tagLesbian SexRace Around The World Ch. 02

Race Around The World Ch. 02

byCrew Cut©

Sappho: Our second team are ready to get under way. Let’s meet our two stars, Barberboi and Petal. When the show was mooted, these gals were the first to sign. They have been inseperable since they became lovers, which you can read about in my stories “Adventures of Barberboi”.

Barberboi,: “Hey! I’m 32, A crew-cut punkdyke. I’m a lifelong short-hair fetishist, and Petal is my love. We adore nothing more than sharing our love and sexuality with others. I long ago abandoned my original profession, aeronautical engineering, and now indulge my passion for barbering full-time. I’ve been called a hard-core evangelical dyke, the type suburban mothers are scared their well-brought up daughters will fall prey to. Hahahaha! All true! If there's a pussy to eat, ass to lick and tits to nibble, well, it would be rude to decline, wouldn't it?”

Barberboi is wearing black jeans, cuban heeled boots and an unbuttoned white silk shirt exposing her small, pert, pierced breasts and two exquisite tattoos which wind their way across both breasts and, at least until undressed, unseen over her shoulders to the small of her back and across her taut arse.

Petal. “Until I met Barberboi I had never been with a woman (or a man). Bb has been my lover since she began tutoring me in Physics at college. We didn’t know it at the time, but she was fucking my mother! Mom is 10 years older than Bb, I’m 10 years her junior. I just adore threesomes and moresomes, and with Barber I have enjoyed so much pussy. The best orgies have been ones my Mom has been at, though she and Bb are no longer any more than occasional fuck-buddies.

One thing I am very proud of is my long, thick, flaxen French plait. It reaches my arse, and Bb is never going to get her clippers on it! And that’s despite what Mom says. She reckons Bb’s clippers are soooooooo erotic! I’m 22, and the last 3 years since I’ve been fucking Bb have been the best years of my life!”

Petal is wearing a tiny plaid skirt and tight white shirt. The skirt skims her arse. Is that a little pink you can glimpse? She wears Doc Martins on her feet.

Petal and Bb have never taken a holiday together, and are joyous at the thought that they have been sent to the Greek island of sapphic love, Lesbos. It’s summer and all the girls are in town, especially down at Sappho’s birthplace, the beach at Skala Eressos.

After arriving at the port of Miltilini by boat from Athens, and hopping a local bus to Skala Eressos, Bb and Petal alight and can hardly believe their eyes. As the sun sets, they are drawn immediately to the beautiful, long sandy beach. Many argue it is the nicest in all of Greece! At one end is the village, a stretch of bars and tavernas, amongst which is sure to be the best location for auctioning Petal. Petal takes Bb’s hand and leads her gently towards the water’s edge. There she embraces her lover tenderly and kisses her passionately. “Darling, I’m so very, very horny I could fuck you right here!” she declares.

Barberboi laughs and places her hands on Petal’s bare arse, lifting her short skirt slightly. She strokes her hand tenderly along Petal’s naked slit, separating her fingers along the soft folds of her lover’s swelling cunt lips. “As I can feel” she chuckles, plunging a long finger past the pulsing entrance and in to Petal’s soft and wet vagina.

As the lovers continue to kiss and fondle each other, another lesbian couple approaches them. They are walking arm in arm, their attention mostly focussed on the sunset. They sit on the sand a mere metre or two from Barberboi and Petal. One woman is an extremely statuesque short-haired blonde, the other olive skinned and as black-haired as her partner is fair. Her hair cascades down her back in a tousle of glossy black ringlets. Both are bare-breasted, wearing only scanty g-string style bikini bottoms. Bb and Petal are oblivious to their presence. When they fall to the sand, Petal has her mouth clamped to one of Bb’s breasts, sucking furiously. They have dropped their shirts to the sand, and Petal’s skirt is pushed up around her waist, fully exposing her arse and cunt. Bb still wears her jeans, but Petal is grappling with the zipper attempting to undo it and thrust her hand between the now increasingly dampening crotch of Bb’s panties and the flesh of her mound.

The lovers roll over a couple of times, and being still unaware of the proximity of the other women, roll onto the outstretched leg of the blonde. Both look up into the face of the stranger, whose eyes twinkle and face breaks into a broad grin. She laughs a greeting “Helllooo – I’m Ingrid. I see the Eressos eros has found you!” Her companion leans forward and announces “Don’t let us interrupt you – Oh, I’m Maria!”

Petal makes a pathetically inadequate attempt at modesty, tugging her too-short skirt down somewhat. “Hey, don’t bother with the skirt, honey” begs Ingrid, “With a pussy like yours, you’re welcome to share!” Petal abandons her efforts and extends her own hand "“Petal.…pleased to make your acquaintance!”. As Ingrid shakes her hand, Maria takes Bb’s hand – the one still glistening with Petal’s juices, and raises it to her face, gently smelling then licking it. “I too am pleased to make your acquaintance, Petal”, she says, winking at Bb at the same time. “Not only lovely to look at, but aromatic and tasty as well!”

“What brings you to our beautiful part of the world?” enquires Maria. Petal and Barberboi tell the story of how they are there sussing out locations for the new game show “Race Around the World” for their friend Sappho (aka Crew Cut). Petal explains that in order to progress to the next stage they must first meet the challenge of successfully auctioning Petal to the highest bidder to be a slave-for-a-night, and that they must be captured on digicam having sex, either with each other or others.

Maria smiles enigmatically and Ingrid laughs. “Well, my friends, you have come to the right place! Maria here is the owner of that bar over there”. She points along the beach to a taverna/bar with tables set up outside under a shady canopy, located directly on the beach. “Her bar is the hottest place in town! The girls will be thrilled to receive your attentions, Petal! And. . .”, adds Ingrid, “I am a film-maker, so you’ve lucked out on two counts!”

Barberboi and Petal high five each other and grin. “But first”, says Petal, “they will want to be sure of what they are bidding for! I will have to display my talents and allow potential bidders to inspect my assets.”

Maria and Ingrid laugh and together exclaim “Honey, that ain’t no problem! Be at the bar at 10pm tonight and we will ensure an enthusiastic crowd will literally lap up whatever you have to offer!”

With that Maria and Ingrid stand, take a few steps, wave and resume their stroll along the beach. Petal and Bb take their place on the sand. “Petal, darling” rasps Bb in her husky voice, “I’m so excited the only thing that could make me hornier than anticipating your inspection and auction would be shearing that arse-length hair!”

Petal grabs at her braid, flicking it over her shoulder and dropping it down her front, covering her right tit. She clamps her arm across it, and very seriously responds “Never!”. Bb laughs (a little too knowingly?), raises an eyebrow, and says “Oh, yeah, right, babe! Can’t blame me for tying! “

Petal flicks her hair back down her back, and lies on the sand on top of it. She spreads her legs wide and arches her abdomen slightly, inviting Barberboi to resume where they were before bumping into Ingrid and Maria. For the next hour and a half they continue their passionate love-making, oblivious to the occasional strolling couples and even a rather lusty threesome frolicking naked in the shallow water.

At 10pm, our lovers find their way to the bar. Maria is greeting women who are beginning to arrive from all over town. Barberboi comments to Petal that she has never ever been to a dyke bar with quite such a variety of lesbos. There are lipsticks, and goths, babydykes who look barely old enough to have finished school, old lemons, glamorous model-types and heavy-set, shaven headed bulldykes. There are cheeky bois and disciplinarians, those who are no doubt well and truly in the closet back home, and even a famous Hollywood ‘happily married’ starlet. There is a band playing on a small stage . . . all wearing only little black g-strings and a dance floor full of women enjoying the music and each other. The wait-staff are delivering drinks and snacks, all dressed in whatever represents their predeliction, personal taste or fantasy. Bb scans the hairdos and reckons on at least a dozen crewcuts, high ‘n’ tights and GI cuts that need attention. One gorgeous near-bald head has obviously been shorn for the holiday, and only a day or two ago – the white walls around the nape, ears, and squared-off just-there sideburns indicate a newbie to the world of #1 cuts! Petal, meanwhile, checks out the tatts and piercings, comparing what she sees to those of her lover, and finding them all failing to measure up.

Maria comes to greet our lovers with a drink for each. “First drinks are on the house” she welcomes them. “If you do drugs, please, a little discretion. No need to use the washrooms though – walk past those and out the back to the rec room. We’ve never had an o.d here, so don’t be the first.” Bb and Petal accept the drinks and nod their agreement. Maria continues, “Let’s wait an hour or so, let the place warm up a bit” (Petal and Bb wonder how much “warmer” things could get!!) “and then we’ll start the fun!”

Petal an Bb find some stools by the bar, between a large red-haired woman in a flannel shirt and riding boots, and a woman wearing a long string of pearls. Or rather wearing ONLY a string of pearls. And 7 inch heels! The redhead nods a greeting and raises her beer. “You chicks here for the auction?” she barks. Pearl-girl leans forward and listens in. “Well, errr, yeah”, says Petal, but before she can continue, redhead snarls “Better be hot. Better not be some skinny little simpering bitch. I got me plenty of cash, and I reckon a slave might be just the thing I need for the last night of my vacation.”

Petal gulps a little and takes a sip of her lime-coloured drink. “Uh-huh” was about all she can say. Redhead spots someone she knows across the room and takes off. Pearl girl follows her progress and advises “Don’t let Sadie worry you – bark’s far worse than her bite. In fact, her bite is pretty damned good” she adds, at the same time turning her neck and pointing at a huge black and blue hickey. “Nearly bit my tits off this morning, but no worse than a good set of clamps will achieve! Joylene ” she says, as she extends her hand, “Sadie and I have been together for years. Never fucked another woman, her, she’s just a one-woman woman with a bark! Loves unsettling newbies like yourselves."

Petal and Bb relax and spend a few minutes longer chatting with Joylene who is, it turns out, a preschool teacher. Her wife, Sadie, is a costume maker for a television production company. They have been coming here every summer for 10 years, fuck all day for 2 weeks, party all night, stay awake with a little help from certain chemical substances, and then return to their quiet life back home.

Joylene admires Barberboi’s haircut, and runs her hands over it, cooing over the evenness of the bristles and perfect horseshoe shaped crew. Upon learning Bb’s profession, she promptly makes an appointment for Sadie for 5am!!! “I love that woman to pieces, and I like nothing more than rubbing my tits and cunt all over her freshly shorn head. “ Bb agrees with enthusiasm and says, catching Petal’s eye, that she hopes to experience that with her own lover some day!

Joylene decides to leave and go stand by Sadie and her friends. Bb and Petal watch as Sadie leans in to kiss Joylene, as if greeting her at home after a hard day at work. Sadie continues to fondle her wife’s breasts as they chat with their friends.

As Joylene vacates the barstool, a fiery young babydyke who introduces herself as “Swat” takes her place. “Youse here for my party?” she asks in either an Australian or New Zealand accent. “I’m 18 today, you know, and I’m here to paaaaaaaaaaarty!!!!! Know what I mean!!!!!!!!!!! So far I’ve sucked six pussies and been licked out more times than I can remember. Must be the effects of the rec room! Wanna have a taste?” At that, she hops up on to the bar and spreads her legs, placing her legs over Bb’s shoulders. “You first!”.

Bb makes to decline, but before she knows what’s happening, Swat is pulling Bb’s head forward between her legs.

At that moment Maria appears to the side of Swat. “Off the bar!” she shooes Swat off the bar. “Go have some fun on the dance floor!”

Bb smiles her thanks to Maria “Phew – what was that!” Maria’s eyes twinkle as she shrugs “Ah well, takes all kinds! She’s young and horny and celebrating. Such a barfly! That’s where her newly found nickname comes from: all the girls are trying to swat the fly! Clit like a large hard cherry pit. Quim like a honey-pot. Loves a spanking, especially with a fly-swatter. Just left boarding school. . . Hey, Petal, you ready? If you stand on the bar I’ll begin the introductions!”

“Never more ready!” replies Petal.

To be continued. . .

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