tagMatureRabid at Grandview High Ch. 01

Rabid at Grandview High Ch. 01


Note: All sexual portrayals involve persons 18 years of age or older. No affairs amongst students started until after their 18th birthdays. For example: Gary turned 18 on August 23, 2004 and Marie turned 18 on September 24, 2004 and they didn't go out until Mid-October. It is not the author's intention to portray any under age sexual activities just high school Seniors of legal age discoveringthe the wonderful world of sex.


Grandview High School is a typical Midwest suburban high school of 1700 students. The students are proud of their Bulldog athletic teams even if they have limited success on the fields and courts. The carnal ritual of dating is never ending. But a rumor has persisted for the last 40 years that students and faculty have not been able to authenticate one way or another of a deep and lustful nature.

Legend says that back in the 1960's the President of the Biology club and the President of the Chess club found a secret lust nest in the older part of the school. They would regularly undress one another and play around during lunch hour and after school. Things progressed until the Chess Club President succeeded in fucking the Biology Club head.

A couple of months later the girl told her parents that she was pregnant and that it happened at school during school hours. Of course, they called the boy's parents and, as folks did back then, made wedding arrangements. But, their next calls were to a lawyer and the school. It seems, according to legend, that the school settled out of court for a million dollars and admitted improper supervision.

Ever since then students and faculty have been looking for this secret room as the couple refused to reveal the location. There were theories of the location ranging from the boiler room, an area under the stands in the gym, a closet in the library, to a pantry in the kitchen. Some had even thought they had found it and just got comfortable when a teacher would catch them and send them to the office before any damage was done.

The dumber ones would try their luck in the auditorium which didn't even exist in the 1960's as it wasn't even built until the early 1970's. Another couple climbed up on the roof and laid on one of the sky lights and was quickly busted. Little do most students know that recently one couple found the secret lust nest and had many good times there.

They weren't really looking for a place to make out, although that was always on Gary's mind. Marie just wanted to get a few minutes alone to discuss their plans for Homecoming weekend and maybe let Gary give her a couple of sweet kisses. Now, Gary was not the class stud but his looks still attracted attention from the girls.

He stood just a little less than six feet tall, was slender with blue eyes and sandy brown hair and happened to be the Math Club President. They had bumped into each other after school a few weeks after Fall semester started as Marie was staying after school for cheerleading practice; but didn't go out together until the middle of October. Now, Marie was one of the sexiest girls in school.

Guy's eyes followed her everywhere she went especially in her blue and gold cheerleader outfit. Her legs were slender and didn't seem to end. She had 38D boobies and each of her ass cheeks was a very healthy handful of beautiful flesh. Her beauty was all topped off by large pouting lips, soft sensual blue eyes, and long blonde hair that she let blow freely in the wind.

Each time, after that, they did more and more in the hiding place. Gary got bolder and bolder. They would make out for hours in his car or one of their homes but there was something extra erotic and forbidden about these liaisons. They succeeded in keeping their rendezvous secret all through the winter and into the Spring.

After their fourth or fifth time in the room they looked at the back of the door and saw a small heart carved into the wood with the inscription, "Jim + Stacy '63." Then they looked down and figured out a few other couples had indeed found the secret place and had kept it that way.

Gene and Lisa class of 1975, Ron and Kim class of 1984, Rocky and Brenda class of 1996 had also found this place and inscribed their names below the first couple. Gary took out his small pocket knife and added their names along with the fact that they were graduating in 2005. Like the couples before them they would also maintain the secrecy.

Fellow students and a couple of teachers began to wonder where they were disappearing to. Gradually the rumors began to percolate that perhaps Gary and Marie had found the secret place. Students would follow one of them but the lovers were smart enough to give them the shake. The Principal and Assistant Principal were tired of the rumor and wanted to put an end to it so devised a plan to keep constant surveillance on the young couple.

Four teachers along with the two principals were put on patrol after school to close the Neuse on the lovers or else dispel the myths. The first day Mr. Dunkin, the History teacher, lost them at the steps going down toward the library from the cafeteria. On the second day Ms. Sunshine, the Math teacher, caught a glimpse of Marie headed down the West hall headed toward the library from the main office.

The faculty staked out the library on the third day figuring that they would find Gary and Marie somewhere in there. But, they never appeared. The Principal, Mr. Harvey, decided that they had to be somewhere in the Southwest corner of the school. So, on the fourth day the six faculty members found places to hide. They would relay signals when their quarry was in their snare.

Not wanting to spoil the hiding place for current and future Grandview Bulldogs, if they dare to try it after what happens next in this story, I won't say where the lovers found to have fun. But, on that day like most afternoons that school year there were Gary and Marie passionately making out with each other.

Closing the door behind them Gary scooped Marie into his arms and deep throated her with his tongue immediately reaching his hand under her shirt and unfastening her bra. Pushing the top and bra off of her massive tits that had tiny little nipples Gary groaned, "Shit, I have wanted you and these fucking tits all damn day!"

Getting into her lover's attentions she slowly rubbed her tits in his face. Marie wanted much more than a tit kissing though. Quickly, her hand was on his zipper and pulling out his seven inches as she cooed, "Shit, Honey, you are making me so wet down there; I want you!"

Gary had just put his hand on her underwear as she was pumping his meat when the door flew open. Startled, Gary and Marie looked up and saw Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Dean, the Assistant Principal, standing there staring at them. All four of them had lumps in their throats and it took a minute for the two adults to compose themselves.

"You two get your clothes back on right now! There will be serious consequences for this. You two follow me and Mrs. Dean to my office right this instant. Mr. Duncan and the rest of you thank you for your help but I think Mrs. Dean and I can handle these two from here," he said waving away the teachers.

The students faces could not have possibly have gotten any redder. Not only were they caught playing around but a faculty member of the opposite sex had seen some of their private parts. As for the adults they were secretly glad that their students were so embarrassed as the kids didn't realize how long the adults had openly stared at the nudity and drooled at what they saw.

As the foursome marched to George Harvey's office he gave his assistant, Vickie Dean a broad knowing smile. Gary and Marie were silent with thoughts racing through their mind about what might happen next. The students had no idea of the secret that their principal's shared, however.

Both Vickie and George were in their mid 50's and had been fucking each other for several years. George couldn't keep his hands off this sexy lady as she stood five and a half feet tall weighing about 150 pounds with green eyes and jet black hair. Every pound was in just the right places as she carried 40DD boobs and a large soft pillowy ass. None of the students could fully appreciate her looks as she intentionally wore conservative school marm outfits to hide her attributes.

As for George he stood right at six feet tall and worked out regularly and had developed a perfect six pack on his 190 pound body. The air was thick with tension as George closed the door to his office and he and Vickie took their places behind his large oak desk. The students took their prescribed seats as the principal asked, "Gary, you know behavior like that is not allowed at this school, don't you?"

"Yes, Mr. Harvey; I am sorry but we just couldn't seem to help ourselves," the nervous boy stammered out feeling about seven years old.

"And you, Marie, you know that among other things this could get you kicked off the cheerleading squad meaning you won't go to the state cheering competition next month don't you?" George asked Vickie this already able to tell that she would do anything not to get in big trouble let alone miss the free cheerleading trip.

"Yes sir, I am so sorry. Please, we will never do it again; I can't be suspended or anything and the other cheerleaders really need me to be there, please," she was begging. George knew that the cheerleaders didn't have time to take Marie out of their routine and in fact they really did need her and every squad member. He turned toward Vickie and she nodded.

"We shall see young lady. Mrs. Dean why don't you take Gary to your office and give him what he has coming while I give it to Marie here?" Gary stumbled to his feet with his head down and followed Mrs. Dean. For the first time his eyes happened to focus on her ass as he followed her. He couldn't believe the thoughts that crossed his mind.

Here he was about to get suspended or expelled and his parents would make his life hell and he was thinking about the old lady's big ass in front of him. He swore she was swaying it more than usual. When they had made it the distance of 30 feet to her office she motioned for Gary to sit down while she shut and locked the door. Walking to the corner she took off the blazer she was wearing and turned around and Gary couldn't believe how big her boobs looked in the thin white blouse she had on underneath it.

Back in the principal's office George locked his door after the other two had left and openly ogled Marie's body. The girl was getting a very uneasy feeling. As he walked back to his desk Marie thought she saw a bulge in his pants; could it be that she turned on this man that was about 35 years older than her. He spoke deliberately, "Here are the prescribed punishment's for what you and Gary were doing plus I'll need to report this to the police for lude behavior in a public place."

He handed over the school handbook to the girl not knowing if lude behavior in a public place was a crime but it sounded good to him. Marie studied the page which was frightening enough listing banishment from all activities including her cheering, suspension and expulsion. Tears welled up in her eyes, "Isn't there any other way, sir."

Silently he shoved the few remaining items on his desk into a drawer then walked around to her and leaned against the desk standing a couple of feet directly in front of her. There was no hiding the erection in his pants now as his pants were tented out prominently. Wanting to reach for her right then he resisted and said, "If you are willing I bet we can find a solution that keeps you in school and makes me happy as well."

"What is it, Mr. Harvey?" Marie thought she knew and wanted nothing to do with what she thought he was going to suggest. The tears kept flowing down her cheeks as she knew she and Gary had really messed up.

"Well, Marie, you are sure one hot little vixen and it sure would be a waste to share that sexy body only with a young kid like Gary. As I see it, Mrs. Dean and I have your asses in a sling for the rest of the year unless you don't want to graduate." He smiled down at his prey.

"Mr. Harvey I can't, I just can't do it you are older than my dad." She knew deep down inside that she had lost but had to make one last pitch. He reached for the phone and picked up the receiver.

"You give me no choice but to make a couple of phone calls. Marie, who should I call first your parents or the cops?"

"Neither Mr. Harvey I can't get in any trouble."

"Well then, young lady, why don't you just lift up that skirt and let me see those panties you wear under your cheerleading outfit?" He was triumphant in his speech. Resignation was sweeping over her body and her tears were beginning to let up. Her fingers fumbled with the hem of her blue and gold skirt as she pondered things one last time.

"But, Mr. Harvey, what else do I have to do?" She gulped hard waiting for his response. Slowly she move the hem up halfway on her trim thighs.

"That is more like it. Basically, you will report here everyday for study hall and do whatever Mrs. Dean or I tell you to do."

"Mrs. Dean knows what we are doing?" Marie asked incredulously as she did not want to believe the conspiracy or that perhaps Gary was getting the same treatment next door.

"It was her idea. Now, show me those panties!" Now realizing just what she had stepped into she knew she had to comply as she couldn't run to Mrs. Dean for help.

"Yes sir," she halfway mumbled. Slowly the skirt rose up higher on her long legs until George finally saw the crotch of her light blue athletic panties. He had always drooled at the games when the cheerleaders did a routine that allowed him to get a glimpse of their undies. Now here was a cheerleader two feet away showing him the entire sexy garment.

"Those are so fucking sexy. You know every guy in school gets hard watching you in those now, rub your slutty hands all over them." He was staring at her crotch and swore he could see some curls of pubic hair peeking out from the edge of the panty crotch.

"Mr. Harvey I can't do that in front of you." The dirty old man just shook his head and Marie placed her hands on her hips and began caressing the blue fabric. Letting her legs come further apart she allowed herself to feel the crotch as there wasn't much to play with unless your hands went there as well. He couldn't take it any longer it was time to get down to serious business.

"Ok, that is enough of that scoot your chair forward and unzip and unfasten my pants. Then you can do what all nasty little girls do." Confident that she would do it he just stood there braced against the desk grasping the edge tightly in his palms waiting for her. After about half a minute Marie huffed and began scooting the chair closer.

Fingers trembling she reached up for his zipper and pulled it down just as she had done dozens of times for Gary and other dates. But, this was different as Mr. Harvey was 100% in charge and could ruin her life. She fumbled briefly with his belt but soon had his trousers open. He lifted his butt from the desk allowing the pants to slide down his legs.

Then the cheerleader grabbed the elastic of his boxers and began pulling them down and again he cooperated and they fell to his ankles. His cock looked mammoth to her as it was at least an inch bigger than Gary's and even his balls looked extra big to her. With this manly cock in her face she decided to make the best of it as she absolutely loved cock sucking.

As Marie swirled her tongue around the spongy circumcised cock head George quickly unbuttoned his shirt. Deftly Marie slid his erection into her mouth while grabbing the base with one hand and juggling his balls with the other. Soon all thoughts of whose cock she was sucking left her head as she sucked faster and deeper. She was really into the task slurping and sucking as if possessed by an erotic force. He moaned, "That's right little girl make your principal cum in your hot mouth."

"Oh yes, Mr. Harvey, I want your cum," she pleaded lifting her mouth off of his rigid pole for only a second. Resuming she sucked harder causing her cheeks to hollow out from the force of her vacuum action. He placed his hands on her shoulders as her sucking became wilder and wilder.

"Fuck, I am cumming you cock sucker," he roared as his spunk shot into the back of her throat. Valiantly she swallowed most of his sticky seed. Then licking her lips sat back in the chair hoping a blow job would satisfy him for today. But, the next thing she knew his half limp dick was in her face as he leaned over her and pulled her top off over her head. Not stopping he removed her bra quickly as well.

George pulled her up by her wrist and twirled her around until she was sitting on the edge of the desk. He spoke not a word as he went right to work on her beautiful orbs. Marie couldn't help herself and moaned out loud as this old man really knew how to pleasure her boobies. Both of his hands were hard at work as his mouth went from tit to tit. The girl thought she might cum at any moment.

With his cock getting hard George decided it was time to move along with his fun. Removing his mouth from the girl's chest he used both hands to push on her boobs causing her to fall gently back on the large desk. Throwing up her skirt he gawked once again at the baby blue panties before reaching down and yanking them down her legs letting them float down to the floor.

The Principal couldn't believe what he was seeing. Her pussy was shaved absolutely clean; as bare as the day she was born. As he pushed apart her legs the pink of her slightly swollen cunt lips came into view. The lips were glistening with her juices as her aroma filled his nostrils. Wasting not a second he dove between her legs.

A jolt went up Marie's spine as she felt the first swipe of George's tongue around her dripping twat. In a matter of moments his tongue was frigging her clit wildly taking quick pauses to scoop up her ever flowing juices. Now really into what was happening Marie entangled her fingers in his hair as she bounced her cunt in his face.

It didn't take long for George to regain a raging hard-on. As sweet as her youthful honey tasted he just couldn't wait another second and stood up and placed his cock at the opening to her bare cunt. Grabbing her hips with his hands he thrust his cock deep into his newest conquest like a sword.

The girl squealed in a mixture of pleasure and pain at his sudden assault. But, within five strokes was fully into the action as she bucked her hips up to meet him stroke for stroke. Sweat began running down George's forehead as his face turned red. He couldn't believe how tight she was. Both fuckers were moaning in total abandon.

"Oh shit little girl are you on the pill?" George knew he was asking a little late as he really didn't want to pull out to cum on her tummy or find a rubber and stick it back in.

"Yes, oh God yes I am; fill up my little kitty with that hot stuff," she eagerly replied. Relieved George continued thrusting in and out and in and out of this sweet little cunt. Marie was biting her lip as she could feel a terrific orgasm coming on. George groaned extra loud and emptied his seed into her sizzling cunt.

Falling back into the chair, trying to catch his breath George admired the open pussy in front of him dripping their combined fluids. To his surprise, the cheerleader slid off of the desk and onto his lap. She was still catching her breath as she whispered before giving him a soulful kiss, "Mr. Harvey that was the best damn punishment I have ever had."

"Glad you liked it but when we are alone like this call me George or daddy. Remember Marie that you are to report here everyday during study hall for more punishment." They kissed passionately once again.

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