tagFetishPunished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 10

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 10


I slept soundly the whole night in the bedroom of my Parents in Law, despite my buttocks feeling very tender from the serial spanking they had received. When I awoke sun was streaming into the bedroom, and all was quiet. I peeked up at the bed where my Parents in Law had slept, but it was empty. I wrapped my blanket around my naked body and went out to the open plan area that contained the kitchen, dining room and lounge. There was no sign of life.

The bathroom was empty so I decided to seize the opportunity to take a much-needed shower. The water cascading over me felt heavenly, and I felt decidedly good. Even my buttocks felt much better than I would ever have expected. They were still tender, and I had some minor bruising, but at least I could touch them without wincing. After showering, I dried myself off, wrapped the towel around me and went in search of my suitcase so that I could find some clothing. It had been a long time since I had been fully dressed. I had been naked from the waist down since having a swim at the lake yesterday. Reliving the events of yesterday sent a shiver down my spine. It had been quite a day.

I found my suitcase in the empty bedroom of Rachel and Troy and quickly dressed. I had learnt my lesson from yesterday, and made certain I choose a more conservative pair of panties as well as a bra. I wanted to make sure I was prepared for any eventualities that unfolded during the day. Once dressed I checked again to ensure the house was empty, then went outside onto the veranda, where I spotted the three males across the yard, sitting on a table under a tree.

As I wandered across the yard the three males, Ben (my Father in Law), John (Debbie's husband), and young Troy (Rachel's boyfriend) all turned to stare at me letchurishly. The way they were staring at me caused me to look down at my clothing just to double check I was in fact dressed appropriately.

"Hi," I called out shyly as I approached the three of them, " Where are the women folk."

I tried to act and sound normal, hoping the events of yesterday would be cast aside.

"Gone shopping for a couple of hours," my Father in Law responded, "Should be back for lunch."

I was immediately hurt that my Mother in Law (Jane), Debbie and Rachel had deserted me to go shopping, leaving me at the ranch alone with the men.

Ben obviously read my mind. "If you had been awake at a respectable hour they might have taken you too."

"Sorry," I blushed, "I guess I was kind of exhausted."

"I am not surprised, given your behaviour. You certainly put on quite an act." It was John this time that spoke.

I just blushed even more. I knew there was nothing I could say in defence of my behaviour; so felt silence was my best recourse.

"We are about to go for a stroll up to the top of Brooks Mountain", Troy jumped in enthusiastically, "Why don't you join us?"

I was far from certain that going for a stroll with the three males was a good idea.

"No thanks'" I responded casually, "I think I'll just sit on the porch and read a book."

"Come on city girl. You have just got out of bed. You need the exercise." My Father in Law added his support

"Come on Kym, it will be fun," Troy added

Fun for whom, I silently wondered

"Come on, put your boots on, we are waiting for you." It sounded more like a directive rather than a friendly request from my Father in Law.

I did not want to risk getting my Father in Law, or the others, upset, therefore reluctantly agreed to accompany them for the climb up Brooks Mountain. And I rationalised I was probably being apprehensive for no reason at all. After fetching my tramping boots we set off for the mountain, which was only a short walk away.

It took less than half an hour to reach Brooks Mountain. It was not much of mountain, more of a hill, but did have some steep parts to get to the top. Everyone had been friendly, and I felt relaxed and chatty. At the foot of the mountain we rested and drank water from a fresh water spring.

We were just about to set off up the mountain when I caught all the men looking slyly at each other and I immediately sensed something was up. My Father in Law turned to look at me and I stopped dead in my tracks.

"What?" I squeaked nervously

"Take off your clothing"

"P..Pardon?" I stammered

"You heard me." My Father in Law reinforced.

"Why?" I pleaded

I looked pleadingly at John and Troy, but I could tell from their grins this was all pre-planned and I was going to get no support from them

"Do you want to be spanked by all three of us, right here?" My Father in Law continued.

"No!" I pouted, trying not to cry.

"Well, just do it."

I hung my head dejectedly. Slowly I buttoned my top and removed it. I then took off my boots and removed my jeans.

"Please can I leave on my bra and panties?" I pleaded

"It is good to see your underwear is more appropriate to the country life, but you are still going to remove all of it."

With a sigh of defeat and resignation, I unclasped my bra and removed it, and stepped out of my panties so that I was totally naked.

"Put your boots back on, then hand the rest of your clothing to Troy," my Father in Law directed.

After putting my boots back on and slowly lacing them up I gathered up my clothing in a bundle and embarrassedly handed them to young Troy, who placed them in the small shoulder bag he had brought with him.

As I stood there naked, except for my boots, the three males made no attempt to avert their eyes from my body. They all had a look of pure lust etched on their faces. I flushed with embarrassment, and worried what might be coming next. To my surprise my Father in Law then beckoned in the direction of the trail we were following.

"You lead," he was directing his comment to me

"Please can I follow?" I whimpered.

"No my dear, ladies first, isn't that right boys?" Ben made an exaggerated sweep of his arm to wave me on.

John and Troy were quick to agree with my Father in Law.

Once again, I hung my head in defeat, made my way past the three men, and set off up the trail. The three men followed close behind, obviously getting a good view of my rear end as I led the way.

I was totally embarrassed, not only of the three males behind me ogling my nudity, but also in case we came across others using the track.

The trail up the mountain began to get steeper, then we reached a section that was almost vertical for about eight feet. I tried to clamber up but slipped and fell back, falling into the arms of John. As he helped me upright he did not miss the opportunity to put his arms around me and briefly squeeze my nipples. I yelped in surprise, causing Ben and Troy to laugh.

"I think you need a hand up there girlie," Ben grinned.

I looked at the vertical climb, and realised if I tried to do it on my own, in the nude, I would at the very least end up with skin abrasions, or possibly worse. I had no choice other than to accept my Father in Law's offer.

Supporting me around the waist he lifted me to a small step in the rock that was about eighteen inches up. I put one foot on the small step, and noticed the next step cut into the rock was about another eighteen inched up and two feet to the side. I hesitated, realising that once I lifted my right leg up the next step my vagina would be wide open to the three males below. But I had no choice as I could not go back down, therefore very reluctantly I reached my foot out and stuck it in the second step. I felt so exposed.

I could see at the top of the ledge there was a peg which one could use to grip hold of to pull themselves up. I reached up but was too short to get a grip of it. I could touch it with the tip of my fingers, but could not get a grip. I stretched up several times, but no matter how hard I tried I could not get my hand around the peg. I was going to need further assistance.

I looked plaintively down at the men below, who were, not surprisingly, looking directly up my crotch. Young Troy was actually licking his lips.

"Can someone help me please." I was exasperated that all they could think of doing was leering at my private parts, when clearly I needed help. Typical men, I silently thought.

John and Troy reached up to me, for what I though was to give me assistance. But incredible I instead felt fingers probing my vagina.

I gasped out loudly and just about lost my balance. "Don't, please don't,' I begged, helpless to move out of the way of the probing fingers.

My pleas went unheeded as I felt several hands probing my inner thighs, vagina, buttocks, and someone was even putting pressure on my anus. I had never felt so invaded. I was too embarrassed to look down to see whose hands were being so intimate with me. There were at least two of the men probing me, and I strongly suspected it could be all three. To make matters worse, despite my disgust at what they were doing to me, I could feel my body starting to react sexually.

Soon fingers were probing freely in and out of my vagina, and it felt like they were having a contest to see how many fingers they could insert at one time. The finger that had been pressing against my anus suddenly penetrated me and I screamed out loudly at the invasion. My voice echoed across the canyon.

Despite willing my body not to react to the invasion, I could feel myself become flushed as I began the steady build up to an orgasm. Then suddenly all the fingers withdrew, but it was only a very temporary respite as I felt a tongue flick at my labia. I groaned out loudly and protested against the liberties they were taking with my body. But even to my own ears my protests were only half-hearted.

Soon the tongue was slurping and sucking at my honey pot, and my juices were flowing freely. I was much to embarrassed to look down to see whom the invading tongue belonged to. Not that it mattered as the first tongue stopped licking me, but was quickly replaced by a second. Clearly they were all going to have their turn.

Soon I could fight back the orgasm no longer, and began panting heavily. I struggled to retain my grip on the ledge, as my hips were pushing down on the invading tongue. Then suddenly, while still sucking on my vagina, someone pushed their finger deep into my anus. This threw me over the edge and a gigantic orgasm rippled through my body, my hips bucking wildly. Then I lost grip and fell backwards helplessly. I felt strong arms take hold of me securely and I was gently lowered to a seated position.

For a long while I rested my head on my knees until my breathing had settled. I looked up sheepishly, and all three men were grinning at me. I tried not to feel embarrassed, but inevitably I did, especially when I pulled myself to my feet and glanced down to see the big wet spot on the rock where I had been sitting.

Troy then turned to the ledge I had just failed to ascend, and within seconds had effortlessly scaled the eight feet high wall. Keeping hold of the peg at the top he reached down, took hold of my hand, and with a little assistance from me I was quickly at the top beside him.

I turned and looked at him with a scowl on my face, as I thought, 'You bastard, why couldn't you have just done that in the first place and saved me all that embarrassment.' Troy did at least have the courtesy to look a little sheepish.

Once Ben and John had joined us on the ledge we made the 10-minute walk to the summit. Although Brooks Mountain was not very high the views were quite breathtaking. Standing there, feeling the breeze encircling my naked body, I felt surprisingly exhilarated. I flapped my arms like a bird in flight. Despite everything that I had endured in the past months, my body felt more alive than I ever felt possible. It was as if I had been on a journey up the side of my own personal mountain of self-discovery, and now I stood on a summit feeling alive and fresh. I did not feel like a victim.

As I turned to face my three male companions they were all watching me intently, and seemed bemused by the fact I was smiling. At that moment I made a snap decision. I knew it was going to take extreme courage on my part but I wanted to do it.

Silently I walked over to Troy, knelt before him and unzipped the fly on his jeans. I reached in and pulled his penis free. It was now his turn to gasp with surprise. He was instantly hard, and I took his young penis in my mouth and sucked him deeply. He came quickly.

Without standing up I crawled to John, and repeated my actions. He was also hard as a rock and I could tell he badly needed to cum. As soon as I took his penis in my mouth he thrust vigorously and his cum squirted in a torrent. I tried to swallow it all but some ran down my cheek.

Finally I crawled to my Father in Law, Ben. I knelt at his feet and peered up at him. I recalled all the times I had been over his lap for a spanking, and could feel his swollen penis pushing against my belly. I knew the sight of my naked body, and the thrill of spanking me, was a sexual turn-on to him.

By kneeling at my Father in Law's feet I was signalling to him that no matter how gut wrenching it would be for me, I was prepared to take his penis in my mouth and give him the relief I am sure he longed for. For a long while our eyes locked, then he reached down with both arms, lifted me to my feet, and embraced me in a warm, loving cuddle. It was a wonderful moment.

After taking a few moments to silently take in the view from the summit we all set off on the descent, my Father in Law and I holding hands until the track narrowed to the extent we had to go in single file. I was still naked, and sensed that if I asked for my clothes back from young Troy he would almost certainly oblige. However I was actually prepared to stay nude and prolong the pleasure for my three male companions of being able to be in close company of a naked female out in the wide-open spaces of Mother Nature.

I did briefly regret my decision to stay nude when we rounded a tight bend on the trail and came face to face with a man and his son making their way upwards. I just about died when I first spotted them only a few feet in front of me. There was absolutely nothing I could do as we were on a narrow path carved into the side of Brooks Mountain. There was nowhere I could hide. Instead I proudly put my nose in the air and quickened my stride.

The father and son looked like stunned mullets as this naked woman strode past them, so closely that they could have reached out and touched me.

I heard my Father in Law chirp at them as he went by the strangers, "She is from New Zealand. They just love to be close to nature."

"Oh," was the stunned response.

Once we rounded the next bend we all burst out in laughter.

At the bottom of Brooks Mountain we stopped at the fresh water spring again. There was a small pool at the bottom of the spring so I removed my boots and stepped in. Under the watchful eyes of my male companions I cleaned myself and frolicked in the crystal clear ice cold water. When I emerged we sat on the rocks beside the pool and chatted while the sun dried me out. Troy then handed me back my clothing and I dressed, before we all set off for the short walk back to the ranch.

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