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Please do not post my stories elsewhere without asking my permission first. I like to thank JHB for his help editing this story into a readable one.


Chris studiously looked straight at the wall of the waiting room outside the principal's office. The silence in the room was only broken by the rattling of the keyboard as the secretary typed. But he was barely aware of her; most of his awareness was on Jessica Catterfield. A deep blush colored his face simply because he was in the same room as she. He'd always thought her beautiful, even had a crush on her, no matter how she and the rest of the in-crowd treated him.

Like what they'd done this morning. It wasn't anything painful, just humiliating. He could still remember how he wished, afterwards, that people would like him, that they would

reciprocate his own feelings.

Yes, he used words like "reciprocate". That was just one more thing that made him different. Which made it all the more unbelievable and fantastic when Jessica...

Her skin was silky smooth and felt so hot around his cock. Desperately he tried to hold his orgasm back, to keep this going just a little while longer. Looking down again, he saw her face dip to catch his cock-head between her lips as it emerged from between her perky breasts...

Chris wrenched his thoughts away from the memory even as his erection was starting to become obvious once again. 'Focus on what happened later,' he told himself. 'When the teacher caught us and marched us here.' That certainly did the trick.

Unfortunately, it also left him so jumpy that he almost had a heart attack when the door to the principal's office was opened. The gym teacher, Ms. Barson, came out and looked straight at him. "Mr. Jigger, the principal will be handling this whole affair herself. She wants to see you in her office now and," her eyes turned to Jessica, "she'll hear your side of the story after that." Without saying another word, she left.

He couldn't help but sneak a peek at her retreating posterior, even as he got up to shuffle into the principal's office. Ms. Barson wasn't tall, but she sure was curvy. 'And so is Mrs. Stroup,' was his first thought as he laid eyes upon the principal.

She was sitting behind her desk, looking at some file. Even her very conservative suit couldn't hide every hint of her impressive bust. Without looking up, she spoke. "Close the door behind you, Mr. Jigger, and take a seat."

Hearing that cold voice brought Chris back to reality. 'Stop ogling, you're in enough trouble as it is.' Which was easier said than done. He was good until he sat down, but when Mrs. Stroup just kept reading, his eyes started to wander.

Chris didn't seem capable of helping himself. He'd just had his first sexual experience, and it had been even better than he'd dreamed it could be. It had also been cut short far too soon. Now, when he saw a good-looking woman, his idle fantasies had some real-life experience to spice it up. It all served to make him hyper-aware of the beauty he was surrounded by.

At least that was his theory for why he couldn't seem to stop himself staring at Mrs. Stroup's chest. Her chestnut brown hair was done up so that Chris knew for certain that she wasn't surreptitiously watching him. Her blouse and jacket were still impeding his view and Chris found himself wishing they weren't. He wanted to get a better view.

Suddenly, Mrs. Stroup shrugged her shoulders as her hands took a hold of her jacket. She seemed to be trying to cool herself by fanning her jacket, then took it off and even proceeded to undo the top three buttons. The swell of her breasts was now revealed, and Chris confirmed they were easily bigger than Jessica's.

Thinking that, the scene in the gym flashed before him again. But this time it was Mrs. Stroup lying on her back on the mat, her tits wrapped around his dick. That mental image was the reason he didn't immediately notice he had been caught staring.

"Eyes up here, Mr. Jigger." His eyes did indeed fly up to meet hers, then almost back down before he thought better. His cheeks flamed red again, the hardening of his cock wasn't helping in that department, but he didn't apologize. That would be acknowledging what he had just done. No, better to ignore it.

"You wanted to talk to me, Principal Stroup?" He hated how meek his voice sounded. More like a small child than the young man he felt he was. After all, hadn't he and Jessica just...? 'Right, that's what got you in here too. Maybe sounding meek and harmless is better right now.'

Something softened in the principal's eyes. "Yes, I wanted to get your version of events before making a decision. Specifically, I want to know what lead to the situation Ms. Barson found you and Ms. Catterfield in."

He couldn't look her in the eye anymore at that reminder and his gaze went back down to her chest. 'The "situation" the teacher found us in?'

His lips closed around a stiff nipple. Underneath him, Jessica was squirming and babbling as she kicked off her shorts. "So wet...I need you in me...Got to apologize...Yes, show you how sorry I am...I didn't mean it earlier...That you didn't fuck me then...'

He didn't really get it all, it seemed as if she considered this some kind of apology for what had happened that morning. Or she was sorry it had been a prank, Chris didn't really have many brain-cells left at the moment he could devote to figuring that out.

His cock left a trail of precum on her thigh as he got into position. In the back of his mind there was a half-memory about protection, but he really couldn't be bothered to figure what that was about either. All that was real right now was the panting woman beneath him. That made the voice from behind them such a shock.

"What the hell do you two think you're doing?"

"Of course, ehm, I guess I should start with this morning," he told Mrs. Stroup's chest. 'Odd that she hasn't corrected me yet.' But he didn't look away on his own either; he was almost hypnotized by the rise and fall of those globes.

"Jessica..." How to say this? "Jessica, with some others, pulled a prank on me. She made me think she was interested in me and maneuvered me in an embarrassing situation. She... It doesn't really matter what she did, does it?"

Stroup leaned forward giving him an even better view of her cleavage. Her breathing was deepening too. "Hmmm, I suppose not right now. But I take this to mean she isn't your girlfriend?"

"Ah, no." But it was an interesting question. Did what they did and almost did mean she was now or...? "She isn't. So it was kind of awkward when Ms. Barson picked us to put the mats back together after class."

"I can imagine." Her hand was toying with a button. Before his eyes, she let it slip out of its hole effectively unbuttoning one more button. The atmosphere in the office was changing. Chris felt his dick growing stiffer in response to it.

"Yeah, especially because I still thought she was beautiful and kept sneaking peeks at her breasts." He couldn't believe he said that. 'What's wrong with me? Talk like that will get me suspended! Especially when you can't even drag your eyes from her tits. I'd really like to get a closer look. Argh, stop doing that. Get your head out of the sex and focus on not getting kicked out!'

Being so sure the principal would be furious at his words, Chris was completely unprepared for her actual reaction. Mrs. Stroup stood up and started to walk around her desk. "Of course you do," she said with understanding coloring her voice. She sat down on her desk now, not a meter away from me. "It's only natural that a vi- a young man like you wants to see breasts."

She leaned forward again, a finger stroking the valley between her tits. "It's completely normal! Yes, it's good that you appreciate a fine pair. You do think mine are good enough to watch, don't you?"

'What the hell?' Chris wasn't sure what was going on, but with that morning's prank fresh in his memory he felt it best to assume this was some kind of trap. Treat it as completely normal and don't give a millimeter more than the question required. "They're beautiful." That wasn't exactly what he'd had in mind. 'Okay, it actually was. Still, it can't hurt to flatter and I do think they're beautiful.' Mrs. Stroup's tits might have started to sag a little, their sheer size more than made up for that. What could he say? He was a breast-guy.

"Thank you. Now continue with your story."

"Ehm," it took a moment for Chris to figure out what story. "Right, so we put away the mats and after we'd dealt with the last one I was going to walk away when Jessica called me back."

"Chris, could I, I mean, could I have a minute here?" Jessica asked from behind him. Turning around, he saw her biting her lip and that she was fidgeting a little.

"Uh, sure." His own heart started to hammer. Being alone with her was rare enough, but actually interacting with her? With words? But he'd already been duped that morning, so that helped to keep a lid on his libido. "What's this about?"

Jessica seemed unsure. Her eyes were fixated on him and she seemed to be breathing faster now. "I-I want to apologize for this morning. I just want... could you not stand so far away from me?"

"She was sorry for her part in what happened that morning and she said she needed to prove to me she was. Next thing I know, she kissed me right on the mouth. She even used her tongue!" Even now, Chris was unsure how exactly that had happened.

"Hmmm, and then?" The principal sounded almost eager. She was now stroking the upper swell of her left breast with her left hand while her right one was toying with the hemline of her skirt. Chris found himself wishing she would lose the blouse altogether.

"She pressed her body against mine, like real tight, and started to press her, you know, pussy against my, ehm, penis." He cringed at the words, but the atmosphere had definitely changed and it was egging him on. Or maybe it was his dick doing that. "Then she told me it wasn't enough and dropped to her knees. Next thing I knew, I had my gym-shorts around my ankles and Jessica was kissing my cock."

Chris noticed Mrs. Stroup's skin was starting to get flushed. Her left hand was pulling at her blouse now, but stopped after the first few tugs. "That's so... I mean, it's so hot in here. I just...I-You don't mind, do you?"

He had no idea what she was talking about and he didn't really care. "No, go ahead. It's your office."

"Yes! We're alone here, nobody could bother us. And you're so-the room is so very hot. Like a long, hard, ehm, furnace." And with those words Mrs. Stroup unbuttoned her blouse completely and let it fall to the floor. Watching it fall, Chris noticed the principal's hand stroking her thigh just underneath the skirt.

This was the last straw, Chris knew what was going on. 'I'm dreaming, that has to be it. No way the real Mrs. Stroup would do anything like this. That explains what happened with Jessica, too, it's just part of the same dream. I wonder if I am sleeping or did I have an accident or something?' But it didn't really matter, because he was more than okay with this dream. He had no intention of leaving or changing it really.

A strange sort of calm descended upon him at this realization. Nothing here could really harm or embarrass him in a dream; he was safe. His gaze finally met hers again. "I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when Jessica started to give me a blow job." Now it was Mrs. Stroup's turn to cast her eyes down. "But then she stopped right when I was going to cum." He had felt so disoriented when that happened.

The principal actually made a sound of disappointment. Her gaze still hadn't gone up, it seemed to be fixated on his crotch. "But it was alright, because she only did that to get naked and..."

His eyes bulged at seeing Jessica's breasts in all their naked glory. Combined with the heated look in her eyes above those mounds, the view was almost enough to make him come right then and there.

"I've seen how you looked at me, looked at them." She cupped her tits and lifted them up a little as if offering them to him. "I want you to use them, use me." A shudder went through her, the look in her eyes burned even brighter. "I want your cum all over me."

Chris couldn't tell a C-cup from a B, nor did he care as Jessica shuffled forward and began to slide her breasts along his cock. Right now, they were plenty big enough.

"After that, we made ourselves comfortable on the mats and I was just about ready to blow my load when Ms. Barson found us." Going over that memory like this, not to mention the panting, semi-nude woman sitting before him, had given him a raging erection again. He still hadn't climaxed and he was kind of getting desperate. It would be so great if this dream could get a little more active. He made a gesture towards his crotch. "I don't suppose you could...?" He tapered off, even in this dream he couldn't bring himself to be that bold.

"That is so wrong!" Mrs. Stroup whined. "This is so wrong," she averted her eyes but they darted back towards his tumescence with her next words. "What I want is wrong, this need so very fucking wrong." The principal started to pant. "Fucking you would be wrong, sucking that hard cock wouldn't be right, but you deserve to cum."

Principal Stroup nodded to herself. "Yes, you need to cum. I've got to help you cum, you have to have me. I have to have your cum." For a woman in her forties, she could move very fast. One moment she was still sitting on her desk, the next she was in his lap with her tongue down his throat.

From there, her mouth traveled down his body, alternating between kissing and murmuring. "My student...shouldn't...sooo good...going to make you feel so good...I can't...stop..." Somewhere along the way she had ditched her bra and now she was kneeling before him, her right hand massaging his cock through his shorts.

Her breasts were definitely bigger than Jessica's and they did sag a little. Stiff, brown nipples capped those fleshy hills, evidence of her own arousal. With a dry mouth, Chris lifted his butt up a little to help her free his erection.

Mrs. Stroup gave him a few strokes, then she put her mouth to work. But, unlike Jessica, she used her tongue instead of her lips. Chris moaned as he felt that supple muscle travel the length of his rod, followed by a gasp as the principal swirled her tongue around his head. He had no air left to react when her mouth engulfed his cock in one go.

Up and down it went, with Chris barely holding out on the brink of eruption. He wanted to savor this just a little longer. He wanted to spray her with cum, cover her with it.

It almost seemed like Mrs. Stroup had read his mind, because she disengaged from him right after. "I've seen Jessica, she's got nice ones but they can't compare to mine, can they?"

Chris shook his head and spluttered something that resembled no. "Thought not. No, I can give you a much better tittie-fuck than her. And I deserve it. Yes, the prize for the best boobs. Your cum all over me." Stroup shivered.

Without any more words, she raised herself up and leaned forward while cupping her breasts. His dick felt even harder once it was surrounded by all that pillowy flesh. And then the principal started to move her tits up and down.

He honestly wanted to hold on, to enjoy this for a little while at least, but he was inexperienced and already had some blood-boiling, exciting things happening to him. But the principal upped the ante even more with her talk. "Oh yes, cum all over me. I want to taste it, rub it all over my skin."

With a groan he started to cum, the first spurt splashing on Mrs. Sprout's chin. Faintly, he heard her moan and felt her shake around his dick. The spurts after that didn't have that much force but they just kept coming. His hips jerked forward every time, sliding his slick cock through her valley.

Finally, it stopped. He was sweating and breathing hard but felt fantastic. He managed to look down and was just in time to see Mrs. Stroup bow her head to give his cock-head a kiss. He twitched, and a new dribble of semen came out of it. The principal cooed. His eyes rolled up when she proceeded to lick it up. He never noticed her hands caressing her own breasts, rubbing his cum in. Or the juices slowly trailing their way down her thighs.


Jessica could hear some noises coming out of the Principal's office, but they were muffled and indistinct. That office was soundproofed, so the principal must really have been tearing into Chris if Jessica could hear it from where she was sitting. She should feel good about Chris getting into trouble, but she wasn't. And it wasn't just that it most likely meant she would be in trouble too.

'What the hell is going on?' Jessica wondered for the umpteenth time. 'This morning I had no problem with setting him up to get royally humiliated. He didn't really think I would make some kind of dare with Kim about giving him a blow job, did he?' A pang went through her as she remembered the scene, bringing her back to her problem.

'I wish it had been true,' she thought wistfully before shaking it off. 'Dammit, why the hell is he suddenly so yummy? How did that happen?'

The creep had been looking at her tits as they'd stowed the mats away after class. That wasn't unusual, it was one reason she'd agreed to play bait. What was strange was how good that gaze now felt, how hot it made her. Jessica could swear she actually felt that gaze caress her. It was making her wet and confused.

Then the last mat was put back on the stack and they were done. Chris might have mumbled a goodbye but Jessica didn't really notice as panic reared its head. 'He's leaving, it's so cold, he needs to see me.' She knew that the feeling made no sense, but it was so strong. "Chris, could I, I mean, could I have a minute here?"

Her nipples started to poke through her T-shirt again. Jessica cursed Ms. Barson for not giving her the time to put on her bra too. And for not waiting a little longer so Chris could have fucked her properly. 'Stop that, just because he can kiss like nobody's business and his cock...his cock...'

Her tongue darted out again to give Chris's tool a lick and once more it was almost as if she was licking her own sex. It felt so good. It was sooo very good: his taste, his texture, his firmness. Jessica wanted, no, needed to feel him all over. Have him cum all over her. Had to get him inside of her.

Jessica bit her lower lip to stop herself from gasping. It didn't stop her from wetting her panties more with fresh arousal, nor did it stop the renewed need she felt. Just like in the gym, when the urges and desires had come washing over her from nowhere, it was not to be denied. Jessica didn't even really want to.

'I-I am getting myself alone with Chris the first chance I get. I can't, I need him. Need him to use me, to get his dick in me. Yes, Chris. You're so big, so...' Screwing her eyes closed and digging her nails into the palms of her hands, she managed to stop that train of thought and to calm herself down--a little, anyway.

The buzzer of the intercom startled her out of her own little world and back to reality where there was another person in the room. Who'd seen everything she'd been doing. Embarrassment heated her cheeks.

Mrs. Stroup's voice came on. "Carol, I think this is going to take a while longer. Why don't you send in Ms. Catterfield and go home while I finish sorting this whole mess out." Jessica's heart jumped at hearing that. 'I'm seeing Chris again, I'll be near him.'

"Uhm, sure." The secretary sounded a little unsure but it was late in the day now. The school felt almost deserted. Jessica didn't really need Carol to tell her she could go in but waited politely for it anyway. It wouldn't do to barge into the principal's office and then jump the man she'd been caught with. Not least because the Principal wasn't liable to let them finish what they'd started.

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