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Rain Storm


She ran in the front door just as the first drops of rain hit the ground. Slipping quickly out of her shoes, she headed for the kitchen. She quickly got dinner going. The storm came in quickly dumping much needed rain onto the dry ground, thunder shook the house while she worked. She had dinner ready in half an hour, when her Master walked in the room. He stood there watching her work for a few moments.

" Why were you late?" he asked quietly.

" I ran into an old friend of mine from school. I lost track of the time. Dinner is ready" she replied just as quietly.

"Well, you know I don't like when your late, for whatever reason"

"Yes, Sir"

"After dinner, I want you downstairs. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir" a little bit of fear and thrill skirted up her spine.

Dinner was quiet, with the exception of the rain pounding on the roof and the occasional clap of thunder. After dinner she quickly cleaned up and headed downstairs.

As she got to the bottom of the stairs she could see a few candles had been lit. She could tell Master was in one of his moods. He loved it when it stormed. He loved flogging her to the clap of thunder, and sometimes when the storms weren't to bad he would bind her to the porch rail, and flog her.

She loved to be flogged, in the rain. The coolness of the water on her face, and the heat of the flogger, or his hand on her ass.

The back porch was bordered by trees so they didn't have to worry about neighbors seeing what was going on. The rain was slowing down to where it was possible to be outside, and she was getting excited anticipating what was to come.

He rose from the chair he was sitting, in and stood in front of her. He stroked his hand down her hair, then suddenly pulled her hair causing her to tilt her head back.

" Now little one, I know you want to play, but first you get your punishment."

He looked down, and saw the mix of pleasure and fear in her eyes. It never ceased to amaze him that she could so quickly get to that point, of wanting and fearing what might come.

He held out his hand to her to help her to her feet.

"Disrobe my pet" he commands quietly.

She quietly strips, folding her clothes, she moves to stand before him.

"Well what do you think your punishment should be for being late? A dozen strokes with a strap?, or maybe a dozen strokes with a paddle?"

" The paddle sir" she whispered quietly.

"Bend over" he orders as he walks over and grabs a paddle.

She bends over and waits for her punishment. He steps next to her and gives her twelve hard fast strokes with the paddle, leaving her bottom red and tingling.

" Good girl" he strokes her back as she stands up.

He crosses over to the door, and steps outside.

"Come out here love, I think this is a good night for some outdoor fun"

She lets out a soft sigh as she steps through the doorway, the rain was still falling, and occasionally there was still a clap of thunder, but the earth smelled fresh and new.

" I'm so glad we live out here. This is the perfect place to be after a rainstorm"

"Yes it is love."

He takes her hand, and pulls her close, gives her a slow kiss, then backs her up against the porch railing, where he cuffed her hands to the pole, then cuffed her feet to the rails. He walked back into the house, and picks up a flogger, and a crop and walks back outside. She is standing with her head leaned back against the pole, so that the little bit of rain that can reach her falls on her face. She has a quiet smile on her face, and looks totally at peace.

He takes the crop,and lightly traces her breast with the edge, Then lightly smacks her nipples till they are standing at attention.

" You like that don't you my little pet?"

" Yes Sir" she moans softly.

He picks up the flogger, and slowly starts flogging her breast, making her moan soflty. He slowly flogs her stomach, and then flogs her pussy, making her moan even more. The longer he flogs her pussy the harder his strokes get. Just as she is close to orgasm, he stops, watches her shudder as she fights to control the need to climax. Once she has it controlled, he lightly starts to tap her clit with the riding crop. Soon she is fighting against her restraints, moaning louder as a new storm starts to move in.

The rain starts to fall harder, he stops tapping her and undoes her feet.

"Turn around" he orders as he turns her to face the other direction.

Leaving her feet unbound, he pulls her hips back and pushes her forward so she is bent forward. Slowly he slides inside her, slipping inside her ass, smacking her hard as he pushes himself in to the hilt. She pushes her hips back to accomodate him. He strokes her harder and harder, as the storm builds higher and higher. Every clap of thunder brings another fast hot stroke on her ass. As the rain starts to pound the ground harder, he pounds her ass harder. Soon they are both orgasming and gasping for breath. Once he catches his breath he slides out of her, giving her ass one last good hard slap. She sags against the pole, still cuffed, waiting for him to come release her. Several minutes later, he comes back.

" Are you ready to be released my love?"

"Yes Sir, Thank you Sir"

" Good girl" he kisses her head as he releases the cuffs. She sags against him wrapping her arms around him . He wraps her up in his arms and guides her inside.

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