It is always something novel, I'll give him that much. It's never the expected, and very rarely does he use what would be termed the common forms to punish me. He always thinks of something, the best word I think is creative, he comes up with some very interesting things but as I have said it must be conceded that they are very creative.

Before I get too far in I should probably clarify, I am a 19 year old submissive. I'm only 5' 3" tall, with a shapely (not fat and not skinny neither) body. I would say that my dirty blond hair and eyes that change colour are my most interesting features; Master may disagree.

Master on the other hand is taller than I am; about 5' 8" with a very dominant personality, with loads of care and understanding, as a good Dom should. I find him attractive, though like anything else I suppose it is subjective and many may disagree. He has very short black hair and brown eyes.

Anyway getting back to the story. I was to be punished, and I wondered very much what it would be. He never gives any indication of what it may be until he is ready. He leaves me hanging the guilt of what I have done and the waiting to find out my fate being the worst parts of anything he could possibly decide on; and him knowing it means he uses is to his advantage of course.

This time wasn't as bad as some of the things though I know I shouldn't think of it like that, I should think of it as a bad act and that I should strive to do better. On a ranked scale of behaviour, with 1 being the least and 10 the most, this one sits at about 4. All I wanted was to play, he knows he makes me horny and he deliberately wound me up, so I asked, and when he said no, I asked again ... big mistake.

So I was left, naked and knelt in the corner, my nose pressed against the wall, the anticipation mixed with my horniness did nothing to dry up my already moist pussy, and in fact it was making it far worse. I knew that if things kept on down the road they were on my thighs would soon be glistening with the product of my arousal.

I gently rubbed my thighs together trying to increase the stimulation on my aching pussy but it wasn't working, my clit throbbed almost like it was begging for attention. My nipples were so hard they too joined in the ache. My hands were clasped behind my head but it took every inch of my self control not to move them to ease the ache in my chest, even if not in my poor soaking wet pussy.

He was behind me; I knew he was I could feel his eyes on my back, almost appraising me. My cheeks coloured at the thought that he could see my arousal, and if not now I knew it soon would be. I kept as still as I could, I swear I did but after a bit of time, (I couldn't see the clock, so at a guess 15 minutes) my legs started to ache.

He spoke then; it was almost uncanny like he knew what was going round in my brain, there was no way to tell I hadn't moved a muscle. "Now little-one, you are a brat sometimes you know that?"

I didn't know how to respond so I stayed silent. I hoped against hope that this would not lead to more trouble but in my heart of hearts I knew it was a really bad idea. "I'm speaking to you little-one, what does rule number 4 say?"

I racked my brains, rule number 4, and then it floated into my head, "Rule 4: Speak when you are spoken to, Sir."

"Well? I asked a question and when someone asks you a question generally they expect an answer do they not little-one?"

I bit my lip, I could reply with my usual sarcasm but somehow I knew that that would just add another nail to my coffin and even though it seemed I was feeling masochistic that would just take the biscuit. "Yes they do Sir."

"So are you going to answer my question little-one?" his voice was level but there was just the smallest hint of menace there, warning against further flipentness.

"Yes Sir," my voice wobbled a little, giving just a small hint to how much the whole situation was turning me on. "I know I can be a brat sometimes Sir and I'm sorry." "You may be sorry, mostly because you got caught out and will be punished, but you will have to show me by future conduct that you really did learn your lesson because I'm sorry will not wash." His tone was sharp, "I'm sorry falls too easily off your lips these days, as if it's the magic word that will get you out of trouble and make everything better but it won't."

"Yes Sir," I took deep breaths trying to calm the heat rising throughout my skin and the throbbing insistence of my clit, it almost made me tremble.

"Come here little-one, and I will explain your punishment." I could almost here the smile and coy look on his face, as I slowly stood up feeling the blood rush into my legs. I kept my arms locked behind my head and my eyes focused on the floor. I knew where he was, sitting in his chair like I knew he would.

I sunk to my knees in front of him, staring at his feet my lip trembling almost as much as my legs. "Little-one," he soothed, his voice relaxing me, still trying to breathe deeply, the heat still rising, the area between my legs feeling on fire. "You wanted to play didn't you," I nodded and whispered yes Sir at a hardly audible level. "Well little-one you won't be playing but something will give you some stimulation."

My eyes were wide, I couldn't work out what he meant but I was sure that it would all become abundantly clear in the near future. He reached down beside his chair and produced some rope and my cuffs, which only served to deepen my confusion. "Rise and stand in front of me baby, with your legs slightly apart." His voice was strict but also soothing like honey.

I had to comply and so I stood in front of him and now I knew he couldn't miss my arousal, the smell itself wafting freely and my thighs coated on my own juices. My face reached an even deeper shade of red that he could know.

He reached forward and slid a finger in bringing it to his lips, "Mmmmmmm, you taste fantastic my baby, and I'm the only person who gets to taste as its mine isn't it?"

"Yes Sir," I could hardly speak my legs shaking so hard my whole body alive at his touch.

"Now," he smiled, speaking as much to himself as to me. He took the rope and thread it between my legs. As he did it the realisation of what he would do dawned on me. He knotted the rope and sat it snugly over my throbbing clit, and I gasped at the sudden contact, it brought me infinitely closer to the edge. "Not yet, my pet, not until I say otherwise." I nodded numbly knowing it would have to be so if I didn't want to make it worse.

He quickly finished tying on my rope thong, which spread my lips and teased my clit all in one garment, if you could call it a garment. He then affixed my cuffs to my wrists and pulled them down from behind my neck and affixed them behind my back before using another bit of rope I had not noticed to lash my elbows together which meant I could hardly move my arms at all.

He gently patted my ass and pulled on the rope between my legs making my legs shake and a moan escape my lips as it rubbed against my already very engorged clit. "Now my pet go and sit on the bed and get comfortable because you have a long wait ahead if you."

I headed into the bedroom and arranged myself on the bed as best as I could. I found that any movement rubbed my clit and made me moan I could not escape the feelings unless I remained still from the waist down. He came into the room and pulled a third rope from behind the headboard and attached my hands to the headboard on a length of about half a metre, I really wasn't going anywhere.

He put on a movie on and left me alone to watch, as he reached the door, "Be a good girl and don't cum because you will regret it."

I sat on the bed watching the movie and looking around the room, and started off being ridged and promising myself that I would not move an inch because it would not help me what so ever. I managed to stay still for about 10 minutes before the burning fire in my hips and clit drove me to move. I started to gently move my thighs up and down, in opposition to one another, while they were closed which send feelings shooting to my pussy. This made me even more wet and brought me closer to the edge but I knew I could not go over, I must not go over no matter how attractive it might seem.

After about an hour I settled down and drifted off to sleep, and moaning deeply in my sleep when I happened to move around my pussy soaking the rope from its light purple colour to almost a dark royal purple colour, but there was nothing I could do about it.


I awoke and tried to sit up but found that I couldn't, I couldn't see either, it was just black. In the first seconds I panicked thinking I was blind, but of course I wasn't, there was a blindfold over my eyes. I tried to move my arms but they were tied securely to the bedposts. After a few moments I realised that my legs were also spread and the air was at my clit but I knew that the rope was gone. Part of me wondering when he had come in and changed me round and also why I hadn't woken up when he did.

I started to shift around trying the bonds to see how much freedom I had which wasn't much when I felt a hand, which I assumed to be his, on my stomach. I calmed immediately remaining still, waiting to see what happened next. I could feel the fluids starting to run out of my wanton pussy, which was so desperately wanting to be fucked, but it would only happen on his terms, and I knew it.

I dared not speak but remained stock-still as the hand roamed over my entire length touching every inch of me with an almost indefinable touch. His fingers barely touched me at all, only enough to remind me he was there. It made my pussy ache when he brushed close to it without actually touching it. I wanted to scream to beg to do anything but I knew it would be pointless in the long run.

"You are learning my sweet one, you know what is good for you and are not as silly as you act." His smile was evident in his voice, and I could just imagine how his eyes were shining now he knew I knew the lesson I had to learn. I knew it wasn't going to make the whole lot of difference other than making Master happy but then that was a gift in and of itself.

"Now baby girl, someone is very wet. I wonder why that might be ... do you know princess?" His voice was almost sickly sweet with the sarcasm which was barely hidden underneath his level tone.

"It is because I am a wanton slut Sir and I cannot control myself Sir." I tried to keep my voice even but that was difficult, I was so horny and desperate for release. I could almost hear the quiver in my voice yet I knew it only pleased him all the more to know he had me like that.

"Well done princess," his voice kindly and proud all at once. "Now do you want to make that feeling building in your belly go away princess?"

I thought only for a moment before answering with all the integrity and honest I could muster, "Yes Master more than anything Master, I ache for release but if it is your will I will suffer that ache."

He removed the blindfold from my eyes and I saw that he was indeed smiling and the smile was not just on his face but in his whole body and eyes. My heart just about leap from my chest with the joy of how proud and happy I had made him, that alone made my endurance worth while.

"You can have release my pet but on one condition ..." I held my breath at this and waited to find out what the catch was to this wonderful sounding plan. "The catch is ...," he really was going to draw this out ... it was worse than having teeth pulled. He just waited watching me, my eyes were wide with expectation ... hoping it wouldn't be too bad. He sat on the edge of the bed smiling at me not even bothering to pretend to finish the sentence.

Weakly I found my voice, "What is the condition Sir?"

"The condition is that you have to do it yourself, ... but under my instruction, and to obey without hesitation."

"Uh yes Sir,"

He leaned over and untied my wrists and laid down my two vibrators beside me, the big phallic one and my little clit one. My legs stayed tied apart and he took a chair and sat directly facing me, watching my exposed pussy.

"Now kitten, I will give you a basic instruction, that I may or may not alter during the process, understand?"

"Yes Sir," I held my breath hoping against hope that this was real and about to happen and that I was not about to wake up from some sick dream, or that he was just teasing me. I was just so desperate and I thought that really I would deserve him to tie me back down but he hadn't and I hoped he wouldn't.

"Now baby-girl, I want you to take your little vibe and place it on your clit, and on full." I nodded my understanding of this. "I want you to hold it there until you are close, so close in fact you are almost beyond the point of no return," he waited holding a dramatic pause before he finished. "Then and only then do I want you to speak and tell me that this is so, but at the same time I want you to ram that big toy into your pussy and pump it until you cum." I nodded wide eyes but he drew breath once more and I knew he hadn't finished. "Then, and only once your orgasm has finished, I want you to repeat the process, until I tell you otherwise, understand?"

I nodded numbly as the full understanding of what he was going to do to me sunk in. I knew one thing for certain, I wouldn't be asking to play again in the near future. The other thought that occurred to me is that this could be one very long night.

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