tagGroup SexPropositions Ch. 2

Propositions Ch. 2


It was hard to believe that I had succeeded in bedding three lovely fast food workers and one of them a virgin to boot! I still think about the only cherry I'd ever gotten in my life and I still see all three of them off and on, if you'll pardon the pun. I had found a new fast food cutie though, her name was Lin and she worked at the Chinese Kitchen and I had been giving her the eye for awhile, trying to work up the courage to proposition her.

She was so pretty and that long, silky black hair was such a turn on. But, her mom owned the restaurant and kept pretty close tabs on her, speaking of which, her mom wasn't bad either. Her mom was a lot more petite than Lin and as Lin wore outfits that showed her cute belly and belly button, her mom dressed very conservatively, although her tight fitting clothes offered an almost perfect view of her tiny, perfect body. I went in one evening and as I was eating, Lin finally sat down and I was just getting ready to make my offer when I heard Chinese coming loudly from the kitchen and Lin took off and I heard a lot more Chinese and then her mom, Nina came to the table with some soy sauce.

"You like?" she asked as I stared at that body of hers.

"No, never liked soy sauce," I told her.

She frowned, "You try, you like," and I thanked her but declined. One of the cooks started speaking to her in Chinese and then laughed and she answered him and then she laughed and she went back to the kitchen. I couldn't believe I'd finally gotten up the nerve to make Lin my offer and mom had blown it.

I saw Nina and Lin talking at the entrance to the kitchen and kept hoping she come back and sit, but her mom put her to work doing something else.

I finally decided that it would have to wait for another day and went to the register to pay for my meal, "Why you no like soy sauce?" she asked as she rang me up, "Just never had the taste for it," I replied and she stopped and scribbled something on the back of a guest check and handed it to me. "You be there 11:30," she said and I looked to see an address on the paper. "You will like soy sauce," and she smiled as she handed me my change.

I showed up at the address at 11:30 and Nina answered the door and asked me to come in and I sat in the living room. "Take clothes off please," she said as I stared at her. "Clothes off please," she repeated and I began to strip, wondering if I was going to get some of Nina's petite body. She went to the kitchen and when she came back, she sat a bottle of soy sauce on the table and left again.

When she returned this time, she had Lin with her and Lin was totally naked. My cock strained to get even harder as I looked at Lin's nice body and drank it in with my eyes. Nina spoke to Lin in Chinese and Lin took the bottle of soy sauce and sprinkled some on my cock and then began to lick it off, I almost came right there! I felt a little awkward with Nina standing there watching her daughter lick my cock, but the feeling was so wonderful.

Lin again coated my cock with soy sauce and then sucked it this time as I watched her sweet tits move as she sucked my cock in and out, aching to grab hold of them. Lin was good, but I could tell she hadn't had a lot of experience at sucking dick. Nina shouted something at her in Chinese and then she stopped and got up and Nina took her place, adding more soy sauce just before she took me in her mouth. This woman was no stranger to sucking cock and in a minute or so, I filled her mouth as she swallowed it down.

Nina led me into the dining room and talked to Lin in Chinese and Lin climbed up on the table and lay down on her back and Nina said, "You sit here please," and I sat down between Lin's legs that were draped over the end of the table. Nina lifted her daughter's legs one at a time and draped them over my shoulders and then poured soy sauce over Lin's pussy, "You eat now please," she said and I dove in! The soy sauce wasn't that bad, and I didn't mind eating it just to be able to eat Lin, "See, you like soy sauce," she said as I worked on Lin's clit and slid a finger inside of her. I felt something wet on my cock, and Nina had doused it with soy sauce and was sucking it again as I ate her daughter's pussy, it was terrific!! I moaned loudly into Lin's pussy as I shot another load into Nina's mouth and I felt Lin getting wrestless and she jerked on the table and came in my mouth as she screamed out in Chinese.

"My daughter's first cum," Nina said as I slowly removed my mouth from her daughter's pussy. "She virgin. You no can fuck. Maybe like fuck me?" she said and I said,"Oh yes," and Nina began to strip, all the while talking to Lin in Chinese. Nina's body was great and so petite as I finally saw her totally nude. "First, you eat more soy sauce," she said as she took her daughter's place on the table and poured soy sauce in her pussy. I dove right in, and Nina responded to me right away, having a large orgasm as she bucked against my mouth.

Lin said something to her mom in Chinese and she answered and soon I felt Lin's inexperienced mouth on my cock as I continued to eat her mom. I nibbled on Nina's clit and she went wild, talking Chinese, at what sounded like a hundred miles a minute, and then she shook with another orgasm as Lin's mouth was getting better at taking more of me in her mouth. I dumped some more soy sauce on Nina's cunt as I ate and I could feel her building to another orgasm and just as she did, I filled Lin's mouth and she coughed and gagged, but never stopped sucking.

Nina thrashed on the table as her orgasm hit and Lin finished on my cock and got up. She had my cum hanging from her mouth as she stood there and she took her finger and pushed it into her mouth. Nina got up now and went to Lin and they spoke in Chinese, 'damn I need to learn Chinese,' I thought. Nina kissed Lin full on the lips and shared my cum with her and seeing those two tight bodies together, my cock got so hard. They broke their kiss and Nina looked at me and said, "She first time, you no can fuck. You fuck me," and she got down on all fours and I moved in behind that tight little Asian ass.

Lin sat down and watched as I fucked her mother, man she had a tight pussy! I banged her doggy style and she met each of my thrusts, getting harder with each thrust until I felt myself explode in her tight twat. As I got up and sat on the sofa, Lin came over and licked my cock clean. Nina went to the kitchen and got us all a drink and we sat there and I admired the beautiful mother and daughter naked before me. "You like soy sauce now?" Nina asked.

"Oh yes," I said with a big smile and got dressed and gave them each a kiss and left. I couldn't believe that I had gotten mother and daughter both and still kept my $100.

A few days later, I set my sights on Cheryl at Long John Silver's. She was a nice looking girl, long auburn hair, caramel colored skin, beautiful tits and a tight ass. She had just started college in the fall and worked here to make ends meet and it took me awhile to get her to my table. I always liked Long John Silver's, I guess it was the smell of fish, but my cock got hard whenever I walked in. Cheryl sat there and shared my fries as we made small talk and then I looked around to see if anyone could hear me and popped the question.

"$100, and would I like, have to fuck you?" she said as she looked around to see if anyone heard her.

"Yes, and more. I'd want to eat you and have you eat me too," I said and watched for her reaction.

"I need $175 for books," she said, "If you'll go the extra $75, I'll do it," and I agreed. She wrote her address down and told me she got off at 10 and she'd be home by 10:30, and I said ok I'd see her then. I went to the ATM and got some more money and was waiting in her parking lot for her when she got home.

She nervously showed me into her apartment and then went around closing blinds, "Nosy neighbors," she said. She still had her LJS uniform on and I watched as she began to take it off and her sweet caramel colored skin became exposed. She had on a bright white bra and it made her tits stand out against her skin as I watched her reach behind her and unhook it. She dropped it off her shoulders and slowly took the cups off of her gorgeous tits. Her tit flesh was creamy and her aureoles were only slightly darker blending into her perky nipples.

"I don't want you to think I'm a whore," she said as she looked at me, "I really need the texbooks and don't have the money right now."

I smiled up at her, "No way would I think that of you Cheryl," and she smiled back and began to kick her shoes off. She pulled her pants down and stepped out of them and I saw her matching bright white panties and she peeled them off too. Her pubic mound was clean shaven and her pussy lips looked very puffed out as I stared at them, I stood up and handed her the money and then began to get undressed. She put the money on the counter and turned and watched me undress, and I heard her sigh as she caught a glimpse of my hard on.

She walked over and kissed me and her hand searched for the cock she had seen and then stroked it and I could hear her breathing get shallower. She kissed my neck and then sucked on my nipples and drug her tongue over my stomach and proceeded to my waiting cock, as she kissed the head and then licked the shaft before taking it in her mouth. She moaned as it slid in, slowly taking it as far as her mouth would allow. Then she began to move it in and out of her mouth and her hand cupped my balls and lightly squeezed as she sucked me.

I looked down and saw her push a finger inside of herself and her sucking seemed to intensify as her finger disappeared, making my balls tingle. She was no stranger to cocks as she deftly gobbled mine and I soon felt my cum rush into her mouth as she shrieked and her finger caused her to join my orgasm. She sat back on her haunches and looked up at me, a very satisfied look on her face.

She got on her back on the floor and I moved between her legs and pushed them apart as my tongue licked her puffy lips and she moaned out her approval. I dipped a finger into her as my tongue concentrated on her clit, feeling it grow under it's manipulations. She grabbed her own nipples and began to pinch and rub them as I drove her crazy with my tongue. I added another finger and she lifted her ass up off the floor as her pleasure shocked her and she began to buck against my face and fingers as she came, soaking my fingers as she did.

"That was great. No one ever eats me," she said as she smiled at me and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why someone would turn down eating this fine morsel. I moved up onto her next and let my hard cock rub her bare slit as I sucked on her beautiful caramel colored tits and sucked in the nipples. I eased my cock into her and slid forward to stuff her wonderful pussy full of my meat. She stopped breathing momentarily as I pushed in the last couple of inches and I could feel her vagina gripping it. I began to fuck her ever so slowly as I sucked her nipple and watched the expressions on her face.

I picked up the pace and delighted as a great big smile came across her face as my cock filled up her under used pussy and her vagina sought to grip it's welcome intruder. Her spasms became too much for me and I filled her tight little pussy with my cum and kept fucking as she too came, enjoying the passion we shared together. As I lay on top of her, she asked me to lay still as she worked my softening cock with her vagina and then it slowly eased out. She gave me a big kiss and thanked me for the money and the wonderful sex we had shared. I got dressed and we shared a passionate kiss just before I left.

My next conquest came from Burger King. Pam was a bright bouncy woman, a college kid in her early 20's. Her body was not perfect, but her bouncy personality more than made up for what her body lacked. She was actually the easiest one to proposition. She made it no secret that she loved to fuck and that she would fuck me if the price was right and always winked after she said it. I popped the question to her one Tuesday night,

"How much would you pay for the best fuck you ever had?" she asked smiling at me.

"I'm not rich Pam," I told her, "Would you go $250?" she asked and I said I would need some sort of money back guarantee and she laughed, "Oh, you'll enjoy it." I looked at her for a long time, "Then make me a guarantee," and she said ok. She gave me her address and told me to be there at 10:30 and I said ok and headed off to the ATM.

I got there about 10:35 and she opened the door, "Thought maybe you'd changed your mind," she said as she told me to come in. She told me to get undressed and went into the kitchen and brought back drinks and she undressed as I sat there drinking mine. Like I said, her body wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad either. She had miniature tits, barely the size of oranges and she had a small paunch and slightly big hips. Her pussy was shaved and the lips were very full on it.

"For your $250 you get all three of my holes and after a brief rest, an added bonus," she said and smiled and stuck her hand out for the money. 'All three holes and a bonus,' I thought to myself, that had to be worth $250 and I got the money out of my pants and handed it to her.

" Which one do you want first?" she asked as she looked at me with anticipation, "Come on over her and put your mouth on this," I said and grabbed my cock and she knelt before me and urged me to put my hips on the edge of the sofa and stroked my hard on as she sucked my balls and then lowered her head onto my cock. 'She was pretty talented,' I thought as she worked on my cock with her mouth, eventually getting all of it in her mouth.

She fucked me with her mouth and her hands rubbed my balls and I sent a hot shot of cum in her mouth as she worked to swallow my load. She sucked on my cock until she was sure she had eaten all of my cum and then sat back and smiled. "Which one next?" she asked as she licked her lips. "I think I'll have that pussy of yours next," I said and she stroked her pussy as she stroked my cock back to hardness. When my cock was hard again, she threw her legs over mine and lowered her bald cunt onto my cock, and my cockhead entered her pussy.

She lowered herself all at once, her pussy wasn't very tight and she began to ride my lap, easily bottoming out each time. As loose as her pussy was, her vaginal muscles made up for it by milking my cock as she fucked me and I sucked on her orange sized tits as she fucked me and her pussy made me cum, shooting my load up into her. She gave me a big kiss as she got off of me and went into the bathroom to clean up.

She strode back in, "I guess you only have one of my holes left, so you won't have to choose. Just tell me when you're ready," and she sat down and sipped her drink. I looked at her, not believing that she had blown me and fucked me and never even had an orgasm, 'she was just looking for the money,' I told myself. I figured I'd go ahead and get it over with so I told her to come on and she stroked my cock, getting it hard again and she spit on her hand and rubbed it into her ass and then sat down on my cock, guiding it into her asshole.

My cock met very little resistance as her ass swallowed it and she bounced up and down on my cock, but at least she was showing a little emotion now as she moaned each time I filled her tight ass. Her ass was a lot tighter than her pussy and she was good at using it and soon milked another load out of me and even shrieked as my hot cum filled her ass. She pulled off of me and went back to the bathroom to clean up and then sat across from me and continued on her drink, "Let me know when you want your bonus," she winked and I had forgotten about it.

I sat there for awhile and let my body recuperate and then told her that I was ready. She picked up the phone and walked into the other room as she talked and then sat back down, "It will be here shortly," she smiled at me. About 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door and I looked up to see a beautiful young girl come in, Pam not even trying to cover herself as I pulled a pillow over my lap. "This is Deanna, my sister. She is your bonus," and Deanna started taking her clothes off.

She was a knockout! She had sky blue eyes, and long blonde hair and melon sized tits and a sweet ass. She was soon naked and sat next to me, Pam has given you all three of her holes and your bonus is that you can choose to have one of mine," and she smiled. My mind was cluttered, trying to decide which hole of this beautiful girl I wanted. I asked her if I could touch her before I decided, and she said, "Sure," and I ran my hands between her legs and checked the tightness of her pussy.

It won, hands down and she got on her hands and knees and my hard cock couldn't wait to enter this tight beauty's pussy. I eased up behind her and guided my cock to her wet hole as I grabbed her ass cheeks to steady myself. For a second I thought about having her ass instead, but asses never did as much for me as a tight pussy and hers felt like velvet as my cock opened it up, and she moaned at the feeling of my penetration. She soon was fucking me back, taking my cock deep as her breaths quickened and my grip on her ass did too.

I was pounding into her like it was the first time I had ever fucked, lost in the sensations that her tight pussy was giving me and I exploded as my cock sent wave after wave of my hot cum into her. She screamed as she felt my cum and she joined me as we both melted in ecstasy and our thrusts continued. I slumped over her back, feeling totally spent and saying to myself that she was worth $175 by herself. I rubbed her golden tits as my arms snaked around her and hated it when I felt my cock pulling out of her.

I got up and sat back, too weak to stand and told her that she was incredible, "Oh, and I'm not worth a shit,huh?' Pam said as I tried to not sound too unappreciative of her services, but they were only that, services.

Her sister Deanna was a true love maker and she only provided willing receptacles. I got dressed and left, thanking them both for a wonderful evening and I waited in the parking lot for Deanna to come out and we made plans for a second session, with her receiving the total fee this time.

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