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"Tell me what you would do to me if you caught me lurking in your garden stealing flowers, and you were on your own, and randy." Angelica asked suddenly, one afternoon.

"I would make you stand in the corner of the study with your back to me, and I would tell you how angry I was at you. I would tell you to turn around, and look towards the floor, and ask you what you were going to give me in return for my flowers."


Graeme did not remember that conversation until one evening a week later, when he did catch Angelica in his back garden picking flowers. She was dressed in a loose-fitting, baby-doll dress that only hinted at her curvy body. Graeme's mouth watered as he went downstairs to confront the young woman.

Angelica said nothing, but just sulked, prettily, at being caught. She was trying to gauge her chance of running passed Graeme and escaping with them.

"So answer my question!"

Angelica's head was still bowed so that she could hide her smirk. Obviously, the thought of being caught as a thief was just as amusing to her as was the thought of him playing along with her! He knew that he was too malleable where this young woman was concerned!

"You have been extremely naughty, and need to give me something in return. What do you have that you could give me? Or should I call the police?" he asked.

Angelica offered to return the flowers! She tried to laugh it off! These are just a few flowers! No one was hurt!

"I just thought that they were pretty!" she exclaimed. "Please! You don't have to do this, Mr. Housen! Let's just forget about it! I don't have any money. Please give me a chance! It won't happen again! Please!"

Her head remained bowed and she was trembling beautifully! She refused to look him in the eye but he could see that she was trying not to cry. Then, to Graeme's astonishment, she really did begin to cry! Silent tears flowed down her cheeks. Graeme realised, not for the first time, what an astoundingly good actress she was. That she was able to simulate the emotions of the shame that other people would feel at being caught stealing, for such a trivial thing as role playing the theft of some flowers, was amazing! She looked completely defeated.

Graeme made her stand in front of him. She seemed genuinely afraid of him now.

"Please," she whispered, shyly.

Graeme sat down and command her to come towards him, and she shuffled forward hesitantly, tears dropping from her cheeks.

"There is no need for tears, my little flower," he said gently, despite himself. "All we need to do is settle this minor issue between us."

The girl's face lightened, and a smile almost appeared. Her ears perked up at his kind tone.

"I really am sorry, Mr. Housen," she said. "This will NEVER happen again."

She was now inches away from him as he moved his hand up to her cheek, and gently wiped away the tears. He wasn't sure where her game was going, and so he dawdled over stroking her cheek, waiting for a cue from her.

"Thank you," she whispered.

He talked to her gently, his fingers brushing against her lips and tracing along the front of them. They quivered under his touch, but she did not speak.

"What is your name child?" Graeme asked not sure what to say next.

"Pamela," she said stifling a smirk.

"Angelica, you are not being honest with me, are you?"

"M-my friends call me Pamela! How do you know my real name??!!!" She began to stammer badly! Good grief, the girl could act! Engineering be damned! She would make it in film for sure! She threw down the flowers and tried to run passed him to escape into the yard and through the back gate! He ignored her question and stopped her by grabbing hold of her wrist firmly.

"Angelica, you have taken something treasured of mine, and it is only right that I have something personal of yours in return."

"What do you want? I've already told you that I do not have any money!"

Graeme ignored the young woman's protestations. He was beginning to warm to their game.

"Is that not a fair way to resolve this issue, because I am sure you don't want the police to be involved do you? So what do you think you could give me then?"

"No, don't call the police! You don't have to be so mean! I don't know! I don't have anything! I don't work and so I don't have any money! Please, Mr. Housen, just let me go! I'll never come into your garden again! I promise! Please! Please! They were just flowers..." her voice was very small at this point. She seemed almost completely defeated.

"Don't worry about it, I know that you don't have any money, and I would not take it anyway my dear, what you took from me was a thing of beauty, and all I ask is for the same from you."

As he talked he undid the top button of her dress. They both froze at his audacity. She looked straight into his eye and smiled.

"Now that looks so beautiful and it was so easy wasn't it? You are so beautiful you know, and all I want is to see a little more of that beauty, the same way that you wanted to see the beauty of my flowers.

The girl looked at him, and then impishly, she tried to escape again. He stopped her by grabbing and holding her wrist roughly. She struggled against his restraint and it caused the top of her dress to slide off exposing her round shoulder.

"Angelica, you are such a sweet thing, and I don't want you to get into trouble with the police, but if that is what you want, we had better go and call them now."

"Please, Mr. Housen, please! I'll do anything! Just don't call the police! My uncle is a policeman and he would be very angry with me! He would tell my parents!"

She was breathing hard and her bosom is heaving delightfully. She had a wild look in her eye. Desperation! Graeme could only admire her acting skills. He would have to keep a close eye on her in the future; she could be very dangerous if she wanted to be.

"Settle down, Angelica," Graeme said, pulling her down onto a chair opposite him. "Let's just talk this through."

He put his hand onto her knee and found himself licking his lips as she landed on the wicker chair and her dress rode up slightly. Her legs were spread slightly. She started to close them but he ordered her to keep them apart. She complied, and as she did, he stroked the inside of her knee and watched her squirm as he sent what he hoped were thrilling feelings cascading through her body. Her legs fell open even further! She gasped! Her head was still down, and as Graeme put his hand up to touch her cheek he casually touched her breast and it sent another shiver through her body. He grinned to see her nipples harden under the thin material of her dress.

"Please, Mr. Housen!" she fidgeted. She tried to pull her face away. "Please, it's time for me to go home now! We can discuss this some more tomorrow. I promise!"

"Just relax, my Angel," he said as he stroked her cheek again. "No, today is the right time for this. Are you cold? Your nipples are so very hard now," he said while lowering his hand back onto her knee and stroking it again. "I say that we both understand the situation better now," he said moving his hand a little further up her thigh.

Angelica leaned away from Graeme to escape his touch, and so was almost reclining in the chair. Her legs fall open even more and her dress rode up high on her thigh. The top of her dress strained across her chest. She felt a heat rise as he pointed out that he had noticed that her nipples were turgid. She moaned wantonly.

"Oh God, Mr. Housen!" she gasped.

"Let me massage them for you," he declared, and immediately had his hand cupping her heavy breast and taking its weight.

Angelica moaned again and tried to pull his hands away. One hand instinctively tried to protect her mons even though Graeme was not touching her there, his hand still being splayed only on her thigh, while the other tried to move his hand from cupping her left breast.

"They need some room," he said, and within a flash he undid another of her buttons. Her bra covered breasts were now available to him.

"For such a young woman you have very big breasts, Angelica," Graeme said, shaming her further.

Graeme's hand had worked up to the top of the girl's thigh and he could feel the heat there. She was wearing a very pretty lace bra. It was the sort that only someone with very perky breasts would be able to get away with at that size. She was also wearing matching boy panties. The lace at her crotch was soaked! Her fat, turgid nipples were clearly visible through the lace.

"You are a very naughty girl Angelica and I am going to have to tell your parents how wanton you have been. Do you want me to do that?" Graeme asked teasingly. As he waited for a reply he felt her gorgeous tits and squeezed the hard nipple between his thumb and finger.

Angelica grabbed his hands and squeezed them to her heavy bosom.

"So you don't want me to go? Then you had better do exactly as I say and do it now!" Graeme's voice hardened.

Angelica moaned openly now at the feel of his fingers squeezing her nipples so hard.

"Yes, Mr. Housen," she whispered. Her head was bent low.

"Kneel down in front of me."

Angelica did so immediately.

"Now undo my belt."

Angelica fumbled with her tormentor's belt.

"I said do it now!" and as he shouted at her, he pulled her blouse completely open and off of her shoulders. The girl jumped.

"Now that you are free of that, all's well!" Graeme declared, and in an instant he unclasped her bra and pulled it off completely,

"You can now remove my trousers, and be quick about it!"

Angelica tried to speak slowly and softly to Graeme, obvious doubt on her face. Her hands flew to her own chest to hide her naked breasts!

Graeme pulled them away roughly, "You are getting me very angry, young lady! Now do as you have been told!" he said sternly; and as he said that he slapped Angelica's breasts hard.

The young woman cried out; and she crouched away from him hiding herself.

"Just do it!" Graeme said hotly. "And be quick about it or you will get more of that."

He pulled her hair roughly, to straighten her body, "Don't hide such beauty!" he said.

Angelica tried to get up to run away again, but as she did so her naked breasts passed right in front of his face. Her naughty nipples brushed his lips, temptingly.

Graeme grabbed her, and as he did his face was pushed straight onto her breasts. He held her tightly and with his other hand yanked her dress completely off. He then pulled her panties down, and poor Angelica didn't seem to know what to try to cover.

Angelica stood before Graeme, naked except for her wet lace panties that hid nothing, stranded as they were around her thighs.

She began to cry again. "Please, Mr. Housen! Why are you doing this?"

Before she could say anything else Graeme told her, that he had had enough of her naughtiness, and with that he swept her over his knee and gave her six hard slaps on her arse. As she lay there Graeme felt a hardness in his groin, and wondered at the feel of his manhood. He was too shocked at finding himself spanking his young neighbour on her bare arse! Nothing in his experience had prepared him for this, but the role play was beginning to take on a life of its own and so he went along with it. For a moment the spanking shut her up completely. He smelled the aroma of the young woman's arousal, and felt his hardness pressing against her abdomen. Before she could say anything about it though, he ordered her back into the corner with her back to him. Lifting herself tightened her huge buttocks and raised them toward his face. His self-control now almost completely gone, he pushed her into the corner.

He made her stand there for 10 minutes, completely naked and trembling while he gathered his thoughts, and assessed the situation. She was the daughter of the Jamaican High Commissioner, his neighbour. She was 40 years younger than he! She had told him quite plainly one day that she wanted him to be the first man to fuck her. It had shaken him to his core when she said that with such certitude, as if he had no say in the matter; and now, it seemed that the time had come to move beyond words. Graeme was both excited and afraid. He hoped not to disappoint her. She was a good actress and would probably fake an orgasm if he did not give it to her himself; but he wanted her first time to be pleasantly memorable.

The man enjoyed seeing the little jiggles of Angelica's fleshy arse as she stood trembling and sniffing while waiting for him in the corner. Then when she had stopped sniffing again and it was totally silent Graeme undid his fly. Angelica began to turn around, wide-eyed! Graeme slapped her arse hard and told her to keep facing the corner. She obeyed him immediately.

"You have been a very naughty young lady and I have tried to be fair with you but you have just thrown it in my face, you saucy little minx! Now for the last time if you don't do exactly as I say I will phone the police! Is that clear?" he shouted.

Angelica broke character, grinned at him, and then blew a kiss!

"Is that clear?" Graeme repeated, trying not to smile.

"Yes Sir" the girl muttered.

"Now turn around, and get down on your knees, you little slut, quickly!"

Angelica obeyed. She was kneeling, and trembling badly, a thing that Graeme loved!

"Answer me you little slut!" he said slapping her tits again.

"Yes, Mr. Housen, Sir." the young woman repeated a little more loudly.

"So whose cock have you sucked before, you little bitch, playing all innocent with me?"

Angelica's head was bowed. "No one, Sir," she muttered.

"Well then, now's going to be a lesson for you, get my cock out, you little bitch! Do it quickly, and not a word from you!"

Angelica reached into his fly and pulled his cock from his boxers. She was teasingly gentle.

"Pull them down," Graeme commanded.

Angelica pulled Graeme's boxers down around his hips and it caused his cock to spring up and hit her hard on the chin. She jumped.

"Now swallow it all!" he commanded. "Come on!"

Angelica looked at him, hesitating impishly. She was not about to give in without some resistance!

"Plea..." she began, but shut up at a warning look from him! She opened her mouth hesitantly. Graeme grabbed her chin, and squeezed her jaw forcing her mouth open into a perfect, painful O. He fed his stiff erection to her, ramming his sausage toward the back of her throat. She gagged and tried to dislodge him, to no avail. He fucked her face hard reaching down to twist her nipples and squeeze her breasts. He guided her face by using her hair, impaling it on his mighty phallus many times. Instinctively, the young woman relaxed her throat, and tried to keep her mouth clear by moving her tongue out of the way. This caused her to give the man a cock bath just before she deep throated him. She was a natural at this! What the hell would she be like in five years with more experience Graeme thought.

He watched her head bob up and down. It made her breasts look so erotic as they moved tantalizingly to the rhythm that she had set up, her engorged nipples such a tempting morsel that Graeme wanted to be feed upon.

"Angelica your tits are fantastic, and your action is perfect!" Graeme exclaimed as he thrust her mouth onto his cock. "I need to get some of those tits as well!" he cried out.

Angelica's beautiful doe-like eyes looked up at him from time to time as if wondering at this new activity! "Where did you learn this?" she seemed to be saying? "Isn't it very naughty to suck down there?"

Graeme ignored her.

"Cradle my balls as you suck me, you little slut!" he demanded. Never again could she play the innocent with him!

Angelica looked at him with mischief in her eye.

"I do not know where your balls are!!! I didn't steal them!!!!!" she said giggling.

Graeme was not amused; desperately horny men seldom are. "They're under my cock, you bitch!" he grunted.

She looked smugly at him, and clasped the only thing that she saw. Luckily for her it was his tight ball sac. She clutched them and there was a brief moment of pain. Graeme slapped her.

"Too hard! They are very delicate, girl! Now kiss them gently!

Angelica pulled her mouth off his rampant penis and lowered her head in order to kiss his balls. She sniffed at his musty crotch.

"Quickly now; long wet licks!" he instructed, slightly embarrassed by her inspection.

Angelica licked them long, like she did her weekly lollypops when she was a girl. She spent time licking and kissing them. Graeme watched, enchanted as she examined him. He saw when she first noticed that when she tickled under his cock with her tongue that it seemed to jump in her hand. She did it many times. She even nibbled it in order to see what would happen. Graeme felt a strong affection for her. She really was an innocent, he realised; and he began to wonder if the real role play was not when she pretended to be as grown up as she tried to convince him that she was.

Graeme slapped her arse, to prevent himself over-analysing the situation, and sighed with the pleasure of it. Angelica looked at his face, questioningly. She obviously interpreted his contented took as a sign that he approved wholeheartedly of what she was doing, and so she continued to do it.

"Mmmmmmm" Graeme gasped. He knew that Angelica would now think that she was in control. She was. She had always been in control of their relationship. He still couldn't figure out how he came to be involved with her, forty years her senior as he was!

Angelica gripped Graeme's thighs and sucked a little harder. Graeme started to fuck her mouth again, rhythmically. He felt her relax her throat again. She swilled her tongue around, giving him room for his manoeuvres.

"Suck me hard, you bitch!" he cried out.

Angelica's hands wandered around the back of Graeme's thighs and her fingers sat in the crack of his arse. She paused. It was unexplored territory.

"That's it, feel me there!"

Permission gained, she grasped his arse cheeks firmly and sucked harder. Graeme's hand now held her head tight, as he fucked her mouth, his precum oozed copiously, into her tightly clamped lips.

"Now push your finger in my arse!" he demanded. "You are a real slut, and you are my slut, do you understand?"

Angelica pushed her finger in. In fact, she soon pushed two fingers in!

The man gasped and when Angelica put a third finger in he pushed her away from him.

"Your gash looks pink, wet and inviting," Graeme said as he moved towards Angelica with his throbbing cock pointed towards her. "Take it," he demanded, shaking his cock at her, "and put it into that hole that has never been entered before; or have you been playing with it, you little minx?" he asked as another thought crossed his mind, suddenly.

Angelica did not answer, but rather took Graeme's cock in her hand and put it to the edge of her pussy. She held it there, marking the moment of her transition into womanhood. Graeme thrust forward, and popped the head in. Angelica leaned back, allowing him to guide himself in. She was nervous, and so she began to babble a bit, reminding him about how big he was, asking if it would hurt, and begging him to be gentle with her. Graeme ignored her. He refused to believe that she could be so skilled without any practical experience.

Angelica's pussy spasmed around Graeme's cock which was lodged just inside her body, and then as he pushed he felt the resistance ease, and he slide half of his length inside her.

Graeme felt the girl begin to panic under him, and look as if she wanted to pull him out, so he rammed all the way in. She screamed as he broke her hymen. He looked down at her cunt gripping him tightly and at her pussy lips surrounding him completely. She looked faint and grasped his upper arms tightly. Her nipples were like diamond nubs and she looked as if she wanted to cry.

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