tagLoving WivesPool Payments Ch. 06

Pool Payments Ch. 06

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 06: Beth for Breakfast

Unplanned morning fun with Beth


The morning following Kayla's initiation into the Pool Club, I stopped by Beth's house on my morning run.

I went in through the garage, and knocked on the door, then opened it, announcing my presence. I knew her husband had early hours with Thursdays and Sundays off, so we should be able to talk in private for a moment.

She was up, but hardly dressed. She was wearing a T-shirt, and not much else by the look of it. I surprised her a bit, but she seemed fine about it.

"Hi beautiful," I greeted her, "where are the boys?".

"Out playing somewhere, they were out of here as soon as they'd finished their breakfast."

"Lucky boys, I still haven't had breakfast yet," I told her.

"I could make you something if you'd like," she offered, "I have eggs, bacon, cereal," she turned to open the frig and look in. I sauntered up behind her, and put my hands on her hips and leaned my crotch into her.

"Alex," she warned, "what are you up to?"

I reached down and slid her t-shirt up over her hips, exposing her sweet little ass. Yep, no panties. "I'd really like a warm muffin for breakfast, I'll do the buttering."

"Jeez, Alex, you are incorrigible! Don't you ever get tired of sex?" She tried to sound exasperated, but she held her position, half-naked, rear-end exposed, waiting for my next move.

"Not likely with anyone as gorgeous and hot as you," I told her. I lowered my running shorts and underwear, took my hardening cock in hand, and ran it up and down her crease. Beth spread her legs a bit more, making the access a little more open, if a little lower. I bent my knees, found the gap I was looking for, and slid the head of my prick into her. She wasn't very wet, admittedly there hadn't been a lot of foreplay. I had to work my way in, but she loosened up and juiced up before I was completely inside her.

"Alex, this isn't part of our deal." She told me, accusingly, while opening herself to me.

"No, it's just that I can't get you out of my mind. When you were over yesterday, and I was with Lisa and Kayla, I couldn't stop thinking about you. Don't tell them; I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings." I was approaching a rhythm, stroking smoothly, but she couldn't have been too comfortable, perched in the refrigerator door like that.

I pulled out of her, took her by the hand and led her to the living room. I pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her naked as the day she was born. Her nipples were standing at attention, from the refrigerator's cold, combined with what we'd been up to, I'd guess.

"Alex, you can't just come over and fuck me anytime you want to." She stood in front of me, hands on her hips, reprimanding me just enough to seem a bit in control.

"I wasn't planning on this at all. I just came over to talk a bit, but you looked so sexy in that shirt, and with nobody else around, I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. Can't resist." I stepped into her, running my fingers through her hair, before giving her a big wet kiss. She settled into my arms, her hard little nipples burning into my chest, allowing my hands to caress her back and ass, while our kiss heated up.

I stepped away and sat her down on the over-sized footstool. I leaned her backward and brought her legs up almost to her ears, and slid my aching hard-on back home into that sweet twat. Her back was on the footstool, but her head was on the chair, and I was able to use the chair arms for support, pinning her ankles to them. She was wide open, and I was in heaven, pulling the full length of my cock all the way out of her on each stroke, then driving it in as far as humanly possible.

I was feeling good and strong, not too overheated, and knew I could probably last a while. I released her ankles, and her calves slid up as far as my elbows, leaving her ass and pussy well elevated, but not quite bent in half anymore.

The feeling was exquisite as I settled down for a nice leisurely screwing, getting a rhythm again, slowly pushing her up the mountain of her own release.

Beth's hands were caressing my arms and chest; her eyes were smoldering. "So, Kayla is part of our club now, too?" She asked.

"Sort of." I admitted. "Did you know how innocent and sheltered she is?"

"Of course," she giggled. "It's a running joke. It's the only reason I thought to encourage her to join us. She needs it more than all the rest of us combined."

"And I thought you were getting tired of me," I teased her, speeding up my strokes a bit.

Her giggles had disappeared, and she gave me an intense, hot, look. "Like I could get tired of this." She curled her head up and looked down to where my pole was entering her.

I shifted back a bit, fucking up into her pussy, massaging her clit, while my cock sought out her G-spot. I must have been doing Ok; within moments a long shuddering moan escaped her lips and she stretched her body out before me. I kept at it, without changing position, still using long strokes, as her breath became louder and more ragged.

I pulled out and went down on her. She was so open and exposed, I just wanted to tease her a bit, but the second my tongue hit her love button, she went off. I fought to keep her legs pinned back, and suckled on her nub, bringing a stream of cries and obscenities from her previously pristine mouth.

"Damn, Beth, do you use that mouth to kiss your mother?" I teased, finally coming up for air, the air cold against the moisture around my mouth.

"Bring that piece of meat over here and I'll show you what else I can do with it," she growled.

It seemed like a fair enough offer. I pulled the footstool away from the chair and spun her around into a 69. I lowered my cock into her welcoming mouth and went back to breakfasting on my morning muffin.

Beth sucked me like a pro, taking me deep and fast. It seemed to be almost a contest, to see who could get the other off first. She was winning, so I cheated, pulling out of her mouth to a disappointed cry, and lifting her up. I sat on the seat, and pulled her into my lap facing me. I held her close, hugging her, nuzzling her neck, while my cock tapped out a tattoo inside of her. She was working me over just using her internal muscles, and I was trying to do a bit of the same.

"Kayla needs instruction," I said softly.

"We know, that's why she's in," Beth replied, bouncing a bit.

"I want her to see how you and I are together," I told her.

"Damn, Alex, whatever happened to what happens between us stays between us?" She sounded a little ticked off.

"It would be a blessing, Beth," I told her. "Sex with you is so incredible! She can see how wonderful it can be, and how oral sex is Ok, and maybe we can teach her how to come more easily."

"Hold your horses cowboy! What are you saying?" She sat upright on my cock, looking me in the eye.

"She claims she never comes, although I proved otherwise, but only after a lot of effort, and she almost freaked out when I tried to lick her down there."

"And she's been married for 7 years?" She sounded incredulous.

"Let's do it. Our little project. Make Kayla into a sex goddess, almost like you." I teased, grabbing her hips and rocking her back and forth on my cock.

"Oh, right. Like I'm some kind of sex goddess. You are such a lying flirt." She laughed, but I knew she was pleased.

"You are, you know," I insisted.

"It'd be nice if Nick thought so," she muttered.

"Trust me, you are as close as I've ever seen. Now, make me come." I leaned back, giving her more room to maneuver.

She raised one eye at me, and then accepted the challenge, first putting her feet on the floor and rising up and down on me, giving me a wonderful view of my long cock disappearing inside of her, and then she tucked her knees in and rode me hard, bouncing away wildly. I reached up and tweaked her nipples, then slid my hand between her legs and rubbed her clit as best I could.

She was sweaty, and wild looking. She leaned way over, rocking back and forth on my cock, and started talking to me.

"Come for me Alex. Let me feel that big beautiful cock of yours. I want you to come. Come inside me. Come deep inside me where Nick never reaches. Where nobody goes but you. Come for me Alex. Fill me. Fill me with your hot cum. Come for me Alex. Please, I need it, I need your cum. I'm so close now, can you feel it? I'm so close. Please, come. Come for me. Make me come. You can make me come now, by coming inside me. God you are so deep now, so deep, I've never had anyone do me like you, Come for me. Come for me. Come for me Alex."

At the end, I was holding her hips up and sliding in and out of her, savoring the sensation for the entire length of my erection. She had me.

She must have felt the oncoming release; she planted her mouth on mine, tongue deep in my mouth, and cried out as she came on my cock. At the same moment I was coming, slamming upward, driving deep inside her. I pulled her hips down against me, and held her still, letting my cock finish the job on its own, emptying itself, with a series of jolts, deep inside her.

"God, I can feel that so well," she whispered, "I can feel your hot cum bathing my insides. It's incredible."

"You are incredible." I told her.

"And now we have to make Kayla incredible," she giggled.

Just then the we heard the front door open. I leaped up and tossed her her t-shirt. She had it over her head and on in seconds, while I scooped up my shorts and underwear and ran for the powder room. The front door was down a hall and around the corner from the living room, maybe 15 feet away. We were saved by a corner and 15 feet.

We heard voices, some noise, and then the door closed again, to complete quiet.

I walked back out, dressed again, and went to Beth.

She hit me on the arm, and looked almost ready to cry. "That was way too close. What are we doing?"

I took her in my arms and gave her a hug, massaging her ass.

She pushed me away, "Didn't you learn anything just now?" she cried.

"Of course. Next time I'll lock the door."

* * * * *

Things are really getting interesting. Can three play together as well as two? Find out in the next chapter. And if you remember, please vote.

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