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Playful Heather


NOTE: This story is set in the Sex Mage World.


Heather looked up from her magazine as she suddenly sensed her husband getting a very strong erection. She glanced over to him, sitting on the couch watching the television. Duncan squirmed a bit and had to adjust himself. Heather gave him an amused smirk as he glanced over to her inquisitively.

"Thinking of something naughty?" Heather said. She brushed her curly brown hair back, tucking a strand behind her ear in that way she knew Duncan found unbearably sexy-cute.

He shook his head. "N-no," he said. "Are you doing this?"

"I'm not doing a thing sweetie," she said. Duncan then gasped and his body tensed. Heather focused her senses, and could tell he was feeling the effects of two phantom mouths lovingly licking and sucking his cock. Duncan let out a moan and gripped the couch cushions tightly. "Oh, my. Looks like you've got a secret admirer who wants to show her appreciation! Have you been fooling around behind my back?"

"No!" said Duncan. He winced as the mouths sucked him harder, the tongues swirling and stroking his sensitive cock in just the right places. "A-are you sure you're not doing this?"

"Girl scout's honor!" said Heather, holding up a three finger solute. And she really wasn't this time. Aside from her husband, she could sense the erections of at least a dozen other men in the neighborhood, being stimulated by the same double-blowjob signals. It was impossible to trace the origin point, but it was clear some woman, or perhaps several women, in the neighborhood were casting a wide spell signal, broadcasting the blowjob sensations to any man who happened to be in range. Perhaps the twins down the street? They should be just getting into their powers about now.

Heather giggled as Duncan bucked his hips. Whoever was psychically playing with him was doing an intense job! She could already sense he was starting up that slope towards an orgasm. So sensitive! But then, Heather hadn't let him shoot for almost two weeks. She made sure her orgasm blocker spell was firmly set; she wasn't ready to end his period of denial just yet.

"I wonder who it could be?" said Heather. "The Sander twins down the road? Your boss Libby? My friend Sarah? You remember Sarah, I let you jack off for her a couple months ago. She showed you her tits. Oh, maybe it's your ex, drunk again and feeling a little vindictive towards all the guys she's been with. What was her name? Trish?" Duncan, of course, couldn't sense the other cocks in the neighborhood having similar hard attacks in the other houses. No reason for him not to think this wasn't a purposeful provocation of his penis specifically.

Duncan grit his teeth and gasped. His cock was throbbing with intense pleasure as the phantom mouths worked him faster. "H-heather, m-m-make it stop!"

Heather smiled and waved a hand towards him. His clothes suddenly vanished off his body, leaving him naked and his bare cock was exposed for all to see. It was a neat little trick most other women couldn't do, and she loved embarrassing her husband with it. "Poor thing just wants someone to pet him," Heather said.

"H-heather, please!"

"Yes, Duncan, you may touch him."

Duncan let out a cry as he began to stroke it. The two psychic mouths combined with a physical touch was too much for him, and his cock jerked mightily. "Heather, please, may I cum? Please, please, may I cum?"

Heather giggled and licked the tip of her finger, before wriggling it in Duncan's direction. Duncan let out a shout as he felt a slick fingertip swirl around the sensitive ridge of his penishead. "Please!" he cried, his voice becoming a high pitched whine. "Please, baby, please Heather, m-Mistress, please... puh-please!"

"You cheating little slut," Heather giggled. "You dare ask me for permission to cum when some other woman is stimulating you?"

"I can't... I don't... I don't know!" he let out another sharp cry as the twin mouths intensified their stimulation in a way no flesh and blood mouths could. Duncan thrashed and moaned, red faced and sweating, eyes scrunched closed and mouth agape. "PLEASE! At least make it stop!"

"Why? Free entertainment!" She laughed, the special giggle that he also found unbearably sexy-cute. Helplessly teased as he was, the sound just drove him even wilder!

"Heatheeerrr!" Duncan's voice was a pained whine now.

"Oh, alright," she said, still smiling in amusement. She made a motion towards him, and instantly, the sensations of the mouths ceased. An invisible force pulled his hand away from himself, and pinned both his arms down on the couch. However, she did not cease the little throb of penishead stimulation. As wound up as he was, that was all it took to keep him on the edge.

"Heather!" Duncan gasped. His cock jumped comically as his hips bucked against the phantom finger, trying in vain to escape its maddening touch. "Please, make all of it stop!"

Heather could sense the other cocks in the neighborhood were being likewise teased as wives, girlfriends, and possibly other female family members magically scolded the males for being unable to control their poor, desperate erections. She sensed a few lucky men being allowed to pop off, their orgasms blooming brightly to her sexual senses. Other men, however, were not so lucky, stimulated yet denied, the initial blowjob signals being amped or stacked with new teasing sensations. Heather figured she was being more than lenient enough with just her little head play tease.

"In a bit," she said, giggling. Duncan moaned as he writhed on the couch, unable to get up from it as his arms were still magically bound back. Watching him struggle and seeing his cock bounce and flex was turning her on. She snapped her fingers and her own clothes vanished. She reached down, spreading her legs, and touched herself.

Duncan gasped as he felt the sexual pressure poor off his wife, he turned and saw her masturbating and whimpered in frustration and need. Heather smiled at him as she let the sensations go, slowly rubbing her clit in that back and forth pinching. As she touched herself, her body naturally radiated arousal to any man in the immediate area, and Duncan's body reacted. His already steely hard cock, still teased by the phantom fingertip, went into overdrive, the cock swelling and stiffening even more, until it was beet red from all the blood rushing to it, the veins bulging prominently.

"H-heather..." Duncan squeaked.

"Say your mantra," Heather commanded huskily, rubbing her clit a little faster.

Duncan swallowed. "I-I-I am j-just a powerless b-boy," he said. "Y-you control my p-penis and testicles. I am a s-s-slave to your p-pussy. You are all p-powerful, I am p-powerless, unworthy of your m-m-mercy. You are m-my Goddess, and I am your s-slave."

Heather felt the pleasure bloom in her core. "Again," she breathed, rubbing faster. She brought her other hand down and slowly slipped to fingers into herself, making sure Duncan got a good view.

Duncan gasped out the words again, stuttered so much, Heather made him start over halfway. And when he finished, she commanded him to keep saying it. Every time he repeated the phrase, Heather rubbed herself a bit more vigorously, the pleasure slowly blooming.

Heather was moaning loudly and Duncan could barely draw breath by the tenth time he choked out the mantra. "Y-y-you are... are m-my G-g-g-god—goddessssss...aaaahh..."

"Don't stop!" Heather cried. She was writhing under her own touch, lewdly twisting in a way that would have made Duncan crosseyed with arousal even without her magic pushing his libido into overdrive. "Keep saying it!"

Duncan grit his teeth, and forced out the words as tears of need spilled down his face. "You... are... my... G-goddess... and I... I am your... s-slave!"

"AAAAAHH!" Heather nearly screamed as she came, hard. Fluid gushed onto the seat cushion as she came so hard, she actually squirted a little. And in that instant, she released Duncan's orgasm blocks. Duncan cried out, matching his wife's howl, as thick ropes of semen shot high into the air. Duncan was splattered from face to thighs with his own seed; the first couple shots actually hit the ceiling.

The two writhed and moaned and cried in orgasm, Heather's own climax extending to second and third aftershocks, and Duncan was forced to experience similar multiple orgasms, milking him dry. A pleasure so intense he couldn't bare it, but at the same time, a tremendous relief from the sexual pressure he normally felt.

When it was finally over, Heather and Duncan sagged back into their seats. Heather unbound his arms with a flick of her finger, but Duncan was too dazed to get up anyway. After a few moments, she waved her hand, and a couple of towels appeared out of thin air, plopping down on both of them. She wiped herself dry, then went over to Duncan and did the same for him.

Duncan moaned softly as she lovingly wiped his body clean, bending over to softly kiss his lips and his cock several times. Duncan came out of his post-orgasm daze slowly, and blinked as he came back to awareness. He looked in awe at Heather, blushing at how exposed and vulnerable he was, but reverent of her power.

Heather smiled at his admiration, and blushed a little herself, now that she had cooled down and seen how intense she had gotten. Sometimes she spooked herself with what the power of Sex Magic could let her do. But it was all in good fun.

"Th-thank you," Duncan said softly, still a little shaken. Heather kissed him again, then snuggled up next to him on the couch.

"Thank your mystery admirer," she said. "Hmm..." she raised her hand and hovered it over Duncan's flaccid cock. "I wonder if she's still broadcasting her signal." Duncan tensed, even as his cock twitched once. Heather giggled. "Just teasing dear. I won't let the mean cocktease torment you any further." Duncan relaxed and kissed her, and the two cuddled together for a while longer.

Other men were not so lucky, Heather noticed. Her sexual senses detected that the double-blowjob signal had ceased, probably a while ago, but several penises in the neighborhood were still being "disciplined" by teasing Mistresses playfully or cruelly punishing the men for such perverse reactions. She knew at least a couple weren't going to be released from the torment until at least morning. All because some random Sex Mage had decided to pull a little prank. Poor things.

She gave her husband another kiss, and could sense he knew very well how lucky he was to have such a lenient and playful wife. And he wouldn't be forgetting it any time soon.

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