tagNonHumanRaped By Monsters Ch. 2

Raped By Monsters Ch. 2


The door opened. He pushed me inside & removed the tube from my arm. The door closed behind me. Even though I was still floating. I found that I could move again. Sitting up looked I around the hot dim room. Only to find that my true nightmare was upon me. In the room with me was a wicked looking creature. It smiled showing long sharp fangs. It's hands & feet were clawed. It's body was a sickly looking gray color with tentacles growing out of it's chest & back. I could easily see a huge erection rising up from he's crotch. It was at least 17 inches long & as big around as my lower arm.

I didn't get a chance to look at him any longer. For he grabbed my left ankle with one hand. Drawing me closer. He pulled me right to him. He sniffed my foot. I still smelled from earlier. When he caught my musky sent his long tongue rolled out of his mouth. Even his cock grew longer & thicker.

He licked my foot sending wonderful sensations through my body. When he began to work his way up my leg. I remembered that I could move & started to fight. But, he just grabbed my other ankle. Paying no attention to my struggles. With a foot on each side of his head he licked all the flesh with reach.

Tentacles from his back reached around & wrapped around both of my ankles. Setting his hands free. My legs were pulled wide apart in front of his face. Tentacles from his chest grabbed my wrist & held them together behind my back holding my still.

He pulled me closer, licking his way up both legs at the same time. I then knew he had a forked tongue. When he reaches my groin. He licked me from my ass hole to my belly button. Then back over & over. His long rough tongue tasted me. It felt like a cat's.

The tentacles pulled my legs wider apart. Causing even my outer pussy lips open a little. He liked that so, they were pulled farther till I thought he would break my hips. I was complete exposed giving his tongue new places to lick. Using just the tip. He licked in every fold & opening. That he could with out entering me. Finding my clit hard & swollen. He seemed to know that if he kept playing with it. He could get more juices to flow from me. He even caused me to moan & pant. My orgasm from earlier began to build back up again. I half hoped he wouldn't stop till I came hard. That half scared me.

I exploded with wave after wave of pleasure. When he ran his clawed hands along my inter thighs. His tongue went down to catch my flowing juices. To get every drop he pushed his tongue into my gushing opening. Slowly licking every inch when he hit my g-spot. Causing me to cum so hard that I almost pushed his tongue back out. That only seemed to turn him on even more.

I could feel something like a cock rubbing my lower back. Another joined it. His hands started to play with my butt. Pinching, kneading & pulling them apart. The tip of one of his claws rested on my puckered ass hole. Pushing on it each time he pulled my checks apart.

I was still cumin with his tongue exploring every inch deep inside. But, it seemed to keep rubbing my g-spot at the same time. When claw pushed just a little bit into my ass. I climaxed again. That seemed to stop him. Then I felt one of his tentacles move to my full pussy. It coated just the tip with my cum & his spit. Once it was well lubed it joined his claw at my ass hole. The claw pulled out making room for the probing tentacle. It wiggled & wormed it's way into the puckered hole. It felt good until the invader began to thicken & pushing farther in to me. His hands pulled my cheeks wider apart trying to open me up more. The intruder inch it's way in till it was deep inside. Two other tentacles replaced his hands holding my cheeks apart.

He finally had his fell of my pussy. & Licked every inch as he pulled his tongue out. Only to replace it with yet another tentacle. That wiggled in deeper. Then it thickens till I thought it would rip me apart. It also had little feeler at it's tip. They caressed every where finding my g-spot.

I was coming down & the pain from the invader in my ass. But, it also felt good at the same time. I thought that drug was wearing off. When one of his hands brushed my neck at that spot. That touch seemed to trigger something in my neck. I felt another cold rush. Just like I had been given another shot. With the cold came a waver of desire. So strong that I came hard & long with just a flick of tongue on my clit.

That made him want to explore more of me. & How I don't know, but I found my self-face down. Over his reclining body. His face was still in my crotch. With his tongue savoring every drop of my cum. He even licked around the wiggling tentacles inside of my pussy. Pushing it's way inside me around the tentacle. Seeming to force me to stretch open wider. So it could lick it's way to my g-spot. Just the tongue pulled back out. But, the tentacle knowing I could open wider. It thickened it self till I felt it would rip me apart.

His hands felt, rubbed,& pinched their way up to my belly. Stopping at my belly button to see if it was yet another opening to fell up with a tentacle. But, when it wasn't they moved up to my breasts. My nipples were just starting to harden again. With a hand on each one. He pulled, squeezed, & twinked them. He kneaded them like he was playing with clay. & The fact that they hung down like two heavy water sacks, didn't help.

His tongue followed his hands. Only slower, not missing an inch of flesh. Leaving another tentacle to use its little feelers on my clit. Creating wave after wave of erotic sensations to flood my body. Evens causing the pain in my ass hole to increasing my pleasure.

Once at my breasts, his tongue seems to split in half to explore each huge melon. Each half moved as a whole. Doing the exact same thing to each breast at the same time. Both found my hard nipples together.

It seemed as if two guys were sucking me on. Even his claws nipped the hard buds working with the tongue. By this time I was covered from my feet to my breasts with caressing tentacles tips. They were finding their way every where. It felt as if each of my toes were being sucked into hot little mouths. They found my face. Then one pushed its way into my opened mouth. Followed by another & another. They explored every where, even under my tongue. The first one worked its way to the back of my throat. The other two soon followed. They pushed deeper forcing me to either swallow or choke. They were hard or soft at will. So I didn't have to bend my head back they bent instead. They kept going till I thought all the tentacles would meet inside my belly.

All of a sudden moving as one they pulled back out of each of the places only to thrust back in deeper. With each thrust they became longer & thicker. The ones in my mouth forced me to bend my head back, so they could go deeper & stay hard as they when deeper down my throat.

I felt my own climax building. Taking me higher then I had been before. Wave after wave swept me up with it. Till I exploded cumming so hard I passed out.

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