tagSci-Fi & FantasyPornworld 02: Welcome to Pornworld

Pornworld 02: Welcome to Pornworld


Please note that this story is inspired by a previous story of the same title, hence this is a "II" without a "I." I liked the premise of the previous story but the writer didn't continue it, so I'm rebooting it. I consider it an homage.

Pornworld 2 (the Redux)

Reality as we know it is not nearly as solid as we would like to think. For example, one Mr. David Wing. David lived in your average Canadian city, had a job he could take or leave, had a few girlfriends who were nice, but not permanent, and generally meandered through his life. Then, one night, while he was asleep and dreaming of women―women running their hands and tongues over his body, women playing with each other, women opening themselves to his mouth and his hands and cock―a funny thing happened to the fabric of reality. The threads stretched and made, not a hole, but a space, a little space, that David fell through into another world.

He woke up feeling odd. Things were different. Not just something but somethings. His pictures weren't on his walls. His bed was missing its sheets and blankets, so he woke up naked. His closet had only a few sets of clothes in them. The place was clean, but the kind of clean that actually indicates "empty." He got up and groggily wandered to the bathroom to find that it had grown to three times its size. The shower was a whole area with two shower heads, a tile floor, and wooden benches. There was a full-sized jacuzzi tub next to it, and all of it gleamed like it had just come from the show-room floor. He caught his reflection in the mirror and realised that overnight, he had somehow not only been in weight training for several years, but someone had given him a full-body wax from the eyebrows down. It looked weird, but it did make his cock look bigger, which he didn't mind.

His doorbell rang as he was admiring his cock―did it just look bigger or was it bigger?―so he threw on the red silk robe―he did not own a red silk robe!―and ran to answer it. Standing there in the hallway was a woman who could only be described as "skankily hot." Her bleach-blonde hair was cut short so that it deliberately hung across her eyes, which were covered in purple eyeshadow, and her lips were candy-apple red. She wore a package delivery uniform that was clearly tailored around her ample breasts and round, firm ass, not that there was much of a uniform there to tailor. The shorts were short, the shirt was unbuttoned so far that if she shifted her weight, she'd flash her little pink nipples at anyone who cared to look. She was the fever dream of a seventeen-year-old boy. David felt his cock start to rise.

"I have a... package... for you? Would you like to... take... my package!?" She spoke like she was reading off of cue cards and she wasn't even holding anything to deliver, but she strode into David's apartment apartment anyway and slid her hand under his robe without even closing the door. David was shocked but half-asleep and starting to think he was dreaming, so he went with it. It also felt strangely familiar. She stroked his cock quite skilfully and planted her mouth on his. It was the first time he could honestly say he'd been tongue fucked. He'd heard the expression before but had no idea how much it actually felt like fucking with a tongue. The feeling her of her hand on his cock was magnificent. She ran her fingers and her palm against the sensitive flesh of the head and squeezed the shaft. He felt himself rise to a climax very quickly but then hover on the edge. He could come any time he wanted, but he didn't have to, so he just hung there, on the edge.

"Jeeze, I'm all... dirty... from my job. Let's take a shower," she said, literally leading him by the cock into his bathroom.

They stepped into the shower area where David ditched his robe on the floor and Delivery Girl―was he really about to shower fuck a girl whose name he didn't even know?―turned on the water, not bothering to take off her clothes. Her uniform quickly soaked up the water and, despite not being white fabric, turned almost invisible. Her pink nipples strained against her shirt and a tiny blonde landing strip showed through her shorts. What David was seeing was, of course, physically impossible in the real world, but in the place he now lived, the forces of nature seemed to conspire to produce nudity whenever possible.

She started to unbutton her shirt while smoothly lowering herself to her knees and practically falling down on his still-remarkably-hard cock. He felt it slide down her tongue, and then across her soft pallet, and if he wasn't mistaken, down her throat, and then he heard the sound of deep-throating, which he'd heard only a few times in his life up to that point. Her candy-apple-red lips slid up and down his shaft while her fist pumped him, and her other hand pinched her nipples, squeezing and stretching them just to the point of pain. Again, David proceeded to the edge of a monster orgasm but felt that he could just stay there for as long as he liked. The next time he looked down, she was naked... somehow. Her wet clothes sat behind her in a nearly invisible heap and the hand that was not on her cock was behind her back, her fingers pumping in and out of her tight little ass.

"I want your cock!" she moaned.

"You can have it!" he chirped.

She turned around, gripped the edge of the wooden bench and then straightened and spread her legs so that her ass and pussy was waving in the air, warm water rolling down her legs in little rivers of sexy.

"Come on!" she slapped her ass cheek and then resumed her position. "Fuck my ass! I want it!"

This had to be a dream. It couldn't be real. He was going to wake up in his bed any minute having come all over his sheets. Not that he was complaining, of course. Ride the dream, man. Fuck that little White girl's butt.

He stepped in behind her and laid his palms on her ass cheeks, spreading them, watching her anus stretch. She moaned and wriggled. He placed his fingers on the tender, wrinkled flesh around her ass and it felt lubed. Another in a long list of things that didn't make sense, but he'd decided it was a dream, so he didn't question it. Instead, he placed the still really quite remarkably hard tip of his cock against her ass and started to gently thrust forward and then retreat, thrust and then retreat. She moaned, she gasped, she even growled a little, alternating between "Yes! Fuck my ass hard!" and "Oh god! I can't take it! You're too big!" The two sentiments didn't seem to match each other, but so what? He was half a cock deep in her butt and not interested in complaining about it.

He could feel her powerful muscles squeezing his cock, gripping it. It was the tightest, strongest thing he'd ever felt. It was like the top of his cock was going to pop, but in a good way. His fingers wrapped around her hip bones as he thrust deeper and deeper into her incredibly tight little ass. She screamed "Harder! Faster!" and he obliged. No woman he'd ever fucked in the ass had ever wanted it like this. He hesitated at first, but then stopped holding back as she screamed more and more loudly. She was holding herself against the bench with only one hand now, her other hand deep in her pussy, her palm pressed against her clit and rotating in circles as she finger-fucked herself almost as hard as he was fucking her.

She suddenly came with a deep, throaty moan, slamming her pelvis against David's cock, driving him deep inside her. At this point, he decided he wanted to cum in this nameless blond's ass, so he let himself go. A high-pitched vibration started at the tip of his spine and shot through his cock. He could feel himself squirting and every squirt sent another lightning bolt out through his really still quite remarkably hard penis. He stared at his own cock, pumping in and out of her ass, stretching her flesh. He stared at his hands where he'd left white marks on her skin from gripping her so hard. Then he looked up at the mirror, thinking "This isn't a dream. How is this happening?"

When he'd finished coming, he practically fell onto the bench. His legs were like wet spaghetti. She was kneeling now, hanging off the side of the bench by her fingers, her shoulders heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

"I hope..." gasp gasp "you like" gasp gasp "your package..."

She stayed there, gulping down air, trying to recover, and David receded into thought, which can happen after a really good orgasm. He took in his surroundings in a more lucid way than he had. He realised there was a theme, here. The empty looking apartment, the grand the bathroom, the animal fucking he'd just given and gotten from this nameless blond. It was all like porn. Just like porn. But it was too real to be a dream. There was too much detail, he could remember moving from place to place, and surely he'd have woken up if he'd come like that in his sleep. He was somewhere else. Somehow, at some point, he'd slipped into a world of porn.

Yeeha, he thought to himself, yee-fucking-ha.

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