tagNonHumanRaped By Monsters Ch. 3

Raped By Monsters Ch. 3


When I woke again. I was empty, not even his tongue was touching me. I was still floating upside down. I could see his feet. Looking up his body, I saw that the erection, it was still rock hard & enormous. But, there was also a huge second penis. Hiding under the first. The first was 19 inches long & 5 inches thick. The other was only 10 inches long & 3 inches thick. Both looked ready & eager to fell her up again.

I didn’t even get to think when he grabbed me again, by my ankles. This time his tongue only licked me to get my juices flowing again. At the same time one tentacle brushed that spot on my neck. Once again causing a new cold rush to run through me. Then it moved around to my face. Tracing my face, till my mouth opened to grasp. Feeling two huge things pushing against both my pussy & ass hole. it quickly forced my head back & found it’s way down my throat. It thickens to the size of the other three put together. It gagged her completely. So no sound came out as I felt my self being stretched & forced to open wide enough to allow only the head, of his dick, inside my pussy.

He stopped there. & With his hands on waist he pulled me tight to his body. Tentacles wrapped around me caressing every inch of my skin. Then I felt a little mouth on each of my nipples & clit. The sucking, pinching, pulling, & twinking all three at the same time.

Slowly I began to relax & enjoy it. Forgetting about his true goal. Till he pushed my body slowly down on to his. He pushed so slowly that I could feel my inside stretching wider. I even felt my asshole rip a little. As the second dick entered there.

I finally thought he was in as far as possible. When he stopped for a moment. But, boy was I wrong. Even with the pain I had a steady flow of juices cumming from my pussy. Down to my asshole. He was just waiting in till there was enough to make him very slippery. Then he savagely pushed me down & thrust him self up in one swift motion burying himself a little deeper. I tried to cry out but when I opened my mouth farther. I found his tentacles swelling wider.

After a few moments. He pushes & thrust again then again. Inching himself deeper inside me. I felt him hit my cervix. I knew he couldn’t go any farther. So I relaxed & tried to adjust to his size. When I was feeling some pleasure over pain, & beginning to enjoy the feeling of being this full. He pushed me down harder & father onto him. He didn’t stop pushing me this time. He kept pushing while he thrust up hard & fast. Only to with draw again. Then came another thrust. With each one he worked his way deeper into me. Till I felt his hairy balls pushing against my ass checks.

He stopped there & that was when I felt the same type of little feelers starting to explore deep inside me. The ones in my pussy hit my g-spot & began to stimulate it. I felt some thing brush the spot on my neck. Again giving causing & me colds rush me to relax & enjoy. With the playing at my g-spot. & The quick twicking of my nipples & clit. I came hard & savagely. When he felt me cum he with drew his dicks. Leaving only the heads inside. Violently he shoved & pushed back in. he kept his rhythm of thrusting slow at first.

Between his thrusting & massaging my body began one long hard & fast orgasm. That didn’t seem to stop. Or begin again. He built his speed up. Causing a strange friction coming from the wall between my pussy & asshole. It hurt & was erotic at the same time. He kept getting faster. As both the sensations of pain & pleasure got stronger.

He exploded as he thrust in me deeper then before. The pleasure coming from both my clit & g-spot & also the sharp pain from each nipple & my neck. The pain from my neck also caused yet another cold rush to explode in my body. He kept him self buried so deep that his sperm shot right into my cervix. At the base of each cock was a ball such as a dog had. To keep the sperm in side of his mate to ensure the largest litter of puppies. as I felt his hot sperm spray. Inside my pussy & asshole at such a violent powerful rate. He seemed to cum forever. With every new jet of sperm. He poured into me. I came harder then the last time. I fought not to pass out. When he was finally went limp & with drew. I had counted 10 orgasms.

I managed to stay awake this time as he withdrew complete from me. I couldn’t move. I Just floated by the door. Half out of it. When the door opened. &The first creature stood there. He grabbed my hair & led me out & back down the hall to a room that looked like the one I had woke up in first. It pushed me in & closed the door, leaving me in complete darkness.

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