tagMind ControlPower of the Mind Ch. 03-05

Power of the Mind Ch. 03-05


Hello readers. This upload contains chapters three, four and five of the "Power of the Mind" storyline. If you haven't read the first two chapters, I advise you to do so.

I would like to thank everyone that has given me comments on the story so far, especially the ones with suggestions. I have tried to improve my writing in accordance to these and would be particularly interested in knowing the extent to which you think that I have succeeded, but as always all comments are welcome.

Finally, all characters that engage in sexual activity in this story are over the age of eighteen.


Chapter Three

I woke up the day after I had discovered mind control feeling a little bit guilt. I knew that I had abused my power on Angela and I was concerned about the effect that my actions had had on her. Now, don't get me wrong. I wasn't prepared to give up my newest toy; she still had to be mine. I was just going to find a way to make it better for her. I needed her to be my willing sex partner, not just my sex slave. I decided that I needed to make some changes. To make her accept it and come to enjoy it, even after the pleasure had faded.

At that moment, all she had was that she would feel happiness when she made me happy, and that wasn't a lot to go on with. It didn't stop her being afraid, nervous or confused. I climbed out of bed and went to the room that I had allocated her too without changing out of the boxer shorts and t-shirt I had worn to bed. Although it was possible to carry out mind control remotely, I found that it was easier when I could see the subject. She was asleep when I entered. I watched her sleeping for a moment as I went through my plan in my head. She looked sweet, innocent even.

My stomach churned a little at my guilt as I thought that. The actions I took were far from innocent, had I somehow managed to ruin her innocence, taint it perhaps? I forced my head to clear of these thoughts; I had to be calm to avoid messing up anything else. Then I entered her mind.

To me, navigating the mind is easy. First, I enter a place that should be called 'The Junction'. The reason for this is simple; imagine the busiest road junction you can. There are roads leading from it in every direction, occupying a complete circle. At the same time, there are other roads, joining it from every angle in the vertical plane to create a sphere of connections. Then there are other connections, ones that start nowhere and end anywhere allowing you to pass easily between each destination. I could instinctively find any destination.

Each destination is a fragment of thought, memory or emotion. I had not really thought much about the structure of the mind when I had first entered Angela's the day before. It wasn't really a major concern to me then, but I took a moment to study it at the time. I noticed that her thought and memories were a part of something that I decided to call the foremind. It is the part that you are using now to read this - it controls everything in your body. And then you have the part that I call the rearmind. Emotion rules there.

Overall, I have decided that emotion is stronger than the foremind. Always the rearmind influences the foremind and, at times, emotion can completely control your behaviour. I'm sure you all can think of a time when it has done so; perhaps the most obvious ones are when you are angry. The rearmind certainly has power over the foremind. However, the foremind is a place of logic and decisions and you can choose whether to act on an emotion. It is possible to don a false smile and ignore unhappiness. Usually, emotion will win in the end and eventually overwhelm your foremind, perhaps sending you into an emotional breakdown. Despite the apparent strength of the rearmind, the mind as a whole is always stronger when both parts are working together.

I wanted to change Angela's view of me. We were practically strangers despite having lived next door for years. I was just an average guy, and she looked like a goddess – I was always too shy to talk to her and I knew that I had to create a strong, artificial friendship in order for my plan to work. I modified her opinions of me and her emotions to make her consider me as a friend. I also chose to change some of the commands I had given her the day before, most had not been made in good judgement.

I made it so that she wouldn't always be aroused, that would just be uncomfortable for her. She would of course, still be aroused by me but not directly. It was to be the result of a physical attraction that I instilled into her. I also removed the rule that she had to be naked. I had decided that it wasn't necessary and would only result in humiliation for her. Besides, she was a good dancer and with her body, she was born to strip dance.

I decided that would do for now. I didn't want to make any more changes without seeing the effect that these had on her. I then left her mind and gently woke her up from her slumber. Her eyes opened slowly and she smiled when my face came into focus.

"Hello baby," she said after yawning.

It was a major change in her attitude from yesterday when she had simply thought of me as a pervert. I smiled at the change before asking,

"Good morning Angela, how are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling good, much better than I did yesterday. Did you do something with your hair? You look...different" she replied as she looked me up and down, feeling her new attraction towards me.

It was good that she was feeling better for both of our sakes. The fact that she was no longer afraid and seemed to be accepting of me, removed my guilt. It left a scar though, I would remember my mistake.

"Yea, I do. Look Angela, what do you remember of yesterday?" I asked her

"I think remember it all, although I suppose I wouldn't know if I had forgotten something. For some reason I decided to dance naked with the curtain open. I've never even danced naked before, let alone with the curtain open. Anyway, I was having so much fun before I noticed you watching,"

She looked at me then and I knew that she was remembering when she had got to see me naked. It really turned her on now. She then continued,

"Then, I became really angry at you for seeing me naked, I felt like I was going to kill you. But I didn't. Instead, I invited you in to my house."

She stopped talking again and just lay their thinking. She took a moment before she said, "I honestly haven't a clue why I did that. After that, we went upstairs and then we, you know..."

She looked down at the floor as she left the sentence hanging. Clearly, she did not want to talk about that, even with our new friendship and the attraction that she felt for me. I knew that I had to make another change.

((Angela, you will feel comfortable talking to me about anything. You will not be ashamed of any sexual activity we do, or of being naked around me. You will enjoy all sex with me more than anything.))

"We what...?" I asked her after I finished telling her the last set of commands. She looked back up at me with a big grin on her face.

"Oh, you know. We had sex didn't we? I have to say, it was pretty good. You were much better than Rick was and you were much bigger. I was very surprised," she smirked at me as she said it.

Rick was her ex, tall, brawly and made of muscle. He got all the girls and I thought that he was a total dickhead. Actually, I don't think he was that bad. I was just quite a bit jealous of him. If only he could have seen me now though.

I noticed that Angela was still thinking about Rick. She had dropped her hand to rub her ribs as she continued,

"Rick was a very controlling person and violent. Not like you. You're so sweet and protective"

She took hold of my hand and lightly squeezed it, showing her affections. I couldn't help but notice the irony in what she had said. I had far more control over her than Rick could ever have hoped to have and yet, she didn't know anything about it. It's a good life right?

I also found pride in the fact that, although I might not have given Angela a choice yesterday, I would never hit her. I felt a bit of anger at Rick as I imagined him beating Angela. Right on the ribs, where she had unconsciously rubbed herself I realised. Perhaps he actually was a dickhead, it wasn't just jealousy speaking now.

I returned the squeeze to Angela's hand. It was very relieving that she felt that she could tell me this. I hadn't directly made her confide in me, but it showed that she felt that she could trust me. I had gone from practically a stranger, to good friend in a matter of minutes and was amazed at how easy it had been to create an artificial friendship. I wanted to see how just how good a friend I had become.

"Angela, you know what we did yesterday, would you be prepared to do it again?" I asked her bluntly.

"Oh, hmm," she generally did seem to think about it but in the end she was trying to avoid eye contact.

"No, I wouldn't Alex. I really like you and the sex was amazing, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give you what you want," she told me. She sounded anxious; she didn't want to upset me. She paused before continuing,

"I don't even know why I agreed to yesterday. Look I'm sorry baby, but I'm just not ready for it."

She let go of my hand. It was very disappointing and a blow to the confidence I had gained from my successes. It seemed that I still needed to do a bit of work on our relationship. I regarded her for a minute, thinking of my next move, as she anxiously waited for my reply. I didn't want to just make her love me as such, I wanted to challenge myself. I needed to find a way to do it, without cheating.

And so I decided not to make a change on her mind, I wanted her to eventually come to me for sex and I was going to get her to do so the old fashioned way – by fucking her so good that she would come begging for it. Of course, in order for my plan to work, she needed to fuck me and at the moment that was the problem. I didn't want to give her any more commands but there was no other way for me to get her to have sex, unless... unless I used something already there. I realised what I needed to do and said the most vital words,

"Please Angela; it would make me very happy."

Her desire to make me happy was now fighting against her reluctance. I didn't need to read her mind to tell. She looked at me once again before glancing down at my cock, remembering how good it had felt. Whilst I could not see them through the red of the quilt cover, I knew that her nipples were getting hard. She bit her lip as she thought about it. Eventually she caved in to my suggestion as I had known she would. She had made the decision. She may not have realised that she couldn't have made any other decision or understood exactly why she had made it. But to her mind she had chosen the course of action that was to follow and that meant that she saw herself as being responsible.

She gave me a seductive smile before she slipped out of the bed to stand next to me. She was still naked, having not had the chance to dress since I had removed the order from her mind. I once again admired her wonderful breasts as she took a stretch. Then she straightened up in front of me. She was a bit shorter than me and I was able to plant a kiss on her forehead just by leaning forward a little. She turned her head up to look me in the eyes and I found myself lost inside them, she returned the kiss to my lips.

It was just a peck at first. She was up for it now, but was still shy. I knew I had to act to get her more interested and I took hold of her, sweeping her into a fully romantic smooch. The effect on her was amazing. I had literally and metaphorically swept her off of her feet. There was no way that the attraction and feelings she had for me could have held up against that. It changed her mood from being up for it, to actively wanting some and she returned the kiss passionately.

We straightened up again, still kissing. She broke the kiss and smiled at me,

"And here we are, about to make love again. I still don't know why we are here, but you know what? Right now, I don't care because."

She paused before whispering the last three words softly into my ear, "I want you."

She then gave it an affectionate nip. She kissed me again, enjoying the closeness of our bodies. She didn't treat me like a friend; she treated me like a lover. Her touch was soft and gentle as her hand moved down towards my crotch and she started to, ever so slowly stroke me there. I closed my eyes, lost in the moment as my cock grew to semi-hardness. I reached up and stroked her hair, breathing in her natural aroma coming from it. It was one of the best smells I had ever experienced. It was brilliantly indescribable but turned me on so much. I then turned the caress of her hair into an encouraging push on her shoulders.

"Someone's a little impatient," she whispered to me before taking the hint and moving down my body so that she was kneeling in front of me. She pulled down my boxers and I stepped out of them.

"Not really. I just love the feel of your lips around my cock. You're so good at it," I complimented her.

She then took my cock into her mouth. It was still rather flaccid but getting hard at a rapid pace. She started licking her tongue around the head, all the time keeping eye contact with me. She then took it in deeper, to stop just short of deep throating the entire length, she was saving that skill for later. At this point she was continuing to lick her tongue around my shaft as she fucked me with her face. She was flicking the tip every time my cock was mostly out.

A few minutes after and I was fully hard. She started to deep throat me. I felt my cock touch the back of her throat. She was able to take it in like a professional cocksucker since I had removed her gag reflex yesterday.

"Go on baby, suck my cock," I said to her as I enjoyed the view.

She started to increase the pace of the blowjob as I neared my climax. She knew I was getting there and she managed to keep me from blowing my load for just a minute before I warned,

"I'm going to cum, right down your fucking throat slut."

She heard my warning and deep throated me again, setting me off. My cock fired three shots of cum straight into her stomach. She then pulled my softening cock out with a pop and said "Well, that was fun wasn't it baby. I have to say, I liked it when you called me a slut. It made me all wet" she said as she made to stand up.

"Oh, believe me. We are not done yet. If you want to be called a slut, you have to earn it," I said to her. I took hold of her and accelerated her rise by lifting her up onto the bed, with her legs apart exposing her glorious pussy to me. Almost immediately I began to lick at her sweet juices whilst I waited for my cock to get hard again.

She let out a sharp moan before talking dirty to me.

"Yes Alex, eat out my cunt. Lick my pussy. Make me cum," she said breathlessly.

I slid a finger into her pussy as I started to pay more attention to her clit with my tongue and she let out a moan. Her hands were vigorously stroking her breasts and she was playing with her nipples. I inserted another finger into her pussy just long enough for it to get soaked in her juices. I then removed it. Angela gave me a funny look as she saw what I was about to do but it quickly turned into another moan of pleasure as she felt my lubricated finger slide into her arse.

"Oh, that feels good. I've never thought about my arse. God, I'd never have guessed baby," she said

I added another finger to her pussy so that she was once again being fucked by two there. I was still treating her clit well, licking it, sucking it and occasionally giving it a little nip. She was moaning a lot now. Not loudly, but almost continually. I inserted a third finger into her pussy and she let out a louder moan.

"God, I'm... so... close. Don't stop baby... don't stop," she was even more breathless now than before as she neared her orgasm.

I set about bringing it to her like a brick to the face - hard, fast and brutal. I bit down hard on her clit. It would have caused her pain had it not sent her into an orgasm instead. She screamed out inaudible words as the orgasm hit and her pussy convulsed around my fingers, unleashing her juices. I withdrew each of them, unleashing a sudden surge of sweet juice which I happily lapped at. As she took each of the fingers to her mouth in turn and sucked them dry.

By then, I was hard again and she noticed this.

"Oh baby, look. You're all hard again. It looks so sad and cold down there on its own. Maybe you should put in a tight, hot and wet place," she suggested.

I rose up from the position that I had been in whilst I was licking her pussy. I was now standing next to the bed. I pulled her up to me, raising her leg up towards my shoulder and placed the head of my dick at the opening to her pussy. I slowly slid it along the crack a few times, teasing her for a moment.

"So, do you want it?" I asked her

"Of course I bloody want it" she replied

"Well then, I hope you remember that you have to earn it. Slut," I emphasised the last word, watching her shiver as I said it. "So, do you want it, slut?"

She looked at me with a smile before turning on a pleading face and replying,

"No baby I don't want it. I NEED it. I need it inside of me so bad."

I looked back at her and returned her smile.

"Good enough," I told her and thrust my cock in.

As I thrust into her, I pulled her body towards me forcing my entire length into her. My smile melted into the pleasure. Angela gasped as she accepted me once more. It felt even better than it had yesterday. I started by taking slow, deep thrusts into her. I was holding her leg up, leaving plenty of space for me to fuck her. I started to increase the pace, pounding into her as she moaned at me. She had reached around her leg and was now rubbing her clit and breast as I fucked her.

"Oh yes. Oh, god Alex. Fuck me baby. Fuck your little slut. I want to feel you cum inside of me."

I felt her pussy clench around my cock and she let out a moan that could have woken the dead had any been nearby. I slowed down as waves of pleasure rocked her body, wanting to pull through it without cumming myself. I watched as her back arched and her hands turned to fists. Pleasure so deep that she could have swum in it had possessed her.

Once her orgasm passed, I stroked into her three more times before pulling out and laying down on the bed beside her. She rolled over so that she was on top of me and bent down to kiss me, forcing her eager tongue into my mouth where it touched my teeth and my own tongue before she withdrew it. After that she straightened up and straddled my cock, lowering herself onto it. She slowly sunk onto me until my cock was completely buried in her. I saw that she was biting her lip again; this was the first time both of us had done this position.

I reached out to grab her tits and she let out an expectant sigh which turned into a moan as I started to knead them. She seemed to collapse into the feeling of being full of my cock, and the pleasure from her breasts. Eventually she realised that I wasn't getting a lot out of it and began to take circular motions with her hips. It felt good, but after twenty seconds of this, I decided that I wanted more. I used telekinesis to raise her back to the head of my cock. She looked at me in clear surprise as she felt herself rise unexpectedly. The surprise turned quickly to a cry of lust as I released my telekinetic grip on her and she fell back down my dick, forcing it to fill her once more.

She started to rise again after that, wanting more of it herself, and I watched as inch after inch of my penis reappeared from her pussy. In her inexperience, she rose too high and my cock slipped out of her pussy.

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