tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrisoners of Desire

Prisoners of Desire


The Author wishes to thank the incredible Allegramarks for her patience, editing, and suggestions. This is much her story as it is mine.


The city of Abyss, total population: 2,027. The city's largest employer was the Abyss Federal Penitentiary for Women that sat on the outskirts of the city limits.

The maximum security facility looked like it would be more at home on a mountain top in Transylvania, or on the set of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, than the tranquil town that bordered it. It was massive, with an eerie beauty that made anyone who saw it shiver for reasons better left unexplored. All and all, a terrible place.

Chosen for its rural location, it was also close enough to two major cities to ensure federal funding, and attract a well-rounded base of employees for the medical and psychological units that operated inside its walls. But it was also secluded enough that it could run itself with little interference from the outside world.

Ambrosia Steele was the newest member of the staff. The 30-something cum laude grad majored in human sexuality, and psychology becoming a well-known OBGYN. With her type A personality, she was dominating and self-assured.

In her professional life, she was driven, and ambitious, refusing to take no for an answer, she'd gladly sell her mother's soul to the Devil if it meant she'd move up society's ladder. Her private life wasn't much different, she was so sexually dominant, that many times she would find herself intimidating her lovers or 'pets' as she referred to them.

Her driving ambition was to test a new surgical procedure she had developed, and the prison provided just the right environment. It was well known that the prison took part in all types of shady deals and with no one to stand in its way it quickly had become a place of under handed business than a place where justice was enacted. These facts were what attracted her to the place to begin with.

After a bit of schmoozing with the prison's superiors she found herself with a perfect lab set up and all the staff she needed. All she needed now was the right guinea pig, and good results.

Kara had been an inmate at the facility for over a year. She was a runaway with a foul mouth and disposition to match.

The 25-year-old female had a string of robberies behind her. All efforts of reform were exhausted by the courts, and a federal judge had sentenced her to 10 years at the facility. Everyone had given up hope with her, leaving her forgotten and uncared about.

Ambrosia shifted through the files of inmates due for their yearly physicals, and began scanning over Kara's chart. Something caught her attention almost at once. Single, never married, no children. As she read further she was even more intrigued that there were no known sexual partners, or romantic interests, and no immediate family listed. She also spotted a small note made by the judge that had sentenced her. It read 'No Reform Possible' Ambrosia knew it was just another way of saying, 'Leave her in there, she's gonna rot.' Ambrosia believed that she had found her guinea pig, and set about to set up her meeting with her new experementee.

Kara was ushered into the doctor's office, the new doctor told the guard that it would be some time, and that she would call for her when it was time to return the prisoner to her cell.

"Remove all of your clothes please," Ambrosia remarked as she began putting on her gloves for the examination.

"Why the fuck do I have to get naked?!" Kara asked, already looking for a fight.

Federal law requires a complete yearly physical of all female inmates," Ambrosia replied "This isn't your first time here so please stop acting confused and strip", Continuing to prepare, she found herself pleased with her patient's foul mouth. She liked it when they put up a fight.

"Just an excuse for you to stick your fingers up some pussy and ass," Kara snorted,

Ambrosia saw through the try at bravado as she picked up a slight tremor in her patients voice. "Do I need to call security?" Ambrosia replied sternly, knowing Kara was close to folding.

This made Kara lose some of her mouth. "No, I will strip," Kara replied and reluctantly began undressing.

Ambrosia was quite impressed with the physical beauty of the female standing before her. Her pert breasts were encircled by near perfect areolas. Her abdomen was tight and slender and she had a perfect hour glass figure. Her neatly trimmed bush accented her overall appearance. She resisted the urge to like her lips. 'Not just yet', she thought to herself.

Ambrosia had her sit on the exam table while she picked up her chart to begin asking some questions. Running through the litany of standard questions regarding STD's, menstruation, and sexual history, Ambrosia begin to sense that Kara may be the perfect candidate for her new procedure.

If there was one thing that Ambrosia knew, it was a submissive personality. She could spot them a mile away and this girl was shooting out flare guns from where Ambrosia was standing. Kara not only peaked her interest as a patient, but stirred up Ambrosia's dominant side a side that she had never denied and wouldn't start now. Ambrosia decided to probe a little deeper into Kara's psyche.

As she began examining Kara's breasts for lumps she proceeded to ask some more personal questions regarding Kara's sexuality.

"When was the last time you had sexual intercourse?"

"Hell, been in here a year."

"Just answer the question."

"About a year a half then, happy now?" Kara answered sarcastically.

"Was it pleasurable?"

"I don't want to discuss this," Kara remarked.

"What you want has nothing to do with it," Ambrosia said sternly, her dom side stretching and purring under her skin, begging to be let out. She looked at Kara shrewdly for a second. "It's because you can't experience an orgasm with a male, isn't it?" She more so stated than asked.

Kara's face brightened, partly with anger, partly with embarrassment and Ambrosia knew that she was right.

"I don't think that is any of your damn business anyway." Kara replied, trying to steer the conversation away from the uncomfortable subject.

"I am making it my business, now answer the question." Ambrosia commanded, leaving no room for an arguement.

"I—I- don't know," Kara remarked as she shrugged her shoulders, clearly uncomfortable at the line oquestioning.

"How often do you masturbate?" Ambrosia asked.

"Stop it, stop these questions!" Kara yelled, her voice breaking as Ambrosia internally smirked.

"I can keep you here naked and shivering all day if you want, now answer my question!" Ambrosia ordered.

"Ok, ok, I can't cum with a guy, is that what you want to hear?" Kara replied as she began to weep.

"So, you can experience orgasm only when stimulating yourself?" Ambrosia continued. "Yes," Kara remarked as her head hung shamefully, this time Ambrosia did smile. A big mean preditorial one, she could taste her victory already.

As Ambrosia skillfully continued the line of questioning, she began to break down Kara's will, eventually prying from the girl the fact that her masturbation fantasies would often include bondage and submission. The revelation was just what Ambrosia needed to hear.

"Lie down on your back and place your feet in the stirrups," Ambrosia ordered.

Once secured, Ambrosia began the external and internal vaginal exam. It revealed exactly what she had suspected. Too much skin on the clitoris was preventing her from achieving orgasm during normal intercourse. A simple clitoral reconstruction could fix the problem.

With the exam over, Ambrosia allowed Kara to rise and sit on the edge of the bed while she began making entries on Kara's chart.

"Can I dress now?" Kara asked, feeling exposed.

"Not just yet." Ambrosia remarked, having to bite back her smirk.

"I need to pee," Kara replied in a whining tone.

"Hold it," Ambrosia remarked in a commanding tone.

Ambrosia returned her attention to the chart that contained her diagnosis and began making an entry:

Patient is sexually frigid, and shows signs of deep rooted psychosis. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) detected. Masturbation fantasies include BDSM themes. FGC (Female Genitalia Cutting) suggested---clitoral reconstruction. Desired result—acute response to stimulus, more pleasurable sexual experience.

Ambrosia smiled as she read the lines. Kara was indeed the perfect specimen. She could turn the frigid girl into an insatiable slut, and make a name for herself in the medical profession at the same time. The male dominated profession had all but axed the procedure as futile and too cost effective, but she knew it would work, and was not about to be denied her success.

"I really need to pee," Kara pleaded as she squirmed on the bed.

"Then pee, there is a bed pan on the table next to the bed," Ambrosia remarked.

"Why can't I go to the toilet?" Kara asked.

"You asked for permission to pee, I gave it to you, now piss in the bedpan or forget it," Ambrosia ordered, her body temperature beginning to heat at the thought.

"Can you leave the room please" Kara asked.

"No" Ambrosia replied curtly.

"But I can't do it in front of you" She pleaded.

"You can, and you will," Ambrosia replied, her voice sharp and forceful.

Kara, flushed with shame, slid the bedpan underneath her and squatted over it as Ambrosia openly watched.

"Please don't watch me," Kara pleaded.

Ambrosia walked over and stood in front of Kara. Reaching down she lifted up Kara's chin, forcing her to look into Ambrosia's eyes.

"Do it" Ambrosia remarked sternly, holding Kara's gaze.

Trembling and flushed with embarrassment, Kara began relieving her swollen bladder into the metal bedpan. The stream made a hissing sound as it flowed from her and Kara felt so humiliated, yet there was something in the tone of Ambrosia's voice that she could not resist.

Kara was allowed to dress and return to her cell while Ambrosia made her way to her supervisor's office to request permission to do the surgery. After some heated conversation regarding the validity of the surgery, she made a convincing argument that Kara could become so unstable that she would be an endangerment to herself and those around her.

Of course, the claims were unfounded, but this was Ambrosia's chance for success and she would let nothing stand in her way. The surgery was scheduled for the following week and she called Kara in for consultation.

"I detected a possible problem in my initial examination and want to check it further." She explained to Kara. "It is a routine check, but will require you to be under sedation for a bit." She further explained.

Gaining Kara's confidence, the surgery was scheduled and Ambrosia made all the necessary arrangements. The surgery incurred removing some skin from the clitoris and making a slight adjustment to the vagina to heighten sensitivity and pleasure. Once the surgery was completed Kara was wheeled into a room with a two way mirror. Ambrosia and several other doctors waited to see the initial response.

Kara awoke sluggishly as she tried to ward off the effects of the sedative. As her body came to life, so did her libido. Something was different, she felt more alive, more sensual. Her body yearned to be touched and Kara moved her hands between her legs.

A flood of desire overtook her as new sensations overwhelmed her. She became wet at the slightest touch. Every sense in her body seemed to be on overload as she began stroking herself with sexual abandon. She was unaware, of course, that her actions were being monitored.

Kara and the doctors looked on in utter amazement at the masturbating woman before them. Her body was writhing in unrestrained lust as she kicked all the covering from her body. Her nipples were hard and her chest heaving in sexual frenzy. She omitted a primal scream as she experienced her orgasm. The power of the orgasm was so intense that she spewed a steady stream of female ejaculate that soaked the bed beneath her.

"Holy shit," one of the doctors exclaimed.

"Please tell me you got this on camera," Ambrosia remarked excitedly.

"She is not done yet," another doctor remarked.

As they peered through the window Kara was in the throes of another episode. On her hands and knees, she was stroking her clit while rubbing her anus. Any erogenous zone on her body was a target for her unbridled lust as she slipped further and further into the intensity of the moment. Another powerful orgasm and she slumped down into a literal puddle of female juices and drifted to sleep.

This was better than Ambrosia could ever have imagined. She had to test the results further. She had to have Kara undergo actual intercourse with males.

The prison had conjugal visits for its married female prisoners; it would not be too far of a stretch to arrange something in the interest of medicine. This would need to be done in private, and Ambrosia had just the idea. Ordering Kara to be confined in one of the basement rooms under the guise of "Solitary confinement" she would test her to the maximum limits.

The sleeping Kara was wheeled down to a room encased in a metal cage. There was a single bed, small toilet in the corner, and a sink. Lying her on the bed, Ambrosia stripped her naked and boundher hand and feet to its railings.

Stepping back, she surveyed the scene with wicked delight. Upstairs, several male employees waited Ambrosia's signal. They were all too willing to "test drive" the new patient.

Ambrosia could not deny the cravings inside her own body as she studied Kara's body. Kara began to stir, and Ambrosia positioned herself at her side.

"Wh—where am I?" Kara inquired, her voice groggy as she began looking around.

"You are with me, in a private cell," Ambrosia remarked as she gazed down on Kara, silently enjoying the girl's blatant fear.

"Where are my clothes?" Kara shouted as she pulled on her bonds. "Why am I naked? What are you-" She was cut off.

"Don't struggle. You are under my care, or more appropriately, you are under my control," Ambrosia remarked with a distinct air of unyielding dominance.

"We are going to run some tests to see exactly how the surgery went. You will do exactly as I say from now on." Ambrosia said, there was no room for discussion and Kara found herself giving in. And Ambrosia could sense it.

"What kind of tests?" Kara asked nervously, trying to sound strong but failing miserably. Ambrosia hesitated, but only for a heartbeat before taking her hand and slowly brushing Kara's hair from her eyes. Looking Kara directly in the eye, she bent down and let her lips softly caress Kara's.

Kara's mind was a whirl of confusion as Ambrosia's hand began softly caressing her tender nipples. Kara could not deny the sensation coursing through her body, yet they were foreign to anything she had ever known before. Her nipples hardened to Ambrosia's touch and her chest began to heave involuntarily. She could feel a wetness forming between her legs and wanted to desperately to close them, but her bounds prevented any movement.

Almost as quickly as it began, Ambrosia broke the kiss and removed her hands from the girl's trembling body.

"You know we are beyond doctor and patient relationship don't you?" Ambrosia asked as she looked down on Kara, a slight smirk tugging at the corners of her lips.

"Yes," Kara replied softly.

"From now on you are to address me as Mistress, for that is what I am to you. I expect total obedience to any and all of my requests, nothing less will be accepted. Do you understand?" Ambrosia inquired.

"Yes," Kara replied hesitantly.

Ambrosia, angered at her failure to address her properly, reached down and began twisting one of her nipples roughly.

"Yes what?!" Ambrosia barked out.

"Yes Mistress," Kara replied as she wept.

"Much better," Ambrosia remarked, as she let her finger trace a path down the girls trembling abdomen and over her pubic mound. She let her fingers trace the outlines of Kara's puffy lips, grinning with sadistic pleasure as she felt the wetness between the girl's legs.

"We need to get rid of that hair down there," Ambrosia remarked as she walked over to the sink. Picking up some shaving cream and a razor she had brought, she returned to Kara's bed and began applying the lotion.

"From this day forward, you are to keep your pussy shaved completely, do you understand?" Ambrosia remarked.

"Yes Mistress," Kara replied, her voice no longer hesitant.

"Whose pussy am I shaving?" Ambrosia questioned

"My pussy Mistress," Kara replied, leery of making her new Mistress mad.

"Wrong answer my pet. You belong to me, which means everything belongs to me. I own you, your pussy, your tits, and that cute little ass of yours, now I'll ask you again, whose pussy am I shaving?"

"You are shaving your pussy Mistress," Kara replied embarrassingly.

"Exactly," Ambrosia remarked her lips in a full blown grin, something akin to triumph shinning in her eyes.

The shaving done, Kara was now ready for the main test. Ambrosia picked up the pager from the table and instructed the males to make their way down.

The ring of the elevator from a distant corner signaled their arrival. Footsteps echoed against the concrete walls as they approached the caged room where Kara lay bound.

"Men are here, please cover me up," Kara pleaded to Ambrosia.

"There will be no covering up. You are here for their pleasure. You exist to satisfy their every urge and meet their every need. In giving pleasure, you will also experience pleasure," Ambrosia instructed.

Kara watched as the males began undressing. They were not old, ugly males with bulging stomachs and hair laden bodies. They were in the prime of their lives. They had lean hard bodies with thick, meaty cocks dangling between their legs. She felt the sexual heat run through her body as they approached her bed.

Ambrosia stroked Kara's hair, and then gently turned Kara's head towards the male at her right. Kara was now staring directly at his semi hard cock.

"Take it, Kara. Put it in your mouth and start sucking it," Ambrosia ordered.

Kara had given head before, but it was never what she would have called a pleasurable experience.

Now being ordered to suck the cock of a male she did not know was fueling her with sexual heat. The musty smell of his masculine sex filled her nostrils as she parted her lips and engulfed his cock with her warm mouth. Her body was a mixture of shame and unbridled lust as his cock hardened and began throbbing to her oral stimulation.

At the same time Ambrosia directed another male to mount Kara. He rubbed his cock head against her moist opening and slowly slipped inside. As he began fucking her, Ambrosia surveyed the scene with sadistic glee.

The scene was one of bacchanalian decadence as the males began having their way with Kara. One had barely began fucking her when Kara squirted from her first orgasm. The force of her ejaculation drove his cock from her pussy as the stream covered his groin and flooded the sheets beneath her.

"Keep going, it is going to get much wetter than this," Ambrosia ordered the men, as she stepped back and surveyed the scene, her own sexual heat burning like flames inside of her.

The male with his cock in her mouth emitted a guttural moan, and pulled out, covering her face in a pool of white, sticky cum. Instead of wiping it off, another cock replaced it and she began sucking it to hardness.

When the men had spent their passions and left, Ambrosia slowly undressed and walked over to Kara's bed. Looking down on Kara's cum drenched face and body, she grinned as she lowered herself to it.

"Now satisfy me," she remarked as she lowered her pussy and began rubbing it around and all over Kara's face. Kara, reluctant at first, soon gave in seeing that she had no choice and began flicking her tongue over Ambrosia's swollen sex.

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