tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPosing Nude For An Art Class

Posing Nude For An Art Class


"The students are coming in now, so you can come out whenever you are ready." Ms. Becker said with a smile as she closed the door to the dressing room. I stepped out of shoes and socks, then proceeded to remove the rest of my clothes. I stood naked, checking myself in the mirror for a moment. I'm 6 ft tall, about 170 lbs. I'm pretty muscular, with an average amount of body hair. I keep myself pretty well groomed (down there). My penis hung down over my tight testicles a good 4 1/2 inches. I have blue eyes and medium length brown, wavy hair. As I pulled the robe off the door, I recalled the events leading up to this point.

I was in my second year of college, and running out of money. I was looking across job openings online, when one caught my eye: "Life model needed for college art class." I thought, "Sure, this will be easy. Just stand there and let some people draw me." So I went to the school to meet the art teacher, Ms. Becker. She was an attractive woman, about 34, with long blond hair, and beautiful blue eyes, which she hid behind black, half-moon framed glasses. She explained that I would be modeling for her advanced class, which only consisted of 5 students. She asked about my experience, of which I had NONE.

"Oh, its easy. You just stand there and let my students draw you." Ms. Becker said. "I can pay you $300 dollars for doing this."

"That sounds great." I shook her hand.

"Great, thank you SO much for doing this. There is just one more thing I need before you go." I was curious.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I'd like to make sure you'll make a good model for my students. Please take off your shirt, and drop your pants and underwear." I was a bit stunned. I hadn't planned on anyone seeing me naked today, but I took a breath and obliged. I pulled my shirt off and dropped it on the chair next to me. I undid my belt and pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles. We stood there in silence as Ms. Becker looked me over.

"Very nice. You'll do perfectly." She smiled and turned as I put my clothes back on, and it was a good thing too, as I had started to get an erection.

"You'll meet me back here on Thursday at 12:30, before the class starts. Okay?"

Thursday rolled around, and I was now walking out of a closet-turned-dressing room to model for an art class. My eyes squinted as they adjusted to the new lighting. Ms. Becker was standing in the middle of a make-shift stage, surrounded by 5 women, seated in a semi-circle around the stage. She turned and motioned for me to come over. I hadn't expected this. The students were not at all what I thought they'd be. Sitting around me were 5 of the cutest girls I'd ever seen.

"DJ, let me introduce you to my class." Ms. Becker motioned for me to come up on the stage. She pointed to the girls, starting from the left.

"This is Alyssa..." Alyssa had light brown hair and blue eyes.

"Jenny..." Jenny had dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"Tyler..." Tyler had red hair and blue eyes.

"Wendy..." Wendy was Asian, with black hair and brown eyes.

"and Kat." Kat had 'dyed' red hair and blue eyes.

"Nice to meet you all." I said nervously. Ms. Becker hopped off the stage.

"Alright ladies, lets get started." The girls pulled out there sketch pads and pencils.

"DJ," Ms. Becker looked at me.

"any time your ready." I took a deep breath and removed my robe. The reactions were split. Two of them giggled, two of them gasped, while the other one just sat there in silence.

"Just give us an 'organic' pose, DJ." Ms Becker said. I had no idea what she meant, so I bent my right knee a little and let my arms hang by my sides, and let my head fall just a little.

"Perfect." she said. The girls took up their pencils and started sketching. This wasn't so bad. A few minutes went by and my nerves subsided. I was actually quite comfortable. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kat shift in her seat, which gave me a perfect shot of her panties. I immediately lost my cool. My penis began to grow. I tried to fight it, and it seemed to be working, but then I heard the girls gasping. My penis slowly arched upward, and away from my body. My trying to fight this actually made things worse, as what should have been a quick process, turned into a prolonged, drawn-out show.

The girls had all stopped sketching and were now just sitting there, staring at my fully erect 7-inch penis. Ms Becker noticed the girls had stopped working, and turned to me to see what the problem was. Her mouth dropped open as she saw what the distraction was. She quickly composed herself and stepped onto the platform next to me. "Are you alright?" She whispered concernedly in my ear.

"Yes ma'am," I stammered, "I couldn't help it."

"It's quite alright," she whispered "but could you try and make it go back down?"

"I TRIED to keep it from happening at all!" I whispered. Ms Becker stepped back a little and gazed down at my penis, which gazed right back up at her.

"Okay, um..." She turned back to her class. "Ladies, does anyone have any ideas on what DJ should do so that we can continue with class?" There was some giggling and whispering. Wendy, the Asian girl, spoke up.

"He could masturbate." There was an instant spray of whispering and giggling. Ms. Becker turned to me.

"Yes!! Of course! DJ, Do you mind?" I was speechless.

"I.. I, uh.. I guess so." I couldn't believe what was happening.

"Alyssa, could you please go to the closet and get some towels?" Ms. Becker asked. Alyssa got up and walked passed me, never taking her eyes off my penis. Wendy got up and met Alyssa when she returned with an arm full of towels. They laid them out in front of me, gazing up at my penis. Ms. Becker surprised me from behind with a chair.

"Have a seat DJ." She said softly. I sat down. Ms Becker walked around to face me. The girls got up and moved their chairs in closer... A LOT closer. Ms Becker walked around and joined her class.

"O.k. DJ, whenever you are ready." I took my penis in my hand and began stroking. Every one of their eyes were glued to me and my penis. I looked at each one of their faces. All of them had the exact same look on their face: Biting their bottom lip in a naughty little smile, wide eyes waiting for my orgasm. I felt it starting. My toes curled, my body shook, and a warmth overtook my entire body. My penis shot forth an enormous spray of cum. It shot at least 4 ft, spattering across Wendy and Kat's skirts.

I shook in my seat, my body tense and quivering. Alyssa jumped out of her seat, cheering. Tyler sat there, staring with her mouth wide open. I continued to stroke and milk myself. Wendy looked upon me with a huge grin on her face. Kat laughed uncontrollably. Jenny sat with her hands tucked tightly between her legs. I stroked myself until my penis began to go limp. Ms Becker knelt down, scooped up the towels and walked passed me to the back room, winking at me as she passed. I sank into my seat and went limp. The girls did a surprisingly quick job of cleaning up. While the girls were in the back room, putting the cleaning stuff away, Ms Becker knelt down in front of me.

"Thank you for the show." she said, holding my softening penis in her hand. She let go and joined the girls in the back.

Everyone came back to the circle at the same time. "O.k. girls, it would seem we are out of time for the day, so we will have to re-schedule. Is that o.k., DJ?" I stood up and stretched.

"I don't see why not."

"Okay, lets all meet up next week at this time." Everyone agreed and began gathering their things. I walked into the back room and began to get dressed. As I picked up my clothes, a few sticky-notes fluttered out as they un-folded. I picked them up and looked at them. All of the girls had left their phone numbers. I couldn't wait until next week.

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