lazily running her fingertips over his chest and nipples. She leans down to take his lower lip into her mouth gently sucking and kissing it. He snakes his tongue into her mouth and he is shocked to feel her impale him.

He presses his rock hard cock deeply into her hot wet pussy and she grinds down on him as she rises up to sit tall on him. He feels the head of his cock against her cervix and he moves ever so slightly, just enough for her to feel his presence. She groans loudly as she tosses her head back and her long hair brushes his thighs and balls. Her breasts thrust out as she braces herself with her hands grasping his knees. She is almost folded in half, backward.

He reaches out and tweaks the tips of her nipples then quickly traces her stomach with his thumb downward and rests it on her throbbing clit. He places a slight pressure on her clit and gently circles it with his thumb. She bucks wildly on him fucking him hard. Her cries for him to stop go out to deaf ears as he brings her to an explosive orgasm.

She leans over his chest, her breasts laying on his as she kisses him briefly and catches her breath. He feels her slight movement up and down on his very stiff cock and he is drenched in her hot love juices. She rides him expertly taking him very deep and rising almost off of him completely. She drops down on his cock and squeezes him as she pulls upward. A deep growl escapes his throat as his hot sperm erupts inside her. He grasps her hips and forcefully holds her down as he empties his balls deep into her womb. She squeezes every drop from him and collapses on his chest. He holds her close and she straightens her legs, slipping onto the bed beside him.

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