She felt a finger under her chin as he lifted her head to meet her eyes with his. "Kaylee," he said gently, and she liked the way her name rolled off his lips, "you are far too beautiful, far too sensitive, and frankly, far too intelligent to be with a man who does not appreciate what you are for what it is, and cherish it. I don't know your boyfriend, but you can certainly do better."

His words were simple, and yet each hit home with raw typhoon force; she was trembling by the end, her pulse racing. It was perhaps the sweetest and most important thing any man had ever said to her.

"Who are you?" she whispered, wondrous.

He shrugged and smiled. "I'm Todd," he replied, simple as that.

"Todd," she said then in a different sort of voice, and her eyes narrowed as her mouth curved into a wicked sort of grin, and she added, "No more doubts."

And with that, she pounced.

* * *

The woman was practically feral, tearing at his clothes even as she sought to suck the whole of his face into her mouth. His words had not been spoken to enflame her passions, just to ease her mind and boost her confidence and self-worth, but they seemed to have accomplished all of those things, and perhaps more.

His shirt was soon gone and her fingers wasted no time tracing the thick muscles of his back, the chiseled biceps of his arms and the flat washboard of his abdomen. Her lips left his mouth and moved to his chest, where they licked and suckled his skin and nipples with wild abandon.

And then she broke away and stepped back, chest heaving, eyes flashing, the look of lust in her those baby blue pools almost dangerous, and wordlessly her hands gripped the bottom of her floral print top. With one fluid motion she pulled the orange-and-yellow shirt up and over her head, exposing her naked upper body to his admiring gaze.

She did not stop there, however, again wasting little time. She wiggled out of her jeans, her panties moving with them down her legs, and the sight of her sudden complete nakedness urged a groan past Todd's lips, as well as a raging erection in his pants.

The gorgeous blonde smiled at the awe she saw on his face and stepped back two paces to where the door to his bedroom was. She pressed herself against the frame, posing for him as she moved her willowy body this way and that, never releasing her eyes from his.

Truly, the woman was breathtaking; the man who cheated on such a creature was the most foolish of men, indeed. Kaylee was a goddess: perfectly rounded pear-shaped breasts; flat stomach and thin waist with smooth and fluid skin; round hips, but not too round above two long and lean and lovely legs; and the luscious swath of strawberry-blonde curls where the legs met, neatly trimmed in the shape of a landing strip. There was a smile on her face now, the kind of coy smile only those who are lovers can share, and with the beckoning of her hand, Kaylee ensured they would soon cross that boundary.

"Clothes, please, Todd," she cooed in a voice that oozed like pure honey.

His jeans and boxers followed his shirt to the floor and in moments he was against her again, their naked bodies pressed together, her breasts squished into his chest, his stiffness pressed into her belly. With his arms over her shoulders his hands caressed the small of her back as hers clutched his ass, and together they lumbered, lips locked again and unbroken, into the bedroom in search of its titular object.

And when they reached it, Kaylee took charge and shoved Todd back to fall in a heap on the bed, sprawled out on his back. She stood over him with her hands on her hips, a fiery golden-haired goddess with beautiful brown skin and wild blue eyes, breasts swaying as she sucked in ragged breaths, the slickness between her legs catching the small bit of light in the dim room to shine invitingly.

She moved over him, but Todd had different ideas: his hands lashed out and grabbed her, and flipped her over in one quick motion so that she was pinned on her back beneath him, struggling against his embrace.

"Hey!" the gorgeous woman cried, but her cry was muffled by his lips as they set about devouring her.

She responded by enthusiastically trying to baste the inside of his mouth with her tongue and the frenzied session of kissing that resulted nearly took what remained of his breath.

Which ended only when he was able to tear himself away, dropping his head lower to feast upon her breasts, suckling the nipples as his fingers kneaded the swollen flesh. She moaned as he worshipped them, alternating between the two, crushing them, sucking them, teasing them, nibbling them.

And then he went lower still, across the flat span of her stomach and over the silken swath of strawberry gold to the saturated pink beneath. His tongue lapped up the juices he found there even as he sank one of his fingers to the second knuckle inside the oven-hot tunnel of her pussy.

Kaylee moaned and her back arched sharply, thrusting those wonderful breasts into the air, as his tongue went to work on her, assaulting her sex. The girl was not shy, once rid of her inhibitions; her moans turned to whispers as she begged for him to make her cum.

"Right there," she cooed, "oh yes, oh yes, don't stop, oh please, don't stop, right there, make me cum, make me cum, please oh please oh please ohhhhh ppllllleeeeeeeaaaassseeee!"

The best thing about a vocal lover is the knowledge, apart from trembling limbs, that climax has come, and as the low-pitched moans and fierce whispers transformed into a high-volume squeal, Todd knew beyond the twitching of her slick pink folds and the quaking of her legs that the woman was cresting into wicked orgasm. And then her sweet sex nectar gushed forth and into his mouth and he knew she had ascended the very heights of pleasure.

Of course, he still wanted to give her more.

He kept his lips affixed to her puffy labia and suckled her even as his tongue continued to bathe her folds and clit through the heart of her climax, and his ministrations ensured that instead of coming down from the heights, he sent her quivering body hurtling towards another plane of pleasure, this one even higher than the one before.

And as the tingling that had never fully receded from her first orgasm built again, the sounds Kaylee made became less and less coherent. Her shrieks of encouragement lost all semblance to the English language and devolved into manic whimpering and high-pitched squeals.

"Ahhh! Aiiiieee! Ooohhhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh! Aii! Aiii! Ooaaahhhh! Aiii! Ahhh! Aiiiieeee!"

And when her body was trembling more violently than it had at any previous point, such that the soft hairs above the region he was attacking began to tickle his nose from all the movement, Todd decided it was time to finish her.

Even as his tongue strummed against her clitoris, his lips wrapped around the swollen nub and suckled feverishly that spot like a babe at its mother's breast, bearing down upon her erogenous zone in a way quite unlike any she had ever experienced before. Her mind was an untenable mess: she could not think enough to speak or move, her body acting and responding purely at its basest instinctual level, a true pleasure-induced hysteria.

And then she came again and the wailing began.

It began in the depths of her, that purest place of the female body where pleasure is first recognized as pleasure and the message is sent to all nerve endings. Only in this instance, instead of a little flurry of gunfire as with normal orgasm, it was like a grenade had been detonated within her. Every nerve and conductor and receptacle sang in unison with the unbridled intensity of inescapable climax and her body, overloaded, almost ceased to function properly.

Kaylee screamed and the world heard it.

Todd, however, did not.

As her pleasure crested and the climax exploded within her, the lovely and supple thighs of the buxom blonde woman constricted and clamped down like a vice on either side of his head, closing off his ears to much of the sound she began making shortly thereafter. He felt her hands lash out and grip the back of his head as her hips bucked upwards, taking his head, still attached to her between the legs, with them again and again as wave after wave of glorious orgasm crashed over her. It seemed as if she was pouring bucket loads of her juice over his face; he could feel it smearing his cheeks and trickling down his chin.

It took a long while for her to come down from the heights she reached with her second orgasm, during which time Todd finally raised his head and surveyed his handiwork. Her face was contorted in a grimace which gave the appearance of being in significant pain, although he knew differently. She was whimpering and panting heavily, and her legs were still moving as she curled up somewhat into a fetal position. The pink lips of her pussy were still twitching and contracting, still shooting little bursts of pleasure through her. There were tears on her cheeks.

And then her eyes popped open and turned slowly to meet his own, and Todd saw more fire and flashing emotion in them then he had even seen in them before; there was a ferocity in her eyes that was startling, and even frightening.

And then Kaylee Cartwright vaulted up to a sitting position and slapped him full across the face.

"You've ruined me," she hissed.

And in an incredible display of strength and athleticism, while Todd was still wrapping his head around her words, the golden-haired vixen grabbed him and flipped him over onto his back, straddled him as her hands yanked at his erection, and impaled herself to the hilt on his several inches of steel, despite the competing qualities of his thickness and her tightness.


Kaylee was a woman deranged as she rode him for all she was worth: her blue eyes were wild and flashing; her head was thrashing, her hair whipping around her like she was standing in hundred-mile winds; her exquisite breasts were bouncing and jiggling, her ass slapping down hard against him and rebounding like his legs were a trampoline; and her hands were pounding against his chest, punishing him for the ridiculous pleasure he had given her.

It was a full-on fuck frenzy.

Todd's head was spinning and his lungs did their best, despite the pounding, to gasp for precious bits of air. But her pussy was creating havoc upon him, the ferocious inner muscles of her sex squeezing and gripping as he slid in and out; his cock was on absolute fire.

And then Kaylee began to gyrate her ass without slowing and Todd knew he would not make it long; the breakneck pace was nearly ending him already.

"FUCK" the beautiful blonde screamed. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"

Kaylee rocked and rolled her hips as she fucked hard up and down, burying him again and again within her but from different angles, carving out new ground with his cock on every penetration. It was like she wanted to feel his meat against every nook and cranny of her insides and would not be satisfied unless it happened.

Todd reached around and took hold of the luscious cheeks of her ass and held on for dear life; there would be time to explore her other physical assets later. He was just looking to survive.

And survive he did . . . to Kaylee's growing dismay.

She was closing in on her third orgasm as her clit ground down against his thick and invasive cock, while he had not yet found his first. She was unaccustomed to receiving so much pleasure in exchange for so little and fought it desperately, but there was nothing she could do; she was a slave to her body and the cock that was wrecking it.

Her back arched again and orgasm pulverized her, and another incredible scream tore from her throat, and this one Todd heard. It was one of the most amazingly sexual sounds he had ever been privy to and it finished him completely.

The pressure that had been building steady through his feast at her pussy and the subsequent fuck session erupted in a geyser so powerful that he was worried she would be thrown from him. Kaylee's eyes did open wide as she felt the torrential onslaught of his syrup coating and filling her insides, but her reaction was quite unexpected: for the first time in a long time, she smiled.

And so they came together in that moment, Kaylee descending from her third passing Todd at the crest of his first, and after much in the way of trembling and quivering and quaking and jiggling and grunting, she collapsed upon him, his cock still half-embedded within her, her breasts squished into his chest, her bounty of strawberry-gold, raspberry-smelling hair just beneath his nose.

And it was in this position that the two newly minted lovers would remain for some time, their bodies slick with sweat and sexual juice, the both of them exhilarated and exhausted by ridiculous orgasm.

* * *

He was super sweet and super shy, and while those were not necessarily traits she looked for all the time, when the occasion called for it she truly enjoyed dealing with such men. He was, for all intents and purposes, putty in her hands from the very beginning.

The three couples parceled off quickly after their introductions; she dragged her beau to the bar as Megan settled into a dark corner booth, while Kaylee, heartbroken and eager for revenge, wasted little time leaving on the arm of her new man, and was probably already two orgasms deep when Lauren followed some thirty minutes later with her own boy in tow.

Ethan, that is, who was tall and handsome and who greatly enjoyed the blowjob she gave him to completion in the back of the cab, but who might have had, she realized with some significant concern as they reached their destination, more than a little too much to drink. Her concern, of course, was derived not from thoughts for his well-being and safety, but rather her own desire to satisfy herself with his cock.

Which, she reasoned, would not be available if he succumbed to his stupor; the blowjob, she realized with annoyance as he stumbled up the stairs, was a major tactical error on her part.

The apartment was better than she expected, light on furniture but long on charm with dark wood floors and big main room, and best of all, it was clean. Too many guys were filthy; this one, at least, was not, which was another mark in his favor. Liquor tolerance, of course, was not.

She surveyed the room only a moment before turning to face her latest prey, who was fumbling with the bolts on the door. He turned to her when finished and they looked at each other for long moments, standing several feet apart, and she realized with little surprise that she would need to be the initiator for the night in its entirety.

In truth, she preferred it that way.

Lauren grasped the bottom of her shirt and drew it up over her head, baring herself. His eyes, of course, dropped instantly to her breasts, very large, very firm, and worth every penny. She raised her hand and beckoned him closer with one delicate, curving finger.

"They're all yours tonight, stud," she told him as she put her hands on her hips.

The man grinned and shuffled forward, his movements awkward and halting, a strange cocktail of intoxication and apprehension. When he reached her he paused, and waited so long that she actually had to reach up, grip his head in the palms of her hands, and guide his mouth down to the nipple of her left breast, which he suckled with a sudden vigorous appreciation.

It felt wonderful, if a little disjointed.

"The bedroom, I think," the buxom redhead sighed after a time, ready for further adventures.

"Yes!" he replied, slurring the word only a bit, and lurched forward.

She kicked off her shoes and followed, wiggling her hips as she went to slither free of her constrictive black mini-skirt, ultra-tight and disabling significantly her ability to move. She'd had to hike it up in the back of the cab to contort into adequate dick-sucking position; if the driver had been paying any attention, he likely received quite a lovely view of her rump.

It was when they reached the bedroom, however, that everything fell apart. He stumbled as he moved through the door ahead of her and tumbled onto the bed, and by the time she reached him short moments later, he was completely out.

"Fuck," she stated flatly.

She pushed his shoulders and punched him a couple of times; there was less than zero response. He was passed out and would not be waking up anytime soon. Her night, it seemed, was over.

And then she heard it: moaning, guttural and unmistakable, muffled but nearby.

Lauren crept from the room, not bothering to dress, wearing only her black thong underwear, and followed the sounds to a door down the hall. She pressed her ear against it and listened to the sounds of sex echoing within, all the grunts and groans and moans. At least someone, she thought ruefully, was getting their rocks off, and the woman, it seemed, was a screamer.


It was not the words that gave her pause in that moment; Lauren, after all, was a vocal lover herself and often unleashed a torrent of nasty talk during sex. She was no prude and dirtiness did not bother her. No, it was the voice that caught her attention, a voice she knew well after many long years of close friendship, including some very experimental college nights.

Kaylee Cartwright was fucking a man in the room beyond the door, and loving it.

Lauren smiled, happy for her friend. She was happy Kaylee was getting the revenge she so rightly deserved, and getting it good. The man from the bar, it seemed, was hitting all the right places, touching all the right spots.

The sounds subsided and quiet came over the apartment, broken only by the sound of choppy snoring from the room where Ethan lay passed out upon the bed. Lauren rolled her eyes. It was her fault, however; she had called dibs on the guy first. She had only herself to blame.

She was not a woman to sit idly by, however, and accept an unfortunate situation as gospel, not if there was something she could do it. Lauren was horny and she was nearly naked, and there was an attractive man who clearly had few qualms about casual sex lying in the next room, along with a beautiful female she had fooled around with more than a few times in the past. She was not one to waste such an opportunity.

And so with a grin and a shiver of excitement, she opened the door.

* * *

"Well, well, what have we here?"

The voice was strong and confident, but also distinctly, musically feminine. It was also, Todd realized with a sudden rush of curiosity and wonder, not coming from the beautiful blonde woman currently draped on top of him, in whose syrupy, twitching inner sanctum his cock was still embedded.

Kaylee stirred as he lifted his head and looked around . . . to find standing in the doorway the gorgeous man-eating redhead from earlier that night, a wicked sort of smile splayed across her face. She was nearly naked, dressed in only a pair of black panties, her legs and stomach and breasts on glorious display. His initial thoughts had been correct: the young woman had an incredible body.

"Lauren?" he heard Kaylee call out incredulously.

"Hi, sweetie," the dark redhead replied as she sashayed into the room, jiggling in all the right places. "You look like you've been having a good time."

Kaylee giggled and clutched at Todd's body, squeezing him. "I fucked him," she chirped happily.

Lauren paused at the edge of the bed with one eyebrow arched. "I can see that," she mused, glancing down at the place where they joined. "I could hear it, too. He sounds good."

The blonde sighed. "He is good," she revealed. "Very good."

Todd found this entire situation extremely amusing, while mildly disconcerting at the same time; here he was flat on his back with his cock still stuffed in the pussy of a beautiful blonde woman, while said blonde woman's friend, a beautiful topless dark redhead who had materialized unexpectedly at the end of a frenzied session of fucking, discussed his sexual prowess with her.

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