tagFetishPoor Baby, Come to Daddy

Poor Baby, Come to Daddy


Daddy...could you just hold me for a while.. make love with me.. treat me nice.. I am feeling so sad right now.. can you comfort me? YOu don;t always play that role. Can you tell me nice things and stoke me and make me feel loved and cared for? When you see me in my photos do you see that I am vulnerable and need your attention and that I hurt inside? Do you feel for me in some way and want to take care of me? Would you have me in your real life if it was possible and take me into your bed and cuddle with me and kiss me and make me feel your love? Please tell me about that??

Sugarsmax 49M

written less than a minute ago:

Sweet baby girl,

I have two sides. Two creative and contrasting personalities. My natural side is gentile, patient and loving, the other is harsh & controlling. Depending on the situation, either can make you feel safe and loved.

If you were here with me now and needed to be comforted, I would greet you with a warm smile and hug you softly and tightly. Let you relax and know you could depend on me to be here for you. Listening to what was on your heart and checking if something was bothering you. I would sit with you quietly and let you share whatever you needed to, without judgment or trying to fix it. Validating your feelings and comforting your pains, no matter how long you needed to share or you could just melt into my arms and listen to my heartbeat and know you weren't alone.

Perhaps I could prepare a delicious meal for you followed by a nice warm bubble bath. I would wash your back slowly with a big soft cloth. making you laugh with a little rubber ducky (that vibrates) Telling you how pretty you are and how difficult it must be and that now everything will be okay. That I am here for you no matter what.

The water is perfectly warm and scented of vanilla and lavender. With soft music in the background and candles all around, you would be as relaxed and beautiful as you ever could ever be. I would wash you and talk to you softly. When done, I would have you stand as I rinse the bubbles from you, leaving you feeling clean and soft as a newborn baby. You sigh as I gently wrap you in a oversized soft towel, drying your body and appreciating your beauty. My baby girl is so perfect, you can see the admiration in my loving eyes as I lead you into the bedroom.

It is my favorite room of the house. Decorated in deep earth tones and soft accents, with thick brown carpet, rich cherrywood furniture and a grand sleigh bed. The bed is incredibly comfortable with a soft blue and gold comforter, large goose down pillows and fresh crisp sheets that are beyond soft. Egyptian cotton are the only sheets I share with my baby girl.

The windows are large with an amazing view of the city skyline and draped in purple silk curtains and light shears which give the view a dreamy appearance and a surreal light in the morning.

As you step out of your robe, I have a new nightgown laid out for you. Very expensive and wonderful. The fabric is soft & silky and sexy & lacy and so comfortable. It looks beautiful on you and it makes you feel sexy and sweet as you put in on.

You join me in the living room by the warm fireplace. I have a bottle of your favorite wine ready as you sit down on a big pillow on the floor in front of a big leather love seat facing the fire. I sit above you and begin to brush your hair softly. You love the feeling of my hands on you as they gently stroke your wet hair. I tell you how long and pretty your hair has gotten and you feel happy that I noticed these things.

As the flames crackle and the music plays in the background you know your home, that everything is good and you will never be alone or afraid again. You are my little Princess and everything I have is here for you.

After the fire has died down and the wine is half gone, you begin to realize how much better you feel. How lucky you are and how much you appreciate me. How you never want me to leave and how much you want to give yourself to me. I sense your affection and begin to touch your supple neck as I lift and brush your soft hair. I softly stroke that sensitive place on the nape of your neck just below your ears. I know that place is your special place which stirs the woman in you. One of your favorite places you like to be touched. You respond softly and sweetly by taking my hand into your nightgown gently placing on your heart. i can feel your soft breast and your soft nipple hardening with my touch. The fine hairs on your neck begin to rise and the waves of goosebumps and heavy deep breathing begin. I know you are responding to my touch in a different, tender way. The soft and loving way we sometimes can be together.

You lean back and look up at me. You're so beautiful in the firelight, your skin glowing, your face like an angel... and you know I am there for you. As I kiss you slowly and softly, you open up to me. Your sweet lips are soft and willing and open as I kiss you softly, then deeply, exploring your mouth with my tongue and you greet me with your own. You can feel the swelling manhood on the back of your neck and turn to face upwards toward me.

I can see the soft outline of your breast and hardened nipples protruding beneath the lace of your gown, illuminated by the firelight. You are so beautiful. I feel the wave of emotion flooding my heart and lift you into my lap. I cuddle you across me rocking you in my arms. You kiss me softly at first, gradually increasing the passion and the ferocity of your embrace. You guild my hand between your legs, into your feminine softness.

I think what a fortunate man I am to have such a woman in my life. You are wet and swollen between your legs. Clean, soft almost virginal.

I lift you in my arms and carry you into the bedroom. The music still softly playing in the background, the fire crackling and you begin to coo and purr, like a cat. I like it and gently lay you onto the soft bed. Your eyes are transfixed on mine and I know this moment is a special. One of those moments you will remember for many years to come.

Your breath deepens as lean over you and gently stroke the hair from your face and slide my hand behind your neck, lifting you into my deep kiss. Your chest rises and I feel your stiff nipples graze my bare chest. Your arms pull me into you as we kiss and your hips sway as your legs spread beneath me. I kiss your neck and you feel my hot breath on your soft skin. You taste of vanilla and smell like I've always thought a woman should smell. Your special scent, not some perfume or lotion but your own particular essence which stirs something deep inside me. Something primal and natural which bring about a perfect arousal in me. You roll over on top of me, straddling my body perfectly. We fit together as if we were made for each other.

I slide your silky nightgown up and over your head. Your hair tumbles down framing your smiling face. Your perfectly shaped breasts yearn to be touched, which I do so softly but firmly. You coo with pleasure and begin to grind your hips onto mine. The growing lump in my pants is in perfect alignment with your clit and you feel every throbbing inch of me. The heat is rising and we both are vibrating with the anticipation and love and tenderness. Open hearted and vulnerable in the moment, savoring every second, every sensation as we move in unison to the rhythm of this moment.

My kisses move downward from your mouth, your neck, your shoulders. My lips surround your nipples as I hold you firmly to me. I lick and suck each of them generously and squeeze you as I continue downward. We roll over again as my soft kisses meander about your torso, down your sides, each of my soft kisses sending waves of goosebumps and warm tingling sensations through you. I dart my tongue into your navel as I grip your hips on either side. I lift you to me as I move towards your taught stomach and supple hips. As I move downward and spread my hands on each cheek of your sweet bottom and lift your hips to my mouth, you quietly gasp as my tongue explores your delicate pussy. Licking each side, around and down, in and out, up towards your little pink button. I savor every curve of your womanhood. You slip your hand down to spread your swollen lips exposing your sensitive parts, the part men fantasize about, but are so rarely and seductively introduced to.

I place my mouth on your mound and slowly slide my long tongue inside. You gasp again as I gently lick and suck your clitoris for what seems like hours. You feel the waves of orgasm rise and fall with each motion. You are in that special place, where time and space don't exist. Where your mind is free. From anything but the moment and the feeling of being worshipped and loved. That fleeting feeling of heaven on Earth.

You cannot take it any more, you need to feel me inside of you. The uncontrollable desire to be filled by me. To be connected in a way which nothing else can compare. The feeling of being together, connected as one, each heartbeat, each breath, each thought is shared together.

You push me back and with your legs still wrapped around me, lower my silk pants. My cock is fully engorged and throbbing for you. You touch it and it responds by springing outward, pulsating and ready to enter you. You guild me into you, slowly. As you feel my full length spreading you inside, we both moan. It feels so fucking good. Like we always want it to feel. That moment when you know it's right, that everything fits so perfectly and you are perfectly fulfilled. When I hit that special spot inside of you that makes your heart split wide open and your mind go blank while your spirit soars.

Each thrust of my hips makes you melt and squeeze me tightly. Your heart races and your face is flush with emotion, confusion at the clear understanding of life. This moment is why you and I are here together. This moment makes the rest of our lives worthwhile and meaningful.

As my rhythm increases, matched perfectly by your body, we fall into the deepest of feelings, the mind goes away and the body takes control. We explore each other in every position, each with a different and yet more exciting result. Minutes, hours, who knows, but when you begin to shudder and spasm in ecstasy, I have no choice but follow you there.

We finish in a heated frenzy of orgasm, riding each wave onto the next until i explode inside of you. filling you with that hot sweet syrup which you deeply desire. After what feels like forever, we collapse. Both spent and drained of our life force. Our hearts racing, our bodies shaking our minds spinning. Words cannot capture or express this but we both know how it has changed us both. Forever bound by this experience we know whatever life may be, we will always have this.

As you fall into my arms, resting your head on my chest, I can feel your heartbeat and your breath and I know at this minute the world is perfect. You are perfect. We are perfect and we are together glowing in the light of our love. Warmed in the heat of our passion and strengthened in our bond of life. This was not like anything else. Powerful.

I speak to you in that low deep voice that stirs your soul. "I will always be here for you". You purr softly, knowing it's all true and as you drift off to sleep you quietly say " I love you Daddy". I respond with I love you too baby girl" and we both drift away to never never land.


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